Cue Gardens

A return to the plush venue of Cue Gardens in Odsal, Bradford, the hosts of last season’s Grand Finals and a regular practice haunt of local PDC stars Joe Cullen and Devon Peterson amongst others. Apart from The Harold Club at Low Moor and Woodbottom at Shipley Cue Gardens is the only other Bradford venue in the calender these days. The Bradford area venues used to make up at least 75% of the fixtures back in the early years but as the BDP has grown in stature and popularity with players travelling far and wide to compete a lot of those Clubs and Pubs became too small and impractical to use, so the venues that were introduced became larger and more wide spread although Leeds seems to be the main focus area with 50% of this seasons competitions held in the LS postcode district and not including Tyersal which is right on the Leeds/Bradford border. Difficult to satisfy everyone when it comes to locations except to say the BDP try to spread them across West Yorkshire if possible so that at some point the loyal players will get a localish one but a lot depends on the suitability of the clubs to host an event. Bradford has always been a hotspot for darts and a turn out today of 120 was reasonably good with top players Garry Thompson and Scott Waites again in action.


Matt Padgett     3-0 Ian Holmes
Veejay Kumar     3-0 Michelle Binns
Paul Priestland  3-1 Mark Leonard
Barry Peocock    3-2 Danny Hall
Willie Kershaw   3-0 Graham Hoggarth
Tony Baines      3-0 Pat Meeson
Wayne Woodhouse  3-1 Josh Thompson
Steve Wright     3-1 Ian Payne
Bryan Harrison   3-0 Dave Murray
Aaron Poole      3-0 Darren Cartwright
Josh Scales      3-1 Jamie Ingle
Rob Sharp        3-1 Jon Crossland
Dave Smith       3-0 John Utting
Rob Richardson   3-0 Chris Courtman
Colin Hendry     3-2 Jordan Smith
Anthony Moss     3-0 Peter Rebanks
Brendan Marren   3-0 Josh Hodgson
Joe Harrison     3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Peter Baker      3-2 Mark Featherstone
Laura Tye        3-0 Raymond Long
Louise Simmonds  3-1 Carl Baxter
Dave Shore       3-1 Calum Hall
Ryan Hoggarth    3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Mick Hayward     3-0 Lynn Horne
Keith Lyle       3-1 Tony Darlow
Lyndon Baxter    3-1 Rod Nicoll
Baz Webster      3-0 Matty Acs
Craig Smith      3-2 Ian Falkingham
Jake Patchett    3-2 Peter Armitage
Mark Hanslip     3-1 Trevor Tye
Daniel Roberts   3-2 Darren Hale
Andy Smith       3-2 Vincent Leonard
Mark Slowacki    3-2 Steve Kelly
Tom Sykes        3-2 Tony Farrow
James Barton     3-0 Simon Rimmington
Kyle Richardson  3-0 Steve Jackson
Mark Gale        3-0 Paul Doherty
Stuart Bruce     3-1 Jason Clark
Jimmy Chounowski 3-0 Carl Heppinstall
Simon Spencer    3-2 Pat Blakely
Dave Broxup      3-1 Tom Blagg
Brendan Dawson   3-2 Simon Wintle
Bob Pinder       3-0 Josh Clough
Terry Temple     3-0 Regan Pettinger
Paul Hodkin      3-2 Chris Namnieks
Gary Hooper      3-1 Daniel Lidgett
Alex Pride       3-2 Steve Silver
Paul Toulmin     3-1 Russell Murphy
Paul Royston     3-0 John Clifford
Jamie Ellam      3-1 Pete Riley
Bob Birkenshaw   3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Sam Hastings     3-2 Mark Holiday
Steve Hattersley 3-1 Lewis Pride
Jaron Esteve     3-0 Andrew Clifford
Scott Waites     3-0 John Richardson
Garry Thompson   3-1 Phil Morley

