Once again a few regular players missing due to the Isle of Man Open held over the same weekend, still a very healthy turnout of 136 players for the 5th event of the season at Crigglestone WMC just off Junction 39 of the M1 in South Wakefield. No Terry Temple for the first time this season as he was participating in a PDC event down South but a debut appearance from former PDC tour player Matt Padgett from Ilkeston in Derbyshire who has also appeared on TV at the PDC World Championships and UK Open in the not too distant past. Lessons learnt from last season here regarding the set up of the Boards with 2 rows of 4 lined up at 90 degrees to each other so no problems with interference this time around. A local cafe and chip shop provided the energy supplies needed to see the players through a hard afternoons work.

ROUND 1 (Prelims)

Steve Wadsworth  3-2 Brandon Lawson
Mark Wainwright  3-2 Chris Winters
John Utting      3-0 Scott Smith
Mark Fordham     3-1 Chris Thwaites
Chris Longstaff  3-0 Jamie Royston
Colin Hendry     3-2 Sam Sergeant
Rob Richardson   3-0 Russ Popplewell

Luck of the draw determines who plays in the Round 1 in effect Prelim games, as it was there were no surprises as all the known established players came through. Chris Longstaff overcoming Jamie Royston the only tie of an unknown quantity.


Paul Priestland  3-2 Michelle Binns
Kelvin Pease     3-2 Derek Cox
Mark Helliwell   3-1 Trevor Tye
Steve Jones      3-0 Steve Wadsworth
Bob Pinder       3-1 Chris Namnieks
Steve Silver     3-0 Shirley Sanderson
Daz Mawer        3-1 Mel Daley
Mark Slowacki    3-1 Jason Stockings
Sharon Whitfield 3-1 Vernon Walsh
Russell Murphy   3-0 Bob Brett
Rob Richardson   3-0 John Utting
Sam Fordham      3-1 Paul Hick
Brendan Dawson   3-1 Leah Wiltshire
Daniel Roberts   3-2 Simon Wintle
Matt Padgett     3-2 Mick Hayward
Jamie Ogley      3-2 Colin Hendry
Brandon Walsh    3-0 Sam Bell
Mark Fordham     3-1 Peter Reebanks
Bob Birkenshaw   3-0 Steve Wright
Jake Patchett    3-0 Andrew Clifford
Lyndon Baxter    3-1 Danny Hall
Kevin Gray       3-0 James Wood
Tony Farrow      3-0 Regan Pettinger
Steve Kelly      3-2 Adam Tooley
Mark Beaumont    3-2 Mark Hanslip
John Richardson  3-2 Simon Regan
Mark Robinson    3-2 Kyle Richardson
Alex Pride       3-0 Ian Holmes
Pat Meeson       3-0 Raymond Long
Dave Wilson      3-1 Jimmy Stoneley
Pete Middleton   3-0 Ian Falkingham
Lewis Pride      3-0 Mark Wainwright
Ian Watson       3-2 Darren Cartwright
Jamie Ingle      3-0 Keith Clarkson
Jonathan Daniels 3-0 Aaron Poole
Joe Harrison     3-0 Ben Kettlewood
Andy Cheesebrough3-0 Dave Murray
Chris Longstaff  3-0 Anil Barot
Simon Rimington  3-1 Chris Courtman
Mark Gale        3-0 Mark Threlfall
Carl Wilkinson   3-2 Josh Clough
Dave Shore       3-0 Tony Wort
Daz Twist        3-0 Steve Hattersley
Pete Riley       3-1 Terry Bell
Les Delderfield  3-0 Lyn Horne
Brendan Marren   3-0 Tom Blagg
Nigel Atkinson   3-2 Paul Doherty
Jon Crossland    3-1 Curtis Turner
Paddy Cunnane    3-2 Mark Leonard
Carl Hesslegrave 3-1 Eddie Wells
Jonathan Hewitt  3-1 Rob Sharp
Tom Sykes        3-1 Louise Simmonds
Mark Calvert     3-2 Tracey Gledhill
Willie Kershaw   3-0 Jamie Ellam
Calum Hall       3-0 Macauley Gamble
Marc Paige       3-2 Ian Payne
Paul Toulmin     3-2 Ian Ward
Daz Layden       3-1 Paul Hodkin
Andy Smith       3-0 Mick Wilson
Dave Broxup      3-0 Steve Cadera
Craig Fisher     3-1 Rich Winpenny
Mick Wiltshire   3-1 Mark Goodier
Chris Hill       3-1 Darren Pettinger
Mark Featherstone3-1 Laura Tye

