Crossgates WMC

For only the second time this season the entry numbers dropped below three figures but only slightly as 97 players enrolled to play at Crossgates WMC in the heart of a housing estate in East Leeds area almost hidden away down a narrow track making it quite tricky to find if not familiar with the area. Still plenty to play for as players try to cement their place in the Top 48 and still qualification places available for the BDP Classic to be run at the end of the season.


Carl Brocklehurst   3-0 Emma Tomlinson
Daz Layden          3-0 Louise Simmonds
Russell Murphy      3-1 Trevor Tye
Joe Harrison        3-0 Josh Clough
Alex Pride          3-0 Pat Meeson
Darren Hale         3-0 Paul Doherty
Steve Kelly         3-1 Rob Richardson
Johnny Taylor       3-1 Ian Falkingham
Scott Bennett       3-0 Josh Hodgson
Mark Gale           3-0 Phil Hobson
Simon Wintle        3-0 Lynn Horne
Tony Farrow         3-1 Jamie Ingle
Danny Wilkes        3-0 Katie Hoggarth
Dave Murray         3-2 Laura Tye
Ian Payne           3-2 Graham Taylor
Mick Hayward        3-0 Lee Jones
Tom Chryssanthou    3-0 Dave Muir
Pete Armitage       3-2 Mark Hanslip
Gary Normington     3-0 Jaron Esteve
Danny Roberts       3-0 Lyndon Baxter
Paul Toulmin        3-0 Kath Wilson
Tom Sykes           3-1 Rich Winpenny
Darryl Bainbridge   3-2 Steve Cadera Jr
Steve Hattersley    3-1 Mark Leonard
Garry Thompson      3-2 Dave Wilson
Tony Wort           3-1 Craig Barrett
Ryan Hoggarth       3-0 Bradley Howland
Tony Darlow         3-0 Andrew Clifford
John Richardson     3-1 John Wilkinson
Dave Smith          3-1 Aaron Poole
Bryan Harrison      3-0 Mick Wiltshire

After a comprehensive defeat Jaron Esteve had nothing but praise for opponent Gary Normington describing the ex nightclub bouncer’s performance as the best darts he had ever seen him throw, no wonder as the worst of his 3 legs was a 16 darter to clinch the match. Craig Barrett had a Colin Lloyd style board punch moment after making a dreadful hash of a finish which would have levelled up the match, with the board still vibrating from the impact opponent Tony Wort coolly slotted in the winning Double 10 with the minimum of fuss to add another top name to his ever growing list of major scalps this year. Tom Sykes played superbly to win a high scoring match 3-1 against Rich Winpenny as his reputation continues to grow while Garry Thompson looked far from his best but scraped past Dave Wilson who will feel he missed a great chance to take one of the favourites out early in the peace. Lyndon Baxter just finding the going a little tougher of late going down 3-0 to Daniel Roberts while Skipton youngster Ryan Hoggarth hit 5 perfect darts at the start of the final leg against Bradley Howland and only missed the 6th treble 20 by a fraction to dash hopes of a sensational 9 darter.


Daz Layden          3-0 Carl Brocklehurst
Joe Harrison        3-2 Russell Murphy
Brendan Marren      3-0 Alex Pride
Darren Hale         3-1 Ian Ward
James Barton        3-0 Steve Cadera
Rob Sharp           3-2 Steve Kelly
Daz Twist           3-0 Johnny Taylor
Chris Namnieks      3-1 Paul Priestland
Scott Bennett       3-0 Mark Gale
Simon Wintle        3-1 Danny Hall
John Clifford       3-1 Tony Farrow
Danny Wilkes        3-1 Tracey Gledhill
Les Delderfield     3-0 Josh Scales
Dave Murray         3-0 Ian Payne
Mick Hayward        3-1 Tom Chrissanthou
Gary Normington     3-0 Pete Armitage
Nigel Atkinson      3-1 Peter Baker
Calum Hall          3-2 Daniel Roberts
Paul Toulmin        3-0 John Roberts
Jonathan Daniels    3-1 John Utting
Tom Sykes           3-0 Kyle Richardson
Ian Ryan            3-1 Darryl Bainbridge
Terry Temple        3-0 Jason Stockings
Garry Thompson      3-0 Steve Hattersley
Mark Featherstone   3-2 Daz Mawer
Tony Wort           3-0 Steve Wright
Tony Darlow         3-1 Ryan Hoggarth
Peter Rebanks       3-1 John Richardson
Dave Smith          3-0 Pete Riley
Brian Harrison      3-0 Ian Brown
Bob Pinder          3-0 Raymond Long
Dave Broxup         3-1 Brendan Dawson

