Grand Final 2012 Preview

Another successful season of BDP darts coming towards its conclusion with The Grand Finals on Dec 8th. The Youth event this season looks too close to call, while a much stronger line up this year in the Ladies event with all the top ranking girls opting to play in this event rather than the main Finals which makes for a tremendous Ladies event. The main event this year has 3 outstanding players in Brendan Marren, Terry Temple and Dave Smith who between them notched up 17 out of 25 tournament wins between them to dominate the season, they will be clear favourites to add to their tallies on Saturday with the biggest prize of all but at least another dozen or so players have a realistic chance of denying them if they find their top form on the day.


5/1 F  – LEWIS PRIDE – A fine season for 15 year old Lewis, very much an old head on young shoulders, is physically mature for his age too and had a very measured methodical throw which is very solid and reliable, reached the QF’s at Crigglestone aswell as winning a high calibre East Leeds event earlier this year.

11/2   – JOSH CLOUGH – Still in the youth catogory but has alot of experience under his belt having played County and Super League darts for a few seasons now, a couple of creditable Last 16 spots this season at Rowland Road and Morley his best showings this season.

7/1    – CALUM HALL  – A good season of steady maturing for Calum, looks to have the game to be a fine player if his development continues at the present rate, good Last 16 place spots at East Leeds and Crossgates to underpin a solid campaign.

8/1    – RYAN HOGGARTH – Another player that looks destined to be a major force in the not too distant future, has alot of Youth dart and Competition experience for a 15 year old that will stand him in good stead for this years event. Round 3 at Kippax his best outing this year.

9/1    – SAM HASTINGS – The blonde bomber from Bradford is still growing up so not as physically strong as his counterparts but has tremendous natural ability, cannot afford to take this youngster lightly like many of the senior players have found out to their cost over the past couple of seasons, an excellent Last 16 at Carlton and in with a great chance in the Finals.

9/1    – TOM BLAGG – Similar to Sam, has still to mature fully but is a bundle of fireworks when on song capable of giving even the top players a very hard time, not in action much at BDP over the second half of the season but had a fine Last 16 showing at Fryston in Comp 2.

25/1   – JOSH HODGSON – Likely to be be a good learning experience for Josh, probably too soon in his career to be a challenger this time around but interesting to see how he fares, tough for him in the main comps with first or second round the futhest he could manage.

50/1   – REGAN PETTINGER – The youngest competitor and probably too physically small to be a threat this time around, all a learning experience as he grows up, full of enthusiasm and will gain alot from today.


3/1 JF  – LOUISE SIMMONDS – Vastly experienced County and Competition player, very competitive on the oche and is always difficult to beat, had a very solid season claiming many male scalps along the way. After a number of fine efforts usually thwarted by a top male player she finally made it to the money stages at Morley in Comp 12.

3/1 JF – LAURA TYE – Has to play darts at BDP while combining motherhood and darts stall duties but multi tasks brilliantly, gives the men a run for their money and often comes out on top, still young in age but stacks of County and Comp experience, also managed a Last 16 at the penultimate event at Pontefract to auger well for the defence of her title.

13/2   – LYNN HORNE – Bags of County experience and knowhow, acts as a mentor to the younger players but still quite capable of winning the title if she can find her best form on the day. A Round 3 showing at Morley her best effort this season and has 5 wins out of 6 in SL for The Commercial with a very respectable mid 50’s ave so a real threat in this tournament.

7/1    – SHARON WHITFIELD – Another player in with a great chance if she can produce her top form on the day, not alot of joy at BDP in the Comps but riding high for Woodend in the SL averages so in decent form coming in to the event and in with a good chance.

10/1   – KATIE HOGGARTH – A very promising young player from a family of darting talent. Plays County darts for Tyne and Wear and has won Youth Competions, no reason why she cannot win this event if she can find that match winning form, only played 9 BDP events but her points tally enough to secure a place in the Finals.

14/1   – MICHELLE BINNS – Played her BDP events in the first half of the season and caused a few anxious moments amongst the male players, notably Wayne Woodhouse where she had her chances to level the game at 2-2, not present for much of the second half so hard to assess her form but if she can trouble Wayne then she can trouble anyone in the ladies field.

16/1   – LEAH WILTSHIRE – Gaining all the time in confidence and experience, the youngest participant in the field at just 15 although she has the advantage of being tall so able to throw fairly straight and hard at the board, has beaten one or two men of late and goes in on the back of a good Round 3 showing at Otley. An ever present this season which shows her enthusiasm for the game.

