Fryston MWC

A new venue for the 2nd Comp of the season, Ferry Fryston MWC located in a former mining superb of Castleford nearly 3 miles east of the town centre. Attendances have always been good whenever BDP events have ventured along the M62 to this hotbed of darts region and today was no exception with 149 entries. The Club itself again ideal for a BDP comp with a decent size playing room with 9 Boards in a row at the front with plenty of tables and chairs for spectators with the bar at the rear, a busy bustling room with a cracking atmosphere. The AGM held the previous Sunday at the Harold Club was sparsely attended with mainly only the Committee members present, apart from a few suggestions on the BDP Facebook website the lack of input on the day would suggest to me that most players must be reasonably happy with the way the Comps are run etc, however proposals are afoot to make quite a few changes to the rules and formats as were documented in the leaflets distributed on the day. Hard to gauge the general feelings on these changes but my own are that some are fair and a lot could be controversial and maybe not necessary. Firstly introducing a £20 prize for furthest Lady and Youth might be a good move and encourage more Ladies and Youths to attend, also to avoid the uncertainty of the Final Tables regarding eligibility the Ladies and Youths will have to make their intentions known by Feb 25th as to which event they want to play in on Grand Finals day and stick with that decision. Also the Doubles Comp on Grand Finals day may only be eligible to players who have attended at least 1 BDP event during the season which is fair enough I would say. The rest of the proposals I am not too sure about. Upping the fee on the day to £6 could be a step too far for a lot of the casual and less serious players amongst us who make up a lot of the numbers, a fiver is plenty enough at this level of competition. A proposed £50 prize for highest check out on the day is way too much in my opinion, can’t see how a 3 dart shot out can warrant as much as a Semi Final place where a player has had to battle through 5 or 6 tough games to get there, £20 at the most is a reasonable prize. Talk also of 6 Double points events during the season which is an innovative idea but could also be deemed as unfair especially if players lose out on a place in The Grand Finals because of it, can only see controversy at the end of the season with that one if I am honest. Finally there could be a danger that by ruling that the Ladies and Youths have to play at least 10 events to qualify for the Finals that we could have a scenario of a Ladies Finals day with less than 8 competitors which would be farcical but a possibility given that last season only 6 Ladies met this criteria and 2 of those played in the Main Event, maybe stipulate attending at least 8 might be wiser. Back to today and on the playing front Terry Temple returned with a few reinforcements from York Darts including Steve Atkin, Dave Scaum, John Quantock and Simon Rimmington all looking to make an impression as were the Lincolnshire crew including Jamie Ellam, Scott Bennett, Adam Ward, Danny Lidgett and Jamie Toyne, good to see players from outside the local area turning up in numbers.


Kelvin Pease       3-2  Bob Crossland
Jonathan Crossland 3-1  Rob Sharp
Tom Sykes          3-0  Kevin Storey
Laura Tye          3-1  Jonny Lester
Brendan Marren     3-0  Andy McGovern
Danny Hall         3-1  Kevin Pease
Rich Winpenny      3-1  Brendan Dawson
Lydon Baxter       3-0  Regan Pettinger
John Quantock      3-1  Rob Holroyd
Mick Hayward       3-0  Trevor Hutchinson
Jake Patchett      3-0  Mark Featherstone
Danny Walker       3-0  Mark Ewart
Peter Mawer        3-1  Joe Harrison
Richard Brown      3-1  Mark Robinson
Ian Brown          3-2  Bob Pinder
Phil Whittaker     3-1  Steven Wadsworth
Mark Leonard       3-0  Dan Nicol
Mark Slowacki      3-1  Adam Fryer
Colin Hendry       3-0  Russell Murphy
Simon Gayle        3-2  Simon Rimmington
Louise Simmonds    3-1  Dave Sykes

A tough task early on for Rob Holroyd as he went down 3-1 to York’s John Quantock, ‘Mr Q’ a vastly experienced and top level competitor having competed for a few years on the PDC circuit and appearing a couple of times in the UK Open Finals in Bolton. At the other end of the scale youth player Jake Patchett a product of the Hull Darts School of Excellence scored a notable 3-0 victory over Mark Featherstone who reached the Last 16 in the opening comp at Rowland Road. Sheffield’s Bob Pinder sporting a very dodgy looking Alan Tabern style moustache led Ian Brown 2-0 in their match but ended up succumbing to a superb fightback from the Castleford ace. A good round for the leading ladies as Laura Tye and Louise Simmonds both came through their games 3-1.


