Roland Road

Nowhere near as many blank spaces on the draw sheet for the last competition in the series of 25 events throughout the year. Rowland Road Club in the South Leeds suburb of Beeston has always attracted decent numbers when it comes to BDP comps and is probably one reason why the venue has been chosen to hosts a number of events next year along with Townville, East Leeds, Cue Gardens and Keighley Clubs. A major change in policy for BDP darts to restrict the number of venues next year mainly in order to cut the workload as the equipment at these venues will already be set up apart from Rowland Road where BDP’s kit can be stored on the premises ready for use on match days. Not the only changes in store for next season as the committee tinker with the match format too at certain competitions by introducing Double Starts in some and Leg Losers have advantage of throw in the following leg in others. As a purist player I am really not sure about either of these two new rules and tend to think it could cause confusion as we will be chopping and changing the rules too often in my opinion but it may prove to be popular amongst other players but the old saying ‘If its not broke, don’t fix it’ comes into my mind.


Simon Rimmington  3-0 Daz Mawer
Carl Brocklehurst 3-0 Andrew Clifford
Alan Adslin       3-2 Josh Hodgson
Antony Moss       3-0 Danny Hall
Jonathan Daniels  3-1 John Gard
Steve Fowler      3-2 Peter Baker
Lee Jones         3-2 Dave Murray
Sam Hastings      3-1 Gary Driscoll
Josh Clough       3-1 Brian Hallas
Terry Temple      3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Phil Whittaker    3-1 James Watson
Adam Wood         3-2 Richard Sugden
Mark Commons      3-0 Steve Cadera
John Richardson   3-2 Nigel Atkinson
Rich Corner       3-0 Katie Hoggarth
Tony Wort         3-2 Les Delderfield
Adrian Morley     3-0 Rob Crosswaite
Ian Brown         3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Kyle Richardson   3-1 Steve Kelly
Adam Tooley       3-0 Adam Wood
Johnny Scott      3-2 Dave Broxup
Pat Meeson        3-1 Danny Wilkes
Tony Farrow       3-1 Johnny Taylor
Mark Hanslip      3-1 Danny McIlroy
Brandon Walsh     3-1 Ian Ward
Calum Hall        3-2 Mark Gale
Tony Darlow       3-1 Paul Priestland
Bryan Harrison    3-0 Ian Falkingham
Dave Harris       3-1 Jaron Esteve
Graham Hoggarth   3-0 Benjamin Commons
Martin French     3-1 Mark Threlfall
Jamie Ingle       3-2 Laura Tye
Matt Padgett      3-0 Andy Sproule
Tony Hewson       3-1 Mark Featherstone
Colin Lawrence    3-1 Tracey Gledhill
Paul Toulmin      3-0 Lee Wolfe
Peter Armitage    3-0 Steve Hattersley
John Clifford     3-1 Mick Hayward
Trevor Tye        3-1 Ryan Hoggarth
Ian Payne         3-0 Joe Harrison
Paul Doherty      3-0 Rob Scholes
Daz Twist         3-0 Ian Watson
Dave Smith        3-0 Liam Young
Josh Scales       3-2 Rob Sharp
Brendan Marren    3-0 Lutz Leutsch

Most of the players in action this week in Round 1 with Les Delderfield the winner last time out at Pontefract going out early today to East Leeds star Tony Wort who has emerged as a real force this season with some fine victories over a string of top players including Kershaw, Marren and Barrett and now Delderfield to raise his profile even higher going into the Grand Finals. The Runner Up at Pontefract Jaron Esteve also out early doors as he lost to Chesterfield’s Dave Harris, such is the nature of the game that 2 players can be in the Final one week, then out first Round the next. A handful of players from York also making the trip including Cleveland County star Lutz Leutsch making his debut at BDP and unlucky to draw Brendan Marren at such an early stage, no doubt had he been able to feel his way into the competition then he would have been a real danger today. Joy elsewhere though as fellow York players Corner, Temple and Rimmington all came through comfortably.


Simon Rimmington  3-0 Carl Brocklehurst
Antony Moss       3-1 Alan Aslin
Jonathan Daniels  3-2 John Utting
Steve Fowler      3-1 Lee Jones
Sam Hastings      3-2 Josh Clough
Terry Temple      3-1 Pete Riley
Phil Whittaker    3-0 Mandy McKenzie
Carl Wilkinson    3-1 Adam Wood
Vernon Walsh      3-0 Mark Commons
John Richardson   3-2 Mark Leonard
Rich Corner       3-1 Tony Wort
Alex Pride        3-0 Adrian Morley
Ian Brown         3-1 Simon Wintle
Kyle Richardson   3-2 Adam Tooley
Johnny Scott      3-2 Lewis Pride
Pat Meeson        3-2 Darryl Bainbridge
Mark Hanslip      3-0 Tony Farrow
Brandon Walsh     3-1 Calum Hall
Tony Darlow       3-1 Bob Pinder
Bryan Harrison    3-0 Jason Stockings
Dave Harris       3-0 Dave Riley
Graham Hoggarth   3-0 Martin French
Jamie Ingle       3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Matt Padgett      3-2 Louise Simmonds
Tony Hewson       3-0 Colin Lawrence
Paul Toulmin      3-1 Peter Armitage
Danny Dutson      3-1 Leah Wiltshire
Daniel Roberts    3-2 John Clifford
Trevor Tye        3-0 Ian Payne
Daz Twist         3-0 Paul Doherty
Dave Smith        3-1 Peter Rebanks
Brendan Marren    3-0 Josh Scales