20/1   – TRACEY GLEDHILL – Attended most of the events this year without too much success although on that basis it is very difficult to judge a lady player up against the top men players, only down as the outsider of the field because knowledge of her is fairly limited to BDP events. Interesting to see how she performs amongst her peers in this competition.


9/4 F  – TERRY TEMPLE – YORK ( 40 ) An outstanding season for PDC proffesional Terry bagging 5 tournament wins and 3 Runners Up spots not to mention a SF and 2 QF’s, reaching the Last 16 in his only other event which meant he never failed to pick up prize money, remarkable consistency which makes him the slight favourite on the day. A very measured and concentrated throw which is deadly accurate. Just lost out at the final hurdle at the PDC World Championship qualifiers so the top prize would help soften the blow for him somewhat.

5/2    – DAVE SMITH – FERRYBRIDGE ( 30 ) Another highly lucative campaign for ‘The Rhino’ as he stormed to tournament victory on 5 occasions and lost in only 1 Final, also a Semi Finalist on 2 other occasions so not a bad return from just 15 outings. The most experienced player in the field when it comes to top level darts having made a number of TV appearances, recently announced his retirement from the PDC tour after a decade or so of top level competion. Along with Steve Beaton probably the most fluent player in the game.

11/4   – BRENDAN MARREN – KEIGHLEY ( 1 )  ‘The Afterburner’ finished top of the rankings by a street with a 270 point total with the nearest challenger on 195. Yet another amazingly consistent season for him with 7 tournament victories with 3 of those coming in a tremendous end of season burst where he reached at least the Semi’s in the final 6 events. Edged into third favourite due to the top 2 having a better head to head record against him this year. A tall man he throws quickly and very, very straight rarely straying from the 20’s bed.

 6/1    – WILLIE KERSHAW – SHIPLEY ( 3 ) No tournament win this season for Willie which comes as a major surprise given all the wins he has had to his name over the last 4 or 5 seasons, not for the want of trying though as he came pretty close a number of times with 2 Runners Up places, 4 SF’s and 4 QF’s which is still a fair return by anyone’s standards, a former GF winner no doubt he can do it all again on Saturday.

13/2   – LES DELDERFIELD – SHIPLEY ( 35 ) Troubled by a knee injury for a large chunk of the season which forced him to miss a few events, however signs that he is coming back to near his best form with a tournament win at the penultimate event in Pontefact which augers well for the Finals, also been Runner Up and a Semi Finalist twice plus a QF too, the veteran of the competitors at 64 ‘The Old Campainer’ still a major threat to the rest of the field with his distinctive and unique looping throwing style that serves him so well.

 7/1    – TONY DARLOW – SHEFFIELD ( 8 ) The stylish lefthander was a similar price last year when he swept all before him to take the GF Title at Cue Gardens and no reason why he cannot repeat the feat this year although not quite as successful on the tour as the previous year falling short on 4 occasions in the SF’s and beaten 3 times at the QF stage, still a very respectable record and always takes top darts to get the better of him.

8/1    – JARON ESTEVE – WAKEFIELD ( 29 ) Coming into the GF’s in blistering form after just failing to land his first BDP title losing to Les Delderfield in the Final at Pontefract, has backed that up with 4 other QF spots during the course of the year and banging in some big 80 / 90 plus averages in Super League lately to pose a huge danger to the field, ‘The Spaniard’ in with a great chance on current form. A straight arm release with point showing and cut back flights helps him land in the Trebles as often as possible.

9/1    – JONATHAN DANIELS – BARNSLEY ( 39 ) A very gritty determined player ‘The Cuddly Bear’ puts 100% concentration into every dart he throws in a very methodical manner, has reemerged as a major contender again after a fine season of decent results, he came agonisingly close to picking up a title at Kippax, losing to Rich Corner by the narrowist of margins while also reaching 4 other QF’s this season.

10/1   – ALEX PRIDE – HARROGATE ( 7 ) On his day is more than capable of winning a title as he has shown a number of times in the past. Came close to winning at East Leeds beaten 4-3 by Matt Padgett after a tremendous win over Dave Smith in the SF, also reached 3 other SF’s himself aswell as a QF in his most consistent season yet at BDP. A throw which isn’t the smoothest but highly effective.

11/1   – BOB PINDER – SHEFFIELD ( 2 )  Known as ‘Pinhead’ he is firmly in the bracket of one of the best players yet to win a BDP title having come close in the past, no Finals for him this season but still there or thereabouts with a SF showing at Tyersal and 2 other QF’s, not quite as productive as last season but always performs well on GF day and is a real danger with his slow, methodical and consistent syle of throw.

