East Leeds Snooker Club

A second visit in quick succession to East Leeds SC following on from the Comp held here last month, slightly less numbers today 112 compared to the 117 back in June. The pattern seems to be more players attend early season then after about the first 5 or 6 comps the numbers decrease and then stays stable at around 100 to 120 for the rest of the season, maybe as the summer arrives people have other interests to pursue besides darts and that is probably why the numbers drop off a little as we get to April and May.


Jake Patchett      3-0 Trevor Holtby
Louise Simmonds    3-0 Johnny Taylor
Darryl Bainbridge  3-1 Ian Holmes
Pat Meeson         3-0 Sam Hastings
Pete Riley         3-1 Pat Blakely
James Barton       3-0 John Bowler
Laura Tye          3-0 Josh Hodgson
Paul Priestland    3-1 Bob Brett
Lyndon Baxter      3-0 Tony Dobson
Lewis Pride        3-0 Andy Jones
Bob Pinder         3-1 Jamie Ellam
Bryan Harrison     3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Paul Toulmin       3-1 John Clifford
Steve Silver       3-1 Ian Watson
Peter Armitage     3-0 Dave Murray
Rob Richardson     3-0 James Watson
Josh Clough        3-2 Sharon Whitfield
Dave Broxup        3-0 Phil Morley
Sam Fordham        3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Jon Crossland      3-0 Lee Jones
Simon Wintle       3-2 Dave Sykes
Mark Hanslip       3-0 Ian Falkingham
Willie Kershaw     3-2 Steve Kelly
Stuart Bruce       3-1 Mark Leonard
Ian Brown          3-1 Carl Brocklehurst
Ian Ward           3-0 Steve Grimes
Jaron Esteve       3-0 Tony Wort
Andy Smith         3-0 Trevor Tye
Russell Murphy     3-1 Tom Sykes
Rob Sharp          3-1 Joe Harrison
Simon Rimmington   3-1 Paul Royston
Jordan Smith       3-0 Chris Thwaites
Tony Farrow        3-2 Mick Hayward
Jamie Ogley        3-0 Lynn Horne
Kyle Richardson    3-0 Tom Blagg
Tommy Lishman      3-1 Regan Pettinger
Terry Temple       3-1 Darren Cartwright
Johnny Daniels     3-1 Alex Pride
Daz Hale           3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Kevin Gray         3-0 Chris Namnieks
John Richardson    3-1 Mark Gale
Ash Taylor         3-0 Liam Gordon
Steve Rumble       3-2 Les Delderfield
Rod Nicol          3-1 Peter Rushby
Brendan Dawson     3-0 Dave Riley
Tony Darlow        3-1 Dave Copley
Peter Rebanks      3-0 Colin Hendry
Mark Slowacki      3-2 Mark Featherstone

No doubt the clash of the round, silky smooth stylist Tony Darlow against steely match player Dave Copley in a South Yorkshire derby between Sheffield and Thurnscoe. Dave has been in fine form lately on the BDO tour and won the big warm up event only a couple of weeks previously at the big Coventry festival of darts but it was Tony who came out on top with a 3-1 win as he makes a determined surge to make the top 48 at the end of the season and coming into form at just the right time to do it. An early exit for Les Delderfield going down 3-2 to Steve Rumble in a tough opener, the great man not helped though suffering from a painful knee problem at the moment. Not much joy at BDP events for Jamie Ellam since making the Final at Corpus Christi last season, beaten 3-1 today by Bob Pinder. No real shocks in this round although Russell ‘The Missile’ Murphy from Bradford upset the form book by taking out highly talented youngster Tom Sykes 3-1. In form players Alex Pride and Colin Hendry also departing early this week after tough draws against Johnny Daniels and Pete Rebanks.


Jake Patchett      3-0 Louise Simmonds
Darryl Bainbridge  3-0 Jason Stockings
Pat Meeson         3-1 Jamie Ingle
Pete Riley         3-1 Dave Wilson
James Barton       3-2 Andy McGovern
Laura Tye          3-0 Paul Priestland
Lyndon Baxter      3-1 Danny Hall
Lewis Pride        3-2 Bob Pinder
Bryan Harrison     3-2 Paul Toulmin
Peter Armitage     3-0 Steve Silver
Rob Richardson     3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Josh Clough        3-0 Dave Broxup
Sam Fordham        3-2 Calum Hall
Jon Crossland      3-1 Steve Cadera
Simon Wintle       3-2 Peter Baker
Willie Kershaw     3-0 Mark Hanslip
Steve Hattersley   3-0 Stuart Bruce
Ian Ward           3-0 Ian Brown
Brendan Marren     3-0 Daz Mawer
Jaron Esteve       3-1 Russell Kaye
Russell Murphy     3-0 Andy Smith
Rob Sharp          3-1 Simon Rimmington
Jordan Smith       3-0 Paul Doherty
Tony Farrow        3-0 Jamie Ogley
Tommy Lishman      3-2 Kyle Richardson
Terry Temple       3-0 Johnny Daniels
Daz Hale           3-0 Kevin Gray
Ash Taylor         3-0 John Richardson
Rod Nicol          3-1 Steve Rumble
Tony Darlow        3-1 Brendan Dawson
Scott Smith        3-1 Michelle Binns
Pete Rebanks       3-0 Mark Slowacki

