Well into the second half of the season now as Glasshoughton WMC hosted the 15th event of the year. The venue has been firmly established as home to Yorkshire County for the past 4 or 5 years, an ideal location being centrally based near Castleford and close to the M62. Even though the playing room seems quite small for the County weekends when the place is usually bursting at the seams it is perfect for BDP competitions with 4 match boards set up on either side of the room opposite to each other with players and a few spectators able to walk down the middle where the tables are placed for drinks, the control point is in an elevated position at the far end of the room so our organisers have a clear view of all the action taking place in front of them while at the other end there is room for 2 practice boards and plenty of seating for players and spectators close to the bar which stretches through to another room with a large screen to watch the day’s sporting action, decent food served and a car park to the rear of the building meant that all in all the venue ticks all the boxes for hosting a BDP competition. A total of 106 entries which was reasonable given the fact that there were numerous big events staged this weekend, most notably a BDO darting bonanza at Coventry with several competitions taking place over the course of the weekend while more locally at Barnsley the PDC Youths were in action in competition so there were probably at least a dozen players missing that would have been here otherwise.


Mick Hayward     3-2 Simon Wintle
Willie Kershaw   3-1 Dave Broxup
Graham Hoggarth  3-2 Laura Tye
Tony Wort        3-0 Matty Acs
John Richardson  3-0 Jack Courtman
Peter Baker      3-2 Marc Paige
Joe Harrison     3-0 Ian Payne
Steve Hattersley 3-1 Josh Hodgson
Lance Milburn    3-1 Mark Featherstone
Mark Hanslip     3-1 Rob Richardson
Peter Armitage   3-2 Andy Jones
Daz Twist        3-2 Vernon Walsh
Roy Lilleyman    3-0 Paul Doherty
Paul Priestland  3-0 Ian Falkingham
Colin Hendry     3-0 Mark Leonard
Alex Pride       3-1 Bob Pinder
Andy Smith       3-2 Pat Blakely
Rab McKenzie     3-0 Kate Hoggarth
Jaron Esteve     3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Paul Toulmin     3-0 Kirk Lonsdale
Tony Darlow      3-0 Bob Crossland
Rob Sharp        3-2 Trevor Tye
Steve Rumble     3-1 Josh Clough
Daz Weaver       3-0 Dave Riley
Mark Ashby       3-0 Aaron Poole
John Bowler      3-0 Lee Taylor
Louise Simmonds  3-0 Jason Clark
Matt Padgett     3-2 Andy Cheesebrough
Peter Rebanks    3-1 Andrew Clifford
Lewis Pride      3-2 Tony Farrow
Danny Hall       3-2 Daz Mawer
Ian Ward         3-0 Pat Meeson
Steve Kelly      3-2 Ryan Hoggarth
Steve Wright     3-1 Simon Rimmington
Dave Smith       3-0 Jon Crossland
Bryan Harrison   3-0 Jason Stockings
Steve Silver     3-0 Lynn Horne
Ceri Thomas      3-2 Pete Riley
Mark Gale        3-0 Steve Cadera
Ian Brown        3-0 Carl Brocklehurst
Tony Marsh       3-1 Ian Holmes
Chris Courtman   3-0 Tracy Gledhill

