East Leeds Snooker Club

A trip to the East side of Leeds for the third event of the season as the BDP roadshow set up camp in East Leeds Snooker Club, slightly off the beaten track at the back of the Manston estate. A superb set up in the Club with 6 boards in a row fixed to a blue back wall with excellent lighting ensuring no shadows, on the  opposite wall were 2 other fixed boards so a little less work to do this week regarding setting up for our hard working BDP staff. A plush restaurant at the front of the Club provided a top of the range menu or alternatively a traditional Cafe just opposite the Club entrance served up a tremendous full monty breakfast with a pot of tea for only £3 which quite a few players enjoyed before play started. Besides hosting a newly formed Super League side, small Comps are played here regularly during the week with the Club sponsoring a high pay out Competition ran on the last Friday evening in the calendar month which also runs a 1st Round losers Plate Comp if time permits so well worth turning up for to win some good money and to keep sharp and competitive. The attendance figure would probably have topped 150 had the Dutch Open not been in full swing the same weekend, as it was 139 entries still highly respectable given the cold snap of weather that was forecast for the weekend. The question on the playing front, could anyone stop Terry Temple from making it a hat trick of back to back wins.


Louise Simmonds  3-2 Ian Watson
Gary Hooper      3-1 Anil Barot
Peter Reebanks   3-0 Scott Smith
Jonathan Daniels 3-0 Mark Hanslip
Ian Brown        3-1 Mark Watkins
Lee Foster       3-0 Pete Rushby
Mark Slowacki    3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Steve Kemp       3-2 Paul Hodkin
Chris Cortman    3-1 Chris Thwaites
Kevin Gray       3-0 Shirley Sanderson
Simon Regan      3-0 Michael Wilson

A total of 11 Round 1 (prelim) games needed to streamline the field to 128. Newcomer this season Anil Barot (20.85) of Indian descent but from the other side of Leeds in Morley giving the much more seasoned and experienced Gary Hooper (22.29) a run for his money before going down 3-1. The 18 year old computer student looks a promising dart player but is also a promising cricketer and is a demon fast bowler for Gildersome CC, maybe he could be the new Kapil Dev, in which case let’s hope he chooses to play for England rather than India in future Test Matches. A huge crowd descended around Board 1 especially towards the closing stages of Louise Simmonds game with Ian Watson, almost unbearable tension as both players had darts at doubles to win the game and both ending up in the Madhouse before Louise finally clinched a nail biting victory. After performing superbly here to reach the Semi Final of the end of month Friday night comp Woodlesford Furniture Sales Manager Chris Cortman (22.95) was back for a shot at the bigger BDP event and safely through the opener after a 3-1 win over Chris Thwaites (17.40). Remarkable in fact that he can even hold a dart let alone throw them so well after losing part of 3 fingers to a Band Saw at work in his late teens. Big finishes of 110 and 150 from Ian Brown in his 3-1 win over Mark Watkins showing he is close to his best and a force to be reckoned with once again.


