Otley SC

Approaching the half way mark of the season as BDP visited one of its regular venues. Otley Social Club hosted the 11th event and became the first venue of the season to drop below three figures in entries, albeit just by 1 as 99 players turned out as the gradual decline in numbers continues to trickle downwards, 113, 107, 104 and now 99 being the attendances from the last 4 tournaments which shows how the trend seems to go. Still Otley SC is one of the smallest venues so even with the lowest turnout of the season the place was crammed fairly full. On the playing front a welcome return back to BDP action for Garry Thompson and Terry Temple as well as a major surprise in store as Scott Waites made an appearance after more than 2 years away from the BDP scene apart from a brief appearance in The Pairs event on Grand Finals day last December. At 35 years of age he is already one of Yorkshire’s greatest ever players with all his achievements in darts including The Winmau World Masters and Grand Slam of Darts among many other titles to his name, he is also very approachable, down to earth and never tires of signing autographs, chatting and posing for pictures for his many fans, let’s hope this appearance might encourage him to attend more frequently in the future.


Ian Brown         3-2 Ian Balsdon
Andy McGovern     3-2 Pete Riley
Brendan Marren    3-2 Pat Blakely
Mark Featherstone 3-2 Ian Payne
Chris Courtman    3-0 Paul Doherty
Mark Gale         3-2 Sean Collins
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Pat Meeson
Paul Toulmin      3-1 Jaron Esteve
Kyle Richardson   3-2 Joe Harrison
Aaron Poole       3-2 Paul Priestland
Lyndon Baxter     3-0 John Richardson
Mark Leonard      3-1 Danny Hall
Laura Tye         3-2 Brandon Walsh
Terry Temple      3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Russell Murphy    3-2 Jason Stockings
Garry Thompson    3-0 Chris Namnieks
Vernon Walsh      3-0 Bob Brett
Rab McKenzie      3-2 Scott Waites
Josh Scales       3-0 Peter Baker
Jamie Ingle       3-0 Sam Hastings
Les Delderfield   3-2 Dave Wilson
Rich Winpenny     3-0 Aiden Holroyd
Brendan Dawson    3-0 Tony Farrow
Simon Wintle      3-2 John Bowler
Wayne Woodhouse   3-0 Tony Wort
Steve Kelly       3-1 Mick Hayward
Bob Pinder        3-2 Tom Sykes
Bryan Harrison    3-0 Chris Collins
Steve Hattersley  3-1 Rob Holroyd
Josh Clough       3-2 Ian Ward
James Wilson      3-0 Tom Blagg
Peter Rebanks     3-0 Mark Denby
Steve Rumble      3-0 Ray Long
Dave Smith        3-2 Mark Slowacki
Josh Thompson     3-0 Regan Pettinger

A highly eventful opening round which witnessed shocks and close scrapes for a number of leading players. Few would have given seasoned silver haired campaigner Pat Blakely (22.81) much chance against the always in form Brendan Marren (25.70), however the Keighley star had to pull out all the stops in the deciding leg as Pat threw out of his skin with scores of 100, 83, 137 and 125 to leave just 56 after 12 darts to put Brendan under tremendous pressure and having to respond himself with 85, 100, 100, 140, even with those scores in the leg he still trailed but made the advantage of darts count with a cool 78 finish to kill off a brave challenge from his opponent. At the other end of the room on Board 8 Dave Smith (26.88) looked in trouble at 2-0 down against Mark Slowacki (20.29) having being punished for missed doubles, with the game and an upset very much within his grasp the Bradford Traffic Management Officer couldn’t maintain his scoring and the Ferrybridge PDC tour player took the remaining 3 legs comfortably to coast through in the end. In the middle on Board 5 there was to be no reprieve for Scott Waites as he went down 3-2 to inspired Barnsley ace Rab McKenzie as the watching crowd were stunned into silence by his early demise, the B&Q worker totally unfazed by playing Scott after running him close in a previous meeting which had given him the belief that he could cause a major surprise. No problems for James Wilson (29.47) though as he showed no mercy to Tom Blagg (19.56) another young player with a big future in the game. A real tussle at the top of the draw where Ian Brown (25.55) just about did enough to see off a slimline Ian Balsdon (25.49), the Ivy Cottage SL star in Knaresborough making a determined effort to shed a few stone and looking all the better for it despite bowing out early today. Mick Hayward (21.46) looking for a good run today as he prepares for the UK Open next Thursday didn’t get the win he wanted as Steve Kelly took out 116 to close out a 3-1 success. Wayne Woodhouse (24.64) always a very steady and capable player had too much consistency for Tony Wort (20.85) running out a 3-0 winner. Bob Pinder another of the fancied players rode his luck to get past Tom Sykes, the Yorkshire Youth star led 2-0 and missed darts for the match in that game, while Mark Gale (18.28) also fortunate to survive as Sean Collins (18.90) missed 6 darts at D10 in the decider.


