A reasonable turnout of 126 for the 4th BDP event of the season at Tyersal RC one of the more established venues in the calendar. Very rarely these days do we have a non clashing date such is the popularity of darts. The British Internationals in Fleetwood, the Tyne and Wear Open and a York Darts event all happening today meant a few players that probably would have attended BDP were otherwise engaged. Terry Temple was here though and aiming for amazing 4 Titles in a row sequence although there were plenty of quality players in the field out to stop him including red hot James Wilson attending his first BDP of the season.


Mark Featherstone 3-2 Mick Hayward
Ricky Hunter      3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Daz Layden        3-2 Steve Kelly
Tony Farrow       3-1 Chris Namniacks
Dave Broxup       3-0 Ian Falkingham
Josh Clough       3-0 Paul Doherty
Nigel Atkinson    3-0 Kyle Richardson
Shane Jenkins     3-0 Paul Welch
Bob Birkenshaw    3-0 Andrew Clifford
Laura Tye         3-2 Steve Wilson
Ian Brown         3-0 Mark Leonard
Gary Hooper       3-0 James Wood
Dave Shore        3-1 Antony Wort
Alex Pride        3-2 Steve Kemp
Mark Calvert      3-0 Macauley Gamble
Dave Wilson       3-0 Raymond Long
Daniel Roberts    3-0 James Stonely
Anil Barot        3-1 Andrew Smurfitt
Paul Hick         3-2 Chris Courtman
Michael Wilson    3-2 Calum Hall
Rich Winpenny     3-0 Steve Cadera
Adam Tooley       3-1 Paul Aspinall
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Rob Richardson
Kevin Gray        3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Lewis Pride       3-1 Andy Smith
Lyndon Baxter     3-1 Shirley Sanderson
Darren Goy        3-1 Josh Scales
Tom Sykes         3-2 Ryan Kershaw
Daz Twist         3-0 Steve Jones
Pete Riley        3-0 Ian Payne
Paul Toulmin      3-0 Peter Baker
Curtis Turner     3-1 Darren Cartwright
Ian Ward          3-1 Simon Hall
Les Delderfield   3-2 Aaron Poole
Adam Ward         3-1 Lynn Horne
Mark Robinson     3-1 Louise Simmonds
Craig Nelmes      3-1 Paul Priestland
Joe Harrison      3-1 Bob Brett
Michelle Binns    3-1 Brian Cairns
Ches Pachella     3-2 Pat Blakely
Veejay Kumar      3-1 Mark Hanslip
Simon Regan       3-1 Scott Smith
Jaron Esteve      3-0 James Wilson
Antony Moss       3-2 Peter Reebanks
John Clifford     3-0 Regan Pettinger
Terry Temple      3-0 Dave Murray
Andy Cheesebrough 3-0 John Utting
Trevor Tye        3-1 Paul Royston
Ian Holmes        3-0 Sam Hastings
Mark Gale         3-1 Sharon Whitfield
Steve Hattersley  3-0 Brandon Lawson
Mick Wiltshire    3-0 Mark Fordham
John Richardson   3-2 Simon Wintle
Paul Hodkin       3-2 Danny Hall
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 Sonny Kumar
Brendan Marren    3-1 Tony Darlow
Kelvin Pease      3-2 Sam Fordham
Daz Hale          3-0 Nathan Aspinall
Simon Jackson     3-0 David Owen
Bob Pinder        3-0 Kath Wilson
Mark Wainwright   3-0 Steve Jackson
Rob Sharp         3-2 Jimmy Chovowski