Jamie Toyne        3-2  Richard Brown
Steve Jones        3-1  Marc Paige
Simon Wintle       3-2  Lewis Pride
Mark Pigott        3-0  Raymond Long
Phil Whittaker     3-1  Ian Falkingham
Josh Scales        3-1  Trevor Tye
Daz Mawer          3-0  Dave Murray
Paul Toulmin       3-0  Reece Catton
Vernon Walsh       3-0  Pat Meeson
Dave Sidebottom    3-1  Ben Gayle
Jason Stockings    3-0  Adam Tooley
Terry Temple       3-0  Colin Lawrence
Alex Pride         3-0  Nigel Atkinson
Jamie Ingle        3-1  Richard Watson
Tom Blagg          3-0  Mark Gayle
Ian Watson         3-0  Calum Hall
Jonathan Crossland 3-1  Phil Morley
Paul Doherty       3-1  Darren Pettinger
Curtis Turner      3-0  Daz Layden
Peter Mawer        3-1  Nick Sanderson
Scott Smith        3-1  Ian Payne
Daniel Roberts     3-1  Karl Nixon
Steve Fryer        3-1  Paul Priestland
Louise Simmonds    3-2  Simon Gayle
Tony Darlow        3-1  Sam Hastings
Les Delderfield    3-0  Jamie Ellam
Steve Hatttersley  3-0  Kyle Richardson
Bob Birkenshaw     3-0  Mark Slowacki
Paul Hick          3-1  Stuart Monaghan
Scott Bennett      3-1  Andrew Clifford
John Quantock      3-1  Danny Joy
Mick Hayward       3-2  Daniel Rudman
Peter Baker        3-1  Leah Wiltshire
Kevin Foster       3-2  Sean Lupton
Rob Richardson     3-0  Lee Foster
Jaron Esteve       3-0  Tracey Gledhill
Tom Sykes          3-0  Anil Barot
James Weldon       3-1  Antony Moss
Alan Hutchinson    3-2  Michelle Binns
John Clifford      3-0  Bob Brett
Lyndon Baxter      3-2  Roy Lilleyman
Mick Wiltshire     3-0  Brandon Lawson
Steve Kelly        3-2  Mark Hanslip
Laura Tye          3-2  Dave Shore
Danny Walker       3-1  Ian Brown
Norman Elliott     3-0  Steve Cadera
Tony Wort          3-0  Scott Cole
Brendan Marren     3-1  James Storey
Adam Ward          3-0  Tony Farrow
Jamie Ogley        3-2  Mark Leonard
Carl Wilkinson     3-0  Sharon Whitfield
Kelvin Pease       3-0  Rich Winpenny
James Barton       3-0  John Richardson
Willie Kershaw     3-0  Danny Lidgett
Ryan Hoggarth      3-1  Sam Cadman
Simon Crossland    3-0  Nick Preston
John Utting        3-1  Pete Riley
Ian Ward           3-2  Danny Hall
Mike Ramsgill      3-0  Shirley Sanderson
Dale Everett       3-2  Andy Smith
Jake Patchett      3-1  Chris Winters
Josh Clough        3-0  Mark Calvert
Colin Hendry       3-1  Dave Scaum
Steve Atkinson     3-0  Aaron Poole

