A trip to Woodbottom Club close to the centre of Shipley for the 7th Comp of the season, the town lying a few short miles North of Bradford and always a difficult and lengthy drive for anyone outside the immediate area, ironically a different story by rail as the train journey from Leeds for instance takes barely 10 minutes compared to a 30 to 40 minute drive. An unfamiliar sight greeted the players on arrival as a white marquee style tent had been erected in the car park to accommodate the darts competition after the Club had double booked a wedding party on the same day. Testing conditions for all players with an uneven floor base and a cold atmosphere inside to start with, although the temperature soon warmed up thanks to a giant fan heater blowing out warm air from the far side of the tent. A small bar at the front of the tent plus plenty of tables and chairs meant the surroundings were as near to normal as it could be. A rare break in the BDO calendar so BDP welcomed back top England players Garry Thompson and James Wilson to join the other 126 players in the draw in what was an excellent turn out given the circumstances and rounding up nicely too on the 128 player draw sheets for our organising duo of Harry Firth and Mick Dodds just to make their job slightly easier for a change.


Mark Featherstone 3-0 Pat Meeson
Jason Stockings   3-0 Mark Leonard
Jonathan Hewitt   3-1 Darren Goy
Tom Sykes         3-2 John Utting
Brendan Dawson    3-0 Andrew Clifford
Rob Sharp         3-2 Dave Murray
John Clifford     3-2 Jamie Ogley
Rob Richardson    3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Dave Calvert      3-2 Paul Toulmin
Aaron Poole       3-2 Ian Falkingham
Mick Hayward      3-0 Jack Courtman
Matt Padgett      3-0 Peter Rebanks
Tony Baines       3-0 Steve Cadera
Steve Jones       3-0 Laura Tye
Sharon Whitfield  3-1 Chris Namnieks
Steve Kelly       3-2 Carl Wood
Daniel Roberts    3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Les Delderfield   3-1 Ryan Kershaw
Vernon Walsh      3-1 Paul Doherty
Tony Walton       3-0 Mark Calvert
Brendan Marren    3-0 David Owen
Josh Thompson     3-0 Michelle Binns
Jonathan Daniels  3-0 Darren Pettinger
Craig Fisher      3-1 Sean Collins
Bryan Harrison    3-1 Andy Kershaw
Ian Brown         3-0 Ian Holmes
Josh Clough       3-0 Anil Barot
Tony Farrow       3-1 Kelvin Pease
Kath Wilson       3-1 Brandon Lawson
Lewis Pride       3-0 Raymond Long
Tony Darlow       3-0 James Wood
Nigel Atkinson    3-1 Ryan Hogarth
Jamie Ingle       3-0 Pat Blakely
Gary Cathcart     3-2 Daz Twist
Steve Kemp        3-0 Dave Machell
Scott Smith       3-1 Steve Fowler
Rich Winpenny     3-1 Gary O'Donnell
Daz Hale          3-2 Tony Wort
Craig Nelmes      3-2 Paul Priestland
James Wilson      3-1 Jaron Esteve
Trevor Tye        3-0 Ian Payne
Steve Hattersley  3-0 Lewis Kershaw
Mark Hanslip      3-0 Neil Morton
Alex Pride        3-0 Shane Cathcart
Chris Courtman    3-0 Paul Welsh
Peter Baker       3-2 Regan Pettinger
Chez Pachela      3-2 Callum Hall
Andy Smith        3-1 Mark Fordham
Gary Hooper       3-0 Danny Hall
Mark Slowacki     3-0 Lee Sutcliffe
Pete Riley        3-2 Tom Blagg
Mark Scott        3-1 Katie Hoggarth
Russell Murphy    3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Garry Thompson    3-1 Simon Wintle
Lyndon Baxter     3-1 Mick Wilson
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Joe Harrison
Brandon Walsh     3-2 Dave Shore
Lynn Horne        3-0 Shirley Sanderson
Bob Pinder        3-0 Darren Cartwright
Sam Hastings      3-1 Sonny Kumar
Kyle Richardson   3-1 Ian Ward
Graham Lalor      3-0 Paul Hick
Mark Gale         3-2 John Richardson
Curtis Turner     3-2 Sam Fordham

