Rowland Road

The 10th event of the season and a return to Rowland Road WMC in Beeston on a scorching summers day all over the country. Maybe a few players and families decided to make hay and make the most of the weather with outdoor activities rather than stay inside a club all day. The attendances have been steadily declining as seems to be the trend over the course of the season with 104 entries compared to 169 here in January for the first event, however the field was strengthened by Lewis Kirk, Jake Patchett and Trevor Holby all very handy players from across the M62 in Hull, as well as a welcome return to Dave Smith who is always a major player at BDP events.


Mark Featherstone 3-0 Josh Scales
Steve Kemp        3-0 Kyle Richardson
Steve Kelly       3-0 Regan Pettinger
Jonathan Daniels  3-1 Louise Simmonds
Steve Silvers     3-1 Mark Threlfall
Pete Riley        3-1 Danny Hall
Tony Darlow       3-0 Chris Courtman
Ian Holmes        3-0 Daniel McIlroy
Lewis Pride       3-0 Steve Fowler
Pete Rebanks      3-1 Steve Hattersley
Laura Tye         3-2 Barry Rennison
Wayne Woodhouse   3-1 Mark Slowacki
Jaron Esteve      3-1 Paul Toulmin
Craig Fisher      3-0 John Paton
Adam Tooley       3-2 Chris Namnieks
Jon Crossland     3-2 Joe Harrison
Jason Clark       3-0 Paul Priestland
Sam Hastings      3-1 Scott Smith
Vernon Walsh      3-1 Simon Wintle
James Watson      3-2 Jason Stockings
Mick Hayward      3-1 Pat Blakely
Danny Dutson      3-0 James Wood
Ryan Hoggarth     3-0 Brendan Deveraux
Brendan Marren    3-0 Jamie Ingle
Andy Cheesebrough 3-2 Peter Armitage
Bryan Harrison    3-1 Trevor Holtby
Jamie Ogley       3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Ian Watson        3-1 Bob Brett
Graham Hoggarth   3-2 Russell Murphy
Brandon Walsh     3-0 Bob Crossley
Andrew Clifford   3-1 Leah Wiltshire
John Utting       3-0 Mark Gale
Lewis Kirk        3-0 Nigel Atkinson
Ian Ward          3-1 Pat Meeson
Alex Pride        3-1 Lynn Horne
Mick Wiltshire    3-0 Michelle Binns
Josh Clough       3-1 Calum Hall
Mark Hanslip      3-2 Benjamin Commons
Ian Brown         3-2 Paul Hick
Tony Wort         3-1 Tony Hewson
Dave Wilson       3-2 Brendan Dawson
Dave Smith        3-0 Mark Commons

A tricky looking opening tie for Brendan Marren ( 31.31 ) but negated quite comfortably with a 3-0 victory over Jamie Ingle ( 19.91 ) who has performed well this season but no match for ‘The Afterburner’ today. Bryan Harrison ( 23.00 ) did just enough to see off Trevor Holtby ( 23.41 ) in an even contest by 3 legs to 1. A match that won’t live long in the memory for either player but Mark Featherstone ( 17.27 ) came away with a 3-0 victory over Josh Scales ( 15.15 ) who will struggle to play any worse than this in all honesty while Mark will hope for a marked improvement to progress any further. No major shocks in the opening exchanges but Townville comp winner Peter Armitage probably the biggest casualty as he lost out to Andy Cheesebrough in the clash of the round.


Mark Featherstone 3-1 Steve Kemp
Steve Kelly       3-1 Rob Sharp
Steve Silvers     3-1 Jonathan Daniels
Raymond Long      3-0 Steve Cadera
Bob Pinder        3-1 Pete Riley
Tony Darlow       3-1 Ian Holmes
Lewis Pride       3-1 Trevor Tye
Pete Rebanks      3-1 John Clifford
Laura Tye         3-2 Ian Falkingham
Tony Farrow       3-2 Wayne Woodhouse
Jaron Esteve      3-2 Peter Baker
Craig Fisher      3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Adam Tooley       3-2 Jon Crossland
Daz Twist         3-0 Jason Clark
Vernon Walsh      3-1 Sam Hastings
James Watson      3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Mick Hayward      3-1 Steve Grimes
Jake Patchett     3-0 Danny Dutson
Kirk Bevins       3-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Brendan Marren    3-2 Andy Cheesebrough
Bryan Harrison    3-0 Lance Milburn
Jamie Ogley       3-1 John Richardson
Graham Hoggarth   3-1 Ian Watson
Brandon Walsh     3-0 Andrew Clifford
John Utting       3-1 Paul Doherty
Lewis Kirk        3-1 Ian Ward
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Alex Pride
Mick Wiltshire    3-2 Josh Clough
Mark Hanslip      3-0 Tom Blagg
Ian Brown         3-2 Brian Jones
Tony Wort         3-0 Adam Kay
Dave Smith        3-0 Dave Wilson

