Corpus Christi

A respectable 107 players turned out for today’s event at Corpus Christi club in the heart of a densely populated area of inner city Leeds, situated just 2 to 3 miles East of the city centre. The chase for the top 48 spots is well and truly on now on the run in towards the end of the season.


Pete Riley        3-1 Laura Tye
Bob Pinder        3-0 Josh Hodgson
Kelvin Pease      3-1 Pete Rushby
Brandon Walsh     3-2 Jonathan Daniels
Mick Wiltshire    3-0 Steve Silver
Carl Wilkinson    3-0 Pat Blakely
Peter Armitage    3-0 Steve Cadera
Paul Priestland   3-1 Ian Falkingham
Mark Featherstone 3-1 James Ramsey
Louise Simmonds   3-2 Josh Clough
Darryl Bainbridge 3-0 Pat Meeson
Tony Farrow       3-0 Steve Fowler
Steve Kelly       3-0 Raymond Long
Tony Wort         3-2 Sam Hastings
Kyle Richardson   3-1 Mark Leonard
Jaron Esteve      3-0 Chris Namnieks
Rob Sharp         3-1 Sam Fordham
Dave Wilson       3-1 Carl Brocklehurst
Tom Sykes         3-0 Peter Baker
Brendan Dawson    3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Vernon Walsh      3-1 Simon Wintle
Mark Fordham      3-1 Mark Gale
Willie Kershaw    3-1 Simon Rimmington
Ian Brown         3-0 Dave Murray
Steve Hattersley  3-1 Emma Tomlinson
Dave Smith        3-0 Russell Murphy
Terry Temple      3-1 Mark Wainwright
Brendan Marren    3-2 Ian Ryan
Rob Richardson    3-1 Jonathan Crossland
Jason Stockings   3-0 Bradley Howland
Daz Layden        3-1 Rob Holroyd
Tony Darlow       3-1 Dave Broxup
Josh Scales       3-0 Danny Hall
Scott Bennett     3-2 John Clifford
John Richardson   3-1 Katie Hoggarth
Ian Watson        3-2 Daniel Roberts
Bryan Harrison    3-1 Paul Doherty
Colin Hendry      3-2 Lyndon Baxter
Danny Wilkes      3-0 Lynn Horne
Steve Kemp        3-2 Daz Twist
Dave Copley       3-0 John Utting
Darren Hale       3-1 Ian Holmes

Daz Twist and Jonathan Daniels the two major casualties from Round 1 with Daz going down 3-2 to experienced lefthander Steve Kemp while Jonathan also lost out in a last leg decider to up and coming PDC Youth star Brandon Walsh. A rare early defeat for Huddersfield’s Danny Roberts losing 3-1 to Ian Watson with form players Lyndon Baxter and Dave Broxup also bowing out early after tough 1st Round draws, nearly a shock defeat for Tony Wort but he survived thanks to missed darts at match winning doubles from young Sam Hastings as the East Leeds SC Captain rode his luck to beat his team mate.


Bob Pinder        3-2 Pete Riley
Les Delderfield   3-2 Kelvin Pease
Braandon Walsh    3-0 Johnny Taylor
Simon Jackson     3-2 Mick Wiltshire
Peter Armitage    3-0 Carl Wilkinson
Mark Featherstone 3-0 Paul Priestland
Louise Simmonds   3-2 Darryl Bainbridge
Paul Toulmin      3-0 Tony Farrow
Jamie Ingle       3-1 Steve Kelly
Tony Wort         3-0 Mick Hayward
Dave Calvert      3-0 Kyle Richardson
Jaron Esteve      3-2 Ian Ward
Dave Wilson       3-2 Rob Sharp
Tom Sykes         3-0 Calum Hall
Brendan Dawson    3-1 Vernon Walsh
Daz Mawer         3-2 Mark Fordham
Willie Kershaw    3-1 Pete Rebanks
Lee Jones         3-1 Ian Brown
Dave Smith        3-2 Steve Hattersley
Joe Harrison      3-1 Darren Goy
Terry Temple      3-0 Nigel Atkinson
Brendan Marren    3-0 Rob Richardson
Daz Layden        3-2 Jason Stockings
Tony Darlow       3-0 Josh Scales
Scott Bennett     3-1 Johnny Scott
Ian Watson        3-1 John Richardson
Mally Welsh       3-2 Dave Riley
Trevor Tye        3-1 Mark Hanslip
Colin Hendry      3-2 Bryan Harrison
Danny Wilkes      3-2 Ryan Hoggarth
Dave Copley       3-2 Steve Kemp
Darren Hale       3-0 Andrew Clifford

