East Leeds Snooker Club

East Leeds Snooker Club has really established itself as one of, it not the main venue for darts in Leeds, competitions now run weekly with a Round Robin Comp a regular feature on Wednesday evenings, also a popular end of month big pay out Knock Out and 1st Round loser comps not to mention the high profile Tony ‘The Coat’ Wort events now and again and Super League also has a newly formed team here too, with 6 permanent boards already fixed the venue is tailor made for hosting darts comps. A respectable 117 entries today for the 13th event of the season including a return to BDP for Derbyshire’s Matt Padgett and York professional Terry Temple who dominated so much when he was present early on in the calendar.


Willie Kershaw   3-0 Joe Harrison
Peter Rebanks    3-0 Raymond Long
Dave Broxup      3-0 Shirley Sanderson
Sam Hastings     3-2 Lewis Pride
Josh Scales      3-0 Darren Cartwright
Matt Padgett     3-0 Regan Pettinger
John Richardson  3-2 Chris Namnieks
Jonathan Daniels 3-0 Steve Silver
Chris Courtman   3-2 Paul Toulmin
Mick Hayward     3-2 Mark Featherstone
Louise Simmonds  3-0 Carl Baxter
Paul Priestland  3-2 Carl Wood
Rob Richardson   3-0 Chris Thwaites
Dave Riley       3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Simon Wintle     3-2 Ian Watson
Peter Armitage   3-0 Johnny Scott
Jake Patchett    3-0 Jamie Ingle
Lyndon Baxter    3-2 Bob Birkenshaw
Mark Leonard     3-2 Pete Riley
Phil Whittaker   3-0 Dan Nicol
Daz Twist        3-0 Aaron Poole
Jamie Ellam      3-0 John Taylor
Bob Pinder       3-0 Graham Hoggarth
Daniel Roberts   3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Bryan Harrison   3-0 Calum Hall
Jaron Esteve     3-0 Ian Payne
Paul Royston     3-1 Tony Wort
Steve Kelly      3-0 Dave Hood
Steve Hattersley 3-2 Tom Sykes
Daz Coates       3-0 Peter Baker
Terry Temple     3-0 Ian Brown
Steve Kemp Snr   3-1 Katie Hoggarth
Kirk Lonsdale    3-0 Jake Layden
Adam Tooley      3-0 Dan Lidgett
Brendan Marren   3-0 Ellis Lawson
Dave Murray      3-1 Steve Kemp Jnr
Tony Farrow      3-1 Ian Falkingham
Colin Hendry     3-1 Danny Hall
Pat Blakely      3-2 Tom Blagg
Jon Crossland    3-2 Andrew Clifford
Nigel Atkinson   3-1 Russell Murphy
Tony Darlow      3-2 Mark Hanslip
Steve Cadera     3-2 Steve Fowler
John Clifford    3-2 Pat Meeson
Mark Gale        3-2 Brendan Dawson
Vernon Walsh     3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Jamie Ogley      3-0 Carl Corrington
Josh Clough      3-1 Daz Mawer
Peter Rushby     3-1 Ryan Hoggarth
John Utting      3-2 Brandon Walsh
Mark Slowacki    3-0 Mark Holiday
Gary Hooper      3-1 Paul Doherty
Dave Smith       3-0 Jason Stockings

A steady start at the top of the draw for Willie Kershaw (23.48) with a convincing 3-0 win over youngster Joe Harrison (17.55), the Shipley players heavy scoring gave him the leeway to miss a few darts at doubles with Joe not close enough to punish him for it. A fine performance on Board 2 from Chris Courtman (25.72) as he edged out Paul Toulmin (24.85) in a 3-2 thriller that could have gone either way, a 14 dart opener which included a 180 score from Chris in arguably his best performance to date at BDP. Nothing much in the match between Jake Patchett (23.86) and Jamie Ingle (23.50) in the scoring but Jake took out the doubles to take all 3 legs. Bradford’s Paul Royston (21.33) still trying to recapture top form after serious illness did enough to overcome Tony Wort (20.48) who comes to most events straight from the nightshift at Arla Foods so not surprisingly struggles for consistency at times. Louise Simmonds (22.10) flying after her Last 16 Morley performance played solidly again with 23, 23 and 22 dart legs to beat Carl Baxter (20.35) in straight legs. A nip and tuck battle on Board 3 as Lyndon Baxter (23.33) produced 9 superb darts right at the end to edge out Bob Birkenshaw (23.21), the game looked to be swinging Bob’s way with the advantage of throw until Lyndon fired in 120, 139 and a 74 finish to snatch the game with Bob sat on 50. No major upsets this week although rising PDC youth star Brandon Walsh lost out 3-2 to fellow Doncaster player John Utting who has shown in the past he can be match for anyone on his day.


