Morley WMC

Morley WMC in South Leeds stepped into the breach to host the 12th BDP event of the season after original hosts Tilt Sports Bar in Shipley were unable to fulfil their obligations due to internal problems. The venue itself is relatively small compared to most others and the upstairs playing room was entered via the fire escape steps on the outside of the building, once again a very well equipped Burger Van was stationed in prime position in the car park to meet the needs of hungry players all afternoon. After a steady decline in numbers over the last few tournaments Morley bucked the trend with a healthy 115 turn out in what was arguably the strongest field of the season so far. A warm reception for Martin Atkins returning to BDP action for the first time this season, a rare free weekend for the regular England International with a full schedule of BDO tour events around the world, plus International duty which culminated in a World Cup win in Ireland only a few weeks ago. Fellow England players Scott Waites and James Wilson as well as a host of other top local players in attendance too. Also in the line up top Yorkshire County player Dave Copley, back in action for the first time since the ‘Dumplingsgate’ affair emanating from Grand Finals day last year which had left him in a stew for a while but now hopefully back on the gravy train again attempting to lift more BDP Titles.


John Bailey       3-1 Paul Toulmin
Mark Featherstone 3-0 Chris Namnieks
Jonathan Daniels  3-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Ian Ward          3-0 Ian Payne
Tom Blagg         3-0 Peter Baker
Steve Cadera      3-0 Regan Pettinger
Chris Courtman    3-0 Jason Stockings
Scott Waites      3-0 Danny Hall
Vernon Walsh      3-0 Paul Priestland
Calum Hall        3-2 Paul Hodkin
Trevor Holtby     3-1 Mark Slowacki
Rob Richardson    3-1 Antony Clifford
Brandon Walsh     3-2 Adam Tooley
Russell Murphy    3-0 Gary Wormsley
Jake Patchett     3-0 Ian Brown
Adrian Morley     3-0 Trevor Tye
Josh Scales       3-0 Pat Blakely
Joe Harrison      3-0 Tracy Gledhill
Daz Twist         3-0 Rich Winpenny
Dave Broxup       3-0 Jamie Ingle
Tony Wort         3-0 Kerry Smith
Peter Rebanks     3-0 John Clifford
Mick Wiltshire    3-2 Mark Gale
Bob Pinder        3-0 Kelvin Pease
Mark Leonard      3-0 Shirley Sanderson
Simon Wintle      3-1 Chris Thwaites
Tony Darlow       3-0 Paul Royston
John Utting       3-1 Ian Falkingham
Raymond Long      3-2 Paul Greenhough
Lyndon Baxter     3-0 Macauley Gamble
John Bowler       3-0 Steve Silver
Carl Brocklehurst 3-0 Chris Fawcett
Dave Hood         3-1 Ian Holmes
Darren Cartwright 3-1 Les Delderfield
Dave Copley       3-1 Jaron Esteve
Steve Hattersley  3-2 Pat Meeson
Andy Cheesebrough 3-0 Brian Harrison
Dave Smith        3-2 Alex Pride
Rab McKenzie      3-1 Mark Hanslip
James Wilson      3-0 Josh Hodgson
Gary Hooper       3-0 Graham Hoggarth
John Crossland    3-0 Danny Dutson
Daniel Roberts    3-2 John Richardson
Josh Clough       3-0 Rob Sharp
Jamie Ogley       3-1 Aaron Poole
Lynn Horne        3-1 Mark Denby
Lewis Pride       3-2 Dave Wilson
Nigel Atkinson    3-1 Mick Hayward
Tom Sykes         3-0 Paul Doherty
Brendan Marren    3-0 Steve Rumble
Kyle Richardson   3-0 Mark Wainwright

A tough opening start for Dave Copley (28.50) against Jaron Esteve (24.98) with the Thurnscoe star playing superbly after dropping the first leg to fire back with the aid of 6 x 140’s helping him along to a 3-1 victory. Daz Twist (24.64) and Rich Winpenny (21.53) both hit 6 x 100 pluses in their game but ‘The Dazzler’ far superior on the finishing, winning 3-0 after his Railway SL team mate had missed a total of 11 darts including 8 in the final leg at doubles. The aptly named Adrian Morley (25.47) another Railway SL player who actually lives in Morley took out fine finishes of 91 and 94 to comfortably beat Trevor Tye (18.35), while Hull youngster Jake Patchett (27.32) so impressive at Rowland Road a few weeks ago was off to a good start with a solid display to beat in form Ian Brown (22.30) by 3 legs to 0. Not the best game Si Wintle (16.28) has ever played but still good enough to beat Chris Thwaites (15.20) 3-1 in an error strewn affair. No doubt about the result of the round as Halifax’s Darren Cartwright still a rookie as far as tournament darts goes recorded his best result to date, the Ovenden Rugby League Winger or Full Back kicking the vastly more experienced Les Delderfield into touch with a sensational 3-1 win and now looking forward to tackling the rest of the field after this performance. No other major shocks in Round 1 which also saw the demise of dangerous in form players Brian Harrison, Paul Toulmin and Jamie Ingle.


