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The 17th event of the season and a trip to Kippax, just about in Leeds territory around 9 miles South East of the city but much closer to Castleford which is just over 3 miles away. Not the biggest of venues with room to move at a premium as players and spectators found themselves hemmed in at times by tables and a sea of red velvet chairs. Enough room though to house 8 Boards all in a row along the length of the room, also a practice board near the control point near the stage but very congested at times. A warm day outside meant that playing conditions inside especially for the first couple of hours were stifling, thankfully easing off as the competition wore on. On the playing front BDP welcomed a few different faces with 3 or 4 of our friends from York Darts making the trip including Rich Corner, a player that has dominated events over in York since the YDP formed, he also plays County darts for Cleveland which is probably closer for him than Yorkshire’s home at Glasshoughton. Also in the line up a player of renowned quality and class as Jay Foreman from Shirebrook, Derbyshire, made his BDP debut, the former Yorkshire Classic winner a well known figure in the Midlands and is the Nottinghamshire County captain.


John Clifford      3-0 Andrew Clifford
Pete Rebanks       3-2 Adam Tooley
Colin Hendry       3-0 Jamie Ingle
Johnny Daniels     3-0 Paul Toulmin
Jon Crossland      3-2 Mark Robinson
Rich Winpenny      3-0 Dave Sykes
Andy Cheesebrough  3-0 Daniel Roberts
Daz Layden         3-0 Louise Simmonds
Brendan Dawson     3-1 Darryl Bainbridge
Willie Kershaw     3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Ian Watson         3-2 Nigel Atkinson
Bob Pinder         3-2 Dave Murray
Darren Cartwright  3-0 Danny Taal
Jamie Ogley        3-1 Peter Baker
Tony Darlow        3-0 Mark Hanslip
Pat Blakely        3-2 Sam Hastings
Mark Gale          3-1 Mark Leonard
Lewis Pride        3-2 Peter Rushby
Josh Clough        3-0 Mally Welsh
Mark Featherstone  3-0 Steve Hattersley
Ian Ward           3-0 Reece Catton
Jay Foreman        3-0 Bryan Harrison
Peter Armitage     3-0 Calum Hall
Matt Padgett       3-1 Daz Twist
Terry Longmore     3-0 Ian Payne
Lyndon Baxter      3-0 Chris Namnieks
Stuart Monaghan    3-1 Ian Holmes
Ian Brown          3-0 Jonathan Taylor
Ryan Hoggarth      3-0 Danny Wadsworth
Pat Meeson         3-1 Lee Jones
Dan McIlroy        3-1 Kirk Lonsdale
Paul Priestland    3-1 Ian Falkingham
Trevor Tye         3-1 Lance Milburn
Simon Rimmington   3-0 Mick Hayward
Rich Corner        3-0 Aaron Poole
Jaron Esteve       3-0 Steve Wright
John Richardson    3-1 Steve Fowler
Sam Fordham        3-1 Joe Harrison
Tom Sykes          3-0 Josh Hodgson
Carl Brocklehurst  3-2 Steve Kelly
Dave Broxup        3-1 Jason Stockings
Mick Wiltshire     3-0 Dave Scaum

First on to the boards was Jay Foreman (28.90) who made light work of local star Bryan Harrison (22.21), a blistering start to the day as Jay set the pace with 15 and 13 darters before slackening off a little with a 24 dart clincher as Bryan never really got into the game until the end when a 140 shot gave him a shot at 50 which he couldn’t take. Brendan Marren (31.98) raised the temperature inside even more with some scorching darts to batter the unfortunate Johnny Scott (20.19) who drew the unlucky number out of the bag that was next to Brendan’s name, a total of 10 out of 13 scoring shots over 100 for the Keighley Exocet with the other 3 a mere, 85, 60 and 60. A comfortable early victory also for Tony Darlow (26.84) including a 16 dart finisher as he put paid to Mark Hanslip (20.52). Missed doubles cost Mally Welsh (20.20), the experienced player from Harehills, Leeds, paying dearly as opponent Josh Clough (20.87) took the match on the Bull with a 112 checkout to finish the game in style. Matt Padgett late onto his board to play Daz Twist due to a bout of food poisoning laying him low in the toilet for a while but recovering sufficiently enough to beat the Middleton star 3-1, elsewhere no real shocks as all the form players in action came through.