In a few short weeks Morley’s Danny Dutson will be playing darts in front of a much bigger and even wider TV audience as he landed the plumb draw in the opening round of The UK Open, a dream tie against two time BDO World Champion and one of the game’s biggest and most controversial characters in Ted ‘The Count’ Hankey and a chance for the Rugby playing youngster to make a massive name for himself after qualifying through the Speedy Hire play off in Leeds a few weeks earlier, not much joy today though as he went down 3-0 to Hull’s Jake Patchett who only just missed out himself on a place at Bolton after a narrow 4-3 defeat in the Final to Kevin Rimmer in the Chesterfield Riley’s qualifier. A very creditable performance once again from John Clifford ( 24.34 ) who hit a 180 in his match but it wasn’t enough to beat Pete Rebanks ( 26.34 ), the Skipton ace blasting in 10 x 100 pluses on his way to a hard fought 3-1 victory, surely only a matter of time before either player has a major run in a BDP comp on their current form. A real battle for Brendan Marren ( 24.09 ) this time around as he struggled to recapture his 1st Round form and so nearly paid the price as Andy Cheesebrough ( 24.43 ) levelled up at 2-2 and hit a 180 in the decider but couldn’t quite land big enough follow up scores to finish the job and Brendan squeezed though in the end. A 180 score and a fine 17 dart clincher for Lewis Pride ( 20.16 ) proved enough to beat Trev Tye ( 18.67 ), a scrappy game for the most part with the Harrogate youngster producing the goods when needed for a 3-1 victory. Better news for the Tye family though as daughter Laura ground out another 3-2 win, this time over Ian Falkingham to follow up a 1st Round success over Barry Rennison and more male scalps in the process. A special mention for veteran player Raymond Long as he reached the dizzy heights of Round 3 with a 3-0 win over Steve Cadera, victories for Ray tend to be few and far between but if there was a prize for effort, enthusiasm and commitment then he would win hands down every time at BDP.


Steve Kelly       3-2 Mark Featherstone
Steve Silvers     3-0 Raymond Long
Tony Darlow       3-1 Bob Pinder
Pete Rebanks      3-2 Lewis Pride
Tony Farrow       3-2 Laura Tye
Jaron Esteve      3-1 Craig Fisher
Daz Twist         3-0 Adam Tooley
Vernon Walsh      3-2 James Watson
Jake Patchett     3-0 Mick Hayward
Brendan Marren    3-1 Kirk Bevins
Bryan Harrison    3-1 Jamie Ogley
Brandon Walsh     3-0 Graham Hoggarth
Lewis Kirk        3-2 John Utting
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Mark Hanslip      3-0 Ian Brown
Dave Smith        3-0 Tony Wort

Doncaster youngster Brandon Walsh ( 26.37 ) has been mixing it with the very top players for a while now on the very challenging and unforgiving PDC circuit and despite not winning many games he has taken legs off some of the World’s best players and as a result he has developed into a very good match player as he showed here with a 3-0 win over Graham Hoggarth ( 23.25 ) who hit a 180 and always seems to get to the Last 16 at least at BDP comps. As if to prove a point Jake Patchett disposed of another Speedy UK Open qualifier, this time Mick Hayward felt the force in a 3-0 defeat, while Jake’s Humberside travel partner Lewis Kirk in his BDP debut was also going well with a 3-2 success over John Utting.


Steve Silvers     3-1 Steve Kelly
Tony Darlow       3-0 Pete Rebanks
Jaron Esteve      3-1 Tony Farrow
Daz Twist         3-1 Vernon Walsh
Jake Patchett     3-0 Brendan Marren
Brandon Walsh     3-1 Bryan Harrison
Willie Kershaw    3-1 Lewis Kirk
Dave Smith        3-0 Mark Hanslip

Of all the players it was Hull prodigy Jake Patchett that was catching the eye as he was yet to drop a leg after a stunning 3-0 victory over favourite Brendan Marren, on this form he looks like a star of the future just like fellow Hull youngsters Reece Robinson and Leon Bailey. After beating some cracking players in the Chesterfield qualifier including former BDP winners Andy McCracken and Craig Barrett as well as recording a brilliant win in the PDC youth over top player Michael Smith his confidence must be sky high at the moment and looking like a major threat to land the top prize today. Vern Walsh rueful afterwards as he had his chances against Daz Twist but didn’t take them as he went down 3-1, more joy though for son Brandon as he took out Bryan Harrison 3-1, same score at the top of the draw as Steve Silvers continued almost unnoticed to make the last 8 after beating Steve Kelly, while Jaz Esteve such a force in all other events such as East Leeds where he has won 5 big money Monthly Comps already this year besides picking up a win too at a high quality York Darts tournament finally posted some real intent at a BDP with a QF spot with victory over Barnsley’s Tony Farrow.


