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A trip back to the spiritual home of BDP, back in Bradford where it all began around a decade or so ago, fitting that one of the early pioneers of BDP, Dave Waide was present today to see the progress made since those early days. Once again the fixture clashed with York Darts Promotions who like BDP have a quality set up too so sometimes the players are spoilt for choice on these occasions. The attendance of 107 the lowest of the season so far with maybe not as many local players as expected turning out, still the playing room upstairs at The Harold Club is a tight one with little room for manoeuvre especially in the passage way behind the oche on Boards 4 to 8 which can create a distraction for players at times. Decent bar service and food behind the small counter but still not sure if the venue is big enough to hold The Grand Finals in December especially in the top room.


Daniel Roberts   3-1 Jason Stockings
Steve Kelly      3-0 Macauley Gamble
James Barton     3-1 Josh Clough
Jamie Ogley      3-2 Mark Slowacki
Dave Broxup      3-1 Darren Cartwright
Paul Doherty     3-0 James Neal
Phil Morley      3-0 Josh Scales
Simon Wintle     3-0 Mark Gale
Dave Murray      3-0 Clive Roberts
James Wilson     3-0 Steve Jones
Danny Wilkes     3-0 Joe Harrison
Willie Kershaw   3-0 Steve Hattersley
Brendan Dawson   3-0 Chris Courtman
Mark Wainwright  3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Kelvin Pease     3-0 Ryan Kershaw
Alex Pride       3-0 Raymond Long
Bob Brett        3-2 Andrew Holroyd
Aaron Poole      3-2 Steve Cadera
Dave Wilson      3-0 Regan Pettinger
Pat Blakely      3-1 Pat Meeson
Ian Brown        3-1 Kerry Buckley
Tom Blagg        3-1 Pete Riley
Brendan Marren   3-0 Lyn Horne
Laura Tye        3-2 Steve Jackson
Peter Armitage   3-1 Simon Regan
Bryan Harrison   3-1 Tony Wort
Peter Baker      3-0 Kevin Gray
Darren Hale      3-1 Danny Hall
Steve Fowler     3-0 Michelle Binns
Louise Simmonds  3-0 Mark Calvert
John Utting      3-0 Carl Nixon
Graham Hoggarth  3-0 Ian Holmes
Jonathan Daniels 3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Bob Pinder       3-1 Richard Schofield
Mick Hayward     3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Leah Wiltshire   3-0 Ellis Lawson
Russell Murphy   3-0 Andy Smith
Lewis Pride      3-0 Andy Kershaw
Gary O'Donnell   3-1 Rob Sharp
Lyndon Baxter    3-1 Tony Baines
Nigel Atkinson   3-1 Mark Leonard
Jamie Ingle      3-0 Kyle Richardson

Daniel Roberts (22.88) v Jason Stockings (20.45), the first game of the day to be shouted on Board 1 and not a bad encounter as Daniel came out on top with a 3-1 victory, very steady scoring from the young Huddersfield student who looks like a cross between Harry Potter and PDC star and former BDO World Champion Mark Webster as he hit 8 x 100 pluses in the game, 6 x 100 pluses for Jason, with spiky hair and tattoo’s down both arms he looks more like an International Rockstar than a darts player, still the match could have turned out differently for him had he converted any one of 6 darts at a tricky Double 7 to make it 1-1 rather than 2-0 down which gave him too much to do in the end. Chris Courtman (18.87) alongside Brendan Marren is a contender for the ‘Nicest Guy in the World’ accolade, however nice guys don’t always win as Chris went down 3-0 in a rematch with Brendan Dawson (22.77), only 1 x 100 for the ponytailed Gardener but 9 other scores over 80 kept Chris under the cosh although the man now resident in Castleford should have taken Leg 2 missing 9 darts at Double 8. A late arrival for Dave Broxup (18.72) meant he went into his match with Darren Cartwright (18.16) cold, fortunately for him the Halifax Delivery Driver couldn’t deliver on the Doubles despite being cheered on by the family and Dave got away with an unconvincing 3-1 victory. Bradford’s Phil Morley (20.59) a Tesco Line Manager hit 6 x 100’s and checked out in 26, 24 and 23 darts to register a 3-0 win over Josh Scales (18.59), the Wakefield star, a dead ringer for Blackpool striker Gary Taylor-Fletcher just couldn’t hit the target today with only 2 x 100 plus scores in the game. Comfortable 3-0 wins too for Paul Doherty (20.87) over James Neal and Simon Wintle (23.48) in an impressive display over Mark Gale (19.63). Easily the best performance of the recorded games coming from Willie Kershaw (31.31) as he swept aside Steve Hattersley (20.39) in 17, 14 and 17 darts including a 177 and a 180 with razor sharp finishing to post intent early.