The 1st Round games can often be tense affairs especially the opening games with players just happy to win regardless of the performance, that was the case for Jamie Ingle ( 18.11 ) as he struggled his way to a 3-0 win over out of sorts Pat Blakely ( 16.46 ). Strong rumours around Yorkshire that only Roman Abramovic, Mohammed Al Fayad and The Sultan of Brunei have more disposable assets and wealth than Dave Calvert ( 21.49 ), the Kippax Billionaire back in action today after a recent Shoulder operation and taking on inform local star Paul Toulmin ( 21.43 ) in a tasty match up. Fine scoring from Dave as he hit 6 x 100 pluses in the opening 2 legs but contrived to lose them due to poor finishing, then it was Paul’s turn to be unbelievably charitable as he wasted 14 darts in the next 2 legs to put the game to bed and hand Dave the initiative to win the decider in 21 darts in a bizarre game to say the least. Elsewhere revenge for James Wilson as he reversed the scoreline from his last BDP appearance at Tyersal against Jaron Esteve, while Sonny Kumar was added to the growing list of Sam Hasting’s victims. ‘Big Bear’ Simon Wintle concentrating more on playing now as well as family commitments after relinquishing the setting up responsibilities after years of sterling unselfish work behind the scenes putting in long hours on match day Saturday’s for the benefit of everyone else, on Board 8 he had chances today to make life even tougher for Garry Thompson before going down 3-1 to the Silsden ace. Fortune favoured ‘happy go lucky’ Pete Riley in the next game on Board 8 as youngster Tom Blagg missed a string of doubles to take him out, most of those attempts right on the wire too.


Jason Stockings   3-1 Mark Featherstone
Jonathan Hewitt   3-1 Tom Sykes
Rob Sharp         3-1 Brendan Dawson
John Clifford     3-1 Rob Richardson
Aaron Poole       3-2 Dave Calvert
Matt Padgett      3-0 Mick Hayward
Steve Jones       3-2 Tony Baines
Steve Kelly       3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Les Delderfield   3-0 Daniel Roberts
Vernon Walsh      3-1 Tony Walton
Brendan Marren    3-0 Josh Thompson
Jonathan Daniels  3-2 Craig Fisher
Bryan Harrison    3-2 Ian Brown
Josh Clough       3-2 Tony Farrow
Lewis Pride       3-0 Kath Wilson
Tony Darlow       3-0 Nigel Atkinson
Jamie Ingle       3-0 Gary Cathcart
Steve Kemp        3-1 Scott Smith
Daz Hale          3-0 Rich Winpenny
Jamie Wilson      3-0 Craig Nelmes
Steve Hattersley  3-0 Trevor Tye
Alex Pride        3-2 Mark Hanslip
Chris Courtman    3-1 Peter Baker
Chez Pachela      3-0 Andy Smith
Gary Hooper       3-0 Mark Slowacki
Mark Scott        3-1 Pete Riley
Garry Thompson    3-0 Russell Murphy
Willie Kershaw    3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Brandon Walsh     3-0 Lynn Horne
Bob Pinder        3-0 Sam Hastings
Graham Lalor      3-0 Kyle Richardson
Curtis Turner     3-0 Mark Gale

Hard to take for Rich Winpenny as he threw an 80 plus average and was down to a double in all 3 legs but was beaten to the punch by Huddersfield lorry driver Daz Hale who went through the gears with a game breaking 127 finish on the Bull in leg 2 against the throw, a real body blow that had the Leeds man wincing in pain by the table, an 18 darter sealed the deal for Daz with ‘ The Boy Rabbit’ again in striking distance on 28 left. A more comfortable victory for Brendan Marren ( 27.33 ) than last time out as he played Josh Thompson ( 22.35 ) again, winning 3-0 in legs of 20, 19 and 16 darts. A superb 14 dart last leg from Jonathan Daniels got him over the line in a tight game against his Darfield SL team mate Craig Fisher. Elsewhere recent Semi Finalists Lyndon Baxter at Carlton and Tom Sykes at Tyersal both departed at this stage against top drawer players Willie Kershaw and Jonathan Hewitt.