A rematch from East Leeds SC as Willie Kershaw (23.48) took on Dave Broxup (22.32), this time though in the 1st Round and not the 3rd, the match didn’t quite have the fireworks of the last one with Willie a more comfortable winner this time around although Dave kept up his sequence of 3 figure check outs against Willie with a 105 shot to level up at 1-1. Mark Featherstone (20.40) has found the going a lot tougher this season struggling to find the form he showed last year and losing early again, this time to Lance Milburn (19.17) in a generally scrappy game apart from Lance’s 19 dart leg to level up at 1-1. A real ding dong affair on Board 5 as East Leeds SC winner Matt Padgett (25.56) looked to be cruising towards an impressive victory over Andy Cheesebrough (26.31), after building up a 2-0 lead with 18 and 15 dart legs including a 180 in leg 2 to help force the break he looked well set to finish the job in leg 3 after shots of 140, 134 and 62 left him nicely placed on 40 after 15 darts, the ‘Big Cheese’ from Lofthouse had done little wrong himself having hit 7 x 100 pluses and a 99 up to this point but was staring down the barrel of a 3-0 defeat only to be handed a massive reprieve as Matt missed 6 darts at doubles to take the match allowing Andy a 19 dart lifeline, he then took control of the game with a 20 dart leveller as the Ilkeston star completely lost focus and concentration in leg 4 with a sequence of poor scores, the game had swung full circle as Andy sensed victory was now in his grasp with opening scores of 100, 180 and 140 to close in on an unlikely win, however there was to be another twist as this time Andy couldn’t finish the game with 4 match darts and Matt pounced after recovering his composure with a Tops finish in 20 darts for a breathless and dramatic victory. Bob Pinder the major casualty of the opening round but not a big surprise losing to East Leeds Finalist and bang in form Alex Pride while local star Rob Richardson also fell early losing out to the dangerous Mark Hanslip. Probably the most impressive darts of the round were thrown by Daz Weaver returning to his roots in Castleford with his lovely wife and 3 young boys who all look just like him, let’s hope they all grow up to post better jokes on Facebook than their dad, although they won’t do bad if they can throw darts like him, 14, 15 and 18 for a brilliant 31.98 average against the unfortunate Dave Riley.


Willie Kershaw   3-2 Mick Hayward
Graham Hoggarth  3-1 Scott Smith
Tony Wort        3-0 John Richardson
Peter Baker      3-0 Regan Pettinger
Steve Hattersley 3-0 Joe Harrison
John Utting      3-1 Dave Murray
Rich Winpenny    3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Lance Milburn    3-0 Michelle Binns
Tom Sykes        3-0 Mark Hanslip
Daz Twist        3-0 Peter Armitage
Roy Lilleyman    3-2 Kyle Richardson
Colin Hendry     3-1 Paul Priestland
Alex Pride       3-2 Nigel Atkinson
Rab McKenzie     3-1 Andy Smith
Jaron Esteve     3-2 Paul Toulmin
Tony Darlow      3-0 Rob Sharp
Daz Weaver       3-2 Steve Rumble
Mark Ashby       3-0 John Bowler
Louise Simmonds  3-1 Tom Blagg
Matt Padgett     3-1 Peter Rebanks
Brendan Dawson   3-2 Calum Hall
Jamie Ingle      3-2 Chris Namnieks
Tony Farrow      3-0 Danny Hall
Ian Ward         3-0 Steve Kelly
Dave Smith       3-0 Steve Wright
Lyndon Baxter    3-2 Bryan Harrison
Steve Silver     3-0 Ceri Thomas
Mark Gale        3-2 Ian Brown
Jamie McInall    3-0 Tony Marsh
Adam Tooley      3-1 John Clifford
Chris Courtman   3-0 Josh Scales
Brendan Marren   3-0 Jordan Smith

Wakefield ace Jaron Esteve has thrown superbly in competitions this season winning a string of events but for some reason has slightly under achieved at BDP where he hasn’t as yet fulfilled his potential, cheered on by stunning girlfriend Donna Wilks who always looks as if she has just walked off the set of a glitzy American Soap Opera with immaculate dress, nails and hair at all times just like a darts version of Jennifer Aniston, if that isn’t enough in itself she is always happy to ferry Jaron and his close mates around to darts venues all over the country and wait around patiently to take them all home again, as they say in Wakefield ‘Some bird she is’. Maybe this could be Jaron’s day as he edged past Paul Toulmin 3-2 to take a 2-1 lead in the third of their recent meetings at BDP comps. A tasty looking tie on Board 4 going all Daz Twist’s (24.64) way as he despatched Pete Armitage (22.40) 3-0 with a Shangai on 20’s to close out a surprisingly one sided match. A war of attrition as Mark Gale (21.35) saved the best till last with a 17 dart break to edge out Ian Brown (20.44) with neither player at their best in that game. A vocal game on Board 4 as Castleford’s Roy Lilleyman supported by his lovely wife and daughters amused his opponent Kyle Richardson and spectators with a big victory roar after a narrow 3-2 victory, saying ‘if he can shout, then I can shout’, which goes to show how hard fought and keenly contested these games are. Home Super League players Bryan and Joe Harrison both went out at this stage but joy for another Glasshoughton SL player as Tom Sykes beat Mark Hanslip 3-0 to keep the home flag flying.