A fairly comfortable 3-0 victory for Steve Hattersley (23.86) as Kyle Richardson (20.27) only really began to get into the game in the last leg, by then it was too late as the Halifax man closed out the game in 17 darts. John Clifford (17.68) made hard work of it even though he still overcame elder statesman Bob Brett (14.59) 3-0, who just couldn’t get going in their game. A very even looking game went to John Utting (23.44) 3-1 over Pete Riley (21.49), steady darts and a much needed win for the Doncaster man. Paul Hick’s fine form continued with a 3-1 victory over high profile Leeds star Stuart Monaghan while Adam Tooley paid the price for a late arrival and no warm up time after dashing from work, slipping to a 3-0 defeat to Jason Stockings, ‘The Spice Boy’ closing the match with a nice 116 finish. A comfortable 3-0 win for Knottingley Welder Mike Ramsgill over Shirley Sanderson as he looks to make an impression this season, already making an impression is Keighley’s Dave Shore after an fantastic Semi Final showing last time out but he was stunned today by a brilliant Laura Tye performance who just missed a 12 darter in her 3-2 victory over him. Meanwhile Tadcaster Carpet Fitter Curtis Turner followed up last week’s impressive showing with another eye-catching win, this time rolling over classy Notts star Daz Layden 3-0. A blast from the past as Halifax’s Lyndon Baxter so successful in the early BDP years making a comeback this season edging past local man Roy Lilleyman 3-2, while Les Delderfield who has never been away looked in good form with a straight legs win over Lincoln Rileys Super League star Jamie Ellam.


Steve Jones        3-1  Jamie Toyne
Simon Wintle       3-1  Mark Pigott
Josh Scales        3-0  Phil Whittaker
Paul Toulmin       3-2  Daz Mawer
Vernon Walsh       3-2  Dave Sidebottom
Terry Temple       3-0  Jason Stockings
Alex Pride         3-0  Jamie Ingle
Tom Blagg          3-2  Ian Watson
Jonathan Crossland 3-0  Paul Doherty
Peter Mawer        3-0  Curtis Turner
Daniel Roberts     3-2  Scott Smith
Louise Simmonds    3-2  Steve Fryer
Tony Darlow        3-1  Les Delderfield
Steve Hattersley   3-2  Bob Birkenshaw
Scott Bennett      3-2  Paul Hick
John Quantock      3-1  Mick Hayward
Kevin Foster       3-1  Peter Baker
Rob Richardson     3-1  Jaron Esteve
James Weldon       3-0  Tom Sykes
John Clifford      3-0  Alan Hutchinson
Lyndon Baxter      3-2  Mick Wiltshire
Steve Kelly        3-1  Laura Tye
Danny Walker       3-0  Norman Elliott
Brendan Marren     3-1  Tony Wort
Adam Ward          3-0  Jamie Ogley
Carl Wilkinson     3-2  Kelvin Pease
Willie Kershaw     3-1  James Barton
Simon Crossland    3-0  Ryan Hoggarth
John Utting        3-0  Ian Ward
Dale Everett       3-0  Mike Ramsgill
Jake Patchett      3-2  Josh Clough
Steve Atkin        3-1  Colin Hendry

26 year old Danny Walker (29.47) on the verge of securing a lucrative sponsorship deal that will enable him to travel the BDO circuit showed his class to rattle in 21, 16 and 14 dart legs to overcome a game effort from Norman Elliott (23.41) who pushed him all the way in the final 2 legs. Woodbottom SL player Paul Doherty (19.90) scored well but had a disaster in the final leg, missing 13 darts at doubles to let Jonathan Crossland (20.87) in to secure a harsh looking 3-0 win. Fine last legs for John Utting with a 153 finish to beat Ian Ward 3-0 and Louise Simmonds with a 17 darter which included a 180 to overcome Steve Fryer. Steve Hattersley pulled out a game changing 155 finish with his opponent Bob Birkenshaw sat on tops and 1-0 up at the time, a tremendous shot under pressure enabling him to edge a tight match 3-2. Grand Final winner Tony Darlow took out Les Delderfield 3-1 as did Willie Kershaw beating James Barton in the two big games of the round.


