Grand Final

After 12 months hard competition all over West Yorkshire it all boils down to the Grand Finals with 62 competitors battling it out for the respective Individual prizes plus many more players to compete in the Pairs event. The prize monies ranging from £25 for first round losers in the Youths and Ladies up to £800 for the Main Finals winner, while £200 goes to the Pairs winners down to £50 for the Semi Finalists.



Ryan Hoggarth     3-0 Josh Hodgson
Lewis Pride       3-2 Sam Hastings


Josh Clough       3-2 Ryan Hoggarth
Calum Hall        3-1 Lewis Pride


Calum Hall (19.36) 3-2 (17.85) Josh Clough

Just 6 players in the Youth Finals with the absence of Tom Blagg and Regan Pettinger, not a great deal to choose between all the players in truth except that Sam Hastings at just 12 was by far the youngest competitor although despite still being quite small for his age throws his darts with amazing accuracy, the Bradford youngster had opportunities to take out the favourite Lewis Pride early on but just failed to take his chances this time round. No reprieve for Lewis though in the Semi as he lost to 18 year old Calum Hall who went on to play Josh Clough in a meeting of the 2 eldest boys in the Final. With £200 prize money going to the winner and £100 to the Runner Up there was a lot at stake and lots of tension in the darts early on as both players struggled to score well with Calum taking the opener in 28 darts, the game settled down from then on and was nip and tuck until the decider when 3 consecutive Tons at the start of the leg gave Calum the edge to complete the job in 20 darts for victory. A total of 5 x 100’s and a 99 for Calum, while Josh hit more big shots with 7 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90 pluses but just a few too many low scores cost him in the end.


Louise Simmonds   3-2 Leah Wiltshire
Lynn Horne        3-0 Michelle Binns
Katie Hoggarth    3-2 Sharon Whitfield
Laura Tye         3-1 Tracey Gledhill


Louise Simmonds   3-1 Lynn Horne
Laura Tye         3-0 Katie Hoggarth


Laura Tye (24.24) 3-0 (18.31) Louise Simmonds

The Ladies final line up going to form as both the favourites booked their places, the journey a little more fraught for Louise who had to hold off a Leah Wiltshire fight back in the opening round, then overcame another tough challenge from Lynn Horne in the Semi. More straight forward for Laura as she dropped just the 1 leg to maths teacher Tracey Gledhill early on then beat Katie Hoggarth in straight legs in her Semi. The Derbyshire County ace started off the match with a 140 and never looked back throwing superbly all the way through with big scores and quick finishing denying Louise any opportunity as she struggled to match Laura’s scoring power. A brilliant 138 set up shot in the last leg paved the way for a comfortable victory and her average would have been even higher had it not been for 5 missed darts at Double 14 in that last leg. A high quality performance from Laura who would have beaten most ladies in the country and quite a few blokes too with that effort, a total of 6 x 100 pluses and a 97 from her, while under the cosh Louise replied with 2 x 100 pluses but was never really in it to be honest, no doubt though she will bounce back in the new year to kick some more male backsides as usual at BDP 2013.


Barton / Royston (22.57) 2-1 (22.62) Baines / Hastings

Shocks galore in the Pairs event as pretty much all the fancied partnerships fell by the wayside as early as the first and second rounds. After accounting for Pinder and Darlow favourites Smith and Marren went out to Castleford pairing Richardson and Sykes with Rob taking out a brilliant 135 on the Bull to win that game. The mixture of youth and experience was working perfectly as Baines and Hastings upset another top pairing in Kershaw and Delderfield with a 2-1 second round win to rapturous applause in the venue. The Temple / Daniels combination yet another strong partnership to bow out at the second stage as they fell to Atkinson and Rebanks. After a Prelim and 5 tough rounds the Final ended up being an all Bradford affair but no doubt that the spectators support was firmly behind the Baines / Hastings pairing to finish the job and claim a fairytale win. It wasn’t to be as for the only time all afternoon their nerve just failed them with victory in their grasp, missing chances to win 2-0 and 2-1, instead it was James Barton sealing victory with a Double 9 to a chorus of good humoured boos from the crowd but no doubt who the star of the show here was as 12 year old Sam Hastings threw like a demon all day, looking like a boy but throwing like a man with amazing accuracy and assurance for such a young player. We could be witnessing a superstar in the making on this evidence, the only thing lacking at the moment for Sam is a decent haircut but that can easily be rectified with a no frills Grade 2 down at the local barbers.