Willie Kershaw   3-0 Graham Hoggarth
Tony Wort        3-0 Peter Baker
John Utting      3-1 Steve Hattersley
Rich Winpenny    3-1 Lance Milburn
Daz Twist        3-1 Tom Sykes
Colin Hendry     3-1 Roy Lilleyman
Rab McKenzie     3-2 Alex Pride
Tony Darlow      3-2 Jaron Esteve
Daz Weaver       3-0 Mark Ashby
Matt Padgett     3-1 Louise Simmonds
Jamie Ingle      3-1 Brendan Dawson
Ian Ward         3-1 Tony Farrow
Dave Smith       3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Mark Gale        3-2 Steve Silver
Adam Tooley      3-2 Jamie McInall
Brendan Marren   3-2 Chris Courtman

A decent start for Jamie Ingle (22.67) with 19 and 20 dart legs to open up a 2-0 lead over Brendan Dawson (19.76), he started to get a little tense though after missing 3 match darts for a 3-0 win as Brendan fought back and should really have levelled up but missed 4 darts at Double 6 to allow Jamie to sneak home with an unconvincing 27 darter. A fine effort in defeat from Chris Courtman pushing Brendan Marren all the way to a decider, the Castleford player really starting to get used to and perform well at BDP comps. Daz Weaver looking like a real threat at this stage after a 3-0 win over PDC Q School player Mark Ashby from Pontefract. Dave Smith did qualify for a PDC card through Q school back in January but such is the standard on the tour he hasn’t managed to get the results and subsequent prize money he was hoping for but at least he is making up for that slightly by winning plenty of prize money lately at BDP comps instead and will be favourite again to win today especially after seeing off the challenge of Lyndon Baxter by 3 legs to 1. Barnsley’s Rab McKenzie continues to impress after a fine 3-2 win over Alex Pride.


Tony Wort      3-1 Willie Kershaw
Rich Winpenny  3-1 John Utting
Daz Twist      3-1 Colin Hendry
Rab McKenzie   3-1 Tony Darlow
Matt Padgett   3-1 Daz Weaver
Ian Ward       3-2 Jamie Ingle
Dave Smith     3-0 Mark Gale
Brendan Marren 3-0 Adam Tooley

A huge win at the top of the draw for Swarcliffe’s Tony Wort with a superb victory over Willie Kershaw to follow up a similar result over Daz Twist at Morley a few weeks ago, the East Leeds SL Captain can produce some brilliant darts at times and throws in a quick fire almost nonchalant style that often takes opponents by surprise, finishes of 72, 106 and 72 certainly took Willie by surprise despite the Shipley man firing in a 15 darter in leg 3. No shocks at the bottom end of the draw as favourites Brendan Marren and Dave Smith set up a Last 8 clash after 3-0 victories over Adam Tooley and Mark Gale respectively. Ian Ward from Stanningley, West Leeds having his most successful BDP tournament to date after beating Jamie Ingle to reach the Quarter Finals, same too for Rab McKenzie although he has shown top form in every event he has played in but has been unfortunate to cop for some hard draws along the way so getting his just rewards today after a hard fought win over Tony Darlow. Matt Padgett, Daz Twist and Rich Winpenny making up the numbers after 3-1 wins in their games.


Rich Winpenny    3-1 Tony Wort
Daz Twist        3-1 Rab McKenzie
Matt Padgett     3-2 Ian Ward
Dave Smith       3-1 Brendan Marren

Rich Winpenny making the Semi’s for the third time this season, almost through the back door this time after dodging the big guns throughout the draw although he did have to play well to beat Lance Milburn and just about did enough to overcome John Utting and now Tony Wort. Daz Twist’s productive season continues after a sparkling 3-1 win over Rab McKenzie, while Dave Smith keeps his outstanding sequence going, Runner Up, QF, Winner, Semi and Winner from his last 5 tournaments and looking in good shape to make it another win today after getting the better of Brendan Marren. Unbelievably tense finish in the last QF to finish as both players missed a host of chances to win it before Matt Padgett clinched it, had to feel for Ian Ward who was right on the wire with most of those darts and may feel he might not get a better chance to make a Semi or Final even for some time after that.