Ian Brown         3-2 John Utting
Andy McGovern     3-1 Ian Holmes
Brendan Marren    3-0 Nigel Atkinson
Daniel Roberts    3-1 Mark Featherstone
Mark Gale         3-2 Chris Courtman
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Darren Hale
Paul Toulmin      3-0 Dave Murray
Kyle Richardson   3-2 Aaron Poole
Lyndon Baxter     3-2 John Clifford
Steve Silvers     3-0 Mark Leonard
Laura Tye         3-1 Ian Falkingham
Terry Temple      3-1 Scott Smith
Russell Murphy    3-2 Andy Smith
Garry Thompson    3-0 Calum Hall
Graham Hoggarth   3-1 Vernon Walsh
Rab McKenzie      3-1 Steve Cadera
Josh Scales       3-1 Louise Simmonds
Jamie Ingle       3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Les Delderfield   3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Rich Winpenny     3-0 Lee Taylor
Brendan Dawson    3-0 Andrew Clifford
Simon Wintle      3-0 Mark Threlfall
Daz Twist         3-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Wayne Woodhouse   3-1 Michelle Binns
Bob Pinder        3-1 Steve Kelly
Mark Hanslip      3-0 Robert Sharp
Bryan Harrison    3-1 Steve Hattersley
James Wilson      3-0 Josh Clough
James Barton      3-2 Ash Taylor
Steve Rumble      3-1 Peter Rebanks
Dave Smith        3-0 Josh Thompson
Trevor Tye        3-0 Leah Wiltshire

After a rough ride in Round 1 the following Round 2 proved to be an altogether more smoother journey for the top players with most of them coming through 3-0, including Garry Thompson who had a bye in the opening round. Probably a much easier victory for Willie Kershaw (24.24) than he would have anticipated against Daz Hale (20.74), the Huddersfield ace out of sorts today as he went down 3-0 to the Shipley man. A mix up on the scoring in the opening leg seemed to unsettle Mark Threlfall (19.12) for the remainder of the match as he lost out 3-0 to ‘Big Bear’ Simon Wintle (19.02) 3-0. Rich Winpenny (23.48) slightly flattered by a 3-0 victory over Lee Taylor (18.95), the Middleton player having his chances in the first 2 legs at finishes but making a bit of a hash of it to let his opponent of the hook. For once Wayne Woodhouse looked vulnerable as his hand was visibly shaking after a string of missed doubles gave Michelle Binns a great opportunity to level up at 2-2 in that game, however she wasn’t able to capitalise and Wayne breathed a huge sigh of relief when his madhouse double finally went in.


Ian Brown         3-0 Andy McGovern
Brendan Marren    3-1 Daniel Roberts
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Mark Gale
Paul Toulmin      3-1 Kyle Richardson
Lyndon Baxter     3-2 Steve Silvers
Terry Temple      3-0 Laura Tye
Garry Thompson    3-2 Russell Murphy
Rab McKenzie      3-0 Graham Hoggarth
Jamie Ingle       3-2 Josh Scales
Les Delderfield   3-0 Rich Winpenny
Simon Wintle      3-1 Brendan Dawson
Daz Twist         3-2 Wayne Woodhouse
Bob Pinder        3-1 Mark Hanslip
James Wilson      3-0 Bryan Harrison
Steve Rumble      3-1 James Barton
Dave Smith        3-1 Trevor Tye

A battling performance from Rowland Road winner Daz Twist (25.10) as he fought back to beat Wayne Woodhouse (22.51) from 2-1 down with 2 solid legs of 18 and 15 darts, closing out the match with 116 checkout to keep alive his hopes of back to back Title wins. York star Terry Temple, another player competing in the UK Open was also making steady progress and looking a danger again after a 3-0 win over Laura Tye. Once again all the major players came through unscathed although James Barton who ironically made his name at the UK Open a few years back fell 3-1 to Steve Rumble, the Barnsley player in superb form all season for Riley’s SL team in Div 1, currently riding high in the Averages with over 75 which is very respectable. Bryan Harrison another notable name to depart although no surprise losing to England International James Wilson. A commendable effort from Bradford’s Russell Murphy as he pushed another England International Garry Thompson all the way before going down bravely by 3 legs to 2.