12/1   – PAUL TOULMIN – SHIPLEY ( 5 ) A first appearance in the GF’s for ‘Goldfinger’ after an impressive season to finish 5th in the overall rankings, played superbly to reach SF’s at both Crigglestone and Hunslet and a QF placing in the final event at Rowland Road to stand him in good stead coming in to the Finals, a real dark horse if he can reproduce that form on the day.

14/1   – BRYAN HARRISON – LEEDS ( 33 ) A superb SF showing for ‘Big Bri’ pushing eventual winner Brendan Marren all the way in the last event at Rowland Road shows he might have found his top form when it matters the most, also had 2 other QF placings earlier on this season, can be vulnerable early but can also take some stopping if he gets into his fluent high scoring rythmn.

16/1   – PETER REBANKS – SKIPTON ( 4 ) The white haired veteran known has ‘Chalkie’ has had a fine season travelling a fair distance each time from Skipton and rewarded with a GF pay out of some sort after producing some excellent results, most notably at Morley reaching the SF before going down to red hot England star Martin Atkins, a futher 2 QF’s followed at Crossgates and Otley towards the back end of the season to suggest he will take some beating on the day.

18/1   – LYNDON BAXTER – SOWERBY BRIDGE ( 6 ) After a long absence away from the game ‘The Alien’ has now dusted off the cobwebs and played close to his best at times this season, especially so at Carlton where he produced a sensational performance to take out Brendan Marren before losing out in the SF to Steve Kelly, a further 2 more SF’s followed at Harold Club and East Leeds besides 3 more QF appearances, a smooth easy to watch style and a very dangerous player.

20/1   – TONY WORT – LEEDS ( 29 ) One of the most improved players this season at BDP and has wracked up wins over a number of top players this season including Willie Kershaw and Brendan Marren amongst others. ‘The Coat’ has wrapped up 4 impressive QF spots this season before running out of steam due to the fatigue of nightshift work usually. A fast throwing nonchelant style that can match anyone on his day.

22/1   – TOM SYKES – CASTLEFORD ( 45 ) At just 19 years of age ‘The Ginga Ninja’ has tremendous ability and bags of potential, missed the last 4 comps and nearly missed the cut but has been consistent all season with a SF at Tyersal being the highlight for him, also managed a QF and in the money Last 16 Round 5 other times in an impressive season. Fast throwing no nonsense player and one to watch for sure.

25/1   – ROB RICHARDSON – CASTLEFORD ( 38 )  A good solid year for Rob with 3 good QF spots under his belt at Fryston, Harold Club and East Leeds, a good steady player with a reliable throw and a very tricky opponent and one the top players will want to avoid early on especially.

28/1   – BRENDAN DAWSON – SOWERBY BRIDGE ( 20 ) Another player with the game to beat anyone on his day as he showed at Corpus Christi by reaching the SF’s in by far his best outing of the season, only 1 other Last 16 spot to show for his seasons work but the easy going pony tailed gardener has it in him to cause a few shocks.

30/1   – ROB SHARP – LEEDS – ( 19 )  Rob has played really well in the second half of the season to notch up some eyecatching victories especially at Crossgates taking out James Barton and Daz Twist in successive rounds on the way to 1 of 2 QF’s that he has reached this season. A gutsy determined player who gives little away, has bags of experience and will fear no one.

33/1   – KYLE RICHARDSON – LEEDS – ( 18 ) Still only 18 years of age but seems to have been around ages Kyle has had a fairly torrid time this season losing his form and confidence, however signs of late that he could be on the way back with a creditable QF at the last event at Rowland Road, his ability has never been in doubt but can be fragile mentally, the left hander has a super action and if he gets it all together on the day could be the surprise package.

35/1   – DANIEL ROBERTS – HUDDERSFIELD – ( 24 ) Youngster Danny has really looked the part at times this season especially in the first half of the season, just couldn’t manage to get beyond the Last 16 stage where he lost out 4 times, not quite as consistent in the second half but looks to have a bright future with a good temprement.

35/1   – MARK HANSLIP – SHIPLEY – ( 9 ) ‘Hanny’ works hard on his game and plays and practises regularly with Shipley’s finest and reaping the rewards this season with 2 well deserved QF spots at Carlton and Otley, not the most fluent actions but can be very accurate if he’s on his game, a real battler who never gives in.

40/1   – JOHN CLIFFORD – LEEDS – ( 28 ) The cap wearing West Leeds player can cause anyone problems on his day and always makes opponents work hard to get the better of him as he showed in the penultimate tournament at Lee Mount with a well merited QF place beating highly rated Lewis Pride and Bob Pinder along the way, also had 2 other ventures into the Last 16 and will be no pushover on Saturday.