James Wilson’s (26.82) form has been so good especially over the last year that he has been selected to play for England, just reward for a string of outstanding displays in Super League, County and Competition darts. However even he may have been a little apprehensive about his opening draw as opponent Jaron Esteve (26.37) has also been in the form of his life winning several local Comps and trousering over £800 in prize money since Christmas. The match lived up to the anticipation as Jaron brilliantly took out 160 to hold throw in 15 darts with Jamie poised on 81, that shot must have rocked James to the core and he never really recovered as the Wakefield star took the next 2 legs in 21 darts each for a stunning 3-0 victory. Another major player Grand Final Champ Tony Darlow (27.04) also fell early although no surprise losing out 3-1 to Brendan Marren (27.32) in a crunch draw for both players. A much more comfortable passage through for Terry Temple (23.12) as he cruised past Dave Murrey (15.60), similar story for Jonathan Hewitt (27.33) back from a bad knee injury as he beat Sonny Kumar (18.39), the Bradford player concentrating more on his swing bowling in the local Cricket League rather than darts these days. A steady performance also from Daz Hale (25.05) fresh from a good showing at The Scottish Open a week earlier as he took out Lancashire Youth player Nathan Aspinall (20.42) in straight legs. A fruitless journey back to Stockport for the Aspinall’s as dad Paul also fell in the opening Round to Adam Tooley. A first time at BDP for Bradford player Brian Cairns, originally from Renfrewshire in Scotland playing darts alongside the likes of Jamie Harvey and Paul Hanvidge amongst others, however Michelle Binns made it a miserable debut for him with a fine 3-1 victory. Mark Featherstone (20.14) made hard work of it against Mick Hayward (19.01) missing 12 darts to wrap up a 3-1 win but managing to scrape through in the decider. Some big finishes as Daz Layden hit a 142 to help him beat Steve Kelly 3-2 for the 2nd comp running, while Steve Kemp crashed in a 146 but lost out 3-2 to Alex Pride. Rich Winpenny closed out his match with Steve Cadera with a 129 on the bull, while Tony Wort couldn’t repeat his Last 64 Scottish Open heroics where he hit a spectacular 2 Double Tops finish to see off top Cumbrian player Steve Bonnett and win his Board, however no similar feat today as Dave Shore beat him 3-1.


Mark Featherstone 3-1 Ricky Hunter
Tony Farrow       3-0 Daz Layden
Dave Broxup       3-0 Josh Clough
Nigel Atkinson    3-0 Shane Jenkins
Bob Birkenshaw    3-0 Laura Tye
Gary Hooper       3-0 Ian Brown
Alex Pride        3-1 Dave Shore
Dave Wilson       3-0 Mark Calvert
Anil Barot        3-2 Daniel Roberts
Paul Hick         3-0 Michael Wilson
Rich Winpenny     3-2 Adam Tooley
Willie Kershaw    3-1 Kevin Gray
Lydon Baxter      3-1 Lewis Pride
Darren Goy        3-1 Jamie Ogley
Tom Sykes         3-2 Daz Twist
Paul Toulmin      3-1 Pete Riley
Curtis Turner     3-2 Ian Ward
Adam Ward         3-2 Les Delderfield
Mark Robinson     3-0 Craig Nelmes
Joe Harrison      3-0 Michelle Binns
Veejay Kumar      3-1 Chez Pachella
Jaron Esteve      3-1 Simon Regan
Antony Moss       3-0 John Clifford
Terry Temple      3-1 Andy Cheesebrough
Ian Holmes        3-0 Trevor Tye
Mark Gale         3-2 Jason Stockings
Steve Hattersley  3-2 Mick Wiltshire
Paul Hodkin       3-2 John Richardson
Brendan Marren    3-1 Jonathan Hewitt
Daz Hale          3-1 Kelvin Pease
Bob Pinder        3-0 Simon Jackson
Rob Sharp         3-1 Mark Wainwright