Mark Featherstone 3-2 John Bailey
Jonathan Daniels  3-2 Ian Ward
Tom Blagg         3-1 Steve Cadera
Martin Atkins     3-0 Chris Courtman
Scott Waites      3-0 Vernon Walsh
Trevor Holtby     3-1 Calum Hall
Rob Richardson    3-2 Brandon Walsh
Russell Murphy    3-1 Dave Murray
Adrian Morley     3-2 Jake Patchett
Josh Scales       3-2 Joe Harrison
Daz Twist         3-0 Katie Hoggarth
Tony Wort         3-2 Dave Broxup
Pete Rebanks      3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Bob Pinder        3-0 Mark Threlfall
Mark Leonard      3-2 Simon Wintle
Louise Simmonds   3-0 Mark Thompson
Tony Darlow       3-0 Michelle Binns
John Utting       3-0 Raymond Long
Lyndon Baxter     3-0 Brendan Dawson
John Bowler       3-1 Carl Brocklehurst
Dave Hood         3-1 Darren Cartwright
Dave Copley       3-0 Steve Hattersley
Andy Cheesebrough 3-1 Laura Tye
Dave Smith        3-1 Rab McKenzie
James Wilson      3-1 Gary Hooper
Daniel Roberts    3-2 Jon Crossland
Josh Clough       3-1 Jamie Ogley
Lynn Horne        3-1 Leah Wiltshire
Lewis Kirk        3-0 Lewis Pride
Nigel Atkinson    3-1 Tony Farrow
Brendan Marren    3-1 Tom Sykes
Pete Riley        3-2 Kyle Richardson

Dave Smith (32.08) had 21 darts in leg 3 scoring 422, losing it to Rab McKenzie (24.75), however that leg was a mere blip as he crashed in 16, 12 and 11 darters in the other legs with some incredible scoring which included 2 x 180’s, a 171, 2 x 140’s and 5 x 100’s, little the Barnsley man could do to stop the onslaught despite his best efforts. Another top player Martin Atkins (29.47) also safely through as he swept past Chris Courtman (21.69), closing out the match with a 14 darter. Elsewhere Dave Copley showing major intent with a 3-0 victory over Steve Hattersley which included a 161 checkout in the opening leg as all of the major favourites came through Round 2. Gary Hooper, Jake Patchett and Brandon Walsh amongst the players to depart at this stage.


Johnathan Daniels 3-2 Mark Featherstone
Martin Atkins     3-0 Tom Blagg
Scott Waites      3-0 Trevor Holtby
Rob Richardson    3-1 Russell Murphy
Adrian Morley     3-2 Josh Scales
Tony Wort         3-2 Daz Twist
Pete Rebanks      3-0 Bob Pinder
Louise Simmonds   3-1 Mark Leonard
Tony Darlow       3-1 John Utting
Lyndon Baxter     3-1 John Bowler
Dave Copley       3-0 Dave Hood
Dave Smith        3-0 Andy Cheesebrough
James Wilson      3-1 Daniel Roberts
Josh Clough       3-0 Lynn Horne
Lewis Kirk        3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Brendan Marren    3-1 Pete Riley