Rich Winpenny (24.64) 3-0 (22.81) Daz Twist

Rich Winpenny finally made it through to a BDP Final having been beaten twice in Semi’s this season with better statistics than the ones he produced here, a steady workmanlike performance with good finishing gave him the edge over Daz Twist who played poorly by his high standards. Finishes of 40, 48 and 39 all taken out quickly with a 3 out of 5 success rate on the doubles made the difference as there wasn’t much in the scoring, indeed Daz had slightly the better of it at the high end with 6 x 100 pluses and a 99 score to Rich’s 4 x 100 pluses with a 99 and 91 score but the Woodlesford players general scoring was the steadier of the two as he hit only 2 scores under 55 compared to Daz’s 6 scores which cost him the game really. Winning legs for ‘The Boy Rabbit’ coming in 21, 20 and 20 darts.


Dave Smith (27.77) 3-1 (25.34) Matt Padgett

The game effectively was won and lost in leg 3 as Matt Padgett failed to win it on throw with 24 darts which allowed Dave Smith in to nick it in 23 darts in by far the poorest leg of the contest. Initially after a shaky couple of opening scores Matt recovered well to take the opening leg in 20 darts with a crisp 2 dart finish on 55 and despite hitting a 180 in leg 2 he was well adrift of Dave who had blasted in scores of 134, 177, 100 and 74 as he finished off the leg to level up in 15 darts. Both players then went off the boil in leg 3 as Matt ended up missing darts at a tricky Double 3 which cost him dearly. Dave once again powered away on his own throw with scores of 131, 140, 100 and 98 with a second dart finish on 32 for a brisk 14 darter to give Matt little chance back on 131. Dave has a knack of putting in bursts of scoring with blows the opponent away which he did twice to Matt in order to win this game, a total of 7 x 100 pluses with 6 of those coming in 2 quick fire bursts and 4 other 90 odd scores for Dave while Matt hit 5 x 100 pluses including his 180 and 3 other scores in the 90’s.


Dave Smith (24.73) 4-1 (22.27) Rich Winpenny

A disappointing Final in all truth with Dave Smith doing enough to win against Rich Winpenny who just found the Trebles on the 19’s and 20’s too elusive to mount a serious challenge. Rich won the off but made a poor start to hand over the initiative to Dave straight away as he took full advantage with a 180 to sew up the opening leg in 16 darts. Same story in leg 2 for Rich as he couldn’t buy a Treble and Dave took it in a less than convincing 24 darts. The harder the South Leeds player tried the worse it seemed to get for him but somehow after both players missed darts at Doubles he managed to take leg 3 it in 25 darts to trail 2-1, sensing he was back in the game Rich’s scoring picked up a little in leg 4 as he left 58 and in with a chance of levelling only to see Dave take out a superb 122 for an 18 darter to go 3-1 up. A 180 at the start of leg 5 from Rich meant he should have made it interesting at 3-2 but instead he missed a crucial 2 darts at Tops and Tens on a 65 finish and was punished for it as Dave clinically took out 100 for an 18 dart match winner. A total of 9 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90 odds for Dave got the job done with Rich hitting 6 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90 odd scores but he really needed to turn some of the 10 shots of 59 or 60 into 97’s or 100’s to have any chance, far too many 40 odd scores too made it a disappointing experience for him just like it was for Daz Twist who played similarly against him in the Semi. As for Dave he wont care too much about being below par in the Final as he pockets another £200 winnings, the question is can he make up the ground in the remaining events to make the Top 48 and a Grand Final place.


A total of 36 players now qualified for the BDP Classic which looks like being a very strong field indeed. The gamble of an extra £5 on a Comp match day has payed off so far for the players that have qualified, with some of them not having to reach the latter stages in order to qualify so well worth a punt for any of the other players who might fancy their chances. Comps 16 and 17 coming up in quick succession at Kippax and Hunslet on the 4th and 11th Aug then a substantial gap in the calender for some reason to the 22nd Sept although a non ranking event at Sheffield has been added to the calender and possibly another one could be pencilled in to fill the void in September.

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