After surviving a major scare against Aaron Poole in the opening round to win 3-2 fortunes went the other way for Les Delderfield in Round 2 as he lost out 3-2 to Adam Ward, formerly from Bridgwater in Somerset but now residing in Lincoln where he plays darts for the County he is one of a number of Lincolnshire players making frequent visits to BDP competitions and enhancing his reputation even more after this result. No joy though for travel partner Ricky Hunter as he went down 3-1 to Mark Featherstone. A whirlwind opening leg of 14 darts for Dave Broxup (21.78) with opponent Josh Clough (20.64) none too shabby either waiting on 57 after 15 darts, however the rest of the game not so good with both players missing plenty of doubles with Lofthouse Pigeon Racer Dave coming home to roost in the end with a 3-0 win. Youngster Tom Sykes caused a stir on Board 4 as he beat Daz Twist 3-2, the Yorkshire Youth star should have wrapped the game up earlier in all truth and so nearly paid the price as Daz missed a shot for an unlikely win. Brendan Marren in the wars with cuts, bruises and grazes after a nasty fall from his bike but not taking his foot off the pedal on the dart board as he came through another tough test 3-1 against Jonathan Hewitt. Semi Finalist at East Leeds last time out Daz Layden another big casualty in this round as big Tony Farrow from Barnsley inflicted a 3-0 whitewash on him.


Mark Featherstone 3-2 Tony Farrow
Dave Broxup       3-2 Nigel Atkinson
Gary Hooper       3-1 Bob Birkenshaw
Dave Wilson       3-0 Alex Pride
Anil Barot        3-1 Paul Hick
Rich Winpenny     3-1 Willie Kershaw
Lyndon Baxter     3-0 Darren Goy
Tom Sykes         3-2 Paul Toulmin
Curtis Turner     3-2 Adam Ward
Joe Harrison      3-0 Mark Robinson
Jaron Esteve      3-0 Veejay Kumar
Terry Temple      3-0 Antony Moss
Mark Gale         3-1 Ian Holmes
Paul Hodkin       3-1 Steve Hattersley
Daz Hale          3-1 Brendan Marren
Bob Pinder        3-0 Rob Sharp

A high scoring battle on Board 3 went the way of Gary Hooper (27.44) as he held off a strong challenge from Bob Birkenshaw (26.95) to win 3-1, a 177 from ‘The Hoops’ helped set up a 15 darter with 18 and 20 darters to follow after Bob had took the opener in 17 darts. Jaron Esteve (28.36) kept up his fine form, the man likened to 70’s American Detective ‘Columbo’ with a similar build and matching hair style, just like the great man used to do back in the day to outwit suspects he asked all the searching questions against Veejay Kumar (22.19) who had few answers as the only thing Jaz didn’t do like ‘Columbo’ was apply the hand cuffs to Veejay after a 3-0 victory. Serial winners Brendan Marren and Willie Kershaw with many titles between them over the years both crashed out at this stage, in form Daz Hale accounting for Brendan 3-1, while Rich Winpenny fortunate to edge past Adam Tooley in the last round stepped up his game and took out every mid range finish he had to topple Willie Kershaw 3-1. Fine day so far for the younger players as teenagers Curtis Turner, Joe Harrison, Tom Sykes and Anil Barot all progressed to the Last 16. Curtis in particular has been a revelation this season, high in the order of merit charts and well into the points again after taking out the very dangerous Adam Ward, off the oche his stunning girlfriend was even more of a revelation dressed in tight purple leggings which certainly raised the temperature in the room by a few degrees. Elsewhere Mark Gale ended Bradford player Ian Holmes best ever run in a BDP comp while Darts Entrepreneur Paul Hodkin showed he can play nearly as well as he can organise exhibitions after a fine win over inform Steve Hattersley.