Newly married Rob Richardson (23.48) showing no signs of a wedding hangover with a 3-1 victory over Russell Murphy (22.69), the Bradford man had saved the match in leg 3 with a superb Bull do or die shot on a 90 finish but proving to be just a short stay of execution as Rob wrapped up the match in the next leg after earlier taking out a spectacular 146 finish which helped to put the icing on the cake and secure a last 16 spot. Looking like a routine win for Daz Twist (27.05) after taking the opening leg in 18 darts until he was shellshocked by a barrage of big scores from Tony Wort (23.69) and was suddenly trailing 2-1, the Middleton ace recovered his composure superbly in leg 4 to level up with a brilliant 11 darter and looked favourite to win an evenly fought last leg only to squander 5 darts at doubles and allow the man known as ‘The Coat’ to wrap up the match with a Single 5, Double 16 finish. On Board 6 Barnsley’s John Bowler (23.41) started the match against Lyndon Baxter (29.61) impressively with scores of 81, 81 and 100 but could nothing except raise his eyebrows in admiration as Lyndon started off with 180, 140, 140 to eventually take the leg in 15 darts. The man known as ‘The Alien’ due to his love of Sci-Fi films was throwing Extra Terrestrial darts to ensure this game would not be a Close Encounter of a darting kind with further legs in 18 and 16 darts with a 21 dart reply from John just a mere consolation.


Martin Atkins     3-1 Jonathan Daniels
Scott Waites      3-0 Rob Richardson
Adrian Morley     3-2 Tony Wort
Pete Rebanks      3-0 Louise Simmonds
Lyndon Baxter     3-2 Tony Darlow
Dave Smith        3-1 Dave Copley
James Wilson      3-0 Josh Clough
Brendan Marren    3-0 Lewis Kirk

Hull star Lewis Kirk (22.51) looks more like a male model than a dart player, blessed with good looks and a rippling physique he could easily have been the guy in the jeans advert stripping off to his boxer shorts in front of swooning females as the jeans went round in the washer, no laundrette here though as Brendan Marren (28.36) had him in a spin then hung him out to dry with a brace of 15 darters after taking the opener in 23 darts after Lewis had missed 8 darts at doubles to take it. An exhibition finish on 80 of T5, 25 and Tops won the game for Adrian Morley against Tony Wort in what otherwise was a disappointing game with neither player producing anything like their earlier form. Louise Simmonds went out to Pete Rebanks but was rightly jubilant after making it to the last 16 stage at last after a string of near misses and became the first lady to reach this stage since the stats began and probably well beyond that too. Both Louise and Laura Tye in particular have carried the mantle for ladies darts at BDP and was only a matter of time before one of them at least reached this milestone.


Martin Atkins     3-2 Scott Waites
Pete Reebanks     3-0 Adrian Morley
Dave Smith        3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Brendan Marren    3-0 James Wilson

All good Quarter Finals but no doubt about the stand out tie as two of Yorkshire’s finest and most decorated players Martin Atkins (32.17) and Scott Waites (31.39) went head to head at the top of the draw, the match lived up to the billing with both players battering each other with big scores but Martin was the sharper on the finishing going 2-0 up with 18 and 13 darters, he was now clear favourite with the advantage of throw. Scott knew he would have to produce something special to stay in the game, he did just that hitting 139, 125, 100, 107 and polishing off 32 with 2 arrows for a 14 dart break back and then held sway for a 16 dart leveller. Even with a strong Mervyn King style draft blowing in from the open fire exit door the players were still able to spin, swerve and angle their missiles into the T20’s like darting googlies with supreme accuracy that cricket legend Shane Warne would have been proud of, especially Martin as he took the decider in 14 darts to end a classic match with both players powering in 15 x 100 pluses. Another great run for Lyndon Baxter finally ended by Dave Smith, while Brendan Marren got the better of James Wilson to lead 2-1 in their recent trilogy of BDP matches. Adrian Morley just ran out of steam in the end as Pete Reebanks completed the last 4 line up with a comfortable 3-0 victory over him.


Martin Atkins (27.83) 3-0 (25.00) Pete Reebanks

The first Semi never really looked in any doubt as Martin Atkins swept aside the challenge of Pete Reebanks despite a couple of fairly scrappy legs to start with, both players concentration might have wavered slightly in the opening leg as spectator Pete Riley comically tried to order a Chinese quietly on his mobile in the middle of the hall, his attempted whisper though as audible as a booming Brian Blessed voice over for a TV advert as both players struggled to score consistently in the midst of it. ‘ The Assassin’ took both legs in 21 darts, then with the Chop Suey and Fried Rice simmering nicely in the wok Martin saved the best till last by rifling in a brilliant 12 darter to finish the job. A total of 5 x 100 pluses for Martin with 3 of those including a 180 coming in the final leg, while Pete responded with 5 x 100 pluses himself but was never really in the hunt in all truth.