Castleford’s Kelvin Pease (20.08) featured in the first batch of games in Round 2 and made heavy weather of it edging out Derek Cox (19.00) from Lupset, Wakefield in a tense struggle over 5 legs. Nothing tense about Dave Shore (28.90) as the man from Crossflats beat inform Tony Wort (23.31) for the 2nd comp running, this time without dropping a leg as he fired in impressive 17, 20 and 15 dart legs and finishing the match with a neat 117 finish, no doubt Tony will hoping to avoid him next time out. A stella showing on his debut at BDP from Craig Fisher (29.18) firing in 12 x 100 pluses including a 180 to win legs in 14, 20 and 13 darts for a 3-1 win and take Rich Winpenny (22.23) completely by surprise although no surprise to his Darfield SL team mates who have watched him notch up 6 wins out of 6 in the Premier Division this season with performances just like that one. Duff information in last week’s report describing Mark Gale (23.86) as a Sunderland fan living in York, wrong profile though as this Mark Gale is a staunch Arsenal fan residing in Pudsey in West Leeds, originally from Aldershot the Project Manager is a former Surrey County player and is making a big impression so far this season high up in the Rankings table, more points now after a 3-0 win over Harrogate’s Mark Threlfall (22.70). Jonathan Hewitt (26.81) looked to be steamrollering Rob Sharp (20.81) taking the opening 2 legs both in 17 darts with Rob in no man’s land, despite being out scored for the most part the Beeston thrower so nearly took the game into a decider with a dart on the wire of D15 on an audacious attempt at 94, not to be though as Jonathan slotted in D18 in 19 darts for victory and breathed a sigh of relief. No major surprises elsewhere although Matt Padgett had to come from 2-0 down to edge past Mick Hayward. Only Yorks County player Sharon Whitfield progressing from the ladies with a fine 3-1 victory over the vastly experienced Vernon Walsh which could be seen as a shock result but not really given Sharon’s quality and pedigree.


Kelvin Pease     3-0 Paul Priestland
Steve Jones      3-0 Mark Helliwell
Bob Pinder       3-2 Steve Silver
Mark Slowacki    3-1 Daz Mawer
Russell Murphy   3-2 Sharon Whitfield
Sam Fordham      3-0 Rob Richardson
Daniel Roberts   3-2 Brendan Dawson
Matt Padgett     3-1 Jamie Ogley
Brandon Walsh    3-0 Mark Fordham
Bob Birkenshaw   3-2 Jake Patchett
Kevin Gray       3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Steve Kelly      3-0 Tony Farrow
Mark Beaumont    3-1 John Richardson
Alex Pride       3-1 Mark Robinson
Dave Wilson      3-0 Pat Meeson
Lewis Pride      3-1 Pete Middleton
Jamie Ingle      3-0 Ian Watson
Jonathan Daniels 3-0 Joe Harrison
Andy Cheesebrough3-0 Chris Longstaff
Mark Gale        3-0 Simon Rimington
Carl Wilkinson   3-2 Dave Shore
Daz Twist        3-0 Pete Riley
Brendan Marren   3-2 Les Delderfield
Jon Crossland    3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Carl Hesslegrave 3-0 Paddy Cunnane
Jonathan Hewitt  3-2 Tom Sykes
Willie Kershaw   3-1 Mark Calvert
Calum Hall       3-0 Marc Paige
Paul Toulmin     3-2 Daz Layden
Andy Smith       3-2 Dave Broxup
Craig Fisher     3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Mark Featherstone3-2 Chris Hill

