Rowland Road

The eagerly anticipated 2012 season underway at Rowland Road, Beeston, Leeds, the preferred venue for the opening event which always attracts a large number of players especially with darts at the forefront at the moment with the PDC World Championships just played out at the Ally Pally in London and the BDO’s Lakeside World Championships currently at the Semi Final stages. A total of 169 players, falling someway short of last year’s amazing 214 total, however still a superb turn out considering 2 other events were also taking place on the same day, a charity event at The Roebuck and also a very high profile competition at The Crown Hotel in Bawtry which meant most of the South Yorkshire contingent were there rather than here. Any new proposals would be announced at the following comp due to the AGM meeting being postponed for a later date.


Joe Harrison      3-2  Mick Wiltshire
Tom Sykes         3-1  John Utting
Mark Robinson     3-2  Sharon Whitfield
Mark Featherstone 3-1  Simon Hall
Bryan Harrison    3-0  Paul Doherty
Ian Brown         3-1  Simon Jackson
Danny Walker      3-0  Gary Smith
Adam Davidson     3-0  Gareth Hannah
Liam Young        3-0  Cameron Arnold
Adam Wood         3-1  Karl Nixon
Dave Smith        3-0  Nat McDonald
Mally Walsh       3-0  Gareth Thompson
Jamie Ellam       3-0  Peter Turner
Scott Bennett     3-0  Danny Lidgett
Dave Broxup       3-0  Stuart Bruce
Dave Wilson       3-2  James Weldon
Mark Gayle        3-2  Phil Ralph
Norman Elliott    3-1  Carl Baxter
Jaron Esteve      3-0  Tom Elliott
Brendan Marren    3-0  Alan Simms
Calum Hall        3-0  Danny Dutson
Pete Riley        3-1  Chris Fawcett
Ben Gayle         3-0  Lewis Pride
Katie Hoggarth    3-1  Jordan Gayle
Simon Gayle       3-1  James Wood
Paul Royston      3-0  Darren Cartwright
Mark Watkins      3-1  Leah Wiltshire
Gary Driscoll     3-0  Simon Rimmington
Steve Kemp        3-0  Mark Broadbent
Dave Calvert      3-0  Paul Hodkin
Ian Holmes        3-2  Mark Stephenson
Andy Smith        3-0  Aaron Stephenson
Lyndon Baxter     3-0  Mark Commons
Rob Richardson    3-0  Benjamin Commons
Anil Barot        3-1  Dave Murray
Jordan Smith      3-0  Pat Blakely
Louise Simmonds   3-0  Paddy O'Conner
Mark Slowacki     3-0  Tracey Gledhill
Les Delderfield   3-0  Russell Murphy
Martin Boltwood   3-2  Jason Stockings
Kelvin Pease      3-0  Charlie Noble

Definitely a lot of tension in the air at the start as everyone involved early on just wanted to get through the round of 41 prelim ties in order to bring the field down to 128, a very tense, nervy game between Mark Featherstone ( 16.79 ) and Simon Hall ( 16.30 ) going Mark’s way 3-1 but both much better players than the stats suggest so purely down to early nerves that game. Nerves too for young Lewis Pride ( 17.61 ) as he lost out 3-0 to another youngster in Ben Gayle ( 19.27 ) from nearby Middleton, more joy for the Gayle family as dad Simon Gayle ( 17.15 ) followed up his son’s win with a 3-1 success over James Wood ( 17.01 ). Top darts promoter Paul Hodkin from Huddersfield, responsible for bringing some of the top names in darts to Yorkshire with his superbly organised exhibitions can also play a bit too and has mixed it on the PDC circuit, however he was no match today for Dave Calvert who beat him comfortably 3-0. Young Joe Harrison gaining in experience under the guidance of dad Bryan and Ian Brown amongst others in and around Castleford pulled off the result of the round with a 3-2 defeat of Mick Wiltshire who was so impressive on Grand Finals day. John Utting another player with some pedigree also lost out 3-1 to an unfamiliar name in Tom Sykes. The best darts of the round came from Outwood’s Danny Walker as he crashed in a 161 finish for a 12 dart final leg in his victory over the unfortunate Gary Smith.