Daniel Roberts   3-1 Chris Namnieks
Ian Ward         3-0 Steve Kelly
James Barton     3-0 Jamie Ogley
Dave Broxup      3-2 Paul Doherty
Tom Sykes        3-0 Les Delderfield
Simon Wintle     3-1 Phil Morley
Paul Hick        3-0 Dave Murray
James Wilson     3-0 John Richardson
Paul Toulmin     3-1 Danny Wilkes
Rich Winpenny    3-2 Peter Rebanks
Willie Kershaw   3-0 Sam Hastings
Mark Wainwright  3-2 Brendan Dawson
Kelvin Pease     3-2 Alex Pride
Rob Richardson   3-0 Bob Brett
Aaron Poole      3-0 Ian Payne
Dave Wilson      3-0 Shirley Sanderson
Mark Hanslip     3-1 Pat Blakely
Trevor Tye       3-0 Ian Brown
Brendan Marren   3-0 Tom Blagg
Peter Armitage   3-0 Laura Tye
Bryan Harrison   3-0 Peter Baker
Darren Hale      3-0 Steve Fowler
Mark Feath'stone 3-0 Scott Smith
John Utting      3-0 Louise Simmonds
Graham Hoggarth  3-0 Paul Priestland
Tony Farrow      3-1 Jonathan Daniels
Bob Pinder       3-1 Andrew Clifford
John Clifford    3-2 Mick Hayward
Russell Murphy   3-1 Leah Wiltshire
Lewis Pride      3-0 Gary O'Donnell
Lyndon Baxter    3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Jamie Ingle      w/o Jonathan Hewitt

Cup cake Queen Louise Simmonds (16.19) had her chances in 2 of the legs against John Utting (20.88) but couldn’t take them as the Doncaster player shaded them along with a runaway 16 dart middle leg to claim a 3-0 victory. Lewis Pride (21.47) so mature for a 15 year old looks like being a major player for years to come, a slow deliberate throw and unruffled temperament makes him hard to beat as Gary O’Donnell (20.19) found out after a 3-0 defeat, 5 x 100 pluses giving Lewis the edge in that game. Rich Winpenny (28.33) had to produce his best darts to see off Skipton’s Pete Rebanks (25.14) in a high scoring battle, 11 x 100 pluses and 9 scores over 80 for ‘The Boy Rabbit’ but having to come from 2-1 down with a 13 darter to level, then a 17 darter to win it as Pete piled on the pressure with a 180 with his final throw, 10 other scores over 90 in the game too from the West Craven SL star. No doubt about the result of the round though as Castleford youngster Tom Sykes whitewashed Les Delderfield in sensational style hitting a Maximum and a 84 finish on the Bull to seal victory, very rarely does Les lose 3-0 especially in the early stages, the ‘Ginger Ninja’ described jokingly as a ‘Dosser’ by his mates is certainly no slouch on the dart board that’s for sure. The most bizarre game came at the bottom of the draw as Jonathan Hewitt, supremely talented but playing on a short fuse grew frustrated with his game and by the number of times his heels were clipped by passing youngsters as he was in the process of throwing, resulting in a Colin Lloyd style punch to the board which in turn dislodged the wooden packing wedges, with opponent Jamie Ingle unable to throw properly at a moving board, Jonathan knowing he was out of order sportingly conceded the game at 1-0 down at the time.


