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Match report by Richard Winpenny 
The new Bradford darts season started at the earliest possible date in the new year and the momemtum gathered from the previous season and the finals continued here at The Harold Club, now the home of Bradford darts with a very healthy 156 entries. New rules were also introduced for the benefit of the players, firstly nearest the bull now decides who has the throw rather than the toss of a coin, also a final points tally of 126 during the course of the season will be good enough to book a place in The Grand Finals rather than the previous straight 32 player cut off point, so all players know the target from the start and destiny will be in their own hands so to speak.
Personally I would also like to see winners of individual tournaments given a place in the finals as anyone who wins such a high calibre event deserves their place in the finals line up, maybe with a stipulation that they must have attended a fair percentage of overall tournaments throughout the season. This rule i feel would encourage players who might feel they are off the pace in terms of points to keep attending to the end and not give up the ghost half way through thinking they can’t recover the points. Tour players especially are affected as they are unable to attend tournaments due to BDO or PDC commitments and lose to much ground, too many winners of competitions last season in my opinion didn’t make the finals whereas this season or the following season they might do under a new criteria.
Now the politics is out of the way, time for the action and 19 prelim games were needed to trim the field to 128.
Bob Pinder        bt      Wayne Hanson
Brendan Marron bt      Josh Scales
Mark Palmer      bt      Cindy Jennings
Sean Woods      bt      Lewis Pride
Crag Wiseman   bt      Roy Greenwood
Carl Heppinstall  bt      Paul Brook
John Robinson   bt      Louise Simmonds
Craig Barrett      bt      Julie Beestin
Chris Lacey       bt      Laura Tye
Dave Copley      bt      Colin Hendry
John Crossland  bt      Lyn Horne
Luke Thompson bt      Simon Jackson
Ian Haines         bt      Bryan Harrison
Chris Smith-Bailiff bt   Shirley Bright
Craig Nelmes    bt       Dianne Dawson
Kyle Richardson bt      Steve Fowler
Brian Dawson    bt       John Richardson
Garry Hooper     bt       Penny Shaw
Carl Wilkinson   bt       Colin Simpson
8 lady players in the prelim and none able to over come their male counterparts on this occasion. The major casualty of this round was Grand Final 2009 finalist Brian Harrison who had a very tough draw against Ian Haines from the Skipton area. All the other top players made it through to the last 128.
Simon Crossland   bt   Darren Hale
Stuart Monaghan   bt   Craig Barrett
Dave Copley          bt   Nicky Deakin
Karl Milner            bt   Macauly Gamble
Andy Clifford          bt   Dominic Green
Andy McCracken  bt    Dave Smith
Ceri Thomas          bt    Izzy Wainwright
Ian Brown              bt    Andy McGovern
Tom Ignatowski      bt    Rob Crowther
Brian Dawson        bt    Dave Broxup
Steve Marice         bt    James Neal
Joe Hall                bt    Gary Grainger
Ian Holmes            bt    Matthew Acs
Les Delderfield       bt    Kevin Gray
Anthony Moss       bt    Graham Daniels
Brandon Walsh      bt    Andy Murray
Gary Bright            bt    Mark Palmer
Willy Kershaw        bt    VJ Kumar
Craig Makin           bt     Chris Gamble
Bob Birkinshaw      bt     Anthony Wort
Dave Calvert           bt     Mark Smith
Richard Butcher      bt     Richard Hudson
Steve Richardson    bt     Andy Jones
Pete Riley              bt     Alex Pride
Richard Yates        bt     Chris Simmonds
Mick Wiltshire        bt     Mo Durkin
Sunny Kumar         bt     Steve Hattersley
Nick Nunns            bt     Alan Hannah
Craig Nelmes         bt     Jordan Ricketts
Jimmy Flanagan     bt    Anthony Sharrett
Dean Winstanley    bt     Dave Knighton
Kyle Richardson     bt    Michael Sheldrake
Chris Lacey            bt    Dave Cameron
Carl Wilkinson        bt     Sean Woods
Phil Wilkinson        bt     Nick Sanderson
Johnathan Daniels  bt      Jaron Esteve
