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For the first time this season the attendance dropped below three figures albeit just by 1 as 99 players registered to play, maybe Olympic fever had gripped a few people who wanted to see more medal success for team GB this afternoon. Still plenty of quality as usual in the line up with top players Thompson, Marren, Smith, Padgett, Kershaw and Temple all in the mix amongst others while the players in and around the Top 48 were looking to consolidate their positions in the overall tables as we come towards the final Quarter of the season.


Brendan Marren     3-0 Sam Fordham
Danny Hall         3-2 Sam Hastings
Daz Twist          3-0 Lance Milburn
Pat Blakely        3-0 Dave Riley
John Richardson    3-2 Darren Cartwright
Daniel Roberts     3-0 Mark Gale
Johnny Scott       3-1 Jon Crossland
Matt Padgett       3-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Mick Wiltshire     3-1 Rob Richardson
Jordan Smith       3-0 Joe Harrison
Brandon Walsh      3-2 Ian Ward
Adam Wood          3-0 Raymond Long
Mark Hanslip       3-0 Mark Leonard
Paul Toulmin       3-2 Steve Hattersley
Rob Sharp          3-2 Jason Stockings
Tom Sykes          3-1 Russell Murphy
Jaron Esteve       3-1 Paul Priestland
Carl Brocklehurst  3-2 Josh Hodgson
John Clifford      3-0 Steve Cadera
Simon Wintle       3-1 Rich Winpenny
Bryan Harrison     3-1 Dave Broxup
Lewis Pride        3-2 Simon Rimmington
Calum Hall         3-1 Jamie Ingle
Ian Brown          3-2 Darryl Bainbridge
Lynn Horne         3-0 Peter Rushby
Josh Scales        3-0 Steve Fowler
Tony Darlow        3-1 Colin Hendry
Katie Hoggarth     3-2 Peter Baker
Garry Thompson     3-0 Mark Featherstone
Kyle Richardson    3-0 Louise Simmonds
John Utting        3-0 Chris Namnieks
Brendan Dawson     3-0 Dave Murray
Peter Rebanks      3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Daz Hale           3-0 Josh Clough

Doncaster youngster Brandon Walsh (25.19) gaining in experience all the time on the PDC Youth tour and becoming a tougher match player as a result managed to hold off a sterling fightback from Ian Ward (23.92) which included an impressive 14 dart leg, with the score level at 2-2 though it was Brandon that produced the goods with 100, 140 and 100 scores to help take the match in 20 darts. Good results for two ladies at the opposite end of the scale as Huddersfield’s vastly experienced Yorkshire County player Lynn Horne beat East Leeds veteran Pete Rushby 3-0, while Youth player Katie Hoggarth had one of her best results in BDP toppling South Leeds player Peter Baker 3-2. Elsewhere a fine start for Daz Hale as he looked in fine form taking out finishes of 141 and 120 in his 3-0 victory over Josh Clough. Rob Richardson, Rich Winpenny and Dave Broxup have all featured at the later stages of BDP competitions recently but their involvement ended early today after opening round 3-1 defeats.


Brendan Marren     3-1 Paul Doherty
Tony Wort          3-0 Rob Crostwaite
Pat Meeson         3-1 Ian Holmes
Nigel Atkinson     3-2 Alex Pride
Willie Kershaw     3-0 Ian Falkingham
Vernon Walsh       3-1 Danny Hall
Dave Smith         3-2 Daz Twist
Peter Daffin       3-0 Pat Blakely
Johnny Daniels     3-1 John Richardson
Daniel Roberts     3-1 Johnny Scott
Terry Temple       3-2 Matt Padgett
Laura Tye          3-0 Mally Welsh
Mick Wiltshire     3-1 Mark Stephenson
Jordan Smith       3-0 Regan Pettinger
Terry Longmore     3-2 Brandon Walsh
Rich Corner        3-0 Adam Wood
Mark Hanslip       3-0 Andrew Clifford
Paul Toulmin       3-0 Rob Sharp
Daz Mawer          3-0 Ian Payne
Tom Sykes          3-1 Steve Kelly
Jaron Esteve       3-1 Carl Brocklehurst
Tony Farrow        3-0 John Clifford
Bryan Harrison     3-0 Simon Wintle
Lewis Pride        3-0 Calum Hall
Ian Brown          3-2 Bob Pinder
Josh Scales        3-2 Lynn Horne
Tony Darlow        3-0 Katie Hoggarth
Garry Thompson     3-0 Trevor Tye
Curtis Turner      3-0 Aaron Stephenson
John Utting        3-0 Kyle Richardson
Brendan Dawson     3-0 Steve Wright
Daz Hale           3-0 Peter Rebanks

A brave effort from Steve Kelly with a pot on his broken foot and playing on crutches with the aid of a runner to retrieve his darts from the board as he managed to take a leg off Tom Sykes before valiantly going down 3-1 in the end. Not quite as explosive as his first game but still tidy darts from Daz Hale (24.64) including a 180 and a 16 dart final leg in beating Pete Rebanks (22.61) 3-0. Matt Padgett (25.01) blew a great chance to send Terry Temple (26.76) packing early as he missed 3 match darts at 24 to win 3-1 and paid dearly for it as Terry came back to win 3-2 from 2-0 down. Dave Smith also survived match darts as he just about managed to edge past Daz Twist with both players throwing brilliantly and leaving shots at Doubles after 12 darts in a dramatic last leg shoot out.