Close calls for top players Dave Smith, Dave Copley, Bob Pinder and Les Delderfield as they all edged through by 3 legs to 2 in their games. A fine win for Pete Armitage from Killingbeck just a couple of miles up the road so virtually on home turf as he beat Yorkshire County ace Carl Wilkinson 3-0 while Colin Hendry saw off Bryan Harrison to record another superb win after beating Lyndon Baxter in the opening round.


Les Delderfield   3-1 Bob Pinder
Brandon Walsh     3-1 Simon Jackson
Peter Armitage    3-2 Mark Featherstone
Paul Toulmin      3-0 Louise Simmonds
Tony Wort         3-0 Jamie Ingle
Dave Calvert      3-0 Jaron Esteve 
Tom Sykes         3-2 Dave Wilson
Brendan Dawson    3-1 Daz Mawer
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Lee Jones
Dave Smith        3-0 Joe Harrison
Terry Temple      3-1 Brendan Marren
Tony Darlow       3-1 Daz Layden
Scott Bennett     3-0 Ian Watson
Trevor Tye        3-0 Mally Welsh
Danny Wilkes      3-2 Colin Hendry
Dave Copley       3-0 Darren Hale

Brendan Marren usually beats all comers at BDP but he can’t get the measure of Terry Temple, the York star unbeaten against him this season. Paul Toulmin ended Louise Simmonds brave run with a 3-0 win whilst Danny Wilkes was having his best ever run in a BDP comp with a brilliant 3-2 win over Colin Hendry who must have thought he had a great chance today after taking out top contenders in the first 2 rounds. Highly rated 19 year old Tom Sykes also going well after 3 good wins over Peter Baker, Calum Hall and now Dave Wilson, while Dave Calvert earned the bragging rights over close friend Jaz Esteve with a 3-0 success.


Brandon Walsh     3-0 Les Delderfield
Peter Armitage    3-0 Paul Toulmin
Tony Wort         3-0 Dave Calvert
Brendan Dawson    3-2 Tom Sykes
Dave Smith        3-2 Willie Kershaw
Terry Temple      3-2 Tony Darlow
Scott Bennett     3-1 Trevor Tye
Dave Copley       3-0 Danny Wilkes

No doubt that playing regularly on the PDC Youth circuit against the cream of the countries young talent as well as competing against the Pro PDC players occasionally in events has made a major impact in the development of Brandon Walsh as a player, the results are there for all to see as he made the field sit up and take note with a 3-0 demolition of wily old campaigner Les Delderfield. One of the most improved players at BDP this season is Tony Wort, the Swarcliffe player a much tougher player these days as belief in his own ability grows with each impressive victory, the latest one a 3-0 drubbing of class act Dave Calvert who has dominated the Wednesday night East Leeds comps with 8 tournament victories out of 11 so far this season. Lincolnshire County ace Scott Bennett always makes a big impression when he plays any BDP comps, down to the latter stages again after victory over Trevor Tye.


Brandon Walsh     3-1 Peter Armitage
Brendan Dawson    3-1 Tony Wort
Terry Temple      3-0 Dave Smith
Scott Bennett     3-0 Dave Copley

Another highly impressive performance from Brandon Walsh to beat naturally gifted East/West Ardsley SL star Pete Armitage who recently came through an all star field including a final game victory over Yorkshire County ace John Dean to qualify for The Lakeside play offs in Hull in a few weeks time. Brendan Dawson, the easy going Gardener from Sowerby Bridge makes the Semi’s for the second time after victory over Tony Wort who as yet just can’t quite manage to get beyond the Quarter Final stages. Another high profile victory for the man who has dominated BDP this season as Terry Temple beat Dave Smith 3-0 with Scott Bennett making up the last 4 with a fine 3-0 win over BDO tour player Dave Copley.