Willie Kershaw   3-1 Scott Smith
Dave Broxup      3-2 Peter Rebanks
Josh Scales      3-0 Sam Hastings
Matt Padgett     3-0 John Richardson
Ian Ward         3-1 Jonathan Daniels
Chris Courtman   3-0 Kyle Richardson
Mick Hayward     3-0 Louise Simmonds
Rob Richardson   3-0 Paul Priestland
Simon Wintle     3-0 Dave Riley
Jake Patchett    3-0 Peter Armitage
Lyndon Baxter    3-0 Brandon Lawson
Mark Leonard     3-0 Phil Whittaker
Daz Twist        3-1 Jamie Ellam
Daniel Roberts   3-0 Bob Pinder
Bryan Harrison   3-1 Jaron Esteve
Paul Royston     3-0 Andy Smith
Steve Kelly      3-2 Steve Hattersley
Alex Pride       3-1 Ian Holmes
Daz Layden       3-1 Daz Coates
Terry Temple     3-0 Steve Kemp Snr
Adam Tooley      3-0 Kirk Lonsdale
Brendan Marren   3-0 Dave Murray
Colin Hendry     3-1 Tony Farrow
Pat Blakely      3-0 Lee Jones
Nigel Atkinson   3-1 Jon Crossland
Tony Darlow      3-0 Rob Sharp
John Clifford    3-0 Steve Cadera
Vernon Walsh     3-1 Mark Gale
Josh Clough      3-2 Jamie Ogley
John Utting      3-0 Peter Rushby
Mark Slowacki    3-0 John Sinclair
Dave Smith       3-0 Gary Hooper

Dave Smith (28.90) looked in fine form again as he made light work of Gary Hooper’s (21.96) challenge rounding off the match with a 13 darter for an easier than expected 3-0 victory over a very dangerous opponent usually. Harrogate’s Alex Pride (20.46) made hard work of it before overcoming Ian Holmes (19.64) with the help of a 15 dart last leg which was totally out of sync with the indifferent darts thrown in the previous legs. Easy going John Richardson (23.17) gave highly rated Matt Padgett (25.05) a run for his money scoring superbly in legs 1 and 3 on his own throw and firing in 6 x 100 pluses in those legs only to miss doubles and let the Derbyshire star off the hook as he finished 98 and 72 in merciless fashion to punish the home East Leeds SL player and inflict a harsh looking 3-0 defeat upon him. Another local player that plays regularly in East Leeds comps and quite often does well is veteran campaigner Peter Rushby (21.00), unfortunately for him today wasn’t one of those days as he went down 3-0 to John Utting (23.12) who enjoyed his best ever BDP outing here last year in reaching the Final and looking in the mood again after two excellent early wins. Louise Simmonds (17.00) couldn’t repeat her opening round form as she lost 3-0 to Mick Hayward (20.31). Yorkshire Youth stars Josh Clough (18.74) and Jamie Ogley (18.99) fought out a scrappy 3-2 game with both players having at least a dozen darts at doubles in the decider which Josh eventually won on the dreaded Double 1, their averages tumbling as a result. Some notable names also tumbling out in Round 2 as former winners Jonathan Daniels and Peter Armitage crashed out 3-1 and 3-0 to Ian Ward and Jake Patchett, while Morley Semi Finalist Pete Rebanks lost out 3-2 to Dave Broxup. Regular latter stager Bob Pinder went down 3-0 to 19 year old Daniel Roberts who is really making a name for himself with his performances at BDP so far this season, surely just a matter of time before he has a really big tournament. Lincolnshire Jamie Ellam appeared at the UK Open just recently having qualified through the tough Riley’s pub route but couldn’t get the better of Daz Twist today going down 3-1. Big things expected from Jaron Esteve, the man dubbed ‘The King of East Leeds’ after winning a catalogue of events here and beating all comers in recent months, derailed this time in by Bryan Harrison, rarely would the Kippax star be the underdog in any game but he probably was going into this game given Jaron’s form on the East Leeds boards.