Tony Darlow       3-0 Steve Silvers
Daz Twist         3-0 Jaron Esteve
Jake Patchett     3-1 Brandon Walsh
Dave Smith        3-2 Willie Kershaw

Current Grand Final Champ Tony Darlow absent quite a few times this year but back with a bang and another Semi spot after a 3-0 win over Steve Silvers, same score in the Railway SL team mates battle as the tie went all Daz Twist’s way. The PDC juniors clash went to Jake Patchett although he did drop a leg for the first time today against Brandon Walsh, while at the bottom of the draw more seasoned players Dave Smith and Willie Kershaw fought out the closest game of the 4 ties with Dave just coming out on top by 3 to 2.


Daz Twist ( 29.77 ) 3-2 ( 25.06 ) Tony Darlow

A superb display of power scoring from Daz Twist who looked close to his imperious best in the first Semi Final but was still taken the distance by a dogged effort from Tony Darlow who despite been largely out played for most of the game hung in there and took the chances that came his way after Daz had missed darts to win 3-0 and 3-1, its fair to say the Leeds star would have been devastated had he lost the match from such a position. As it was ‘Dazzling Daz’ put those setbacks behind him to fire in a decisive 15 dart clincher with Tony on this occasion way back in the distance. Daz started the match pretty much like he finished it by racing into a 2-0 lead with a brace of 16 darters, more good scoring on his own throw earned him 3 match darts at Double 16 and the game looked to be over with the overweight lady in the background busy tuning up her vocal chords, however the song at this stage proved to be premature as Daz gave Tony a lifeline which he gratefully accepted by taking out the 60 finish, the comeback continued as the Sheffield ace hit scores of 100, 140 and 131 in leg 4 to eventually level up in 21 darts after Daz just missed a shot at 81 for the match, scores of 87, 140, 125 and 100 and a 3rd dart finish of 49 snuffed out the challenge from Tony and earned Daz a well deserved victory in the end. Very few poor scores for Daz as he blasted in 13 x 100 pluses and a 99 score while under the cosh Tony replied with 8 x 100 scores and plenty of steady 60’s and 85’s which might have been good enough to win the early round games but not the Semi against a big scoring opponent.


Dave Smith ( 34.16 ) 3-0 ( 28.44 ) Jake Patchett

A blistering performance from Dave Smith as he stormed into the Final with a devastating display of power scoring and finishing that young Hull sensation Jake Patchett just couldn’t match despite playing superbly himself, indeed the PDC Youth star would have needed to hit 9 and 12 darters to break Dave’s throw although he should really have levelled the game on his own throw but missed 3 darts at 40 which he could ill afford against a player in top form, the man nicknamed ‘The Rhino’ made him pay with a 78 checkout which effectively sealed the game. Nothing Jake or anyone else really could have done to stop Dave taking legs 1 and 3 as he kicked off both of them with Maximums, a brilliant 157 wrapped up a 12 dart opener while scores of 180, 134, 57 and 120 paved the way for a 14 dart match winner. A near perfect performance from Dave on his return to BDP darts action with his 2 x 180’s and 5 other scores of over 95 along with 2 fine finishes to add the icing on the cake. A harsh lesson for Jake as he hit 3 x 140’s and 3 other Ton plus scores and had an excellent average but all counted for nothing in the end but a fine days work all the same.


Daz Twist ( 28.58 ) 4-3 ( 28.84 ) Dave Smith

A high quality Final with nothing to choose between the two players, the advantage of throw proving to be crucial in the end as Daz Twist made it count at the death with the best leg of the game to clinch victory with a 15 darter and a fine 116 outshot to sew it up, not that all the other legs were too shabby either with none of them going over 18 darts. First blood though went to Dave as he punished Daz for missing 2 darts at the double with an 18 dart break, only to see the Middleton player hit back straight away with a 17 darter as just one poor visit cost him dearly. Break chances few and far between after that as both players controlled the game on their own throw only allowing their opponent shots at 3 figure finishes which proved too big an ask especially so as neither player missed any 2 dart finish with Daz taking out 61 and 95 and Dave responding with a pair of 80 finishes. No one has more confidence in their own ability than Daz and he is a formidable player when on song like he was today hitting in the Final a total of 16 x 100 pluses but if anything it will be his excellent finishing that will please him the most, especially to hold throw under pressure in legs 3 and 5 with Dave breathing down his neck requiring just 56 and 40. As for Dave, the usual free flowing fluency that we come to expect from him with 11 x 100 pluses and 7 other scores in the 90’s, he would have fancied a pop at the 170 he was left with at the end too had he been allowed a shot, the burly Leeds ace though had other ideas with his 116 finale to round of a tremendous game.


Scorching temperatures outside with the action inside even hotter at times with some high quality games especially towards the latter stages. The next competition has been switched to Morley WMC in South Leeds after problems at Tilt Sports bar in Shipley meant that they are unable to host the event this time around.

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