Bryan Harrison    3-1  John Cooper
Adam Davidson     3-1  Dominic Corr
Fred Smith        3-0  Peter Baker
Richard Lucas     3-0  Paul Priestland
Andy McGovern     3-0  Shirley Sanderson
Daz Hale          3-0  Norman Elliott
Mark Calvert      3-1  Ian Falkingham
Kelvin Pease      3-1  Dan Ladley
Curtis Turner     3-1  Simon Regan
Mark Gayle        3-0  Steve Jackson
Bob Birkenshaw    3-2  Jamie Ingle
Steve Kemp        3-0  Kerry Atkinson
Steve Hattersley  3-0  Joe Harrison
Jaron Esteve      3-2  Peter Armitage
Chris Hall        3-1  Jordan Smith
Alex Pride        3-0  Brandon Lawson
Adam Wood         3-2  Katie Hoggarth
Ian Watson        3-2  Andy Smith
Daniel Roberts    3-0  Rob Sharp
Trevor Tye        3-0  Macauley Gamble
Simon Wilton      3-1  Ian Ward
Steve Kelly       3-0  Steve Cadera
Eddy Noon         3-0  Johnny Scott
Mick Pearce       3-0  Scott Smith
Willie Kershaw    3-0  Jason Stockings
Dave Smith        3-1  Lee Taylor
James Barton      3-1  Danny Walker
John Richardson   3-1  Paul Royston
Darren Goy        3-0  Izzy Wainwright
Phil Whittaker    3-2  Mark Slowacki
Kyle Richardson   3-0  David Owen
Peter Reebanks    3-1  Terry Mizen
Josh Clough       3-0  Mike Ramskill
Richard Watson    3-0  Danny Hall
Dave Calvert      3-0  Raymond Long
Tom Sykes         3-0  Laura Tye
Antony Moss       3-1  Ben Gale
Simon Gayle       3-2  Tony Farrow
Aaron Poole       3-0  Ian Holmes
Les Delderfield   3-1  Lyndon Baxter
Rob Richardson    3-1  Dave Broxup
Andrew Clifford   3-0  Ian Payne
Michael Wilson    3-1  Jim Johnston
Mark Featherstone 3-1  Anil Barot
Mark Watkins      3-0  Sean Knowles
Brendan Dawson    3-0  Matty Acs
Gary Hooper       3-0  Simon Hardacre
Dave Shore        3-0  Ryan Hoggarth
Jamie Ellam       3-0  Scott Bennett
Paul Toulmin      3-0  James Watson
Daz Twist         3-1  Steve Jones
Mark Hanslip      3-0  Bobby Baynham
Nigel Atkinson    3-1  Daz Mawer
Brendan Marren    3-0  Calum Hall
Ian Brown         3-0  Nick Sanderson
Louise Simmonds   3-2  Bob Brett
Pete Riley        3-1  Gary Driscoll
Rich Winpenny     3-0  Chez Pachela
Mark Wainwright   3-2  John Speed
Terry Temple      3-0  Mark Robinson
Dave Wilson       3-1  Mally Walsh
Tony Wort         3-0  Tony Toyne
Liam Young        3-1  Peter Mizen
Paul Hick         3-0  Mick Hayward

A good round for 2 familiar players on the comeback trail, firstly ‘ The Iceman ‘ Chris Hall ( 22.92 ) from East End Park, very steady with a fine 3-1 win over talented youngster Jordan Smith ( 22.53 ) and also ‘ The Rattler’ Paul Hick, missing for much of last season due to work commitments as a lorry driver but back with a vengeance today with checkouts of 120, 131 and 117 in his 3-0 victory over Mick Hayward, not very often even on the World stage you see 3 back to back ton plus finishes, brilliant from the likeable Carlton ace. An exhibition start from James Barton ( 22.40 ) as he took out 100 with a single 20 and 2 Double Tops against Danny Walker ( 22.53 ), however the rest of the game not quite so good especially the final leg where both players missed with 9 double attempts before James clinched it. The tie of the round saw inform Jaron Esteve edge out class act Peter Armitage 3-2 in a high quality game. Elsewhere no major shocks with all the big guns coming through unscathed.