A tremendous battle on Board 3 as Bob Birkenshaw (26.19) from Stanley, Wakefield had to pull out all the stops to see off Hull youngster Jake Patchett (25.30) who had a dart for the match at 2-2, a nerveless D10 finished the job for Bob followed by a large gulp of John Smith’s Smooth after that epic. After last week’s Semi Final spot Tom Sykes bowed out early this week but not before taking out a 150 finish and pushing Jonathan Hewitt all the way in another 3-2 thriller. Bradford’s Kevin Gray (20.62) showing signs that he is on the way back to form after a 3-1 over Halifax’s Lyndon Baxter (20.52) in a high scoring game let down by a stack of missed doubles which sent the averages tumbling. A killer shot in each leg from Mark Gale (23.12) made all the difference in his match with Simon Rimington (20.77), firstly a 134 set up to leave tops, then a 72 Checkout on the Bull and finally a 122 to leave tops again just as the former Lancaster University student looked to be in with at least an equal chance in all 3 legs. A very workmanlike and professional performance from Johnathan Daniels (25.91) as he hit 4 x 140’s along with plenty of other big scores to eventually wear down young Joe Harrison (17.78) who fell away in the final leg as the pressure finally told in the end. A great draw for the rest of the field as one of the favourites had to fall in the Marren v Delderfield clash, always a 50/50 between these two with Brendan coming out on top 3-2 on this occasion.


Kelvin Pease     3-2 Steve Jones
Bob Pinder       3-0 Mark Slowacki
Sam Fordham      3-2 Russell Murphy
Matt Padgett     3-2 Daniel Roberts
Bob Birkenshaw   3-1 Brandon Walsh
Steve Kelly      3-2 Kevin Gray
Mark Beaumont    3-2 Alex Pride
Lewis Pride      3-1 Dave Wilson
Jonathan Daniels 3-0 Jamie Ingle
Andy Cheesebrough3-0 Mark Gale
Daz Twist        3-1 Carl Wilkinson
Brendan Marren   3-1 Jon Crossland
Jonathan Hewitt  3-1 Carl Hesslegrave
Willie Kershaw   3-0 Calum Hall
Paul Toulmin     3-0 Andy Smith
Craig Fisher     3-0 Mark Featherstone

80’s pop band King once had a big hit with a song called ‘ Love and Pride ‘, maybe they should re release it but change the title to ‘ Lewis Pride ‘ after the Harrogate youngsters superb victory over Tyersal Comp Winner Dave Wilson, with the opening line of that song altered to ‘That’s what my dart yearns for now some Lewis Pride’. No joy for Alex Pride as former Yorkshire County ace Mark Beaumont scuppered a Last 16 shoot out between father and son, a very rare appearance from the Ryhill man who once held the record for the highest County average of just under 40 per dart a few years ago. Bob Pinder (23.12) came through fairly comfortably 3-0 against Mark Slowacki (20.65) but was far from happy with his form afterwards although he still had enough class to put in the big set up shots of 140, 120 and 140 all to leave finishes just when he needed to. Another big finish from a player that didn’t win the match as Kevin Gray hit a 141 but lost out 3-2 to Steve Kelly.

ROUND 5 – (LAST 16)

Kelvin Pease     3-0 Bob Pinder
Matt Padgett     3-1 Sam Fordham
Bob Birkenshaw   3-0 Steve Kelly
Lewis Pride      3-2 Mark Beaumont
Andy Cheesebrough3-0 Jonathan Daniels
Brendan Marren   3-0 Daz Twist
Willie Kershaw   3-2 Jonathan Hewitt
Paul Toulmin     3-0 Craig Fisher