Simon Wintle       3-2  Steve Jones
Paul Toulmin       3-1  Josh Scales
Terry Temple       3-1  Vernon Walsh
Tom Blagg          3-1  Alex Pride
Jonathan Crossland 3-1  Peter Mawer
Daniel Roberts     3-1  Louise Simmonds
Tony Darlow        3-1  Steve Hattersley
John Quantock      3-1  Scott Bennett
Rob Richardson     3-0  Kevin Foster
James Weldon       3-2  John Clifford
Steve Kelly        3-2  Lyndon Baxter
Brendan Marren     3-1  Danny Walker
Adam Ward          3-0  Carl Wilkinson
Willie Kershaw     3-0  Simon Crossland
Dale Everett       3-1  John Utting
Steve Atkin        3-1  Jake Patchett

Quite a few newish names right in the mix at this stage. Former Commercial and Yeadon SL star Paul Toulmin now plying his trade for Shipley team Woodbottom having a fine day so far with wins over Yorkshire County youth Reece Catton, former Lincs County star Daz Mawer and now Wakefield ace Josh Scales. Nottinghamshire County youth Tom Blagg who appeared at a couple of tournaments last year was making serious inroads today with wins over Mark Gale, Ian Watson and former BDP event winner Alex Pride with a fine 3-1 victory. Daniel Roberts another new player this season also going well ending inform Louise Simmonds run with a 3-1 win. Halifax’s Dale Everett a onetime sponsor of Scott Waites and influential in his early BDO tournament development showed he is no slouch on the dart board either with a place in Round 5 after victory over John Utting on the back of a fine showing in a Hartlepool comp over new year. James Weldon another player present in early tournaments last year was having his best run so far after a 3-2 victory over John Clifford, while Danny Walker said he threw the darts of his life with well over 100 average but it was still not enough to beat Brendan Marren who chipped out 120 to close out a 3-1 win over him.


Simon Wintle       3-2  Paul Toulmin
Terry Temple       3-0  Tom Blagg
Jonathan Crossland 3-2  Daniel Roberts
Tony Darlow        3-1  John Quantock
Rob Richardson     3-0  James Weldon
Brendan Marren     3-0  Steve Kelly
Willie Kershaw     3-1  Adam Ward
Dale Everett       3-1  Steve Atkin

Most of the players mentioned in the last round were to fall at the next hurdle, apart from Dale Everett who stormed into the Quarter Finals with a 3-1 win over York’s Steve Atkin. Lincoln Imps SL player Adam Ward, riding high in the Lincs Ave’s table and carrying that form into today with 3 good wins over quality players Tony Farrow, Jamie Ogley and Yorkshire County player Carl Wilkinson found Willie Kershaw a bridge too far with a 3-1 defeat. Big guns Brendan Marren and Tony Darlow still going strong after victories over Steve Kelly and John Quantock, while the ominous threat of Terry Temple still loomed large after victory over young Tom Blagg. Rob ‘ The Jockey ‘ Richardson the lone Castleford survivor with victory over James Weldon with Si Wintle and Jonathan Crossland making up the Last 8 after close wins over Paul Toulmin and Daniel Roberts.


Terry Temple       3-2  Simon Wintle
Tony Darlow        3-0  John Crossland
Brendan Marren     3-2  Rob Richardson
Willie Kershaw     3-1  Dale Everett

Guiseley’s Simon Wintle living up to his nickname of ‘The Big Bear ‘ by sporting a big rough, gruff, hairy black beard showed he was a ‘Grizzly’ on the dart board today and came close to a first Semi Final after pushing Terry Temple all the way before going down 3-2. A very under rated player, mostly by himself it has to be said Simon is one of the fastest throwing players at BDP and is great to watch when he’s flying like he was today. Another super effort to topple a hot favourite as Rob Richardson took Brendan Marren to a decider in their game, just another example of how many players in the field are capable of winning a BDP comp, no doubt Rob is in that category especially after this showing. A bit more breathing space for the other 2 favourites as Tony Darlow saw off Pontefract’s Jonathan Crossland 3-0 and Willie Kershaw overcame a brave Dale Everett effort 3-1.