Bryan Harrison    3-1  Adam Davidson
Fred Smith        3-0  Richard Lucas
Daz Hale          3-2  Andy McGovern
Kelvin Pease      3-0  Mark Calvert
Curtis Turner     3-1  Mark Gayle
Bob Birkenshaw    3-1  Steve Kemp
Jaron Esteve      3-1  Steve Hattersley
Alex Pride        3-1  Chris Hall
Ian Watson        3-0  Adam Wood
Daniel Roberts    3-1  Trevor Tye
Steve Kelly       3-1  Simon Wintle
Mick Pearce       3-1  Eddy Noon
Willie Kershaw    3-2  Dave Smith
James Barton      3-2  John Richardson
Darren Goy        3-1  Phil Whittaker
Peter Reebanks    3-0  Kyle Richardson
Josh Clough       3-0  Richard Watson
Dave Calvert      3-0  Tom Sykes
Antony Moss       3-0  Simon Gayle
Les Delderfield   3-0  Aaron Poole
Rob Richardson    3-1  Andrew Clifford
Mark Featherstone 3-0  Michael Wilson
Brendan Dawson    3-0  Mark Watkins
Dave Shore        3-0  Gary Hooper
Jamie Ellam       3-0  Paul Toulmin
Daz Twist         3-1  Mark Hanslip
Brendan Marren    3-0  Nigel Atkinson
Ian Brown         3-1  Louise Simmonds
Rich Winpenny     3-1  Pete Riley
Terry Temple      3-0  Mark Wainwright
Dave Wilson       3-1  Tony Wort
Paul Hick         3-0  Liam Young

The first major clash of the season on Board 2, a new slimline Willie Kershaw having dropped a reputed 5 stones in weight edged out Dave Smith 3-2, the 70’s Wrestler now down to ‘Catchweight’. Lancashire County ace Gary Hooper in decent form over Xmas with a Semi Final spot in a high class non ranking event at Belle Isle was the big casualty as he fell 3-0 to Dave Shore, another player not all that familiar to BDP having played just one comp last season which was the very last one at Otley but looking like a player of some quality. A fine effort in defeat from East Leeds SL player John Richardson as he took James Barton the distance and no joy for son Kyle either as he went down 3-0 to the vastly experienced Pete Reebanks. No real surprises elsewhere with fitness fanatic Steve Hattersley, looking very trim these days and in form for most of last season losing out in a 50/50 game to ‘The Jazman’ Jaron Esteve.


Fred Smith        3-1  Bryan Harrison
Daz Hale          3-1  Kelvin Pease
Curtis Turner     3-2  Bob Birkenshaw
Jaron Esteve      3-0  Alex Pride
Ian Watson        3-2  Daniel Roberts
Steve Kelly       3-1  Mick Pearce
Willie Kershaw    3-1  James Barton
Peter Reebanks    3-1  Darren Goy
Josh Clough       3-0  Dave Calvert
Les Delderfield   3-0  Antony Moss
Mark Featherstone 3-0  Rob Richardson
Dave Shore        3-2  Brendan Dawson
Daz Twist         3-0  Jamie Ellam
Brendan Marren    3-0  Ian Brown
Terry Temple      3-2  Rich Winpenny
Dave Wilson       3-1  Paul Hick