John Clifford      3-0 Pete Rebanks
Johnny Daniels     3-0 Colin Hendry
Jon Crossland      3-2 Rich Winpenny
Andy Cheesebrough  3-1 Daz Layden
Willie Kershaw     3-0 Brendan Dawson
Bob Pinder         3-1 Ian Watson
Darren Cartwright  3-2 Laura Tye
Norman Elliott     3-2 Jamie Ogley
Tony Darlow        3-1 Pat Blakely
Simon Wintle       3-1 Raymond Long
Brendan Marren     3-0 Johnny Scott
Ceri Thomas        3-1 Mark Gale
Tony Farrow        3-2 Lewis Pride
Josh Clough        3-2 Tony Wort
Mark Featherstone  3-2 Ian Ward
Jay Foreman        3-1 Josh Scales
Matt Padgett       3-2 Peter Armitage
Terry Longmore     3-0 James Watson
Paul Doherty       3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Ian Brown          3-1 Stuart Monaghan
Graham Hoggarth    3-2 Pat Meeson
Terry Temple       3-2 Dan McIlroy
Paul Priestland    3-2 Russell Murphy
Trevor Tye         3-0 Simon Rimmington
Rich Corner        3-0 Bryn Harrison
Jaron Esteve       3-1 Simon Spencer
Alex Pride         3-0 Pete Riley
John Richardson    3-1 Sam Fordham
Tom Sykes          3-0 Carl Brocklehurst
Dave Broxup        3-0 Kyle Richardson
Mick Wiltshire     3-2 Rob Sharp

The crowd sensed a major upset coming as East Leeds player Dan McIlroy levelled up at 2-2 against PDC star Terry Temple who was struggling to find his range, the York player though managing to get out of jail as Dan’s challenge faded away in the decider. A huge sigh of relief at the end for Terry as it showed even the very best players can have poor games at times. Jaron Esteve (27.28) didn’t let a string of scoring errors by the marker affect him too much as he took winning legs in 18, 17 and 16 darts after losing the opener to Colne player Simon Spencer (22.63), who understandably wasn’t particularly happy afterwards. Fortune favouring Matt Padgett of late with players not taking their chances to win against him, Peter Armitage the guilty man this time as he let the game slip through his grasp with 3 missed darts at doubles in the decider. Glasshoughton Finalist Rich Winpenny had the game in his grasp too against Jon Crossland at 2-0 up but let it slip as he missed a combined total of 5 match darts to win 3-0 and 3-1, eventually losing 3-2 after the Pontefract player saved the game and came back with a strong last leg to clinch victory. His marking may be dodgy at times but the darts are going well today for John ‘The Tinkerman’ Richardson as he beat Sam Fordham 3-1 to stay firmly in position for a top 48 place at the end of the season, while Bradford’s Paul Doherty yet another hard working BDP official as he helps to collate the draw amongst other duties on comp days probably had his best win of the season in beating the very much inform Lyndon Baxter 3-1.


Johnny Daniels     3-0 John Clifford
Jon Crossland      3-0 Andy Cheesebrough
Bob Pinder         3-0 Willie Kershaw
Norman Elliott     3-0 Darren Cartwright
Tony Darlow        3-0 Simon Wintle
Brendan Marren     3-1 Ceri Thomas
Tony Farrow        3-0 Josh Clough
Jay Foreman        3-0 Mark Featherstone
Matt Padgett       3-2 Terry Longmore
Ian Brown          3-1 Paul Doherty
Graham Hoggarth    3-2 Ryan Hoggarth
Terry Temple       3-0 Paul Priestland
Rich Corner        3-0 Trevor Tye
Alex Pride         3-1 Jaron Esteve
Tom Sykes          3-0 John Richardson
Dave Broxup        3-1 Mick Wiltshire

Ian Brown (20.99) the sole surviving Kippax player made it into the money stages with a 3-1 win over Paul Doherty (20.13), finishes of 95 and 108 a feature from him in that game. The Hoggarth Brothers Graham and Ryan teamed up in the Pairs at the Coventry festival a few short weeks ago and caused a sensation when knocking out the Eccles/Durrant partnership, the Cleveland pair one of the favourites to win the competition. They were drawn to face each other in Round 3 today with elder brother Graham shading it 3-2. Another tight one for Matt Padgett as he scraped through 3-2 against Huddersfield’s Terry Longmore, the Ilkeston player battling on gamely despite feeling under the weather. East Leeds Finalist Willie Kershaw the major name to fall as he lost 3-0 to Bob Pinder who himself hasn’t quite been as prolific at BDP this year but could all change today after a confidence boosting result like that.