Daniel Roberts   3-2 Ian Ward
Dave Broxup      3-2 James Barton
Tom Sykes        3-1 Simon Wintle
James Wilson     3-0 Paul Hick
Rich Winpenny    3-1 Paul Toulmin
Willie Kershaw   3-2 Mark Wainwright
Rob Richardson   3-2 Kelvin Pease
Aaron Poole      3-2 Dave Wilson
Mark Hanslip     3-0 Trevor Tye
Brendan Marren   3-0 Peter Armitage
Bryan Harrison   3-2 Darren Hale
Mark Feath'stone 3-0 John Utting
Graham Hoggarth  3-1 Tony Farrow
Bob Pinder       3-2 John Clifford
Lewis Pride      3-0 Russell Murphy
Lyndon Baxter    3-0 Jamie Ingle

No one knows the mind of a pigeon quite like Dave Broxup, having trained and raced many Champions over the years the Lofthouse ace knows a thoroughbred when he sees one, he also knows how to play darts too as demonstrated with a brilliant do or die 106 finish to beat former PDC star James Barton in the deciding leg. Heartbreak for Mark Wainwright on Board 2 as he hit the 67 required for a 3-2 victory over Willie Kershaw only to discover that he was looking at the wrong column with 52 being the score required, a costly error as Willie took out his finish on the next turn, a real sickener for Mark but could have been avoided if the marker puts a line through the scoring column so only the what’s required figure is clearly visible to the player as in the heat of a game with the brain scrambled this is an easy mistake to make. Dave Wilson’s girlfriend looked dressed for The Bafta’s rather than The Harold Club, her stunning figure hugging dress looking quite amazing, however Dave couldn’t deliver an award winning performance as he went down 3-2 to Aaron Poole who is probably the youngest looking 32 year old in the world. A tough test for Brendan Marren overcome with flying colours as he defeated Townville winner Pete Armitage 3-0, while Bryan Harrison is well and truly back on the scene now after a fine 3-2 win over Daz Hale. A 119 finish on the Bull proved the decisive moment for Rich Winpenny as he beat Paul Toulmin 3-1, while the all Cas battle went just in Rob Richardson’s favour with a 3-2 win over Kelvin Pease.


Dave Broxup      3-2 Daniel Roberts
James Wilson     3-1 Tom Sykes
Rich Winpenny    3-1 Willie Kershaw
Rob Richardson   3-0 Aaron Poole
Brendan Marren   3-0 Mark Hanslip
Bryan Harrison   3-1 Mark Featherstone
Graham Hoggarth  3-0 Bob Pinder
Lyndon Baxter    3-2 Lewis Pride

Blackburn FC protester Graham Hoggarth hasn’t let the predicament of his football club affect his darts in any way, another excellent day for him continues with a stunning 3-0 win over Bob Pinder, if only Blackburn could perform with the same spirit and desire then maybe they could yet avoid the drop to the Championship. A 180 in leg 4 clinched a 3-1 win for Rich Winpenny over Willie Kershaw with both Bryan Harrison and James Wilson also winning 3-1 to make the Last 8. Brendan Marren yet to drop a leg all day as he beat Mark Hanslip 3-0 and Rob ‘The Jockey’ Richardson’s fine run continued with a 3-0 win over Aaron Poole. The two closest games were at the top and bottom of the draw as Dave Broxup edged out Daniel Roberts 3-2 and Lyndon Baxter the same over Lewis Pride.


James Wilson     3-0 Dave Broxup
Rich Winpenny    3-1 Rob Richardson
Brendan Marren   3-1 Bryan Harrison
Lyndon Baxter    3-0 Graham Hoggarth

Looking very much at this stage that it was going to take a Herculean effort from any of the other 6 players in the Competition to stop James Wilson and Brendan Marren meeting in the Final with only 1 leg dropped between them all day going into the Quarter Finals. A valiant effort from Dave Broxup (23.93) but not enough to trouble James Wilson (31.98) as he was just too powerful with 16, 17 and 14 dart legs including a 180 in leg 3. Rich Winpenny (22.74) beat Rob Richardson (22.42) 3-1 and maybe slightly fortunate, getting away with winning leg 1 in 26 darts after missing 11 darts at doubles in that leg, then taking out 68 in the leg 3 after Rob missed 8 darts at doubles, then finally stringing a big leg 4 together with 140, 137 and 134 scores to clinch an 18 dart winner. 8 x 100 pluses from both players in a good scoring game. A superb 13 dart leg for Brian Harrison (25.04) but still couldn’t prevent him from slipping to defeat against Brendan Marren (29.00) whose overall consistency with 17, 19 and 17 darters just too good for the Kippax ace this time, a 180 from both players in that game. Sowerby Bridge ace Lyndon Baxter (24.64) always had the upper hand over Graham Hoggarth (21.10) in the last of the QF’s, steady scoring and finishing in legs of 21, 20 and 20 darts got the job done for Lyndon as Graham couldn’t quite find his earlier form but nevertheless a tremendous effort from him today with the prospect of seeing more of him in coming events now that the football season is nearly to a close.