The competition certainly hotting up in Round 4 with some quality match ups. Yorkshire Youth U18 star Curtis Turner making a big impression in his first BDP event with a fine 3-2 victory over renown match player Bob Birkenshaw, the Tadcaster youngster also boasting a young Patsi Kensit lookalike girlfriend on his arm so good times ahead on and off the oche it seems for Curtis. York star Terry Temple a regular on the PDC circuit and in their Top 64 system which is a feat in itself given the calibre of players in that field was also trying out BDP for the first time and making steady progress so far but given a rough ride by Rich Winpenny, with the advantage of throw and a 180 start in the decider just about squeezing him through in the end with the Woodlesford player criminally missing big 11 for a shot at the bull on a 121 finish. Fred Smith from Middlewich in Cheshire always makes an impression whenever he comes over to BDP events, a 3-1 victory over Bryan Harrison meant he was in the latter stages once again. Castleford’s Yorkshire U18 star Josh Clough maybe in the headlines for the wrong reasons at The Grand Finals was certainly making headlines for the right reasons, this time on the oche with a stunning 3-0 victory over BDO tour player Dave Calvert, while Daz Twist saw off the dangerous Jamie Ellam 3-0 in an eventful round.


Fred Smith        3-2  Daz Hale
Jaron Esteve      3-0  Curtis Turner
Steve Kelly       3-0  Ian Watson
Willie Kershaw    3-1  Peter Reebanks
Les Delderfield   3-0  Josh Clough
Dave Shore        3-1  Mark Featherstone
Brendan Marren    3-0  Daz Twist
Terry Temple      3-2  Dave Wilson

Relative newcomer Dave Shore ( 26.57 ) originally from Wiltshire but now residing in Keighley continuing to make a splash as he overpowered Mark Featherstone ( 21.40 ) by 3 legs to 1, the Otley player having no answer from 1-1 as his opponent rattled in impressive 17 and 16 darters to take the match. A fine debut tournament for Curtis Turner ended in defeat to Jaron Esteve, the olive skinned heart throb from Lofthouse in the form of his life at the moment winning 2 small local comps at East Leeds and finishing a gallant Runner Up to James Wilson at Belle Isle over New Year as well as scooping the Xmas Handicap at Rothwell Club so quite a fruitful few weeks for him with more to follow on this form. A great run from Crossgates Fencing Business Tycoon Ian Watson ended with defeat to veteran Steve Kelly while Terry Temple came through another tight game to win 3-2 over Dave Wilson as did Fred Smith over Daz Hale. The ever consistent trio of Delderfield, Marren and Kershaw all in the last 8 too after wins over Clough, Twist and Reebanks respectively.


Fred Smith        3-1  Jaron Esteve
Willie Kershaw    3-0  Steve Kelly
Dave Shore        3-0  Les Delderfield
Terry Temple      3-2  Brendan Marren

Clinical finishing from Fred Smith gave him the edge over Jaron Esteve with Willie Kershaw also coming through the top half of the draw with a 3-0 win over Steve Kelly. Real drama though in the bottom half as Terry Temple showed just what a class player he really is with yet another 3-2 victory, this time over the formidable Brendan Marren. The other result proved to be the major surprise as Dave Shore stunned everyone with a 3-0 victory over Les Delderfield, maybe the Shipley player, quiet and unemotional on the oche was ruffled by the much more vocal Keighley man, however can’t take anything away from the quality of his darts as he marched into the Semi’s and in sight of a remarkable tournament victory.


Willie Kershaw ( 24.86 ) 3-1 ( 25.76 ) Fred Smith

Despite not firing on all cylinders Willie Kershaw’s superior finishing saw him home against Fred Smith in a close scoring affair. Both players though a little hit and miss throughout with quite a few low scores mixed in with the good scores. The best and most consistent leg came from Willie with a 15 darter in leg 3 against the throw to turn the tide his way, scores of 100, 140, 95, 98 and a 3 dart 68 finish coming in that leg. Before that both players broke throws, firstly Willie with a 21 darter, then Fred with a much more convincing 16 darter which included a Maximum mid way through. With a second break in the bag Willie managed to close out the match with a 20 darter after Fred had just missed a 112 shot to save it. Usually a big 140 hitter Willie only managed 1 in this game along with a 125 and 4 x 100 scores, with 3 x 90 odds to back up those scores, as for Fred only 2 really big scores a 180 and a 140, although he also hit a ton and 7 scores ranging from 92 to 97 but will probably feel with Willie not on top form that this was maybe a chance gone begging.