Youngster Lewis Pride very mature for a 15 year old and a very promising dart player winning the battle against Bob Pinder, a player with a similar slow, deliberate, methodical but highly effective style by 3 legs to 2 to keep the family flag flying high into Round 3. A fine result too for budding actor Josh Clough as he pulled the curtain down on inform Dave Broxup with an impressive 3-0 victory, the Sharlston youngster has also impressed as a Referee for the Semi’s and Finals at comps this year but is due a decent run on the dart board at a BDP event with his talent. Another youngster Jamie Ogley exploded onto the scene last season with some electrifying performances especially at The Singing Man comp where he reached the Semi Final, has struggled a little since then to make much of an impact although no doubt he will come good again but not today as he went down 3-0 to Tony Farrow. A good win too in this round for Sheffield wisecracker Pat Meeson who likes to describe himself as an ‘Old Person’, but still had enough sprite left in his 62 year old arm to beat Jamie Ingle 3-1. The best result so far of the season too for ‘Comedy Pete Riley’ as he beat Tyersal winner Dave Wilson 3-1.


Jake Patchett      3-0 Darryl Bainbridge
Pete Riley         3-2 Pat Meeson
James Barton       3-0 Laura Tye
Lewis Pride        3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Peter Armitage     3-1 Bryan Harrison
Rob Richardson     3-1 Josh Clough
Calum Hall         3-1 Jon Crossland
Willie Kershaw     3-2 Simon Wintle
Steve Hattersley   3-2 Ian Ward
Brendan Marren     3-1 Jaron Esteve
Rob Sharp          3-2 Russell Murphy
Jordan Smith       3-0 Tony Farrow
Terry Temple       3-0 Tommy Lishman
Ash Taylor         3-2 Daz Hale
Tony Darlow        3-1 Rod Nicol
Pete Rebanks       3-2 Scott Smith

Laura Tye had impressed so far with 3-0 wins over Josh Hodgson and Paul Priestland but found James Barton a different proposition with a 3-0 reverse to fall a round short of the money once again. Ash Taylor producing the surprise of the Round 3 with a 3-2 win over Yorkshire County ace Daz Hale, while equally impressive again was Lewis Pride in defeating Lyndon Baxter 3-1. All about the youngsters today as 18 year old Calum Hall from Beeston, South Leeds beat the much more experienced Jon Crossland 3-1 to eclipse any of his other BDP performances by reaching the Last 16 now as he looks to be getting stronger with every event he plays in.


Jake Patchett      3-0 Pete Riley
James Barton       3-1 Lewis Pride
Peter Armitage     3-1 Rob Richardson
Willie Kershaw     3-1 Calum Hall
Brendan Marren     3-1 Steve Hattersley
Rob Sharp          3-2 Jordan Smith
Terry Temple       3-0 Ash Taylor
Tony Darlow        3-1 Pete Rebanks

A total shut out so far for Jake Patchett at the top of the draw after his fourth 3-0 victory of the day with Pete Riley going the same way as Trevor Holtby, Louise Simmonds and Darryl Bainbridge before him. Apart from Jake despite valiant efforts all the other youngsters fell by the wayside as Lewis Pride fell 3-1 to James Barton, Calum Hall also 3-1 to Willie Kershaw and Jordan Smith 3-2 to wily campaigner Rob Sharp who was having his best tournament by far this season in reaching the Quarter Finals. Terry Temple once again looking a major threat cruising through his section of the draw for the loss of only a single leg in his opening match with Darren Cartwright while Brendan Marren inevitably is there again at the later stages after a 3-1 success over Steve Hattersley. After a string of early exits Pete Armitage is back in the mix again after victory over Rob Richardson while Tony Darlow probably coming through the toughest section of the draw after wins over Dave Copley, Brendan Dawson, Rod Nicol and now Morley Semi Finalist Pete Rebanks to make up the Last 8.


Jake Patchett      3-1 James Barton
Willie Kershaw     3-0 Peter Armitage
Brendan Marren     3-0 Rob Sharp
Tony Darlow        3-2 Terry Temple

Straight leg victories for the two Woodbottom SL team mates as Brendan Marren and Willie Kershaw overcame Rob Sharp and Peter Armitage, while James Barton managed to take the first leg of the day off Jake Patchett but couldn’t stop the Hull youngster taking the other 3 legs needed for victory. A close affair at the bottom with Grand Final 2011 Champ Tony Darlow edging past Terry Temple, usually it’s the York star who 9 times out of 10 seems to take deciding legs but not on this occasion.