Steve Kemp       3-0 Peter Neary
Pat Meeson       3-2 Andrew Clifford
Mark Robinson    3-2 Jimmy Stoneley
Graham Hoggarth  3-0 Raymond Long
Daniel Firth     3-0 Josh Hodgson
Daz Layden       3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Kelvin Pease     3-0 Sam Newman
John Jagger      3-1 Trevor Tye
Pat Blakely      3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Vernon Walsh     3-0 Steve Cadera
Mark Gale        3-2 Andy Smith
Kevin Gray       3-2 Aaron Poole
Ian Brown        3-0 Phil Whittaker
Steve Kelly      3-0 Richard Watson
Lewis Pride      3-0 Damian Holt
Simon Regan      3-2 Kyle Richardson
Danny Walker     3-0 Mark Piggott
Daniel Roberts   3-0 Adam Davison
Mark Slowacki    3-0 Regan Pettinger
Mick Hayward     3-1 Ian Payne
Terry Temple     3-0 Brandon Lawson
Dave Broxup      3-1 Ian Ward
Andy Firth       3-0 Robert Smith
Laura Tye        3-2 Tracey Gledhill
Andy Butterworth 3-0 Jonathan Hewitt
Paul Doherty     3-1 Jonny Scott
Peter Reebanks   3-0 Russell Murphy
Nigel Atkinson   3-1 John Clifford
Lyndon Baxter    3-0 Bob Brett
Gary Normington  3-0 Danny Hall
Tony Darlow      3-1 Dave Shore
Antony Moss      3-1 Norman Elliott
John Richardson  3-2 Karl Nixon
Josh Clough      3-0 Ryan Kershaw
Dave Machell     3-2 Marc Paige
Gary Hooper      3-0 Paul Cortman
John Utting      3-1 Dave Murray
Jamie Ingle      3-1 Pete Riley
Sam Fordham      3-2 Paul Priestland
Rob Holroyd      3-2 Josh Scales
Simon Wintle     3-1 Peter Baker
Steve Jones      3-0 Kris Namnieck
Les Delderfield  3-0 Darren Cartwright
Bob Birkenshaw   3-1 Sam Hastings
Peter Armitage   3-0 Michelle Binns
Mark Kerry       3-1 Louise Simmonds
Willie Kershaw   3-0 Dan Nicol
Brandon Walsh    3-0 Richard Brown
Chris Cortman    3-0 Mark Featherstone
Tony Farrow      3-1 Ian Holmes
Jonathan Daniels 3-1 Lee Foster
Jamie Ogley      3-2 Bob Pinder
Jon Crossland    3-0 Brendan Dawson
Chris Winters    3-0 Calum Hall
Steve Hattersley 3-2 Adam Tooley
Rich Winpenny    3-0 Steve Jackson
Alex Pride       3-0 Steve Fowler
Rob Richardson   3-0 Steve Wadsworth
Paul Hick        3-1 Phil Thomas
John Roughton    3-1 Pete Turner
Mark Leonard     3-1 Ian Falkingham
Paul Toulmin     3-0 Joe Harrison
Curtis Turner    3-1 Liam Mowbray

Some intriguing match up’s as early as Round 2 with a number of quality players going out at this stage. Bob Pinder the Grand Final Semi Finalist was amongst the biggest as he went down to star of the future Jamie Ogley 3-2. Dave Shore (24.41) a Semi Finalist at Rowland Road in Comp 1 also perished but in the toughest of early draws losing 3-1 to current Grand Slam Champ Tony Darlow (28.40) who finished their match with a 13 dart leg. Andrew Butterworth (24.24) a local league player for Stanningley pub ‘The Daisy Inn’ causing a major stir with a 3-0 whitewash over Jonathan Hewitt (25.83) one of the most feared players at BDP, no sign of what was to come as Jonathan kicked in with a 180 but then felt the backlash of big scores coming back at him as the Bramley Printer rattled in a Maximum of his own, 7 other Ton pluses and was the more composed finisher as he coolly took out 76 for the match to leave the Wortley star shell-shocked, no wonder East Leeds SC are so keen to sign him up for their SL team on this evidence. Once again Danny Walker (28.90) looking electric early on with 112 and 106 checkouts in a 3-0 win, much too strong today for Sheffield’s Mark Piggott. A welcome return this season for Bradford’s Kevin Gray (21.28) who took out 75 in the final leg to win a marathon battle against Aaron Poole (19.65). Tough going also for Rob Holroyd (18.42) as he scraped past Josh Scales (17.41) in another long drawn out struggle in a desperately poor game by their standards. Skipton’s Mick Hayward (17.72) did enough to beat Ian Payne (13.33) 3-1, same score too for John Jagger (22.34) as he beat Trevor Tye (20.90). Notts star Daz Layden (23.86) by own admission struggling for form of late and probably glad that Mick Wiltshire (19.90) was below par today allowing him a comfortable 3-0 passage into Round 3. Well below par too for Kelvin Pease (18.79) missing a hatful of doubles but not costly as he still had enough to beat Sam Newman (16.95) 3-0. A game of two halves for Steve Hattersley (21.37), dreadful early on allowing Adam Tooley (18.16)the luxury of winning legs in 26 and 29 darts before waking up to win the next 3 with relative ease in 19, 16 and 23 darts. All in all a hit and miss round, some good performances but also a lot of players struggling to find the range and playing well below their normal level so far.