Peter Baker from Beeston, Leeds has been a BDP regular for a number of years, enjoying the day out as much as any successes on the dart board, he qualified for last year’s Grand Final and is in the frame again this year having missed only one event so far this season, a vital extra point guaranteed after victory over Mark Featherstone who is just struggling a little to find the form he showed last season. Daniel Roberts has yet to taste defeat in the opening round of a BDP comp, he kept that record intact after a hard fought 3-2 win over fellow Huddersfield player Daz Hale to stay on course for a top 16 position at the end of the season. Pete Armitage has found the going a little tough since winning Comp 8 at Townville, another difficult draw saw him depart early again after a 3-2 defeat to Jake Patchett. Carl Baxter must be sick of the sight of Louise Simmonds after losing to her in the opening round for the second comp running but at least managing to take a leg this time around. In form Pete Rebanks probably the biggest casualty from Round 1, the Morley Semi Finalist going down 3-0 to Anthony Moss who has always looked a very useful player at previous BDP events. No major shocks though as all of the fancied players in action came through comfortably enough.


Matt Padgett     3-1 Veejay Kumar
Barry Peocock    3-0 Paul Priestland
Willie Kershaw   3-2 Tony Baines
Wayne Woodhouse  3-0 Nick Darfield
Bryan Harrison   3-0 Steve Wright
Aaron Poole      3-0 Josh Scales
Dave Smith       3-2 Rob Sharp
Colin Hendry     3-0 Rob Richardson
Brendan Marren   3-0 Anthony Moss
Joe Harrison     3-1 Jason Stockings
Dave Machell     3-1 Peter Baker
Louise Simmonds  3-1 Laura Tye
Dave Shore       3-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Mick Hayward     3-1 Keith Lyle
Baz Webster      3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Jake Patchett    3-1 Craig Smith
Mark Hanslip     3-2 Daniel Roberts
Mark Slowacki    3-0 Andy Smith
Tom Sykes        3-0 Dave Hood
James Barton     3-1 Steve Cadera
Mark Gale        3-0 Kyle Richardson
Jimmy Chounowski 3-2 Stuart Bruce
Simon Spencer    3-1 Dave Broxup
Bob Pinder       3-2 Brendan Dawson
Terry Temple     3-0 Paul Hodkin
Garry Hooper     3-2 Alex Pride
Paul Toulmin     3-0 Nigel Atkinson
Paul Royston     3-2 Jamie Ellam
Bob Birkenshaw   3-0 Sam Hastings
Steve Hattersley 3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Jaron Esteve     3-1 Scott Smith
Garry Thompson   3-2 Scott Waites

The luck of the draw so to speak pitted two of the favourites together right at the bottom of the draw as early as Round 2 with Garry Thompson just coming out on top after a 3-2 win over fellow England International Scott Waites. Darts promoter Paul Hodkin famous for bringing some of the World’s top players to Yorkshire for high profile exhibitions as well as having his photo taken with a number of scantily clad dolly birds as a perk of the job which are regularly featured on his Facebook page just to make the rest of us that little bit more envious, no dolly birds at Cue Gardens just Terry Temple who hasn’t quite got the same appeal somehow but is a mighty effective darts player as he showed by air brushing Paul out of the picture with a 3-0 win. Former Yorkshire and Cheshire County star Veejay Kumar from nearby Low Moor just an occasional player these days but still very useful gave East Leeds winner Matt Padgett a good test before going down 3-1, more encouragement for another Low Moor player as Paul Royston’s revival continues to gather pace with a 3-2 win over Lincolnshire’s Jamie Ellam. Little known to BDP is Baz Webster in his first event this season toppling one of the circuits inform players in Lyndon Baxter 3-1 to cause a ripple around the arena but not a major surprise given the pedigree of the Humberside man who just lost out to Eddie Lovely for a place at the UK Open in 2011 at the Hull qualifier, same could also be said of Simon Spencer making an impression after victories over Pat Blakely and now Dave Broxup, although on closer inspection the West Craven SL player in the Lancashire league has a fine record of victories including a 90.20 ave best this season so is a definitely a player to be reckoned with. An early exit this week for East Leeds finalist Alex Pride going down 3-2 to Gary Hooper in a 50/50 battle while Louise Simmonds won the battle of the top ladies with a 3-1 win over Laura Tye.