James Wilson (34.16) 3-0 (27.31) Rich Winpenny

Rich Winpenny’s effort to try and stop James Wilson was the equivalent of trying to protect a house with sandbags from a giant Tsunami on an unforgiving rampage, as hard as the Woodlesford player tried he just had no answer to the awesome power of the Yorkshire and England International. Probably as complete a performance as could be wished for as the Huddersfield ace took legs in 14, 15 and 15 darts to record a 102.48 average, hitting 1 x 180, 4 x 140’s and 2 x 100 pluses with a 144 checkout thrown in for good measure. Probably against anyone else today Rich may have been in with a decent chance throwing 5 x 100 pluses and other high scores in amongst them, the first 9 dart average of 91.67 was excellent but still paled into insignificance compared to Jamie’s 107.44 ave for his first 9 darts. Another near miss for The Railway SL player after narrowly losing 4-3 in the Final at Hull the week before to qualify for the UK Open but in all truth not an awful lot more he could have done about it today. As for Jamie, the sky looks to be the limit as far as his darts career is shaping up.


Brendan Marren (31.98) 3-0 (23.47) Lyndon Baxter

Semi Final 2 proving to be just as emphatic as Semi Final 1 as Brendan Marren turned in another devastating display of power darts to crush the hopes of Lyndon Baxter and set up a dream Final against James Wilson. Little the man nicknamed ‘Alien’ could do as it was Brendan that was on another planet with winning legs in 18, 17 and a brilliant 12 darter to finish the game with a 121 checkout, the only stat missing for Brendan was a 180 but more than made up for it with 3 x 140’s and 6 x 100’s to fully avenge the defeat to Lyndon at Carlton a few weeks previously. A good effort from Lyndon knowing he would have to play like he did at Carlton to have any chance again today and although he couldn’t reproduce that form he still managed to hit 2 x 140’s and 2 x 100’s but wasn’t enough to keep him in contention against an opponent in blistering form.


James Wilson (30.36) 4-0 (27.05) Brendan Marren

Everyone’s dream Final with both players on the top of their games with only a solitary leg each dropped on the way. As it turned out the Final didn’t quite live up to expectations as James ran out a convincing winner when most of the crowd expected a closer game. However James won’t be too bothered about that as he produced the goods again hitting the big scores when required to ensure he was at the finish first in most legs. Brendan had the darts but started poorly for him with no Treble 20 in the first 5 visits allowing James in to take the leg in 16 darts with Brendan on 101, the Keighley star never really recovered from that early set back and was always chasing from then on in. James missed 4 darts at Doubles but still held in 20 darts then turned the screw with the best leg of the game to break Brendan again with a fine 13 darter. All to do now for Brendan and he made a concerted effort to get back in the game with 2 x 140’s in leg 4 to give himself a shot at 76 to stay in the match, that was to be his last chance as he missed the Double 18 with his last dart and James made no mistake to wrap up the match with a Single 17 and Double Top for a 17 dart finisher. More 180’s for Jamie as he hit another 2 in this game as well as a 140 and 8 other ton pluses. 2 x 140’s and 6 x 100 pluses for Brendan but the 5 straight 60’s at the start of the game put him firmly on the back foot. A deserved victory on the day for James who showed his class throughout with 30 plus ave’s in his last 3 recorded games and probably averaged around the same in his other 4 games earlier in the day if those performances were anything to go by.


It’s easy to compare James Wilson to 80’s cartoon character ‘Hong Kong Phooey’. When James turns up at a venue it is usually low key, no fanfare of trumpets or even a silky playing shirt for him, similar to the unlikely cartoon Superhero who doubles up as ‘Henry, the mild mannered Janitor’ quietly mopping floors one minute then when it’s time for action suddenly appearing from a filing cabinet transformed as the all conquering ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ to batter the evil villains into submission, well it’s the same with James really, he morphs from mild mannered Roofer into Superhero Dartplayer as soon as he gets to the oche to batter the opposition into submission with the same kind of power, force and relentlessness. As well as James heroics we had also had all sorts of drama to add to the mix which made for a very eventful day all round. The effort to assemble, dismantle and pack up the equipment can be quite an arduous task so please feel free to help out and assist if possible, especially like today where the kit has to transported up and down stairs, many hands make light work as the saying goes and would be kindly appreciated by the committee.

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