Steve Kemp       3-0 Pat Meeson
Graham Hoggarth  3-0 Mark Robinson
Jason Stockings  3-1 Daniel Firth
Daz Layden       3-1 Kelvin Pease
Pat Blakely      3-2 John Jagger
Vernon Walsh     3-1 Mark Gale
Ian Brown        3-1 Kevin Gray
Steve Kelly      3-1 Lewis Pride
Simon Regan      3-2 Danny Walker
Daniel Roberts   3-2 Mark Slowacki
Terry Temple     3-0 Mick Hayward
Andy Firth       3-2 Dave Broxup
Andy Butterworth 3-0 Laura Tye
Peter Reebanks   3-2 Paul Doherty
Nigel Atkinson   3-0 Lyndon Baxter
Tony Darlow      3-0 Gary Normington
John Richardson  3-2 Antony Moss
Dave Machell     3-2 Josh Clough
Gary Hooper      3-1 John Utting
Sam Fordham      3-1 Jamie Ingle
Rob Holroyd      3-1 Simon Wintle
Les Delderfield  3-0 Steve Jones
Peter Armitage   3-2 Bob Birkenshaw
Willie Kershaw   3-0 Mark Kerry
Brandon Walsh    3-0 Chris Cortman
Jonathan Daniels 3-0 Tony Farrow
Jon Crossland    3-0 Jamie Ogley
Steve Hattersley 3-0 Chris Winters
Rich Winpenny    3-1 Alex Pride
Paul Hick        3-1 Rob Richardson
Mark Leonard     3-0 John Roughton
Paul Toulmin     3-1 Curtis Turner

During the last Round with the schedule running a little late the 2 boards on the opposite wall became match boards rather than practise boards, the fact that they weren’t used to start with probably because they didn’t have raised oche’s which is the normal requirement, however credit to all players who got on with the games without any complaints. Certainly no complaints from Rich Winpenny (26.51) on Board 7 as he hit 9 x 100 pluses to beat off a stiff challenge from Alex Pride (23.79), closing out the match with a 16 dart leg. Terry Temple (25.47) coasting into the next round with a comfortable 3-0 win over Mick Hayward (21.21). Ian Brown added a 126 on the bull to his repertoire of big finishes to see off Kevin Gray, while Simon Regan repelled a Danny Walker fightback to win 3-2. Ferry Fryston Quarter Finalists Rob Richardson and Simon Wintle both out but no real surprise losing to quality players Rob Holroyd and Paul Hick.


Graham Hoggarth  3-2 Steve Kemp
Daz Layden       3-0 Jason Stockings
Vernon Walsh     3-2 Pat Blakely
Steve Kelly      3-1 Ian Brown
Simon Regan      3-1 Daniel Roberts
Terry Temple     3-2 Andy Firth
Pete Reebanks    3-1 Andy Butterworth
Tony Darlow      3-2 Nigel Atkinson
John Richardson  3-2 Dave Machell
Gary Hooper      3-1 Sam Fordham
Les Delderfield  3-0 Rob Holroyd
Willie Kershaw   3-1 Peter Armitage
Brandon Walsh    3-0 Jonathan Daniels
Jon Crossland    3-2 Steve Hattersley
Rich Winpenny    3-1 Paul Hick
Paul Toulmin     3-1 Mark Leonard