Brendan Marren (27.33) 3-0 (26.06) Willie Kershaw

Just too many slack scores in legs 1 and 3 in particular cost Willie Kershaw dear in this Semi Final clash of two old foes, the fact is against a player of Brendan Marren’s class the opponent can ill afford any such scores. A very indifferent opening leg from Willie allowed Brendan the luxury of missing 5 darts at the double before nailing a D10 for a 20 dart start, ironically there was no slack darts from Willie on his own throw as he fired in scores of 85, 60, 140, 140 to set up 76 with the final dart in that combination just missing Tops, that miss was all Brendan needed as he took out a killer 101 finish to go 2-0 up in 15 darts. The final leg was similar in pattern to the first one as Brendan took it in 20 darts again although Willie was much closer in this leg having a shot at 100 to save it. Not vintage stuff by either player but Brendan had the greater consistency in scoring with 8 x 100 pluses against Willie’s 5 x 100 pluses which made the difference.


Terry Temple (25.49) 3-1 (22.91) Tony Darlow

A fine opening for current Grand Slam champion Tony Darlow as he broke the throw with a 105 finish and a 18 dart leg to break against opening event winner Terry Temple, however that was to be as good as it got for the Sheffield star as he seemed to lose his way after that as the Treble 20 became more elusive to him as the game went on. Despite struggling a little on the scoring himself Terry was able to take the next 2 legs in 21 and 22 darts, only in the final leg did the man from York really get going with a 140, 180, 95 opening which effectively sealed the game as Tony could only respond with a string of 60 scores allowing Terry to coast home in 17 darts for a much more comfortable win than he could have hoped for given Tony’s present form. 8 x 100 pluses including a 180 for Terry while Tony will be disappointed with only 4 x 100 pluses but so many times his darts were all over the Treble 20 rather than in it, just one of those games for him today.


Terry Temple (27.29) 4-1 (27.38) Brendan Marren

A 2nd successive BDP title for Terry Temple as he had Brendan Marren’s number again just as he did in the Rowland Road Quarter Final the previous week. Although not quite matching last week’s imperious form Terry still managed to do enough to win, just beating Brendan to the punch in 4 of the 5 legs, this mainly down to the fact that Brendan hit 11 x 60 scores in the match where in usual circumstances he would expect at least half of those scores to be either 100’s or 140’s, that lack of trebles just enabled Terry to get to the double shots first and what we have learned about Terry so far is that more often than not he takes his chances when they come. Just like Tony Darlow in the Semi Brendan started brightly with a 16 dart break with a similar pattern to follow as Terry took the rest in 16, 21, 18 and 16 darts for a convincing victory in the end. 11 x 100 pluses for Terry with 4 back up scores of 90 odd. Also 11 x 100 pluses for Brendan even allowing for all the straight 60’s which probably goes to show how different the game might have been had even 3 or 4 of those been ton pluses that would have got him to the doubles first, all if’s and but’s though as is every game, the main fact being that Terry got the job done once again.


The PDC qualifying school was in full swing over a long weekend with a long list of fine tour players including BDP regular Dave Smith having to re-qualify in order to get their 2012 tour card. The fact that Terry Temple didn’t have to go through that minefield because he finished in the Top 64 shows how good a player he is as he proved here for the 2nd week running. No doubt the rest of the field will be breathing a sigh of relief when the PDC tour starts up and Terry goes off to try and claim bigger prizes. Last season Castleford player Kevin Pease looked certain to qualify for The Grand Finals only to miss out in the end due to not attending the last half a dozen or so events, the reason for those absences became apparent today as Kevin turned up to play showing the effects of a battle against throat cancer over the past few months, it was good to Kev back in action on the oche and everyone at BDP wishes him well with his ongoing treatment which we hope will lead to a full recovery.

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