Jonathan Hewitt   3-2 Jason Stockings
Rob Sharp         3-2 John Clifford
Matt Padgett      3-1 Aaron Poole
Steve Kelly       3-0 Steve Jones
Les Delderfield   3-0 Vernon Walsh
Brendan Marren    3-0 Jonathan Daniels
Bryan Harrison    3-1 Josh Clough
Tony Darlow       3-1 Lewis Pride
Jamie Ingle       3-0 Steve Kemp
Daz Hale          3-1 James Wilson
Alex Pride        3-0 Steve Hattersley
Chris Courtman    3-1 Chez Pachela
Gary Hooper       3-0 Mark Scott
Garry Thompson    3-1 Willie Kershaw
Bob Pinder        3-2 Brandon Walsh
Graham Lalor      3-1 Curtis Turner

A brilliant performance again from Daz Hale which he would have to be to beat James Wilson, a 12 dart opener paved the way for a 3-1 win, all this after a dicey 3-2 win over Tony Wort in the opening game in which he could quite easily have lost but now looking like he was going to take some stopping on this form. Lewis Pride ( 22.91 ) another one in the crop of outstanding young players at BDP and with a Friday night tournament win at East Leeds under his belt to follow up his QF showing at Crigglestone was always going to be a tricky opponent for Tony Darlow ( 26.95 ), however Tony’s experience won the day with a 16 darter sealing a 3-1 win for him. Woodlesford’s Chris Courtman ( 20.33 ) really enjoying the BDP scene along with son Jack this year having his best result so far as he made the money stages with a 3-1 win over Keighley’s Chez Pachela ( 17.37 ) although neither player produced their best darts in that game. Yet another rematch from the previous Carlton comp for Brendan Marren and again a more comfortable looking scoreline than last time as he beat Johnathan Daniels 3-0 to progress.


Jamie Ingle       3-2 Daz Hale
Alex Pride        3-1 Chris Courtman
Garry Thompson    3-0 Gary Hooper
Bob Pinder        3-2 Graham Lalor
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 Rob Sharp
Steve Kelly       3-0 Matt Padgett
Brendan Marren    3-1 Les Delderfield
Bryan Harrison    3-2 Tony Darlow

Few would have given Jamie Ingle much of a chance against a rampant Daz Hale, however the bespectacled Bingley ace looking every inch like a high flying Accountant tore up the form book with a stunning victory, holding off a Hale fightback from 2-0 down to clinch the match with a Bull finish on 78 just as the Yorkshire County ace looked to have got on top but missed his doubles shot to give Jamie the one chance he needed to take victory. Big scoring Lancastrian Graham Lalor ( 23.78 ) looked favourite to beat Bob Pinder ( 22.45 ) with his power scoring but at the moment not clinical enough on the doubles which is costing him games as it did here with Bob taking all his chances to pull off a smash and grab raid. Bryan Harrison back in BDP action for the first time this season after suffering severe Shoulder problems which has hampered him badly, however he still managed to produce top quality darts to edge out Tony Darlow in a thrilling game in which both players averaged well over 100 according to close observers with no leg going over 15 darts. Elsewhere Steve Kelly performed superbly again to snuff out the dangerous Matt Padgett, while Garry Thompson beat good friend Gary Hooper, wins also for Johnathan Hewitt who got the better of Rob Sharp again and Alex Pride’s run of success continued with victory over Chris Courtman.


Alex Pride        3-2 Jamie Ingle
Garry Thompson    3-0 Bob Pinder
Steve Kelly       3-1 Jonathan Hewitt
Brendan Marren    3-0 Bryan Harrison

2 massive scores in each of the 3 legs played helped to secure a straight forward victory for Garry Thompson ( 31.31 ) over Bob Pinder ( 25.73 ), a 140, 180 in leg 1, a 135 and 140 in leg 2 and finally a 137 and 180 in leg 3 just as Bob threatened a fightback after scoring well himself in that leg to leave 40 after 15 darts but to no avail as ‘ The Recliner’ despatched the 62 needed for victory. After such a mammoth effort in the last game Bryan Harrison ( 20.49 ) had nothing left in the tank for Brendan Marren ( 28.90 ) and slipped to a 3-0 defeat but on the whole very happy with his efforts today after such a long lay off. Steve Kelly has suffered a few heavy defeats in the past to Jonathan Hewitt at BDP but managed to turn the tables this time around to win 3-1 and join Alex Pride again in opposite Semi Finals after just as they did last time out at Carlton after Alex edged out Jamie Ingle in the closest of the 4 Quarter Finals.