Another superb victory for Seacroft’s Gary Normington sweeping aside the inform Pete Armitage, the big man nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ looking like a potential tournament winner after another brilliant 3-0 victory. A tricky early test for Brendan Marren passed with flying colours as he overcame the dangerous challenge of Alex Pride. No real surprises in Round 2 as all the major players came through but an early exit for Corpus Semi Finalist Brendan Dawson as he lost 3-1 to Dave Broxup.


Calum Hall          3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Jonathan Daniels    3-2 Paul Toulmin
Tom Sykes           3-1 Ian Ryan 
Terry Temple        3-2 Garry Thompson
Mark Featherstone   3-2 Tony Wort
Peter Rebanks       3-1 Tony Darlow
Dave Smith          3-2 Bryan Harrison
Bob Pinder          3-2 Dave Broxup
Daz Layden          3-2 Joe Harrison
Brendan Marren      3-0 Daz Hale
Rob Sharp           3-2 James Barton
Daz Twist           3-1 Chris Namnieks
Scott Bennett       3-1 Simon Wintle
John Clifford       3-0 Danny Wilkes
Les Delderfield     3-0 Dave Murray
Mick Hayward        3-2 Gary Normington

Plenty of close games in Round 3 with Terry Temple continuing to dominate and beat off the toughest of challengers as he edged out Garry Thompson just as he did in the Hunslet Carr Final. After struggling for most of the season Mark Featherstone could be finding his form at just the right time with the Grand Finals looming and pulling off a bit of a surprise to beat inform Tony Wort, while Rob Sharp pulled of an equally impressive result with a narrow win over James Barton who may have been suffering the after effects of a heavy blow to the back of the head during a fracas the night before. Bryan Harrison pushed Dave Smith all the way before going down in the decider while ever improving son Joe Harrison took experienced Notts star Daz Layden to a final leg too before dipping out after a fine effort. Narrow wins also for Bob Pinder and Johnny Daniels as they edged out Dave Broxup and Paul Toulmin while Pete Rebanks notched a notable victory after a 3-1 success over current Grand Final champ Tony Darlow. Mick Hayward has not made it beyond this stage all season but finally did it in style as he took out the player who had looked in top form in Gary Normington in another tight 3-2 game.


Brendan Marren      3-2 Daz Layden
Rob Sharp           3-2 Daz Twist
Scott Bennett       3-0 John Clifford
Les Delderfield     3-0 Mick Hayward
Jonathan Daniels    3-1 Calum Hall
Terry Temple        3-0 Tom Sykes
Peter Rebanks       3-1 Mark Featherstone
Dave Smith          3-2 Bob Pinder

Brendan Marren and Dave Smith both made to work hard before prevailing against Daz Layden and Bob Pinder. Arguably Rob Sharp’s best showing all year after another superb victory, this time over East/West Ardsley SL front man Daz Twist by 3 legs to 2. Once again Scott Bennett’s journey from Lincoln was looking worthwhile as he made the last 8 again with a 3-0 win over John Clifford. A good showing again from another emerging young player Calum Hall even in defeat as he went down 3-1 to Johnny Daniels. A difficult year for Les Delderfield after suffering a serious knee injury but looking like his old self again with a last 8 spot after victory over Mick Hayward. Terry Temple relentless again as he looks for yet another tournament victory, his 3-0 success over Tom Sykes much closer than the score would suggest though. Pete Rebanks also in the Quarter Finals, an excellent season so far for the vastly experienced Skipton star and no doubt he will be a dark horse in the Grand Final after seeing off the challenge of Mark Featherstone.


Brendan Marren      3-0 Rob Sharp
Les Delderfield     3-2 Scott Bennett
Terry Temple        3-2 Jonathan Daniels
Dave Smith          3-1 Peter Rebanks

End of the road for Rob Sharp as Brendan Marren proved a little too strong for him with a 3-0 win. Les Delderfield edged out Scott Bennett as did Terry Temple pushed all the way by the ever dogged and determined Johnny Daniels who is always such a fierce competitor. Dave Smith saw off Pete Rebanks as the Semi Finals were made up of 4 of the most familiar names in BDP.