Willie Kershaw   3-2 Dave Broxup
Matt Padgett     3-1 Josh Scales
Chris Courtman   3-2 Ian Ward
Rob Richardson   3-0 Mick Hayward
Jake Patchett    3-0 Simon Wintle
Lyndon Baxter    3-0 Mark Leonard
Daniel Roberts   3-2 Daz Twist
Paul Royston     3-2 Bryan Harrison
Alex Pride       3-0 Steve Kelly
Terry Temple     3-0 Daz Layden
Brendan Marren   3-1 Adam Tooley
Colin Hendry     3-2 Pat Blakely
Tony Darlow      3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Vernon Walsh     3-2 John Clifford
John Utting      3-2 Josh Clough
Dave Smith       3-1 Mark Slowacki

An amazing game at the top of the draw as Willie Kershaw (28.59) hit Dave Broxup (25.02) with some sledgehammer scores but still struggled to break his resistance, the Shipley ace roared into a 2-0 lead with brilliant 16 and 15 darters with scores including a 180 and 3 x 140’s, after missing 3 darts at 40 for a comfortable victory he was then rocked by a magnificent 123 checkout on the Bull, a shot which came from nowhere it seemed from Dave, suddenly the man known as ‘Foxy Broxy’ was back in the game and produced another show stopping finish of 108 on the Bull again to level up the match with Willie poised on 83. Back came Willie in the decider with 100, 140 and 100 scores but he still couldn’t shake Dave off who was snapping at his heels like an irate ‘Jack Russell’ disturbed by an unsuspecting Postman, a 180 from Dave mid leg meant both players were left on 114. A great attempt from Willie as he just landed too high at Tops with his last dart and was so nearly made to pay as Dave went for a third 100 plus check out only to drop agonisingly just inside the Double Top wire. A relieved Willie made no mistake with his second dart finding the target to end a thrilling contest. Fine results again for Daniel Roberts and Paul Royston as they beat top class performers Daz Twist and Bryan Harrison, while Terry Temple returning after a excellent showing at the UK Open in which he pushed Australia’s No 1 Simon Whitlock hard before going down 9-6 in the third round was looking in equally good form again today after a 3-0 win over Notts star Daz Layden to move ominously into the Last 16.


Matt Padgett     3-1 Willie Kershaw
Rob Richardson   3-2 Chris Courtman
Lyndon Baxter    3-1 Jake Patchett
Paul Royston     3-0 Daniel Roberts
Alex Pride       3-2 Terry Temple
Colin Hendry     3-2 Brendan Marren
Tony Darlow      3-0 Vernon Walsh
Dave Smith       3-0 John Utting

Even though Alex Pride had reached two Semi Finals earlier on in the season few would have fancied him to turn over Terry Temple on current form, many times the Harrogate player has upset the odds to beat high profile stars and he did so again to win 3-2 and close in on another Semi spot. An even bigger surprise on Board 7 as Castleford’s Colin Hendry rocked Brendan Marren with a tremendous 3-2 victory, once again although Colin hasn’t shown his top form for a while he still has it in his locker to produce a great game which is typical of most of the players at BDP. Furthest traveller Matt Padgett from Ilkeston around 80 miles South down the M1 was having another worthwhile journey as he beat Willie Kershaw 3-1, while Lyndon Baxter’s superb form this season continued with a 3-1 win over Hull’s Jake Patchett who has around 60 miles East bound on the M62 to commute to. Dave Smith looking like the man to beat at this stage with a 3-0 win over John Utting to set up a QF shown down with Tony Darlow after he beat Doncaster’s Vernon Walsh by the same score. Rob Richardson made up the Last 8 after a hard fought 3-2 win over fellow Castleford resident Chris Courtman.


Matt Padgett     3-0 Rob Richardson
Lyndon Baxter    3-2 Paul Royston
Alex Pride       3-2 Colin Hendry
Dave Smith       3-1 Tony Darlow

Dave Smith looking good for back to back titles as he overcame stiff resistance from Tony Darlow to win 3-1 and will play Alex Pride after he edged out Colin Hendry in a last leg decider, same score too for Lyndon Baxter over Paul Royston who had his best outing for two years while Sowerby Bridge ace Lyndon knocking on the door again at the later stages of a BDP comp, could it be his day to go all the way this time or will Matt Padgett standing in his way now in the Last 4 slam the door shut on him after he beat Rob Richardson impressively in straight legs.