Terry Temple ( 31.31 ) 3-0 ( 27.80 ) Dave Shore

A thoroughly professional display from Terry Temple to sweep aside an effort from Dave Shore that would have given him a real shout in most other games today. The fact that he didn’t really get a sniff is purely down to Terry’s excellence in allowing his opponent just 15 darts in each leg. The opening leg proved to be the closest with Dave’s shot at 100 his only real chance in the game, however with only 40 scored he didn’t get the shot at the double he was looking for allowing Terry to take out 20 for a 17 dart leg. The York star piled on relentless pressure to force the break in leg 2 with scores of 140, 140, 100 and 96 and despite a 140 reply from Dave to leave 136 he was powerless to prevent Terry taking out 25 in 2 clinical darts. Another brave effort in the last leg from Dave as he hit 139 and 80 at the end to leave 56 but yet again Terry had all the answers with a 2 dart finish on 60 for another 17 darter to seal the match and a very polished display with precious little weaknesses to exploit. A fine effort from Dave with 5 x 100 pluses and a 99 score to cap a superb day for him. 7 x 100’s and 3 x late 90 scores coupled with deadly finishing for Terry making him very difficult to beat on this form.


Terry Temple ( 29.88 ) 4-2 ( 27.82 ) Willie Kershaw

Willie Kershaw probably knew that he would have to up his game considerably from the Semi Final if he was to have any chance against a player in top form all day long who was consistently around the 30/31 average mark. No sign either of Terry Temple letting up as he opened up with a 116 finish for a 15 darter, things looked even gloomier for Willie as he failed to hit a 3 figure score on throw which let Terry in for a 19 dart break, however the medium built Shipley man doesn’t take defeat lying down and roared back in typical Kershaw style with back to back 16 darters to level the game. The tables looked to have turned as Willie turned the screw in leg 5 and must have felt with just 68 left after 12 darts he had a great chance of a break with Terry on a very tricky looking 99, maybe playing week in week out at such a high standard on the PDC circuit he has become used to taking out these kind of pressure shots and he did so again here which was only to hold throw but must surely have felt like a break to Willie and a real body blow at that. An even last leg followed with Willie having first pop at 72 which he made a bit of a hash of in all truth and didn’t get a dart at the double and Terry just like he had done all day to every opponent gets a chance and takes it clinically to close out the match. A very entertaining Final to start the year off with Terry hitting 11 x 100 pluses and 5 x 90 odd scores which were all good but not as good as the 99 finish that effectively won him the match. As for Willie he upped his game like we knew he probably would to hit a 180, 9 x 100 pluses with 4 x 90 odd scores in a valiant attempt.


Most of the field breathed a little easier at the start of the day knowing that James Wilson was on his way to terrorise the field at Bawtry for a change, however an adequate replacement had arrived in the shape of Terry Temple, without a PDC or York Darts event the approachable York player tried his hand at BDP and left very impressed with the standard of competition and the way it was run as well as walking away £350 better off. As for James Wilson, he went through the field like a knife through butter to eventually win with a 6-0 victory over Notts player Paul Harvey in the Final just to underline how dominant he is at the moment. As they did last season with bumper attendances the Committee pass on the extra revenue with increased prize money on the day for the last 8 players, especially the Winner whose prize money increased by 75% from the standard £200. An super start to the season with the comp running smoothly and to schedule with a special mention to Simon ‘The Big Bear’ Wintle who is reducing his workload due to family commitments this season but has put in so much great work behind the scenes and continues to so now for the benefit of all the players.

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