Johnny Daniels     3-1 Jon Crossland
Bob Pinder         3-1 Norman Elliott
Brendan Marren     3-2 Tony Darlow
Jay Foreman        3-0 Tony Farrow
Matt Padgett       3-1 Ian Brown
Terry Temple       3-0 Graham Hoggarth
Rich Corner        3-2 Alex Pride
Dave Broxup        3-1 Tom Sykes

Bob Pinder (22.49) could even afford to give a leg away to Selby’s Norman Elliott (18.61), the Sheffielder missing 11 darts mainly at Double 1 when losing leg 2 but powered back to win comfortably with further 17 and 20 darters. Brendan Marren survived a match dart against him from Tony Darlow to edge through as did Rich Corner just overcoming a tough challenge from Alex Pride. Jay Foreman looking a major threat at this stage having only dropped a single leg in 4 matches so far with big Tony Farrow the latest player to feel his power. At the bottom of the draw Dave Broxup reached his third Quarter Final of the season after a good 3-1 result over emerging young star Tom Sykes and hoping to go further this time around.


Johnny Daniels     3-0 Bob Pinder
Brendan Marren     3-2 Jay Foreman
Terry Temple       3-0 Matt Padgett
Rich Corner        3-1 Dave Broxup

A workmanlike performance from Rich Corner (23.23) enabled him to get the better of Dave Broxup (23.19) with very little in the scoring the York man having the edge on the finishing that made the difference. An outstanding battle on Board 5 saw Brendan Marren have to be at his mercurial best to beat Jay Foreman in a thriller that would have graced any Final, elsewhere Terry Temple showing his second game struggle was just a blip with three consecutive 3-0 victories to follow as Matt Padgett’s run under duress came to an end. At the top of the draw Johnny Daniels reached his first Semi of the season after a 3-0 victory over Bob Pinder.


Rich Corner (27.28) 3-2 (26.88) Terry Temple

Three time winner already this season Terry Temple gave himself a mountain to climb at 2-0 down to Rich Corner, after losing the opening leg in 17 darts Terry blasted back in leg 2 with some big scoring including a 180 to leave 12 after only 12 darts but then criminally missed 9 darts mainly at an elusive Double 1 to hand the leg to Rich in 22 darts. A sickening blow that could have killed off a lesser player but Terry is a really steely character and just came back even stronger with another 180 in leg 3 for a 15 dart hold and then an 18 dart break back. With Rich under the cosh Terry now looked firm favourite to turn the tie around with the advantage of throw, however his fellow York player showed tremendous character in the decider to throw a brilliant 14 dart leg including a well timed 180 that deserved to win it for him, with Terry scoring so well at this stage Rich probably knew it would have to be a sub 15 darter at least to clinch victory and he produced the leg of the match when he needed it most. Easy to see why Rich Corner has won many tournaments especially in and around the York area as he hit 10 x 100 pluses and a 99 but just as important was the 64 he took out in 2 darts to win the game under pressure with Terry waiting on 49. High scoring from Terry with his lowest 3 figure score out of the 7 he hit being a 125 as well as 4 other scores in the 90’s but losing the 2nd leg when in total control proved costly for him in the end.