Tony Wort          3-1 Brendan Marren
Nigel Atkinson     3-2 Pat Meeson
Willie Kershaw     3-1 Vernon Walsh
Peter Daffin       3-1 Dave Smith
Johnny Daniels     3-0 Daniel Roberts
Terry Temple       3-1 Laura Tye
Jordan Smith       3-2 Mick Wiltshire
Terry Longmore     3-2 Rich Corner
Paul Toulmin       3-1 Mark Hanslip
Tom Sykes          3-2 Daz Mawer
Jaron Esteve       3-1 Tony Farrow
Bryan Harrison     3-2 Lewis Pride
Ian Brown          3-2 Josh Scales
Garry Thompson     3-2 Tony Darlow
John Utting        3-0 Curtis Turner
Daz Hale           3-0 Brendan Dawson

The Cat certainly put amongst the Pigeons in Round 3 as recent Competition Winners Brendan Marren, Dave Smith and Rich Corner all tumbled out in a big round for the Underdogs. Firstly Tony Wort known as ‘The Coat’ as he has a fondness for wearing them, especially thick padded ones at all times even when the temperature is stiflingly hot and everyone else is in T Shirts, he is also very much a loose Cannon when it comes to darts, like an old unexploded World War 2 bomb laying hidden for years he can be inactive and dormant and then when least expected detonate into life causing maximum damage and devastation, it was top star Brendan Marren that felt the full force of the blast today as he was blown away by the power of Tony’s darts as even players on adjacent boards half watched the drama unfold as well as most of the spectators gathered around, dignified in defeat the Keighley Gentleman had nothing but praise for Tony Wort afterwards which is a measure of the man. First timer Peter Daffin from Chesterfield and plays for Shirebrook in the Notts SL played superbly to take out a hot favourite in Dave Smith by 3 legs to 1 to ensure his name will be remembered for a while after today. Huddersfield’s Terry Longmore is a little more well known having been a fine SL player for years and always high in the league averages especially in his Lockwood Cons days, he is starting to make an impression too in BDP comps, especially so after taking out Kippax Champion Rich Corner 3-2. Garry Thompson (28.77) too came close to being another high profile casualty as Tony Darlow (27.37) missed chances to take him out in the decider, the first 4 legs of that game were sensational with Gary taking legs in 12 and 17 darts while Tony refused to buckle under the bombardment and fired back with 15 and 17 darters, only in the 5th leg did both players get twitchy as they both missed with numerous Double attempts before Garry finally sealed the win in 27 darts with his 11th match arrow. A similar last leg melt down for Jordan Smith (20.77) and Mick Wiltshire (19.62) only more catastrophic as both players missed with at least 15 darts to win the game as the match became unbearably tense, even more so as the wedges securing the board fell out at one point which added to the drama with youngster Jordan a much more animated player than his famous father Dave finally hitting Double for a 42 dart leg, up until then the game had been of high quality with both players firing in a 15 darter as Mick fought back to level from 2-0 down but he will want to forget that last leg pretty quickly.


Tony Wort          3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Willie Kershaw     3-0 Peter Daffin
Terry Temple       3-1 Johnny Daniels
Terry Longmore     3-2 Jordan Smith
Paul Toulmin       3-1 Tom Sykes
Jaron Esteve       3-1 Bryan Harrison
Garry Thompson     3-1 Ian Brown
Daz Hale           3-0 John Utting

Peter Daffin (22.26) couldn’t repeat his heroics from the round before and went out fairly tamely to Willie Kershaw (24.24). Jaron Esteve (26.24) controlled most of the match against Bryan Harrison (22.74) with a couple of 180’s and a timely 109 finish to snatch away leg 3 as Bryan sat waiting on 32 probably the key moment of the game. More big finishes too as Daz Hale crashed in the top 170 shot as he beat John Utting 3-0 and Tony Wort detonating more bombs with a 142 finish to finish off Nigel Atkinson 3-1. Terry Longmore edged out precocious talent Jordan Smith with Garry Thompson and Terry Temple both prevailing after 3-1 wins over Ian Brown and Johnny Daniels.