Brendan Marren    3-0 Ian Brown
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Paul Toulmin
Lyndon Baxter     3-1 Terry Temple
Garry Thompson    3-0 Rab McKenzie
Les Delderfield   3-2 Jamie Ingle
Daz Twist         3-1 Simon Wintle
James Wilson      3-2 Bob Pinder
Dave Smith        3-1 Steve Rumble

Kippax’s Ian Brown (27.35) had played solidly all day and was superb against Brendan Marren (30.06) as he matched the Keighley ace blow for blow on the scoring near enough only to end up a 3-0 loser, scant consolation for his efforts in that game, a 177 set up shot to leave 20 in leg 3 finally killed off Ian’s hopes as so often in games Brendan finds the game breaking darts just when he needs them. Sheffield’s Bob Pinder (26.81) powered in some massive numbers early on against James Wilson (29.84) to go 2-1 up with the aid of 4 x 140’s and a 138 score, very rarely these days does anyone manage to outscore James, however the pattern didn’t last as Bob had no answer in the last 2 legs as James piled in 14 and 15 darters to turn the tide. Garry Thompson (31.98) rattled in opening leg scores of 100, 100, 100 and 135 but was still second favourite to win the leg after Rab McKenzie (29.13) had blasted in a 180 but just missed his finish of 75 by a wires width which proved to be costly as ‘The Recliner’ nonchalantly cleaned up 71 for a 15 dart break, the Silsden star continued to throw brilliant darts including a 141 finish to hold throw, again with Rab in close contention on 120 after 12 darts. same story in the last leg as Garry just beat Rab to the punch with a 66 finish for a 17 dart leg. A superb game with the man nicknamed ‘Tin Tin’ showing his win over Scott Waites was no fluke with an even better performance in defeat with Garry having to be at his best to emerge victorious. No ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ or Otley for that matter as Dave Smith delivered the knockout blows to beat Steve Rumble 3-1, although on Board 3 there was definitely a rumble as Terry Temple crashed out for the first time before the Final this year as Lyndon Baxter provided the Thunder and the Lightning in that game. Willie Kershaw (25.47) still not firing on all cylinders but producing just enough to see off Paul Toulmin (24.35), while Daz Twist and Les Delderfield both had to work hard to join the rest into the QF’s.


Brendan Marren    3-1 Willie Kershaw
Garry Thompson    3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Les Delderfield   3-0 Daz Twist
James Wilson      3-2 Dave Smith

Once again Brendan Marren (27.54) managed to come up with the goods in a tight situation, as Willie Kershaw (28.00) looked to be closing in on leg 4, the man known as ‘BJ’ hit a 140, 125 and a decisive 56 finish to snatch the leg and a 3-1 victory. Garry Thompson (27.97) had too much firepower for Lyndon Baxter (23.96) with a 180 and 10 other scores over 90 to lay the foundations for a 3-1 win. After two fairly scrappy legs Les Delderfield (28.36) threw a brilliant 12 darter from nowhere it seemed to notch a 3-0 win over Daz Twist (22.23) who should have buried the second leg when wanting 32 after 15 darts with Les back on 210, a couple of minutes and 6 more darts each and the leg was lost after Les sneaked it with an 80 finish which was game over really with what followed. The closest game of the round resulted in a tight 3-2 win for James Wilson over Dave Smith.