Dave Broxup    3-2 Mark Featherstone
Dave Wilson    3-1 Gary Hooper
Rich Winpenny  3-0 Anil Barot
Tom Sykes      3-0 Lyndon Baxter
Curtis Turner  3-1 Joe Harrison
Terry Temple   3-0 Jaron Esteve
Mark Gale      3-0 Paul Hodkin
Bob Pinder     3-1 Daz Hale

While quite a few of the top players were falling in the early rounds it seems Terry Temple (29.47) must be immune to defeats at BDP, a 100% record so far and closing in on Title No 4 after another display of power darts to see off form player Jaz Esteve (25.48). After taking out a 94 finish in 15 darts to go 2-0 up the 50 year old Pro player from Whitwell on the Hill, York, then took out 146 for the match just as Jaz looked set for a fightback after leaving tops, clinical darts once again from Terry to snuff out the danger. After 3 fine wins over Andrew Smurfitt, Daniel Roberts and Paul Hick, young newcomer Anil Barot (16.54) couldn’t reproduce that earlier form allowing Rich Winpenny (21.78) a comfortable passage into the Quarter Finals. Back on track today after early defeats in the last 2 Comps Bob Pinder making excellent progress at the bottom of the draw and coming through his toughest test so far after a 3-1 win over Daz Hale. Curtis Turner won the battle of the ‘Young Guns’ defeating Joe Harrison 3-1, although dad Bryan Harrison still absent due to a serious shoulder injury would of been proud of his son’s efforts today in reaching the Last 16. Sunderland fan Mark Gale an ever present so far and keeping pace with the front runners with 10 points at least in the bag after ending Paul Hodkin’s run. Dave Broxup throwing well locally around Leeds finally producing the goods at BDP with a best ever showing to reach the Last 8 after a tight 3-2 squeeze over Mark Featherstone. Dave Wilson back in the picture too after a fine 3-1 win over Gary Hooper, while teen sensation Tom Sykes showing no nerves whatsoever accounting for Lynden Baxter who is showing real signs of returning to his old form of a few years ago despite going down 3-0 in that game.


Dave Wilson  3-0 Dave Broxup
Tom Sykes    3-1 Rich Winpenny
Terry Temple 3-0 Curtis Turner
Bob Pinder   3-0 Mark Gale

Quite a few fresh faces in the Quarter Finals with a real chance of making a name for themselves today although Terry Temple the overwhelming favourite at this stage with the experienced Bob Pinder well used to appearing at this stage of a BDP comp likely on paper to be his main challenger from here on in. A brave effort from 17 year old Curtis Turner (24.46) hitting some fine scores but still couldn’t get close enough to stop Terry Temple (28.90) notching up another clinical victory in 21, 15 and 16 darts. Dave Broxup couldn’t find his rhythm against the slower pace of Dave Wilson and went down 3-0, while Bob Pinder beat Mark Gale by the same score. Castleford has produced many fine players over the years, the likes of Steve O’ Donnell, Tony Burrows and Brian Bird spring to mind, maybe another great player in the making as Tom Sykes reaches the Semi’s in only his 3rd appearance in a BDP event after a 3-1 win over Rich Winpenny, the East Leeds Semi Finalist kicking himself after missing 3 darts at tops to go into a decider.


Dave Wilson (26.05) 3-2 (23.15) Tom Sykes

A match that went right to the wire in the end with Dave Wilson just about deserving the victory after earlier missing 3 darts at D5 to wrap up a 3-1 win. He was made to sweat in the decider though as Tom Sykes attempted a 113 shot for the match, his opening dart landing sweetly in the T20, a Single 13 would have given him a shot at Tops but there was a massive groan from the crowd as the 2nd dart slipped agonisingly into Double 13 and the chance was gone. Dave Wilson has always looked cool and composed under pressure and he made no mistake to slot in the Double 16 with his 1st dart for a place in the Final. The Huddersfield Roofer hit scores of 100, 180 and 121 in the opening leg but contrived to lose it after missing 5 darts at Doubles to let Tom in for a 20 dart hold, more brilliant scoring from Dave as he looked back to his best here with 140, 100, 134, 87 and 40 for a superb 13 dart leg to level up. The momentum was all with the 42 year old from Millsbridge at this stage as he took an indifferent leg in 24 darts to break the throw and then looked to be closing in on victory in leg 4, however ‘The Ginga Ninja’ from Airedale hit a fine 116 to leave 36 and pressure Dave’s finish, the pressure paid off as Tom was handed a lifeline which he took with the minimum of fuss and suddenly after being on the back foot for most of the game he was throwing for the match which resulted in that dramatic finish and a sigh of relief for ‘Ravey Davey’ at the end. Dave had the edge on the scoring with 10 x 100 pluses and winning legs in 13, 24 and 19 darts, while Tom hit 7 x 100 pluses and his legs came in 20 and 19 darts.