40/1   – IAN WARD – LEEDS – ( 22 ) One of 3 West Leeds players in the GF’s and little to choose between any of them. Another player as we so often say that on his day can trouble anyone. His best outing came at Glasshoughton where he had darts to take out top player Matt Padgett and reach the SF’s but alas couldn’t close it out, by far his best showing of the season as he failed to make the money stages in any other event but if he can find the form that he did that day he could be a danger man.

40/1   – IAN BROWN – LEEDS – ( 34 ) Big Leeds Utd fan ‘Browny’ always does enough to reach the GF’s, has been there for a number of seasons and raises his game everytime on the day to give more fancied players a torrid time of it usually. Last 16 efforts at Otley, Kippax and Hunslet his best outings this season.

40/1   – MARK GALE – LEEDS – ( 12 ) The third member of the West Leeds trio, originally from Surrey Big Mark started his first BDP full season with intent by reaching the QF’s at Tyersal in Comp 4, not much joy after that until back to back Last 16’s at Cue Gardens and Glasshoughton in Comps 14 and 15 and then again at Comp 24 over in Halifax, an ever present this season and qualifies comfortably in 12th position and will fancy his chances of aa good run in the big one.

40/1   – MARK FEATHERSTONE – LEEDS – ( 17 ) Hard to call because alot depends on which Mark shows up on the day, can look really good in games but also really poor in equal measure. Has managed to put his game together in at least 4 events by reaching the Last 16 and has taken some decent scalps along the way so he has it in his locker, just a question of does he hold the key to open it on Saturday.

40/1   – TONY FARROW – BARNSLEY – ( 11 ) Probably should have achieved a little more than 2 Last 16 placings, seems scant reward for a player with his ability, has knocked over some very decent players this season but not quite been able to follow it through with a QF or better, has the potential but can ‘Big Tony’ deliver the goods.

40/1   – JAMIE INGLE – BINGLEY – ( 27 ) An unpredictable player Jamie can be brilliant at times and awful other times, all on the day for him really, one of his better days came at Woodbottom where he took out inform Daz Hale to reach the QF’s, backed that up with 3 other Last 16’s so not to be underestimated if on his game.

50/1   – MICK WILTSHIRE – LEEDS – ( 21 ) A disappointing season really for Mick, just 1 Last 16 place at Carlton from 25 Comps attended is nowhere near the return you would expect from a player of his capability. Maybe saving his best form for the Finals like he did last year when taking out highly fancied Daz Twist in the opening round.

50/1   – STEVE KELLY – HALIFAX – ( 10 ) Nowhere near as long a shot as this normally but ‘The Halifax Bomber’ has struggled in the second half of the season since suffering a broken foot, even played on crutches at Hunslet in Comp 18. Started the season in usual fashion for him by reaching the Final at Carlton followed swiftly by a SF at the very next tournament at Woodbottom, before those 2 highlights he also made the QF’s twice at Rowland Road and East Leeds but those successes seem a long time ago sadly on current form.

50/1   – JOHN RICHARDSON – LEEDS – ( 14 ) Another player showing vast improvement this season with 3 excellent Last 16 efforts including Townville where he should really have gone further but missed a stack of doubles to beat Richard Watson that day, a big supporter of son Kyle but is a very decent player in his own right and could do some damage on GF’s day.

50/1   – SIMON WINTLE – LEEDS – ( 13 ) With a lesser burden to carry on match days regarding equipment and set up ‘The Big Bear’ has been able to play with a bit more freedom, still probably the fastest player at BDP his style can be a bit hit and miss but when he hits he hits hard and can blow anyone away within the blink of an eye as he showed at Fryston taking out Paul Toulmin and taking Terry Temple to the wire in a gripping QF match, didn’t quite reach those heights after that with just another Last 16 showing but always capable of fireworks.

50/1   – PETE RILEY – HALIFAX – ( 23 ) One of the more jovial figures on the circuit Pete is always good fun to be around and can throw a very decent game when in the mood, quite capable of going beyond the Last 16 which were his best efforts this season at Townville, East Leeds and Otley, could cause a shock or two on Saturday if in the right mind set.

50/1   – STEVE HATTERSLEY – HUDDERSFIELD – ( 16 ) Looked to be an up and coming star 3 or 4 years back beating all comers with his slow deliberate and very accurate style but has really struggled to recapture that form especially this season with only 1 Last 16 place at East Leeds to show for a full seasons work, could still find that old form but looks unlikely going on his results at BDP this year.

50/1   – NIGEL ATKINSON – CASTLEFORD – ( 15 ) After the great results he had last season this season has to go down as a bit of a disappointment for him with just a solitary Last 16 effort at Hunslet to show for a full quota of events, quite a few defeats in the round before the money but that will be of scant consolation unless he can pull something out of the bag on the big occasion.

