Lee Mount WMC

The 23rd competition and what seems like a rare trip these days over to the Calderdale area, in fact the only visit in the calendar to that part of West Yorkshire as Lee Mount WMC in Ovenden, Halifax played host today, so the luxury of a home fixture for many of the faithful players that travel regularly to BDP events further East. A total of 83 players in the draw as the numbers tail off towards the end of the season but nice to see a few old familiar faces returning to action today.


Lyndon Baxter       3-1 John Richardson
Wayne Woodhouse     3-0 Bernard Mc'Quire
Phil Atkinson       3-1 Josh Hodgson
Rob Richardson      3-0 Chris Namnieks
Rob Sharp           3-1 Martin French
Bryan Harrison      3-0 Kevin Gray
Mark Hanslip        3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Josh Scales         3-1 Chris Thwaites
Dave Harris         3-1 Pete Riley
Russell Murphy      3-0 Louise Simmonds
Jaron Esteve        3-0 Daniel Roberts
Craig Smith         3-2 Mark Calvert
Tony Farrow         3-0 Phil Dixon
Daz Hale            3-1 John Clifford
Lee Wolfe           3-0 Lynn Horne
Steve Hattersley    3-0 Alan Kendall
Mick Wiltshire      3-0 Ian Brown
Dave Smith          3-0 Mark Leonard
Tony Wort           3-1 Ryan Fawcett

No real drama’s from Round 1 as all the in form fancied players in action, Dave Smith, Daz Hale, Jaron Esteve and Tony Wort all came through their games fairly comfortably as did Wayne Woodhouse returning to BDP after a lengthy absence. No joy though for Kevin Gray on his return beaten in straight legs by Bryan Harrison, another player looking to find his top form coming into the Grand Finals.


Mark Gale           3-0 Andrew Clifford
Carl Wilkinson      3-0 Ian Ward
Les Delderfield     3-0 Phil Hobson
Lyndon Baxter       3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Wayne Woodhouse     3-2 Willie Kershaw
Brendan Marren      3-2 Phil Atkinson
Steve Jackson       3-1 Carl Brocklehurst
Rob Richaardson     3-2 Trevor Tye
Paul Bellinger      3-0 Paul Priestland
Rob Sharp           3-0 Jason Stockings
Peter Armitage      3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Bryan Harrison      3-0 Mark Hanslip
Steve O'Donnell     3-1 Dave Murray
Ian Falkingham      3-1 Lee Jones
Daz Twist           3-2 Danny Hall
Jason Roberts       3-0 Peter Baker
Josh Scales         3-1 Johnny Taylor
Dave Harris         3-0 Russell Murphy
Simon Wintle        3-1 Danny Wilkes
Johnny Daniels      3-2 Peter Rebanks
Tony Darlow         3-1 Kyle Richardson
Mark Featherstone   3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Calum Hall          3-1 Brendan Dawson
Jaron Esteve        3-0 Craig Smith
Craig Nelmes        3-1 Mally Welsh
Bob Pinder          3-2 Paul Toulmin
Daz Hale            3-2 Tony Farrow
Pat Meeson          3-1 Ian Payne
Steve Hattersley    3-1 Lee Wolfe
Dave Smith          3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Tony Wort           3-2 John Utting
Steve Cadera        3-0 Dave Warriner

Castleford’s Wayne Woodhouse may have been off the BDP scene for a while but showed he is still as dangerous as before with a fine 3-2 win to send Willie Kershaw packing early on this time. The match of the round saw Bob Pinder edge out Paul Toulmin in a see saw battle while there were wins also for two familiar old faces in Castleford’s Steve O’Donnell and Halifax’s Paul Bellinger, good to see both of those fine players back in BDP action. At the bottom of the draw Londoner Steve Cadera has been an ever present all season which should see him into the Grand Finals, he is a better player than his record at BDP suggests over the last couple of seasons but his confidence will be boosted by his best win of the campaign so far with a 3-0 win over Bradford’s Dave Warriner.


Carl Wilkinson      3-1 Mark Gale
Les Delderfield     3-0 Lyndon Baxter
Brendan Marren      3-2 Wayne Woodhouse
Rob Richardson      3-0 Steve Jackson
Rob Sharp           3-0 Paul Bellinger
Peter Armitage      3-1 Bryan Harrison
Steve O'Donnell     3-0 Ian Falkingham
Daz Twist           3-0 John Roberts
Dave Harris         3-1 Josh Scales
Johnny Daniels      3-0 Simon Wintle
Tony Darlow         3-1 Mark Featherstone
Jaron Esteve        3-1 Calum Hall
Craig Nelmes        3-2 Bob Pinder
Daz Hale            3-1 Pat Meeson
Tony Wort           3-2 Steve Cadera

Another good effort from Millwall fan Steve Cadera to push in form East Leeds SL Captain Tony Wort all the way to a decider to just fall short of the money round. Rob Sharp another one of those gritty determined players that are tough to beat is showing form of late to make him one to avoid in the Grand Finals as he despatched home favourite Paul Bellinger 3-0 but at least Halifax had Craig Nelmes to represent them in the Last 16 as he had a excellent 3-2 win over Bob Pinder. Hard work once again for Brendan Marren but more often than not he tends to nick those last leg deciders just as he did here with a win over Wayne Woodhouse to progress.