Terry Temple (26.93) 3-1 (26.82) Bob Pinder

Bob Pinder used only 2 words to describe his defeat to Terry Temple, ‘1st leg’ was all he could say as he made his way disconsolately back to the table afterwards, those words were all he needed though and summed up his thoughts and everyone else’s perfectly because he never really recovered from losing the opening leg after hitting scores of 180, 95 and 177 to leave 24 after just 12 darts, many a player may have given the leg up at this point but Terry Temple is too much of a professional to do that and he kept close enough order to pinch the leg after Bob missed with 6 darts at D12 and D6. That really was a kick in the teeth for Bob and although he had 4 scores in the 80’s in the following leg it was nowhere near good enough to prevent Terry going 2-0 up with his 2nd leg of 18 darts. A solid 17 dart hold from the Sheffield man gave him hope but the damage had already been done and Terry shut him out with a rock steady 16 darter for the match. Another heartbreaking Semi Final defeat for Bob who deserves to win a BDP soon while Terry just keeps on rolling, 5 x 100’s again strongly backed up with 7 other scores over 80, very similar scoring from Bob with 4 x 100 pluses and 9 x 80 plus scores. In a game this tight one mistake costs the game and that was the story of this match.


Dave Wilson (24.90) 4-1 (24.03) Terry Temple

Wilson v Temple would have been most pundits choice as the perceived Final before start of play and so it proved, only the Wilson in question wasn’t new England International James but elder brother Dave who was having his turn in the spotlight. Although Dave has won BDP Comps in the past it has been quite a while since he has featured in the latter stages so Terry was the clear favourite to add to his 3 Titles already this season. Superb finishes of 95 and 78 in 18 and 17 darts opened up a 2-0 lead for Dave and Terry was under the cosh, however the York Pro was in a similar position in the last Final against Les Delderfield and fought back to turn the game on its head and despite not been able to find his fluency like he did in that game he still managed to pull the 3rd leg back with a 24 darter, the half expected comeback never materialised, despite a big 180 shot from Terry to leave 36 after 15 darts in leg 4 it was Dave closing out the leg in 18 darts after a 177 early in the peace helped him down to the Double first on throw. All to do now for Terry and for the first time at BDP he was found wanting as he missed 9 darts at Doubles to save it which is unheard of for Terry and Dave stepped in to finally nail the winning D8 at the 7th attempt. A scrappy end to an otherwise entertaining Final with Dave putting his name back on the map with little brother James for once having to play second fiddle this time round. Steady scoring from Dave with 8 x 100 pluses and 5 other scores over 80 as back up, while Terry not as prolific as in previous Finals with only 6 x 100 pluses although he did hit 5 other scores in the 90’s but a few too many uncharacteristic low scores cost him just as much as the missed chances at the end.


Dave Wilson finally ends Terry Temple’s amazing run of 27 consecutive winning games spanning over 4 Competitions, just shading Les Delderfield’s 26 game unbeaten streak in 2011. Out of Terry’s 27 games he played 25 different players including the man who finally beat him, Dave Wilson at Rowland Road and only played 2 players twice, Brendan Marren and Tony Darlow. A fine achievement that will take some beating. Also a day when a lot of the young players came of age and they look like being a real force to be reckoned with in future tournaments. As for Dave Wilson, not just success on the oche but off it too having a major result by managing to pull stunning girlfriend Natalie around a year ago, not only that but as Nat proudly boasts that she was the one that asked Dave for a date in the first place, no wonder the Huddersfield ace was smiling broadly.

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