Matt Padgett     3-1 Barry Peocock
Willie Kershaw   3-1 Wayne Woodhouse
Bryan Harrison   3-2 Aaron Poole
Dave Smith       3-2 Colin Hendry
Brendan Marren   3-0 Joe Harrison
Dave Machell     3-0 Louise Simmonds
Dave Shore       3-0 Mick Hayward
Baz Webster      3-1 Jake Patchett
Mark Slowacki    3-1 Mark Hanslip
James Barton     3-0 Tom Sykes
Mark Gale        3-0 Jimmy Chounowski
Simon Spencer    3-1 Bob Pinder
Terry Temple     3-1 Garry Hooper
Paul Toulmin     3-1 Paul Royston
Bob Birkenshaw   3-1 Steve Hattersley
Garry Thompson   3-2 Jaron Esteve

Newcomers Baz Webster and Simon Spencer making waves again after another impressive round from both of them, a fine 3-1 win for Barry over young starlet Jake Patchett while Simon had an eye-catching win by the same score over Bob Pinder. Another tough round for Garry Thompson who had to pull finishes of 128 and 107 out of the bag in order to beat Jaron Esteve 3-2, while Dave Smith had a similarly tough time in overcoming a determined challenge from Colin Hendry. Dave Shore back with a bang so far and looking in good form after a 3-0 win over Mick Hayward.


Willie Kershaw   3-1 Matt Padgett
Dave Smith       3-2 Bryan Harrison
Brendan Marren   3-0 Dave Machell
Dave Shore       3-2 Baz Webster
James Barton     3-2 Mark Slowacki
Simon Spencer    3-1 Mark Gale
Terry Temple     3-1 Paul Toulmin
Garry Thompson   3-1 Bob Birkenshaw

Another stern examination for Dave Smith against Bryan Harrison but more often than not he seems to be able to nick those nitty gritty last leg deciders when the tension is at its highest, a last leg decider also going James Barton’s way in a match up of local boys against Mark Slowacki who had his best run of the season to date with a Last 16 showing. A good showing too from Dave Machell but he found Brendan Marren a little too strong at this stage going down 3-0. At the bottom of the draw two major contenders Terry Temple and Garry Thompson also progressed after 3-1 victories over Paul Toulmin and Bob Birkenshaw while Matt Padgett’s challenge ended relatively early for him such is his quality but a good win over him for Willie Kershaw who has had a lean time of it this year compared to previous BDP campaigns. Former Wiltshire man Dave Shore now resident in Cross Flatts near Keighley the other man into the Last 8 after a narrow win over Immingham’s Baz Webster.


Dave Smith       3-0 Willie Kershaw
Brendan Marren   3-0 Dave Shore
James Barton     3-2 Simon Spencer
Garry Thompson   3-2 Terry Temple

At the top of the draw two comfortable looking results as Dave Smith and Brendan Marren powered past Willie Kershaw and Dave Shore with 3-0 victories while anything but comfortable at the bottom as James Barton and Garry Thompson both needed a deciding leg to edge past Simon Spencer and Terry Temple.


Dave Smith (26.38) 3-2 (26.87) Brendan Marren

A tight Semi Final which is what you would expect between these two evenly matched top players although neither of them were at their best in this clash. With Brendan Marren 2-1 up and with advantage of throw he looked firm favourite to avenge his Semi Final defeat to Dave Smith at Morley a few weeks earlier, 9 times out of 10 at least Brendan would close out a leg in 21 darts or under but on this rare occasion he couldn’t do so after a really poor leg by his standards in which he didn’t even get a shot at a double which allowed Dave in for a 21 dart break back, a rare gift from Brendan which must have surprised even Dave who didn’t have to do anything exceptional to win it. The game started well enough for Brendan throwing well to lead 2-1 with the aid of a 114 finish in leg 2 for an 18 dart leveller, then a 19 dart break after Dave had held the opening leg on throw in 17 darts. Leg 4 nothing short of a disaster for Brendan with a 45, 26, 41, 60 sequence that virtually cost him the match in reality. The Keighley star tried hard to retrieve the situation in leg 5 with more like his usual scoring but he was not about to get any favours from Dave who with 3 darts advantage made them count with a 17 darter to close out the match. A total of 10 x 100 pluses for big Dave with 5 x 90 odd scores which was excellent although a few too many poor scores including 4 x 44’s which cost him the third leg in particular, as for Brendan 9 x 100 pluses with a 94 and a few 80 pluses as back up but he will feel as if he threw this one away.