Carl Wilkinson      3-2 Les Delderfield
Brendan Marren      3-1 Rob Richardson
Peter Armitage      3-0 Rob Sharp
Daz Twist           3-0 Steve O'Donnell
Johnny Daniels      3-1 Dave Harris
Tony Darlow         3-1 Jaron Esteve 
Daz Hale            3-1 Craig Nelmes
Dave Smith          3-0 Tony Wort

Only Carl Wilkinson’s third appearance this season having won the Comp 5 at Carlton on his first outing so no surprise to see him going well again here and now a big threat to the rest of the field after taking out Les Delderfield. In fact 7 out of the 8 players to reach the Quarters have all won BDP Comps before, the only exception being Daz Hale who has come close a few times in Finals himself so a very strong line up for the next round as the rest of the challengers all looked to break the Smith and Marren dominance of late.


Brendan Marren      3-0 Carl Wilkinson
Peter Armitage      3-1 Daz Twist
Tony Darlow         3-2 Johnny Daniels
Dave Smith          3-2 Daz Hale

A great effort from Daz Hale as he came close to taking out joint favourite Dave Smith but just fell short in the decider as did Johnny Daniels against Tony Darlow, the Sheffield stylist into his fourth Semi of the season and looking to end that sequence by going a step further into his first Final this year. Peter Armitage has been in brilliant form of late reaching the Final at Otley last time out and dominating the local Wednesday night Comp scene at East Leeds not to mention qualifying for the Lakeside play offs and an unbeaten start to SL for Prem Side East/West Ardsley, he was right in contention again after beating SL team mate Daz Twist 3-1. Almost inevitably Brendan Marren again at the business end after a 3-0 win over Carl Wilkinson.


Brendan Marren (29.42) 3-1 (26.76) Peter Armitage

A quality performance from Brendan Marren to see of a determined challenge from Pete Armitage, only in the final leg did Brendan stretch away to complete the victory with an 82 finish for a 15 dart clincher. So often in big games Pete starts strongly and he did so again on throw to hold with a solid 18 darter, a 123 and a 135 at the end of leg 2 put the pressure on Brendan but he was equal to it and held in 19 darts to level up, the man from Killingbeck, an area of East Leeds along York Road known for having a big Police HQ, Halford’s and a decent Chip Shop did little wrong in leg 3 hitting 3 x 100 scores but it wasn’t enough to match Brendan’s 140, 140, 95 and 81 scores which set him up for the key 15 dart break in the match, he gave Pete little chance on his own throw with more big scores of 100, 100, 80 and 139 which left him the 82 finish with Pete well back on 244 knowing he had given it a good go but just not quite enough to match Brendan this time around. High scores from Brendan of 4 x 140’s, 4 x 100’s a 139 and a 95 score with Pete firing back with 1 x 140, 6 x 100 pluses and a 95.


Dave Smith (26.70) 3-2 (26.62) Tony Darlow

Precious little in this second Semi as Dave Smith just squeezed home against Tony Darlow in the tightest of games. All 5 legs were keenly contested as both players were so evenly matched on the scoring. A key moment early in the piece with Dave in danger of losing his throw after seeing Tony hit a 140 to leave an inviting 120 finish, the big man from Ferrybridge coolly stepped to nonchalantly take out a superb 160 finish and how crucial that proved to be as the next 3 legs all went with throw to make the score level at 2-2. Nip and tuck again down the stretch but Dave had first crack at his 58 finish and made it count in 2 darts as Tony waited in the wings on 60. Nothing in it only the advantage of throw which proved decisive for Dave as he won with 18, 19 and 17 dart legs with Tony pegging back his legs both in 20 darts. It’s not the big ton pluses from Dave that wins him most games but the grinding consistency of the 90 odd scores that he hits time and again as he did here with 7 of them to back up his 5 x 100 pluses. A good effort from Tony to show he will be a force again at the Grand Finals with 8 x 100 pluses with 3 x 90 odd scores.


Dave Smith (25.99) 4-3 (26.03) Brendan Marren

Another meeting between these 2 titans of Yorkshire Darts and once again Dave Smith just coming out on top again like he has done in 4 out of 5 times in previous meetings this season. This game was very similar to their latest clash at Otley with neither player producing their best over the course of the match. The Keighley star made a decent enough start though to take the opener in 15 darts with a nice 101 check out after a copybook leg of scoring on the 20’s. An equally good response from Dave in the next leg to finish off a tricky 99 for another 15 darter. Nothing short of disaster for Brendan in leg 3 as he missed 9 darts from Double 8 to giftwrap the leg to Dave in 23 darts for the unlikeliest of breaks, the easy going PDC star then strengthened his position by holding in 20 darts as the power scoring of the opening 2 legs deserted both players and the match became a hard scrap. Brendan kept himself in it with a 21 dart hold to level the game but Dave had the advantage and put in a decent leg with 100, 57, 140, 100 and 96 scores which allowed him the luxury of 3 missed darts at 8 before wrapping up the match on Double 2 with the last dart as Brendan waited on 36 just in case he should miss again. Once again the 90’s shots were a feature of Dave’s game with 6 of them to back up his 11 x 100 pluses. Brendan much more of a straight 20’s player rarely switching from that target if he can help it, a total of 16 x 100 pluses with a solitary 95 score, as with the Otley game just a few too many straight 60’s, 8 in total which would probably get the job done against most players along with the big scoring but against such as Dave Smith then a good half of those need to be turned into ton pluses.


Back to back wins for Dave Smith to make it 5 victories so far for the season to equal Terry Temple’s tally and just below Brendan’s 6 wins for the season with 1 event to play. The top established players have started to dominate the events towards the back end which is an ominous sign for the rest of the field lining up against them in the Grand Finals. Looking like short odds in that Comp for Marren, Smith and Temple, the local mock bookie struggling to see a winner outside of these 3 at the present moment on current form.

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