Excellent wins so far for Castleford’s Johnny Scott, firstly edging out Dave Broxup in Round 1 then more of the same to see off youngster Lewis Pride in Round 2. A brave effort from Louise Simmonds taking former PDC World Championship player Matt Padgett to a last leg decider, little joy for her Yorkshire County team mate Mandy McKenzie going down 3-0 to Phil Whittaker in a rare her appearance from her at BDP these days. Tony Wort might have expected his Round 2 match to be a little easier after having drawn Les Delderfield in Round 1, unfortunately for him it didn’t get any easier at all as Rich Corner was waiting this time to inflict a 3-1 defeat upon him. Young Sam Hastings was at it again striking fear into the adults after firstly taking out talented East Leeds player Gary Driscoll and then overcoming Josh Clough 3-2 in a tight game, the blonde haired 12 year old from East Bowling a danger for any player with his natural talent for the game.


Simon Rimmington  3-1 Antony Moss
Jonathan Daniels  3-0 Steve Fowler
Terry Temple      3-0 Sam Hastings
Carl Wilkinson    3-2 Phil Whittaker
Vernon Walsh      3-0 John Richardson
Rich Corner       3-1 Alex Pride
Kyle Richardson   3-1 Ian Brown
Johnny Scott      3-1 Pat Meeson
Mark Hanslip      3-1 Brandon Walsh
Bryan Harrison    3-2 Tony Darlow
Dave Harris       3-1 Graham Hoggarth
Matt Padgett      3-2 Jamie Ingle
Paul Toulmin      3-0 Tony Hewson
Danny Dutson      3-0 Daniel Roberts
Daz Twist         3-0 Trevor Tye
Brendan Marren    3-1 Dave Smith

Kyle Richardson rode his luck a little to get past Adam Tooley in the last round and was seizing on it with another win, slightly less fraught for him this time as he beat Ian Brown 3-1. Brandon Walsh lit up Corpus Christi a few weeks ago with his performances on the way to the Final that day, no repeat today for him as determined battler Mark Hanslip beat him 3-1, a very satisfying season at BDP for the Woodbottom SL Captain and into the last 16 at the very least today. Hard work again for Matt Padgett to see off Jamie Ingle and a good win for Bryan Harrison beating Tony Darlow 3-2. Another Marren / Smith clash this season at the bottom of the draw and a welcome victory for Brendan this time after Dave had come on top in the previous battles.


Jonathan Daniels  3-1 Simon Rimmington
Terry Temple      3-0 Carl Wilkinson
Rich Corner       3-0 Vernon Walsh
Kyle Richardson   3-1 Johnny Scott
Bryan Harrison    3-0 Mark Hanslip
Dave Harris       3-2 Matt Padgett
Paul Toulmin      3-0 Danny Dutson
Daz Twist         3-0 Trevor Tye
Brendan Marren    3-0 Daz Twist

3 York players at the top of the draw with Terry Temple and Rich Corner both progressing with 3-0 victories but Simon Rimmington couldn’t make it a hat trick for York as he went down to Jonathan Daniels, still a good showing and his best run so far at a BDP competition and not only is the former Lancaster student a fine player he is also an excellent MC and Caller and will be back in action to compere the Grand Finals in a couple of weeks time. Danny Dutson made a name for himself in the summer by playing Ted ‘The Count’ Hankey live on TV at the UK Open after winning through the Speedy Hire event and the young Morley star now playing SL for newly formed local side Ackroyd Club did well today despite losing at the last 16 stage to Paul Toulmin.


Terry Temple      3-2 Jonathan Daniels
Rich Corner       3-1 Kyle Richardson
Bryan Harrison    3-0 Dave Harris
Brendan Marren    3-0 Paul Toulmin

A real battle for Terry Temple against Jonathan Daniels as he probably knew it would be as the Darfield SL star tends to get stronger as a tournament progresses so if he manages to get this far then whoever he plays knows they will be in for a hard game, this was no exception and Terry’s record of edging last leg deciders stood him in good stead again as he came through. A torrid season for Kyle Richardson as he has struggled for form and confidence but a big beacon of light showing at the end of a dark tunnel for him on the evidence of today’s showings despite defeat to Rich Corner. Good to see Bryan Harrison back in amongst it, could it be his day at last to win an event but to do so he will have to get past the formidable Brendan Marren after he despatched Paul Toulmin, only a single leg dropped so far by Brendan, not bad going after a string of tough draws from the start including serial comp winners Dave Smith and Daz Twist and East/West SL star Josh Scales who has run him close previously.