John Robinson       bt     Simon Wintle
Vernon Walsh        bt     Raymond Long
Brendan Marren      bt     Barry Peocock
Steve Jones           bt     Andy Wadsworth
Bob Pinder             bt     Daz Holdsworth
Ian Falkingham       bt     Kev Murphy
Mark Wirye            bt     Simon Regan
Tony Darlow           bt     Shaun Jennings
Pamela Haigh        bt      Sam Hastings
Joe Cullen             bt      Ian Haines
Wayne Woodhouse bt    Alan Philpot
James Wilson       bt      Craig Davies
Mark Wainwright    bt     Phil Warr
Garry Hooper         bt      Dave Sidebottom
Paul Hick              bt      Robert Holland
Steve Kelly            bt      Jordan Smith
Dave Wilson          bt      Kevin Read
Craig Wiseman      bt     Danny Hall
Rob Sharp             bt     Chris Smith-Bailiff
Colin Lawrence      bt      Gary Kingett
Luke Thompson     bt      Karl Nixon
Trevor Tye             bt     Dale Everett
Josh Clough          bt     Darren Goy
Lee Sayles           bt     Paul Doherty
John Crossland     bt     Chris Thwaites
Carl Heppinstall     bt     Stuart Palethorpe
Lee Davies           bt      Mick Hudson
Scott Spencer      bt      Jake Day
Some high profile match ups from Round 1 meant potential winners including Dave Smith and Gary Kingett. Early exits too for exciting prospect Craig Barrett losing a 50/50 battle with Stuart Monaghan and experienced old pro VJ Kumar going down to fellow Bradford star Willy Kershaw. Steady progress though for the rest of the favourites.
Stuart Monaghan    bt    Simon Crossland
Dave Copley           bt    Karl Milner
Andy McCracken    bt    Andy Clifford
Ceri Thomas           bt    Ian Brown
Brian Dawson         bt    Tom Ignatowski
Steve Marice          bt    Joe Hall
Les Delderfield        bt    Ian Holmes
Brandon Walsh       bt    Anthony Moss
Willy Kershaw        bt     Gary Bright
Bob Birkenshaw      bt    Craig Makin
Dave Calvert           bt     Richard Butcher
Pete Riley              bt    Steve Richardson
Mick Wiltshire        bt    Richard Yates
Sunny Kumar         bt     Nick Nunns
Jimmy Flanagan     bt     Craig Nelmes
Dean Winstanley    bt     Kyle Richardson
Chris Lacey            bt     Carl Wilkinson
Phil Wilkinson        bt     Johnathan Daniels
John Robinson        bt     Vernon Walsh
Brendan Marron      bt     Steve Jones
Bob Pinder             bt     Ian Falkingham
Tony Darlow           bt     Mick Wirye
Joe Cullen              bt     Pamela Haigh
James Wilson        bt     Wayne Woodhouse
Garry Hooper          bt    Mark Wainwright
Paul Hick               bt     Steve Kelly
Dave Wilson           bt     Craig Wiseman
Colin Lawrence       bt     Rob Sharp
Trevor Tye              bt     Luke Thompson
Lee Sayles            bt     Josh Clough
Carl Heppinstall      bt     John Crossland
Lee Davies             bt     Scott Spencer
Once again very few upsets from Round 2. Contenders Carl Wilkinson and Wayne Woodhouse both fell to top opposition in Chris Lacey and James Wilson, whilst the final lady player Pam Haigh went down to PDC starlet Joe Cullen. Eyecatching win for Paul Hick taking out the veteran Steve Kelly too in this round.
Stuart Monaghan     bt     Dave Copley
Andy McCracken     bt     Ceri Thomas
Brian Dawson          bt     Steve Marice
Les Delderfield        bt      Brandon Walsh
Willy Kershaw         bt     Bob Birkenshaw
Dave Calvert            bt      Pete Riley
Mick Wiltshire         bt      Sunny Kumar
Dean Winstanley     bt      Jimmy Flanagan
Chris Lacey            bt      Phil Wilkinson
Brendan Marren      bt      John Robinson
Bob Pinder             bt      Tony Darlow
Joe Cullen              bt      James Wilson
Garry Hooper          bt      Paul Hick
Colin Lawrence       bt      Dave Wilson
Trevor Tye              bt       Lee Sayles
Carl Heppinstall      bt       Lee Davies
The big guns continued to move menacingly through the field. Dawson, Winstanley, McCracken, Cullen, Kershaw and Marren all there with a great chance at this stage. Round 3 saw the demise of the talented Wilson brothers going out to Cullen and dangerous dark horse Colin Lawrence, the Wakefield player having another fine run.