Johnny Daniels (27.34) 3-2 (29.39) Brendan Marren

With Brendan Marren in such scintillating form all day and having just taken out the brilliant Jay Foreman with a darting masterclass the task facing Johnny Daniels was huge to say the least and few would have fancied his chances at the start. However past events has shown us that whenever Johnathan has got to this stage before he usually performs well having got stronger round by round so there was no way he would fold under pressure. An early boost for him was winning the Bull which would prove crucial in the final analysis, the Darfield SL ace knew it was imperative to then hold his throw which he did with a 19 darter, he also knew Brendan would probably hit him with some big scores which he would have to ride like a Boxer covering up on the ropes when hit with a series of left and right hooks. The big scores came in leg 2 like a flurry of punches as Brendan hit 100, 140, 130, 91 and a single dart at Tops for an ominous looking 13 dart leveller. Still so long as Jonathan could hold his own throws then it wouldn’t really matter what Brendan did on his throws would be the way to look at it but much easier said than done of course. The Barnsley player took a giant step closer to victory with a brilliant 140 checkout for a 15 dart hold giving Brendan no chance in that leg but the Keighley star soon levelled up again with a 19 darter and he put on the Afterburners again in a determined effort in the decider putting Johnathan under intense pressure with scores of 100, 100, 100 and 140 to leave 61 but the ‘Cuddly Bear’ just refused to buckle as he stepped up for 138 for the match, the enthralled crowd held its breath as both the Treble 20 and Treble 18 landed but the final dart was just over pitched and went above the Double 12 wire, in his previous match Brendan faced the same situation, having to take out 61 for the match, he was equal to it then but this time his 2 darts at Double 18 narrowly missed and it was game over as Jonathan planted the Double 12 first dart for a memorable victory. An impressive 11 x 100 pluses for ‘JD’ with a 99 and 98 score while Brendan was superb again with 12 x 100 pluses, a 99 and a 91 score but just couldn’t quite manage to engineer the break he needed this time.


Rich Corner (27.40) 4-3 (25.76) Jonathan Daniels

Rich Corner from the small village of Linton on Ouse, 10 miles North East of York known primarily for being home to a Royal Air Force Base, the village can also boast a top class dart player as Rich started the match with the same sort of thrust as one of the local Jets with a 140, 100, 100, 81 start, however it was all in vain as Jonathan showed the grit and determination that has stood him in good stead all day by taking out a pressure 83 outshot to hold in 17 darts, the Barnsley ace had a chance to go 2-0 up but after hitting the Treble 20 he just missed with follow up darts at Double 16 and Double 8 on a 92 finish allowing Rich to mop up a Double 10 with his last dart for a 21 dart hold. Both players were dominant on their own throws in the next 2 legs with Johnny taking leg 3 in 17 darts and Rich responding in fine style with a 14 dart equaliser. The York ace was finding some real momentum in his scoring power at this stage with a procession of 100’s and 140’s which were threatening to overpower his opponent as he broke with a 16 darter to go 3-2 up. Looked like he was closing in on victory with 3 x 100 scores in leg 6 but made a real hash on a 68 finish and didn’t have a shot at a double, even so Jonathan still had to take out 78 to stay in the game which he did showing tremendous bravery and bottle to save the game in 21 darts. Once again the relentless scoring of Rich was giving him the advantage in the decider, scores of 140, 100, 100 and 97 put him in command of the leg with 64 required as Jonathan languished on 266, still the Darfield player just doesn’t know the meaning of what most players would consider a lost cause and fired in a further 100 and 134 to suddenly heap massive pressure on Rich’s remaining shot of Double 8 for the match, so from looking like he had at least 6 darts to finish the job he now only had 3, even the crowd were getting twitchy never mind the players as Rich missed to allow Johnathan a chance he probably deserved after showing such a never say die attitude but as so often happens after doing all the hard work to get back in the leg the chance to win it went begging although his 3 darts at Double 16 were all agonisingly close to the wire. Even with the tension at its highest it was highly unlikely Rich would give him another chance and he made no mistake this time with a first dart Double 4 for a 19 dart winner. Impressive scoring from Rich with 6 x 140’s, 13 x 100’s and a 97 score with Jonathan replying with 13 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90 odd scores. An exciting Final and a credit to both players.


A tremendous effort from Rich Corner especially so considering he is still recovering from surgery to remove his Gallbladder and was lying on the operating table only 2 weeks earlier, although probably still in a lot of discomfort from the aftermath of that operation he showed no ill effects on the dart board and showed the same class and quality that he has shown time and again for Cleveland County over the years, credit too to Jonathan as time and again during the day he produced some great saving darts when under the cosh and is a player that never gives in until the last dart is thrown. Once again nice to note that the packing away of equipment was done quickly and efficiently with the help of a few volunteers sharing the workload.

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