Les Delderfield (30.34) 2-3 (34.13) James Wilson

A marvellous first Semi as veteran star Les Delderfield (30.34) threw everything bar the kitchen sink at James Wilson (34.13) but just came up short in the end after a thrilling battle that had the crowd enthralled from start to finish. The 64 years young Shipley ace started the match like a house on fire, 100, 100, 140, 129 and a D16 for an early 13 dart break with James left on 84, the Huddersfield ton machine then set about redressing the balance with 4 x 100 pluses in leg 2 only to see Les take out 81 with a Bull finish for an 18 darter to go 2-0 up. Even with Les holding a 2-0 lead there were ominous signs that James had found his range by the ease in which he was hitting the T20’s, a little like a very strong wind developing into a typhoon as James smashed in 180, 140, 170, then using just the minimum 2 darts required to polish off the remaining 11 for a storming 11 dart leg, the scoring rampage continued in leg 4 with 123, 100, 100 and 138 to leave 40, however even with that sort of scoring power he was still staring at defeat as Les stepped up for 54 to take the match after a superb leg himself on throw, most observers would have felt that if Les didn’t take this chance then more than likely he wouldn’t get another, he probably knew that himself though with James having the advantage in the decider should he miss, the last dart at D10 missed by a whisker but for Les it might as well have been a mile away as James levelled up with 1 dart for another top drawer 13 darter. A brilliant 107 set up shot by James to leave Tops after 15 darts was the final killer blow although Les gamely responded with a 135, leaving himself 80 to pressure the finish, the trouble is it never looks like James is under any pressure at all as he made it 3 out of 3 on finishing darts by nailing D20 for the match. James in this kind of mood looks to be virtually unplayable hitting 15 x 100 pluses with a 99 and a 95, only 5 scoring shots under 100 in the whole match and 3 of those were right at the start of the game. A tremendous effort from Les who looks like he will still be throwing fantastic darts at 94 never mind 64 at this rate, no sign of his powers diminishing as he hit 11 x 100 pluses and a 95 score. Has to be a strong contender for match of the season so far.


Brendan Marren (26.54) 3-1 (25.09) Garry Thompson

Neither player at their best in another clash between these two great rivals with Brendan Marren’s overall consistency just about winning the day over Garry Thompson’s in and out brilliance. A poor opening leg from Garry handed the advantage to Brendan straight away with a 17 darter, the maverick brilliance of Garry kicked in with scores of 140, 100, 125 and 104 to leave 32 in leg 2 but all that good work was undone by 6 wasted darts at D16 and D8 allowing Brendan a fortunate hold in 20 darts, another 20 darter followed this time in Garry’s favour as Brendan had a rare indifferent leg, once again ‘The Recliner’ looked certain to level after a typical blast of 100, 180, 100 scores left him on 121, for the second time in the game his finishing deserted him as he couldn’t kill off the leg with 9 more darts which he would normally do 9 times out of 10 you would fancy, same fate as before with Brendan plugging away and when the chance came he grasped it with both hands for a 19 dart finish this time. 10 x 100 pluses in the game for Brendan, while Garry replied with 9 x 100 pluses but the finishing cost him in this game.


Brendan Marren (29.42) 4-3 (26.84) James Wilson

For once Brendan Marren would be the underdog going into the Final due to the blistering form of James Wilson all day long, contrary to the Keighley man who had not quite been at his best and had survived quite a few anxious moments along the journey to the Final, also maybe lurking in the back of his mind painful memories of a 4-0 drubbing at the hands of the Huddersfield star not so long ago in the Harold Club Final. However every game is a different one and Brendan looked determined from the start to make amends for that defeat starting off with a 17 dart break. Once again James started to find the big scores to go 2-1 up with a 15 dart break and a 20 dart hold as it looked like he would go on to dominate the game like he had done in earlier matches, instead it was Brendan suddenly upping the ante with a solid 15 darter followed in the next leg by 140, 100, 140, 136 forcing James onto the back foot as he could even afford to miss 25 before clinching it on the next visit for an 18 darter. For the first time today the pressure looked like it was finally telling as James opened up leg 6 with only a 57 and 45 to hand the initiative to Brendan who had victory within his grasp after 3 straight tons and a 60 from his opening 4 visits only to see James foil him with a tremendous recovery to nail 399 with his last 12 darts of the leg. This topsy turvy Final swung again in James favour as he had the off but the articulate and modest man from the land of ‘The Bronte Sisters’ just wouldn’t be denied as he powered in a superb 15 dart leg to clinch the game as James throw was amazingly broken for the third time in the game. High scoring ratio from Brendan upping his game in the Final with 20 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90 odds while the earlier ‘Typhoon’ just blew itself out a little as James hit 13 x 100 pluses and 7 x 90 odds, still an excellent statistic but a few rare uncharacteristic low scores cost him in the end.


No shortage of quality today in the field with 3 current England Internationals in the line up, eventually though the victory went to a player who really should be up there with the same kind of profile given his talent and consistency, however having the resources or commitment needed to achieve that goal is not always possible, so for the foreseeable future anyway only BDP, Yorkshire Darts and Winchester Darts where he played for a while really know how good a player Brendan Marren is.

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