The term a game of two halves is often used to describe football matches but would sum up the Willie Kershaw (25.54) and Johnathan Hewitt (26.44) game perfectly. Raised eyebrows and puzzled looks everywhere from onlookers as in the first 2 legs Willie failed to hit a 3 figure score in 12 visits to the Board and had an average of just 17.83 as Johnathan waltzed through legs 1 and 2 in 18 and 19 darts and looked for all the world like marmalising the out of touch Shipley player, then almost like flicking a light switch on at the start of leg 3 the 2010 Grand Final Winner suddenly raced through the gears to turn the game on its head with breathless legs in 16, 18 and 14 darts recording a 31.31 average for those winning legs to leave everyone including Johnathan stunned at the sudden turnaround, the Wortley star did little wrong but just wasn’t given a look in after he went 2-0 up. Daz Twist very much plays with his heart on his sleeve, rarely shy when it comes to self praise after a good performance but equally damning after a poor showing. Words such as ‘Disgusting, Disgraceful and Rubbish’ all used together with a few other unprintable ones by ‘Dazzling Daz’ to describe his effort after a 3-0 defeat to Brendan Marren. A definite contender for performance of the day though from Paul Toulmin (30.06), yet another quality player from Shipley as he blitzed Craig Fisher (24.82) in 17, 21 and a brilliant 12 darter with a 121 finish on the Bull to cap it all off. Quiet Man Craig, a Window Fabricator from Darfield, Barnsley had a taste of his own medicine after he had earlier dished out drubbings to Rich Winpenny, Mick Wiltshire and Mark Featherstone for the loss of only a single leg. Sam Fordham another young player improving all the time had his best BDP Comp to date after fine wins over Paul Hick, Rob Richardson and Russell Murphy before dipping out 3-1 to Matt Padgett who was beginning to look very dangerous now after coming through really tough battles against Mick Hayward, Jamie Ogley and Daniel Roberts.


Matt Padgett     3-1 Kelvin Pease
Bob Birkenshaw   3-0 Lewis Pride
Brendan Marren   3-1 Andy Cheesebrough
Paul Toulmin     3-2 Willie Kershaw

The politest man in darts Brendan Marren (26.35) held off a spirited challenge from Andy Cheesebrough (25.61), the ‘Big Cheese’ hammering in a 13 darter but couldn’t stop Brendan taking the other 3 legs to march into the Semi’s. A hard Friday night practice session in Lofthouse Club was paying dividends for Bob Birkenshaw as he made the Semi’s for the second time after a comfortable victory over Lewis Pride, just a game too far for the youngster after some superb earlier displays to record his best ever BDP outing so far. Matt Padgett (26.19) played some solid darts to see off Kelvin Pease (23.37) although the Castleford star could have conceivably won 3-0 had he been able to finish in the opening 2 legs and will probably look back and think he missed a big opportunity to go all the way here maybe. An all Shipley battle at the bottom of the draw as Woodbottom SL team mates Paul Toulmin and Willie Kershaw slugged it out to a decider on Board 7 with Paul coming through after it looked like he had missed his chance after missing darts for the match only for Willie to miss too and hand him a second chance which he was never going to pass up again.


Brendan Marren (31.31) 3-0 (24.72) Paul Toulmin

If anyone today could stop Brendan Marren then Paul Toulmin had to be the best bet. The Shipley Welder was in majestic form all day to see off a string of quality opponents in Ian Ward, Daz Layden, Andy Smith, Craig Fisher and Willie Kershaw to reach his first BDP Semi Final, however with his first 3 darts scoring a Maximum Brendan made his intentions clear right from the off and never looked back as he squeezed the life out of Paul like a Boa Constrictor wrapping itself around a helpless deer. Nothing that Paul could do to stem the tide of heavy shots coming at him every time Brendan visited the board. Amazingly Brendan had a dart in all 3 legs to go out in 12 darts, narrowly missing with the last dart on 126, 156 and 121 attempts before going on to close the legs in 14, 19, and 15 darts in the end, brief hope for Paul in leg 2 with 2 darts at Tops as Brendan missed with 6 double attempts to give him an unexpected lifeline, however he was probably too shell-shocked to take the chance and unlikely to get another as the Keighley Gentleman powered through the last leg with 140,140,100 and 96 scores with the ‘Top Banana’ well and truly peeled back on 185 as Brendan finished the remaining 25 with 3 more darts for a whirlwind victory. 2 x 180’s, 2 x 140’s, 4 x 100 pluses with a lowest scoring shot of 80 throughout the match, scoring power that even the very best pro players would have trouble living with. Although Paul was well beaten in this match he had shown everyone who didn’t already know what a fine player he is with his earlier performances. 2 x 140’s, 1 x 100 and a 96 in this match with a lot of steady 60’s which would have given half a chance against most players but sadly no chance against Brendan.