LAST 16 ( losers – £10 )
Andy McCracken bt      Stuart Monaghan
Brian Dawson      bt      Les Delderfield
Willy Kershaw     bt       Dave Calvert
Dean Winstanley  bt      Mick Wiltshire
Chris Lacey         bt      Brendan Marren
Joe Cullen           bt       Bob Pinder
Colin Lawrence    bt       Garry Hooper
Carl Heppinstall   bt       Trevor Tye
A well deserved 8 points for the losing players, amongst them Brendan Marren one of the big favourites going out to the stylish brilliance of Derbyshire’s Chris Lacey one of the smoothest throws in the game this fella. Andy McCracken so consistent saw off the dangerous explosive talent that is Leeds’s Stuart Monaghan, great runs for Roebuck Super League player Mick Wiltshire and Kippax businessman Dave Calvert too coming to an end at this stage. On the blind side Harrogate’s Carl Heppinstall having a fine outing, into the last 8 with vidtory over Trevor Tye the Derbyshire stalwart.
LAST 8 ( losers – £25 )
Andy McCracken     bt     Brian Dawson
Dean Winstanley     bt     Willy Kershaw
Joe Cullen               bt     Chris Lacey
Colin Lawrence        bt     Carl Heppinstall
All 4 quarter finals hard to call. Any victory over Brian Dawson is a massive achievement these days such is the Barnsley mans dogged determination and will to win but Andy McCracken has pretty much beaten all the top players and also regarded in the top bracket so not a big surprise. Dean Winstanley has now got the taste for Bradford darts after making a winning debut late last season and is going to be a massive threat at every tournament he enters, this time taking out Willy Kershaw. Chris Lacey went down to the precosious talent of Joe Cullen, always nice to see him play Bradford’s when he’s not on the PDC circuit. Colin Lawrence saw off Carl Heppinstall in the battle of the dark horses, although Colin is starting to look more like a thoroughbred these days.
SEMI FINAL 1 ( loser – £50 )
Joe Cullen  ( 27.85 )     3-2   ( 26.57 )  Colin Lawrence
Joe’s heavier scoring just gave him the edge in this semi, outnumbering Colin with 12 x 100 pluses to Colin’s 6 x 100 pluses. A 90 checkout helped Colin stay in the contest but Joe clinched the match with a 16 darter with Colin poised on 70. Joe’s winning legs in 18, 21 and 16 darts. Colin’s winning legs in 18 and 17 darts.
SEMI FINAL 2 ( loser – £50 )
Dean Winstanley  ( 33.36 )   3-1  ( 25.85 )  Andy McCracken
No stopping Dean once he got into his stride. Andy took the 1st leg checking out on 86. One way traffic after that as Dean steamrolled Andy with a vicious display of power scoring the Derbyshire man just couldn’t match as hard as he tried. 9 x 100 pluses for the Doncaster hotshot including 2 x 180’s and a 177. Andy replied with 7 x 100 pluses but it just wasn’t enough today. Dean’s winning legs coming in 15, 13 and 16 darts. Andy’s leg in 18 darts
FINAL  ( loser – £100 ) – ( winner – £200 )
Dean Winstanley  ( 29.73 )  4-1  ( 27.04)   Joe Cullen
Similar pattern to Dean’s semi against Andy in regards to him losing the 1st leg then taking the rest, although not quite as dominant as Joe kept in range and had a chance with 3 darts at 40 to peg back to 3-2 only to see Dean take out a fine 124 and clinch the match. Although Dean’s scoring was good with 9 x 100 pluses it was his finishing power that won him the game here, taking out 120, 76, 78 and the matchwinning 124. Joe hit 7 x 100 pluses and was in contention in all of the legs but wasn’t allowed too many chances except in the 1st and final legs. Dean’s winning legs in 15, 15, 18 and 18 darts. Joe’s leg in 21 darts.
A tremendous day of darts as usual with Dean Winstanley showing just why he has been tipped on darts forums and by many others to have a great future in the game and expected to qualify for Lakeside this time around if he can play the full circuit. In the Semi’s and Final especially he displayed the scoring and finishing power needed to compete at the very top level. At 28 years of age the Yorkshire County A player has the potential to follow in the footsteps of another Doncaster great Dennis Hickling who mixed it with the likes of Bristow and Lowe in his heyday. As for Joe Cullen, he has already made a big impression on The PDC circuit with a tour semi spot. At only 19 years of age what a future this kid has got in front of him.

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