Willie Kershaw     3-1 Tony Wort
Terry Temple       3-1 Terry Longmore
Paul Toulmin       3-2 Jaron Esteve
Garry Thompson     3-1 Daz Hale

Despite being outscored for the most part Garry Thompson (24.54) still found a way to get past Daz Hale (27.84) who hit a 180 and 9 other 100 plus scores, he also had the best leg of the match with a 15 darter and was well in contention in the other 3 legs, timing the key to Garry’s victory as he was happy to concede leg 3 by a big margin but did enough to edge his winning legs and take the match. Yet another Toulmin v Esteve clash at BDP, this time it was Paul’s turn to come out on top with a hard fought 3-2 victory while Terry Temple ended Terry Longmore’s fine run at the Quarter Final stage. A great effort all day from Tony Wort arriving at the tournament off the back of a gruelling 12 hour Nightshift and with no respite either as he was due back at the factory to start another 12 hour stint straight after defeat to Willy Kershaw who avenged his defeat to Tony at Glasshoughton a few weeks earlier.


Terry Temple (29.04) 3-1 (28.00) Willie Kershaw

A closely fought first Semi Final with Terry Temple overcoming stern resistance from Willie Kershaw to reach the Final once again. Brisk finishing saw Terry home in winning legs of 19, 16 and 17 darts after Willie had taken the opener in 17 darts. Very little in the match all the way through, the turning point coming in leg 3 with Terry breaking the throw after Willie had missed 2 darts at Doubles after hitting the T20 on a 76 outshot, what we have learned about Terry this year is if he’s given a chance then 9 times out of 10 he usually takes it and he duly obliged by taking out the D16 with the first dart. The man from York still had to work hard to secure the win as Willie put in a determined effort to leave 60 after 15 darts in leg 4 but didn’t get a shot as Terry not for the first time clinically took out 68 in 2 darts to snuff out the danger. Scoring from Terry very solid with 2 x 180’s, 4 x 100 pluses and 2 x 95’s, equally good from Willie too with 8 x 100 pluses and a 99 score but in a game of fine margins just one slip up can cost the game which is all it took for Terry to take full advantage.


Garry Thompson (27.83) 3-0 (22.84) Paul Toulmin

The second Semi never really in doubt as Garry Thompson cruised through to the Final against Shipley’s Paul Toulmin who was making his first BDP Semi appearance. An explosive opening start from Garry as he finished the leg with scores of 140, 100 and a 160 finish for a 15 darter. Good straight darts from Paul in leg 2 with 20 out of his 21 darts landing in the 20 segment but unfortunately for him only 1 of those darts landed in the Treble which was not the return he was looking for and was never going to be enough to trouble a seasoned International player like Garry who took the leg in 19 darts. More frustration for Paul in leg 3 as he couldn’t find the big scores like he had in his previous games and Garry wrapped up the match in 20 darts for a comfortable win, as for Paul, like many players before him found out that suddenly on the big stage in the spotlight the target area becomes elusive and gets even more so the harder you try to rectify the situation but on the whole a fine tournament for him and just reward for knocking on the door all year at BDP comps. A total of 2 x 100’s with a 98 and 92 score for him and a stack of 60 scores which were no match for Garry’s 3 x 140’s, 2 x 100’s and 96 score.


Terry Temple (27.05) 4-3 (27.78) Garry Thompson

Once again the corner stone to Terry Temple’s victory was his ability to take every chance that came his way, twice in the game pinching legs that he should really have lost with Garry first to the Double. The match started well for Garry as similarly to the Semi he finished off the leg in style with 134 and 100 scores and a typical piece of unconventional finishing from him as he hit S16, S14 and Bull on a finish of 80 when most players would go the 20’s route. A chance to open up a 2-0 lead slipped away as Garry missed a 52 finish to allow Terry in for a 2 dart 46 outshot, no fortune needed in leg 3 though as Terry ran away with it with a 180 and another 46 finish for a 15 dart hold to go 2-1 up. Yet another crushing blow for Garry as he failed to win leg 4 despite hitting back to back scores mid leg of 180 and 140 only to miss a 34 finish and watch Terry clean up again with a 74 finish for an 18 darter and looking at this stage like an unassailable lead, however Terry just went off the boil slightly on his scoring which was enough to allow Garry back into the game with solid 17 and 16 dart legs to level the game. With advantage of throw the man from Whitwell on the Hill recovered his composure and played out a good last leg to keep Garry at bay and only allowing him a shot at 160 which he couldn’t take out this time around, the D10 finish for Terry seemed just a formality as he had hardly missed a finish all day and he made sure with the first dart for a 16 dart winner.


Back to winning ways for Terry Temple as he made it 4 Titles for the season so far after his 3 back to back wins at the start of the season and now looks certain to make the Grand Finals and possibly a bigger pay day for him where he will surely be the favourite to win on current form. As for Garry he looks to have no chance of qualifying but will be concentrating on much bigger things when in action again in the BDO World Championships in January. Once again the routine of packing kit away seems to be running like a well oiled machine with all the helpers seemingly knowing their roles in the operation and making sure the job is done quickly and efficiently before the Final takes place for a quick getaway afterwards. A rare long gap in the calendar before BDP resumes towards the back end of September at Corpus Christi in Halton Moor, Leeds.

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