Matt Padgett (26.78) 3-1 (24.04) Bob Birkenshaw

BDP debutant Matt Padgett from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, known for having a County Cricket Ground and a half decent Co-op that offers cheap holidays from time to time powered past Jovial Joiner Bob Birkenshaw to make the Final and possibly join a selected band of first time winners. A blistering start from him as he opened up with a 136 finish for a 12 dart leg to immediately break Bob’s throw, a solid 18 darter put him 2-0 up and in the box seat, to his credit Bob fought back to take leg 3 in 21 darts and had a great chance to level the game after good set up play earned him 3 clear darts at Tops, the audible groan from Bob after the last dart missed the target signalled the end for him as he knew there was unlikely to be a second chance as Matt went on to nail the D10 needed for victory. A 180, 2 x 140’s and 3 x 100’s made up most of Matt’s scoring while Bob replied with 5 x 100 pluses and a couple of 90 odd scores but the Wakefield star a little disappointed that he didn’t quite reproduce his form from previous rounds in this game.


Brendan Marren (28.06) 4-1 (28.11) Matt Padgett

A golden 3 legs swung the game in Brendan Marren’s favour after losing the opening leg to Matt Padgett who only found out about the BDP event at 1am the previous evening while playing in the Semi’s of another competition in Birmingham, no prize money for him for that achievement but the £100 Runners Up prize here made up for it somewhat. He looked on course for the top prize after a 17 dart opener to break the throw only for ‘The Afterburner’ to fire on all cylinders with a quickfire 45 dart salvo which brought him 3 legs all in 15 darts and in the blink of an eye the Derbyshire man trailed 3-1 despite averaging over 31 per dart at that stage having done precious little wrong, so hard to match a player who hits 10 out of 12 scoring shots over 100 and bangs in a 121 finish for good measure in that spell. 3 more consecutive Tons followed in leg 5 for Brendan but for once he gave Matt a rare glimmer of hope by missing 6 darts at doubles, however the Bowling Alley Mechanic couldn’t strike the double either and Brendan wrapped up victory in a less impressive 26 darts for a slightly tame finish after what had gone on beforehand. Power scoring at its best from Brendan as he rattled in 4 x 140’s, 11 x 100’s and a 136. Excellent from Matt too as he showed the Yorkshire public how good he is just like he did a couple of years earlier at the UK Open Qualifier at Batley when demolishing the seemingly unbeatable Scott Waites 5-1 in a Semi Final game. 3 x 140’s, 1 x 135 with a string of 9 x 90 odd scores too but not quite enough on this occasion but maybe so on another day as we look forward to seeing him again at BDP comps.


Nice to see another top player from outside the local area competing with our regular players. Fresh competition is always good for the game and creates even more interest. The darts scene is thriving in Yorkshire with regular competitions held besides BDP events all with decent prize money which is attracting players from further afield who as Matt Padgett said himself don’t have this kind of thing going on in their local area. Unfortunate that time was pressing on towards the latter stages, not running unduly late but the club were anticipating a finish time of around 6.30 which meant the first Semi had to be played while the other QF’s were still in progress so didn’t have the stand alone exposure that it deserved while the second Semi was played while equipment all around was being dismantled and glasses behind the bar rattled loudly at times, credit to the players who got on with the job though without complaint to give the spectators good entertainment.

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