Brandon Walsh (28.90) 3-0 (21.92) Brendan Dawson

A tremendous performance from Doncaster’s Brandon Walsh as he swept into his first ever senior BDP Final with a convincing victory over Brendan Dawson. The bespectacled youngster started the match in blistering fashion firing in a trio of 140’s before finishing the remaining 81 in 3 darts for a superb 12 darter, very little that Brendan could do about it as he also started steadily with 60, 100, and 60 scores. A 100 and 140 from Brendan put him in control of the second leg but he couldn’t finish off 56 with 6 darts to level up and his chance had come and gone as Brandon closed out 50 in 23 darts. A 180 opening throw from Brandon turned the screw and he went on to checkout 96 for a 17 dart clincher and record a very impressive victory as he hit a 180, 3 x 140’s, 1 x 100 and a 95 score but his finishing of 81, 50 and 96 was top notch and never gave Brendan a way back despite the Sowerby Bridge man firing in 4 x 100 pluses and a 98 score.


Terry Temple (28.90) 3-0 (24.00) Scott Bennett

A match that followed a very similar pattern to the first Semi as York Professional Terry Temple won legs 1 and 3 convincingly on his own throw and allowed opponent Scott Bennett just 1 dart at Double 16 to make the game all square, once that fleeting chance had gone there was no way back for Scott as Terry wrapped up the match with an 18 darter. Lincolnshire star Scott couldn’t find his earlier form and couldn’t hit enough big scores to put Terry under any real pressure and was back on 273 when Terry took the first leg with a brisk 15 darter and probably should have taken the second leg sooner than in the 19 darts that he did but missed 4 darts at Double 9 to give Scott a glimmer of hope on 64. Although Scott rallied towards the back end of leg 3 with 135 and 141 scores it was to be too little too late as Terry made no mistake on a 60 finish to close out the match. A total of 6 x 100 pluses for Terry which included a 180 plus further scores of 96 and 95 while Scott hit 4 x 100 pluses and a 99 but 8 scoring shots under 60 proved to be his undoing in this match.


Terry Temple (28.80) 4-3 (25.77) Brandon Walsh

Yet another BDP title for Terry Temple and none more hard earned than this one as he had to come from 3-2 down and survive 6 match darts against brilliant Brandon Walsh who will be distraught at not winning his first BDP Senior title after playing like a dream all day. He started the match in much the same vein as he did the Semi Final blasting in 100, 180, 100 and 81 before finishing with the first dart for a 13 dart opener with Terry hot on his heels after ploughing in 140, 100, 85 and 152 scores to leave 24, after scoring so well he probably felt a little hard done by not to get a shot at the double in that leg but wasn’t at all fazed as he soon levelled up with a 15 dart leg after more fine scoring. PDC youth star Brandon though was throwing superbly on his own throw and making it very difficult for Terry to break him as he held sway with 21 and 15 dart legs including a 120 outshot in leg 5 after Terry had levelled up at 2-2 with a 16 darter. All that great work from Brandon paid off as he put himself in a position to take the match as Terry gave him two chances to win it after missing 6 darts from 50 to eventually leave a tricky Double 1, with the match there for the taking the heart tends to beat that little bit faster and the arm tighten up with tension while the double target suddenly shrinks in size, all these factors may be the reason why Brandon couldn’t close out victory after being so clinical throughout the day. Terry got out of jail to slot in the Double 1 but was still up against it in the decider as Brandon was again first at the double with a shot at 64 for the match which he couldn’t manage to take and Terry closed out the 60 needed after a superb 139 set up shot turned the leg around for him. Another dogged performance from Terry who is just so hard to beat and never ever gives in, he had the more impressive average but was always coming from behind in this match against an opponent who is going to be a major player for many years on this evidence. A total of 12 x 100 pluses including a 180 in leg 4, also 7 other scores in the 90’s while Brandon also hit 12 x 100 pluses with his 180 coming in the opening leg plus a 95 score.


Another victory for Terry Temple in a golden season for him, he is a role model for any senior darts player showing that at over 50 there is no substitute for experience, hopefully he will get the chance to appear on the stage at the World Championships sooner rather than later after having beaten most of the top Pro players on the circuit this year, while at the other end of the scale we are witnessing the emergence of Brandon Walsh as a major force in darts, who knows what he could go on to achieve with his ability and level headed temperament plus massive support from his family especially father Vernon who is always there to support his lookalike son.

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