A tougher test in this round for Terry Temple as he faced Andy ‘The Voice’ Firth. The Doncaster man a renown singer, entertainer and PDC pro marker as well as a good dart player and fresh from some fine displays at PDC Q school, although Andy didn’t manage to qualify he won games and gave a good account of himself as he did here taking Terry to a decider as have a few players in the opening 3 tournaments, however no one as yet has managed to come up with a big 5th leg in order to beat him. Another Doncaster player, Yorkshire Youths Brandon Walsh also with some great performances at the PDC Q school a couple of weeks ago and taking that form into today with an impressive 3-0 win over Jonathan Daniels, while dad Vernon kept up the good work to join his son in the last 16 with a narrow 3-2 victory over Pat Blakely. John Richardson more or less used to show up at Comps to support son Kyle and enter for the fun of it, not the case anymore as John has realised he is actually a very good dart player and is getting down to the money stages regularly these days, a 3-2 win over Dave Machell takes him there again much to the delight of Mrs Richardson. Board 1 has been a nightmare for Jason Stockings (15.80), the previous Friday in the Plate Semi he couldn’t buy a double and lost, today on the same board he just couldn’t hit the scores as Daz Layden (21.78) strolled past him and into the next round. A dose of his own medicine for Ian Brown (20.01) as Steve Kelly (22.41) wrapped up a 3-1 win against him with a 110 finish, while a 121 finish on the bull proved to be the decisive break for Rich Winpenny in a 3-1 win over Paul Hick.


Daz Layden       3-1 Graham Hoggarth
Steve Kelly      3-0 Vernon Walsh
Terry Temple     3-0 Simon Regan
Tony Darlow      3-2 Pete Reebanks
Gary Hooper      3-1 John Richardson
Les Delderfield  3-0 Willie Kershaw
Brandon Walsh    3-0 Jon Crossland
Rich Winpenny    3-2 Paul Toulmin

Up and coming football Referee Graham Hoggarth now up to Conference League level and destined to become the next Howard Webb was in the warm today as his allocated match had been postponed due to the weather. Besides taking a few match stats for the BDP report he was also having a fine day on the oche to reach the money stages where Daz Layden ended his run with a 3-1 victory. Still only 18 years old Brandon Walsh already has quite a darting CV with an appearance at the 2011 UK Open, a PDC Youth tour player and also the Yorkshire Youth Captain and closing in on a BDP title after a straight legs win over Pontefract’s Jon Crossland. Les Delderfield yet to drop a leg all day overcoming fellow Woodbottom SL team mate Willie Kershaw also 3-0 and looking at this stage like the likely challenger to Terry Temple (27.83) who proved too strong for Bradford’s Simon Regan (21.39) with another straight forward victory. Friday night Plate winner Rich Winpenny came from 2-0 down to topple Paul Toulmin with a 104 finish at the death to seal a 3-2 win in a thrilling game. Gary Hooper concentrating this year on local Comps rather than travelling the BDO circuit also into the Last 8 with a 3-1 win over John Richardson. Not the result that Gary’s uncle Pete Reebanks wanted but a fine effort none the less in a narrow 3-2 defeat to Tony Darlow, while veteran Steve Kelly having a great start to the season making his second venture already into the Quarter Finals after a 3-0 win over Vernon Walsh.


Daz Layden       3-2 Steve Kelly
Terry Temple     3-1 Tony Darlow
Les Delderfield  3-1 Gary Hooper
Rich Winpenny    3-0 Brandon Walsh

Shipley legend Les Delderfield finally dropped a leg to Gary Hooper but the Lancashire County star unable to prevent Les notching the other 3 to march into the Semi’s. Same result for Terry Temple to see off another tough challenge from Tony Darlow this time, the York star still on course for an unprecedented hat trick of wins, while Daz Layden edged past Steve Kelly 3-2 to equal his best showing since his BDP debut at Crigglestone last season, while clinical finishing from Rich Winpenny proved the difference in a high scoring battle with Brandon Walsh.