Brendan Marren ( 25.47 ) 3-0 ( 25.85 ) Steve Kelly

A much closer game than the scoreline would suggest as Steve Kelly did himself justice in this Semi after poor displays in the Carlton Semi and Final, he matched the formidable Brendan Marren score for score all the way and should have been 2-0 up but missed 2 vital darts at doubles after seemingly doing the hard part with first dart trebles on 72 and 71 finishes, those misses proved costly as Brendan gobbled up his finishes as eagerly and quickly as a hungry Lizard devours a tank full of unfortunate cockroaches, with no mercy whatsoever as he wrapped up the match in 20, 18 and 21 darts. Not vintage Marren but enough to get the job done against a plucky opponent in Steve who is having a glorious season so far to sit 2nd in the Table after this result, ironically trailing only to the man who just beat him. 7 straight Tons and a 139 for Brendan with Steve replying with 2 x 140’s and 4 other 100 plus shots.


Garry Thompson ( 28.36 ) 3-0 ( 23.46 ) Alex Pride

The second Semi never really looked in any doubt as Yorkshire and England star Garry Thompson brushed aside Alex Pride in 20, 15 and 18 darts. The Harrogate player won the advantage of throw but threw indifferently in those legs with too many costly low scores to allow Garry in to take them both comfortably. Only in the middle leg did Alex come to life with 60, 95, 140, 140 scores to leave 66 but Garry responded in kind to take the only competitive leg in 15 darts. Slightly disappointing for Alex as he said afterwards that he wanted to give Garry a sterner test but a fine achievement all the same to reach back to back Semi’s along with Steve Kelly. A total of 5 x 100 pluses and 2 x 99’s for Garry, while Alex could only manage a 100 and a 97 besides the good scores he hit in leg 2 which he will know himself isn’t going to be enough to challenge a player of Garry’s ability and class.


Brendan Marren ( 28.36 ) 4-1 ( 26.08 ) Garry Thompson

A blistering start to the match from both these old adversaries who come from the same neck of the woods in the Keighley area, first blood to Garry as he took out 93 for a 15 dart leg just to hold off a charge from Brendan in the opener that included a 140 followed by 180 only to just miss the double target for a possible 11 or 12 darter. This time Garry pushed hard for the break with scores of 100, 77, 134 and 132 to leave 58 after 12 darts only to see Brendan respond with massive scores too to secure a 14 dart leveller. The game petered out a little after that as Garry in particular lost his way after the early fireworks and Brendan was able to plod on steadily to win the last 3 legs in 20, 22 and 20 darts whereas more often than not it usually has to be 18 darts or under to take legs off Garry, however that won’t worry Brendan too much as he collected his 2nd Title of the season. A 180, 4 x 140’s, 6 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90 odds for Brendan, while Garry hit 6 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90 odd scores but will be perplexed as to why he went off the boil in the 2nd half of the game with 11 scoring shots below 61 in those last 3 legs which you can ill afford especially against Brendan.


An excellent days darts in the tent, all credit goes to everyone involved in the set up for ensuring the competition went ahead and the playing conditions were good under the circumstances. On behalf of all the players we would like to thank Simon Wintle for all the work he has put into BDP over the years and thanks to all involved in continuing the good work in the future. The BDP have announced an additional end of season Comp titled ‘The BDP Classic’ which will feature all the Last 4 placed players from each competition starting from the Townville tournament so long as a £5 entry fee is paid in by the players at the start, an excellent innovative idea from the committee to bring together all the years top performers in an extra knock out competition.

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