Terry Temple (28.49) 3-2 (26.53) Rich Corner

A repeat of their Kippax Semi Final earlier in the year only this time the 3-2 result was reversed in favour of Terry Temple. Just like their Kippax encounter the match here was just as tight and could have gone either way too. Neither player gave an inch during the first 4 legs, all going commandingly with the throw, no chances of a break such was the dominance of the player with the advantage. Only in the deciding leg did the pace slacken a touch as the pressure mounted. In all 5 legs Terry had started well, 135, 121 in leg 1, 99, 180 in leg 2, 59, 180 in leg 3, 134, 55 in leg 4 and 81, 134 in leg 5 but he struggled to follow up the scores in leg 5 like he had done in the previous 4 legs and in the end just about fell over the line in 22 darts, a real chance for Rich towards the end as Terry struggled but he couldn’t manage to hit the big score that would have made the difference for him, still he did have a shot at 76 to win the match but landed inside the Tops wire with the last dart and the chance was gone as Terry nailed Tops himself after missing the target with 2 darts on his previous attempt at 60. Power darts from both players especially in the 4 opening legs with Terry winning both his legs in 15 darts and Rich responding with 15 and 18 darters. Heavy scoring especially from Terry as he hit 2 x 180’s , 6 x 100 pluses, a 93 and a 99 score. A stream of Tons and 140’s coming back from Rich as he hit, 3 x 140’s and 9 x 100 scores but just needed another one near the end to see him into the Final, not to be though and his great friend and rival took the honours this time.


Brendan Marren (29.78) 3-2 (27.04) Bryan Harrison

Brendan Marren had swept past an impressive list of challengers all day but Bryan Harrison was determined that he wasn’t going to have things all his own way in the Semi. A real gutsy effort from the Glasshoughton SL star holding his own throw twice to force a decider and then throwing the kitchen sink at Brendan in a big effort to break the throw and win the match, scores of 140, 100 and 95 applied the pressure but the Keighley ace just fired back in equally good measure with 100, 100, 180 and 91 to leave 30 and the game was up. Ironically not the best of starts to the match for Brendan as he opened up with 2 x 45 scores but made up for it at the end of the leg with a 117 checkout for an 18 darter, he followed that up with a 16 darter only to be pegged back by 18 and 17 darters from Bryan. A tremendous effort from the Kippax lefthander but really nothing else he could have done in that last leg other than hit a sub 12 darter to win it. The usual procession of high scores from Brendan, 1 x 180, 3 x 140’s, 5 x 100’s and 5 x 90 odds. A total of 4 x 140’s from Bryan plus 3 x 100 pluses with a 95 and 95 too, all in all a great confidence booster for him going into the GF’s.


Brendan Marren (26.65) 4-2 (25.60) Terry Temple

Probably fitting that the last competition of the season should feature the 2 most dominant players with only Dave Smith with 5 Titles himself this season challenging either players supremacy over the course of the year. Brendan Marren finishing the season with another victory to make it a magnificent 7 in total, not forgetting his stunning victory in the prestigious Yorkshire Classic recently beating Durham legend Phil Nixon in the Final. Not his greatest performance to secure the win today but sweet revenge after losing to Terry in the Fryston Final as far back as event 2 and suffering other defeats to the York star as the season progressed. By the same token this was one of Terry’s poorest showings out of all the Finals he has been involved in this year but he still managed to make a game of it from being down and out at 3-0 down to pulling it back to 3-2 before Brendan closed out the victory. The Keighley ace raced into a 3-0 lead with 17, 15 and 21 dart legs as Terry looked completely out of sorts at this stage but suddenly he sparked into life in leg 4 with a solid 15 darter to break the throw and consolidated his position by holding in own throw in 17 darts to make it 3-2, a couple of steady Tons at the start of leg 6 put Terry in front on the scoring but his next 3 visits of 58, 46 and 26 let Brendan in to take command again and win the match in 19 darts. A total of 12 x 100 pluses for Brendan with a 90 and 99 score, while Terry hit 8 x 100 pluses including a Maximum in leg 5 to help him get back in the game, also 5 other scores in the 90’s for him but far too many loose low scores cost him today. What price though that these 2 great players end up meeting yet again in the Grand Final in a couple of weeks time.


A good attendance and a good competition to finish the round of 25 events over the course of the year. A real scramble for the final 48 places at the bottom end of the sheet with a number of players wondering if they have done enough to make the cut, looks like a 151 or 152 points total needed to be sure of qualification, a total of 4 players tied on 150 points will all be sweating on the final outcome while John Utting and Paul Doherty both on 149 points look like just missing out. Next up The Grand Finals in a couple of weeks time so good luck all players participating in Youths, Ladies, Pairs and Main events.

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