Matt Padgett (28.43) 3-1 (27.41) Lyndon Baxter

Once again a great effort from Lyndon Baxter but just coming up short against Matt Padgett who threw solid darts throughout the contest to win in 16, 17 and 17 dart legs with Lyndon’s reply also a 17 darter in leg 3 to pull back the deficit to 2-1, however the damage was done in the opening leg as a couple of poor visits after three straight tons let Matt in for the early break which he never really looked like relinquishing especially as his finishing was so good with 3 out of 3 on Doubles to deny Lyndon a shot at 40, 76 and 106 in the 3 legs he lost, the leg he did win was pretty emphatic though with 2 x 100’s and a 180 with Matt trailing back on 156 but happy enough to concede that one knowing he had the throw for the match in the next leg in which he scored well in to keep Lyndon at bay and close out the match. A total of 8 x 100 pluses and a 99 score for Matt, with Lyndon impressive too with 8 x 100 pluses including his 180 and also 4 other scores in the 90’s but the Derbyshire player just hit his scores at the right times to get the win.


Alex Pride (27.31) 3-1 (27.45) Dave Smith

Since Dave Smith returned to BDP action he has been the in-form player with a victory last time out, plus also a Runners Up and Quarter Final spot in the two events previous to that so Alex Pride would have to produce something like his best to reach the Final. He did just that with some outstanding finishing to win the 3 legs he needed for victory. The match started in explosive fashion as both players hit Maximums with their opening throws, a further 96 and 130 put Dave in the driving seat on throw but he made a bit of a hash of the 66 required and Alex jumped on him with a super 101 finish to snatch the leg in 15 darts, imperative that after such a great start the former Yorkshire County ace kept up the pressure but he went to sleep a bit in leg 2 and didn’t score above 60 on his first 6 visits, on his 7th he hit 2 Trebles with a 137 score but by then it was much too late as Dave polished off 16 for a 19 dart break back. Most observers would have expected Dave to take command from here but Alex had other ideas and stormed back with another 15 dart breaker, this time nailing 72 to finish off the leg, having done the hard work again Alex wasn’t going to nod off again as he scored much better this time but Dave still had chances to level after just missing 93 on the Bull, then missing the follow up finish of 25 on his next visit. Alex has always looked a fairly cool and unruffled player and he was as cool as a cucumber to take out 60 for the match with his second arrow for a 20 dart clincher and once again throw the form book out of the window. Dave stronger on the scoring with 6 x 100 pluses and 6 other 90 odd scores while Alex also hit 6 x 100 pluses with a 94 and 98 score but those sharp finishes really won this game for him.


Matt Padgett (25.59) 4-3 (24.60) Alex Pride

A sterling comeback from Matt Padgett to win his first BDP title from 3-1 down against a gallant Alex Pride who just missed a dart at Tops to win 4-1 and darts at D16 and D8 to win 4-2, on such fine margins do games change and Matt made the most of that reprieve to turn the tables and end up a 4-3 winner. Similar pattern to his Semi as Alex started well with an 18 dart break but not so good on his own throw, this time however he managed to get away with winning the leg in 24 darts as Matt failed to capitalize. A 135 opening throw in leg 3 helped Matt clinch a 19 darter to get on the score board but Alex restored the 2 leg advantage with a 20 dart hold in leg 4. A big push from Alex to get the job done in leg 5 as he hit 140, 100, 100 in consecutive throws to earn himself a shot at 120 which landed just above the Tops wire, the former PDC tour ace though had kept close order with his own impressive scoring and coolly saved the match with a 2 dart 60 finish in a total of 17 darts, still Alex had the throw to make it count and win the game but he couldn’t manage to win the game with the 21 darts he had as he narrowly missed an 80 finish going the Mervyn King route on 16’s and once again Matt stepped in to save the match with his 2nd dart at Tops. For the first time in the game it was Matt with the advantage and he made no mistake putting Alex under pressure with 3 x Ton pluses in leg 7 followed by a clinical 81 checkout in 18 darts for the match as Alex languished back on 152. A case of what might have been for Alex with those missed chances but overall a fine day for him especially with those great victories over Temple and Smith. A total of 9 x 100 pluses with 5 other scores in the 90’s for him, while Matt showed what a great match player he is by hitting vital doubles to save the match and then closing it out clinically in the deciding leg. Even though he appeared to be under the cosh for most of the game he actually hit more big scores with 12 x 100 pluses and 7 scores in the 90’s.


A well deserved 1st Title success for Matt Padgett after good showings in his previous two BDP events. Good to see a player with such a pedigree prepared to travel a considerable distance to play in our Comps, hopefully he will attend many more in the future. Tournaments coming thick and fast now with the plush Cue Gardens venue in Bradford the next event on the list coming soon.

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