Garry Thompson (24.60) 3-2 (24.42) James Barton

No doubt James Barton will feel as if he missed a trick here as he didn’t take advantage of very ordinary Garry Thompson performance in which he won with winning legs of 22, 20 and 23 darts which is almost unheard of for him. If James could have backed up his big scores with some consistent 60 to 80 scores then Garry would have been there for the taking, however the Silsden ace was let off the hook time and again by a poor score from James just when he needed to keep the pressure on. The Burger loving Bradfordian looked in control of the opening leg after a 140 left him on 137 after 12 darts but he couldn’t see out the leg with 9 more darts and Garry came back at him to take it in 22 darts, in leg 2 it was Garry in control but he spurned 3 darts at 40 to let James in for a 20 dart leveller. It was becoming a game of missed chances as James came from nowhere in leg 3 with a Maximum to give him a shot at 76 which he couldn’t convert and Garry took out 41 in 20 darts to go 2-1 up. The man nicknamed ‘Oddjob’ by Sky TV for his resemblence to the famous ‘Bond’ character a few years ago threw the best leg of the match with a 121 finish for an 18 darter to level up, a similar last leg would have given him victory but neither player stamped any authority on it until ‘The Recliner’ hit the double for a 23 dart clincher after both had missed a couple of darts at doubles to win it. Very indifferent scoring from Garry as he hit 8 x 100 pluses with 7 of those straight Tons and 3 x 90 odds but just about did enough at the end, while James hit the bigger scores with a 180 and 4 x 140’s, 2 x 100 scores also along with a 96 and 97 but the killer low scores at key times in the match cost him the game.


Dave Smith (31.40) 4-1 (26.48) Garry Thompson

Both players knew that more than likely they would have to raise the level of their Semi performances to win. Both players did raise their games but whereas Garry Thompson could only raise his marginally Dave Smith’s game rose majestically to near its peak as he steamrollered Garry into submission. Only 2 of the 5 legs were evenly fought, the other 3 going convincingly Dave’s way. The Ferrybridge ace got off to a flyer straight away with a 13 dart breaker with Garry trailing on 152, then went further in front with a 17 dart hold after Garry had thrown some consistent scores of 100, 93, 97 and 137 but missed a couple of darts at Double 10 on a 74 finish, that miss was crucial to his chances as Dave broke him again for a 3-0 lead with a 17 darter. Always going to be a long road back from here for Garry struggling to find his top game but he did manage a typical piece of brilliance to save the game with a crowd pleasing S20, D18, D18 finish on 92 with Dave waiting for the kill on 24, however that finish couldn’t inspire him to a comeback as like the other 3 legs on his throw he just couldn’t score well enough to keep pace with Dave who was all over him with 140, 125, 76, 96 and a no nonsense 64 finish in 2 darts to wrap up a very convincing victory. The heavy Ton pluses again paid dividends for Dave, 5 x 140’s, 1 x 133, 2 x 125’s as well as 3 x 100’s and 2 x 90’s just proving too much for Garry to handle this time as he responded with 7 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90 odds but he will be disappointed at losing his own legs so comprehensively whilst making a real fight of it against the throw.


No doubt that Dave Smith is very much the inform player and the man to beat at BDP at the moment. With the form he has shown at BDP events it is a little bit of a surprise that he hasn’t been able to make much of an impact on the PDC tour so far this season although with substantial prize money at stake there are very few easy games with the standard of darts sky high most of the time so chances are Dave has actually played just as well if not better and lost which can be a demoralizing experience after a while, very much a case of swimming with the sharks in that field but hopefully his luck on that tour might change and he gets the rewards his talent deserves.

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