Brendan Marren (28.19) 3-2 (26.59) Tony Darlow

The throw at Bull for the off proved decisive in this Semi Final as all the legs went with throw with neither player able to get close enough to strike a blow against the throw with both Brendan Marren and Tony Darlow not missing on the doubles therefore not allowing a chance, a bit like the opponent in Tennis getting to 40/30 then the server crashing down an ace to close out the game. Solid winning legs for Brendan all 18 darters, frustrating for Tony that Brendan made the last dart count on every occasion, taking out finishes of 60, 32, and 56 although the chances are Brendan would have got another go anyway as Tony would have had to take out big finishes of 154, 98 and 152 had the Keighley star missed. Tony also solid as a rock on his own throw with an 18 and a 16 darter but just couldn’t find the really big scores against the throw to threaten a break. A total of 13 x 100 pluses with a 96 and 97 proved good enough for Brendan with Tony replying with 9 x 100 pluses, 2 x 99’s and a 97 score.


Willie Kershaw (26.12) 3-2 (22.96) Jake Patchett

Willie Kershaw came out of the gate like a fired up Bull into a fighting ring tossing the Matador up in the air and nearly goring him to death in double quick time. The Matador in this case was the unfortunate Jake Patchett who had no answer to Willie’s blistering start which included a 180 in the opening two legs and a crisp 74 finish to take the first leg in 14 darts against the throw with the second following shortly after in 17 darts. Looked at this stage like curtains for the Matador but as the Bull started to tire from his early efforts the young Matador got off the floor dusted himself down and started to fight back. A 20 dart hold got him back in the contest followed by a shaky looking 24 dart leveller after Willie had missed 2 darts at doubles to finish it. The Matador on throw was looking the clear favourite now to go on and win against a Bull that was fast running out of steam and ideas, with the Bull at his mercy, The Matador with the lance poised in his hand couldn’t manage to strike the deadly blow and missed with a 68 finish allowing the Bull to summon up one last effort launching him into the crowd and out for the count with a 60 finish. That just about sums up the story of the game with Willie brilliant early on and then falling apart almost to let Jake back into the game, the Shipley star looked down and out in the decider until a late rally of 100, 95 and the 60 outshot for a 20 darter won it at the death. 10 x 100 pluses including those early 180’s with 4 other 90 odd shots for Willie but he will be wondering where is game went midway through with an alarming run of poor visits that almost cost him the game. Only 2 straight Tons and a 140 for Jake in the entire match but 5 other scores in the 90’s, far from his best game but he so very nearly sneaked into the Final courtesy of Willie’s mid match melt down.


Brendan Marren (26.79) 4-1 (27.40) Willie Kershaw

Willie Kershaw has had to wait 14 Competitions, since the very first one this season at Rowland Road to contest a Final, whereas in past seasons he seemed to be contesting them every other event almost, a measure that shows that his game hasn’t been as formidable this season and in general he has been easier to beat because players are getting chances against him that they weren’t getting before when he was winning most of the time. However is still a major force even when firing at around 75% of his capability, he certainly played well enough in the Final to deserve more than the single leg that he won, the fact that he didn’t was simply down to the finishing power of opponent Brendan Marren, especially in the opening exchanges with a spectacular 152 checkout to rescue a leg he looked like losing on throw with Willie sat on 80, unfortunate again in leg 2 missing a 90 finish as Brendan made him pay with a cool 64 outshot and then went further in front with a 17 darter to go 3-0 up. Willie gave us a demonstration of his awesome power in leg 4 to pull back the deficit with a superb 13 darter after set up scores of 140 and 174, the sort of devastating scoring that was a regular feature of his game over the past 3 or 4 seasons that hasn’t been as evident this season. Still very rarely does Brendan let a commanding lead slip and he ensured that there was to be no way back for his Woodbottom SL team mate by closing out the game with an 18 darter. Another typically efficient Brendan Marren performance with 8 x 100 pluses backed up with 3 x 90 odd scores but the finishing was the key as he didn’t waste an opportunity in any of his winning legs. A decent effort from Willie with fairly scant reward this time as he hit 9 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90 odd scores to record a slightly superior average but sometimes in darts it is all about timing and maximizing the 3 darts in your hand to their full potential too as Brendan did by having 7 more darts in total than Willie.


Preliminary discussions underway amongst the Committee over plans for next year’s events with the possibility of cutting the total number of venues down to 6, all with the capacity to have fixed Boards in place which would certainly save a lot of time, money and effort in transporting the current equipment as well as assembling and dismantling it every time. However in my opinion what makes BDP unique is the fact that it takes the Competitions around to a wide variety of clubs in all different areas. Virtually every season new venues are added that brings a freshness to it all whereas using the same venues all the time could get a little stale. Also it has been encouraging to note that more players especially the younger ones are getting involved in the donkey work especially of packing away the equipment which lessons the burden on the likes of Brendan Marren and Jason Stockings who do such fantastic work for BDP along with others. No doubt though that any decisions taken in the future will be done so with due diligence and thought from our panel of wise committee men.

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