50/1   – TREVOR TYE – CHESTERFIELD – ( 36 ) Again nothing really in Trev’s form this season to suggest he could cause a big upset or two but with all his old match and County experience to fall back on he can never be fully discounted, has beat some of the top players in the past but can he do it again. Corpus Christi his best event this season where he reached the Last 16.

50/1   – MICK HAYWARD – SKIPTON – ( 43 ) Sensationally qualified at Speedy Hire on the day for the televised UK Open in Bolton early on in the season but has had limited success so far at BDP events with just 1 venture into the money stage with a Last 16 showing at Crossgates, has the potential to do well if he can have another big day like he did back in the spring.

60/1   – PAT MEESON – SHEFFIELD – ( 44 ) Genial joker Pat just making the cut thanks mainly to Last 32 showings at East Leeds, Hunslet , Lee Mount and Rowland Rd all in the second half off the season and netting him 8 points a time to see him home, capable of going further on his day but will need to be at his best on Saturday to do so.

60/1   – JASON STOCKINGS – SHIPLEY – ( 32 ) An ever present record this season for ‘The Spice Boy’, Jase is very much a key figure now in the running of BDP doing great work off the oche along with the rest of the staff, not so great for him on the oche though having failed to make it to the money stages in any competition but making it to Round 3 a total of 4 times, has a very light throw and suffers quite a few bounce outs which doesn’t help his cause, will need those darts to stay in the Board to make an impression on GF’s day.

60/1   – MARK LEONARD – HUDDERSFIELD – ( 48 ) ‘The Terrier’ makes it into the line up by the skin of his teeth taking the last place available just edging out Josh Scales on countback having attended more tournaments. Ventures into the Last 32 at East Leeds twice, Morley and crucially Lee Mount in Comp 24 helped accrue his 150 point total and a place in the GF’s.

75/1   – DANNY HALL – LEEDS – ( 47 ) An attendance record of 24 Comps accumulated the 150 points total for Danny as he faced an anxious wait on the final day at Rowland Road to see if he had done enough to qualify, only just having not really produced his best form this season with defeats in either 1st or 2nd rounders, has given top players a tough time in the past and will be hoping to find that form on Saturday.

75/1   – DAVE MURRAY – LEEDS – ( 42 ) A good attendance record the key for getting Dave into the top 48 having missed just 1 event this year. His best outing reaching the Last 32 at Crossgates to secure an 8 pointer, not too much joy elsewhere having gone out in either Round 1 or Round 2 in all other tournaments.

75/1   – PAUL PRIESTLAND – HUDDERSFIELD ( 26 ) A full quota of events this season ensuring that Paul qualifies comfortably in 26th place for the GF’s, mostly 1st and 2nd Round defeats on his record but did manage to reach Round 3, the Last 32 stage twice at Kippax and Harold Club, will be hoping he can reproduce his best again at Harold Club on Saturday.

80/1  – STEVE CADERA – LEEDS – ( 31 ) Another loyal BDP follower attending every single competition to qualify comfortably, always looks a better player than his record suggests but doesn’t seem to be able to convert form into wins on the board with 1st or 2nd Round defeats  apart from his best outing late on at Lee Mount where he reached the Last 32 and gave Tony Wort a scare before losing 3-2 in that game which should be a confidence booster coming into the GF’s.

100/1 – ANDREW CLIFFORD – HALIFAX – ( 41 ) Really struggled this season as he looks a million miles from the player that once took John Walton all the way in the Gold Cup qualifiers a few years ago, not the first player to suffer hard times on the oche but like many players before him hoping to come through stronger on the other side, looks unlikely to be Saturday though going by this seasons record of 1st and 2nd Round defeats.

100/1 – IAN FALKINGHAM – HUDDERSFIELD – ( 46 ) A stalwart of Huddersfield darts the man once nicknamed ‘Halfmast’ by Gary Kingett due to high riding trouser bottoms just did enough to qualify mainly thanks to a spirited effort at Lee Mount where he reached the Last 32 to bag a crucial 8 points, what he lacks in natural ability he more than makes up for in enthusiam for the game.

100/1 – PETER BAKER – LEEDS – ( 37 ) Loves the day out at BDP Comps as much as any successes on the oche, another loyal player that turns up week in week out and so crucial in forming the backbone of BDP darts and gets his reward by qualifying for the big event, his best effort this season coming at Glasshoughton where he reached the Last 32, unlikely to go very far on Saturday but will be having a good time for sure.

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