Brendan Marren (29.47) 3-0 (25.84) Les Delderfield

Heavy scoring in the opening 2 legs and a sublime finish in leg 3 were the catalyst for an impressive Brendan Marren victory over old foe Les Delderfield. The Shipley veteran attacked the Treble 19 from the start hitting it with some degree of success but his 95 scores were simply no match against the 140’s coming back at him from Brendan as he took both the first 2 legs in 15 darts with crisp finishes of 61 and 66, his scoring dropped off in leg 3 as he hit only one 3 figure score along with 4 x 60’s and a 58 to give Les a chance to get back in it with a ton and 3 x 80 plus scores allowing him a bull shot which narrowly missed the target on a 94 finish. He wouldn’t get another go as Brendan stuck in a killer 103 finish to end any hopes of a possible fightback. A total of 7 x 100 pluses from Brendan against 2 x 100 pluses and 3 x 95’s from Les, the finishing power from Brendan proving decisive in this encounter.


Terry Temple (34.45) 3-1 (33.07) Dave Smith

A match of stunning quality and amongst the finest games of the season if not the finest. Both players going hammer and tongs from the start battering each other with massive scores with neither player buckling at any point apart from the opening leg which proved to be the key moment of the match. So close was the scoring that both hit identical scores of 97, 180, 60 and 140 to leave 24 after 12 darts, however Dave crucially missed with his 3 darts to hand Terry an opportunity that he rarely seems to miss as he made no mistake with his first dart for a 13 dart start, the ferocious pace continued in the next leg as Dave blasted in scores of 140, 93 and 180 to try and force a break back but was thwarted by the brilliance of Terry who finished the leg with a 180 and a 101 finish for a 12 darter this time and a leg of darts that was simply sensational. Dave had thrown everything at Terry and was 2-0 down sitting on a 37.58 average at that stage, he continued his scoring assault and deservedly took leg 3 in 15 darts with a 92 checkout and pressed for a leveller in leg 4 but with the leg in the balance Terry produced a killer 145 set up shot to leave 36 and finally broke the resistance of the Ferrybridge man as he closed out the match, again with his first arrow for a mere 16 darter to end a magnificent contest and a treat for the crowd who were fortunate enough to witness it. Terry has thrown some tremendous darts this season but this was undoubtedly his very best performance as he hit 2 x 180’s, 6 x 100 pluses and a 97 score. Dave also close to his very best with 2 x 180’s, 6 x 100 pluses with a 97 and 93 score, the only mistake he made was not hitting the double in the opening leg which effectively cost him the match.


Brendan Marren (29.42) 4-1 (24.37) Terry Temple

A comfortable win in the end for Brendan Marren and some revenge for him having lost out 3 times to Terry Temple in BDP clashes this season, most notably a 4-1 defeat to the York man in the Final at Ferry Fryston early in the season. The monumental effort needed by Terry to get past Dave Smith in the Semi just seemed to have taken its toll as he ran out of steam in this game which allowed Brendan to win the final 3 legs with something in hand. The match looked like being a much closer affair early on as both players hit the ground running, a 140, 100, 100 and 137 from Brendan matched by a 180, 100, 100 and 97 from Terry, such fine stats spoiled somewhat by some slack finishing as both players missed uncharacteristically with a stack of darts before Terry clinched the leg with his 9th dart at the double for a 21 dart break. A close following leg won by Brendan in 17 darts after Terry had missed a dart to go 2-0 up proving to be the turning point as the York PDC Professional faded from here on in while Brendan’s scoring stayed consistent and solid to win the remaining legs in 16, 16 and 15 darts. A total of 2 x 180’s, 12 x 100 pluses and a 95 score for Brendan with Terry replying with 1 x 180, 3 x 100 pluses and 7 x 90’s scores but not hitting a 3 figure score in the final 3 legs was never going to threaten Brendan with his grinding consistency in all truth.


So Brendan Marren gets a victory over Terry Temple at last and joins Terry on 5 victories for the season so far and looking very much like he will be at the top of the Ranking Table leader board again at the end of the season while Terry should also make the Grand Finals if he can attend maybe 1 or 2 of the remaining Comps to secure his position in the Top 48 as the battle for places hots up.

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