Les Delderfield (27.33) 3-0 (24.98) Rich Winpenny

Woodlesford’s Rich Winpenny won the advantage of throw but didn’t make it count as he lost all 3 legs to Les Delderfield in 19, 18 and 18 darts. All credit to Les though with a workmanlike performance and particularly good on the finishing to snuff out any chance of a fight back from The Railway SL player. Trebles in the first leg proved elusive for Rich apart from his opening throw of 100 which allowed Les in for the early break who then held off a determined effort from the South Leeds man to get back in the game in the next leg leaving 46 after 15 darts, however the door was slammed firmly shut as Les showed all his class to hit a 140 and then take out the 70 finish to go 2-0 up. A closely fought third leg again settled by superb darts from Les at the end hitting a 138 set up followed by a 56 finish after Rich just missed D14 on a 108 finish to save it, those kind of shots had been going in for him all day but not this time and no second chance. 6 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90 odds for Les with Rich replying with 5 x 100’s and 2 x 90 odds but not quite enough.


Terry Temple (28.90) 3-0 (20.92) Daz Layden

A fairly one sided game as Terry Temple comfortably swept past Daz Layden who just couldn’t find the Treble 20’s to put up enough of a challenge. Surprisingly without hitting a 3 figure score in leg 2 the North Notts man still had 2 darts at tops to level up at 1-1, once that chance had gone begging the outcome looked inevitable and so it was as Terry clicked back into gear with a 14 dart final leg with Daz way back on 240, to follow up earlier 16 and 22 darters. A good day for Daz although he will be disappointed with his showing in the Semi as he only hit 1 x 100 score, ironically with his last 3 darts, a series of 60 scores for him with the darts just not landing in that narrow red section which can be so frustrating. Only 3 x 100 pluses for Terry but the 7 back up scores in the 80’s and 90’s kept Daz under the cosh.


Terry Temple (29.00) 4-2 (27.66) Les Delderfield

If anyone in today’s field was going to stop Terry Temple it was likely to be the vastly experienced, ice cool figure of Les Delderfield and for a while in the Final that looked to be the case with Les racing into a 2-0 lead with 16 and 17 dart legs, a brilliant 180, 140, 81 start to leg 3 looked like paving the way for a 3-0 lead for Les, however with the match almost at his mercy he missed 5 darts at Tops and Tens to give Terry a shot at 62 which he gratefully accepted to get a foothold in the game. A complete turnaround after that as Terry took control firstly levelling the game with a 19 darter then forging in front with a tremendous 13 dart leg against the throw as Les was left with 50 after 15 darts. A 140, 99, 98, 96 text book leg from Terry ensured there would be no way back for Les as the York man closed out D8 for an 18 dart match winner and a third successive title which very few have managed to achieve previously. A 180, 177, 8 x 100 pluses with 7 x 90 odd scores did the damage for Terry with Les firing back with 2 x 180’s, 11 x 100 pluses with a 93 score but was left to rue those 5 misses in leg 3 which effectively cost him the match.


Terry Temple makes history by becoming the first player to win the first 3 tournaments at the start of a season since records began and moves into BDP folklaw in doing so. York has produced many fine dart players over the years, the likes of Barry Noble, Chris Thompson, John Mooring, Paul Cooper, Martin Turner, Ray McInally, Rich Corner amongst others all spring to mind and Terry is right there in that top band of players. Can he possibly make it 4 in a row at Tyresal in a couple of weeks? In the meantime the players that were still at East Leeds SC towards the closing stages faced the possibility of being stranded for the night with the snow coming down heavy and temperatures plummeting to freezing point as treacherous road conditions meant the local taxi’s were reluctant to venture too far from the main roads, hopefully the weather won’t be as harsh next time out at Tyresal.

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