Dave Smith (29.76) 3-1 (27.68) Brendan Marren

A bizarre start to the match which left most observers baffled as the Bull shoot out for the off descended into a fiasco, questions over whether or not a first dart that doesn’t land in the 25 or Bull but blocks the path to the target area can be aligned to allow a clear sight for the second dart was the issue. The officials were in agreement that movement of the dart was allowed but this was all rendered academic as Dave removed his obstructing dart before the rules could be clarified therefore seen as conceding the off, only Dave didn’t see it that way and thought there should be a re-throw as it was Brendan that had straightened the dart and not the referee. All very confusing for all concerned but the upshot was Dave had removed his dart so it no longer counted so Brendan had the throw. Ironically the advantage of throw hardly seemed to matter as it was broken in 3 out of the 4 legs. A score of 45 in the opening leg from Brendan was the only chink in the armour and all that Dave needed to force a 15 dart break with a 110 finish, virtually a repeat in the 2nd leg only Dave’s poor score of 44 was punished to the max this time by Brendan who took out 68 for a 15 dart riposte. A poor start to leg 3 from Brendan which Dave jumped on again for another break in 18 darts. This time though ‘The Rhino’ wasn’t going to let the advantage slip and fired in another solid 18 darter to clinch victory. 10 x 100 pluses for Dave with an additional 4 other scores in the 90’s with Brendan replying with 9 x 100 pluses and a couple of 97 scores.


Dave Smith (26.47) 4-3 (28.74) Martin Atkins

With both players in fine form all day the Final looked destined to be a close one and that is exactly the way it turned out with the game going right down to the wire in the end. Unbelievably Martin lost the opening leg after being in complete control of it with a 180 start, then a 140 with his fourth visit left a handy 36 with Dave casually lobbing in just 18 in response as it looked like he had given the leg up, however there was a sting in the tail for Martin as he missed 6 darts to wrap it up and Dave amazingly pinched it after back to back 134 scores, the second of which was a superb combination finish of T20, T14 and D16. Could well have been a sickening body blow for most players but Martin shrugged of that disappointment with an immediate 15 dart break with a big finish of his own to take out 122 on the Bull. Finishing power again a feature as Dave took out 86 for a third consecutive break of throw and he moved further into the driving seat after a 21 dart hold, in both legs ‘The Rhino’ making the last dart count with Martin waiting on 32 and 40 to pounce. A couple of 140 scores in leg 5 helped Martin hold throw in 16 darts then more of the same from him in leg 6 as he hit 2 more 140’s and took out a 91 finish to level the match with a 15 darter. The turnaround looked to be complete as the Rawdon star stepped up for 56 for the match but after hitting big 16 his 2 attempts at Tops both went just above the top wire, with Dave hardly missing a chance at a double all day the D12 he needed after a brilliant 122 set up shot was just a formality as he needed only 1 dart to wrap up the match. Martin can count himself unlucky not to have won it on his return to BDP having had the first shot at the match and also been in contention in every leg only to be thwarted by Dave’s clinical finishing of which effectively won the Final for him. 12 x 100 pluses for Dave including his 134 finish in leg 1, backed up with 5 x 90 odd scores. Martin had the edge on the scoring hitting 13 x 100 pluses including a 180 with his first throw of the match and 5 x 90 odd scores also as he bossed the legs he won but just rueing those missed doubles at the start at finish of the game which cost him in the end.


No shortage of excitement, drama, quality, controversy and comedy today as we saw a bit of everything especially in the closing stages. The Bull dispute is one which hadn’t occurred before in BDP as far as most of us could remember but in future similar queries could be avoided if the shootout was settled using only the Bull or 25 as scoring shots like the PDC do. Also the Finalists had to delay starting the match whilst the kit around them was being dismantled and taken away, maybe in future delay the introductions of the Finalists until the kit has been done or wait until after the Final to dismantle it, difficult situation sometimes but if more people helped instead of watching 60 odd year old blokes and 15 year old girls in the main do the work then the dismantling job would be done an awful lot quicker , as the song goes ‘You can do it if you put your back into it’. On a lighter note ‘Comedy Pete’ as he is now known offered to make amends for slightly disrupting the first Semi by offering to ‘Shout’ the second Semi, a noble gesture indeed but rejected as the pint in his hand was listing to the right with a strong possibility of spillage occurring as he swayed gently from side to side adjacent to the board, a regular at BDP for years Pete Riley is a Halifax legend, a fine player and a much loved character who brightens up every tournament with his humour and carefree nature, long may it continue.

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