ROUND 1 – (Players 17 – 48 in Rankings)

Jonathan Daniels  3-2 Mick Wiltshire
Terry Temple      3-0 Steve Cadera
Tom Sykes         3-0 Daniel Roberts
Peter Baker       3-1 John Clifford
Danny Hall        3-1 Paul Priestland
Dave Smith        3-1 Jaron Esteve
Pat Meeson        3-0 Kyle Richardson
Les Delderfield   3-0 Dave Murray
Ian Ward          3-0 Andrew Clifford
Ian Brown         3-1 Brendan Dawson
Bryan Harrison    3-0 Pete Riley
Robert Sharp      3-1 Jason Stockings
Rob Richardson    3-1 Mick Hayward
Jamie Ingle       3-1 Mark Leonard
Tony Wort         3-2 Mark Featherstone
Trevor Tye        3-1 Ian Falkingham

No doubt about the stand out tie of Round 1 as the draw paired Dave Smith (26.04) against Jaron Esteve (21.53), as it happened the match didn’t really live up to the billing as Dave came through a lot more comfortably than he probably would have expected despite not firing on all cylinders. Jaron’s cause not helped by bursting 169 in the opening leg although it didn’t really cost him as Dave checked out with his next visit, only in the final leg did the Ferrybridge ace hit the straps with a 15 darter to clinch the match, disappointment for Jaz as he came into the event with high hopes on the back off some great form of late but admitted afterwards of being guilty of playing the player rather than the board. Wood Recycling Manager Peter Baker written off as a 100/1 no hoper by the bookies beforehand turned the form book upside down to stun the much more fancied John Clifford who had looked in good form in the Pairs earlier on, the jovial Hunslet player winning 3-1 to record his best victory all season on the biggest stage of all. The other surprising scoreline being a 3-0 shut out for former 70’s Club DJ and Entertainer Pat Meeson over Kyle Richardson who had been backed down to 33/1 on the back of some good performances recently. A fairly comfortable 3-0 victory for Yorkshire Youth star Tom Sykes (24.64) clinching his match with a 17 darter over Daniel Roberts (20.56).


Bob Pinder        3-2 Willie Kershaw
Simon Wintle      3-1 Pat Meeson
Mark Hanslip      3-0 Jamie Ingle
Les Delderfield   3-2 Alex Pride
Bryan Harrison    3-2 Mark Gale
Tony Darlow       3-0 Peter Rebanks
Terry Temple      3-2 Rob Richardson
Tom Sykes         3-1 Tony Wort
Nigel Atkinson    3-0 Danny Hall
Steve Hattersley  3-0 Trevor Tye
Paul Toulmin      3-1 Steve Kelly
Brendan Marren    3-1 John Richardson
Lyndon Baxter     3-0 Rob Sharp
Jonathan Daniels  3-0 Peter Baker
Ian Ward          3-1 Tony Farrow
Dave Smith        3-2 Ian Brown

The luck of the redraw had ensured the 3 hot Favourites, Temple, Smith, and Marren would all be kept apart until the Semi Final stage so it was up to the rest of the field to try and spring the surprises. First to have a crack at 9/4F Terry Temple (27.48) was Castleford’s Rob ‘The Jockey’ Richardson (23.65) and he gave it a real go but just couldn’t quite apply enough pressure in the decider as Terry held out with a 19 darter to follow up his earlier 15 and 17 darters, all credit to Rob for battling all the way and taking his legs in 20 and 24 darts. Next opponent for Terry was young Tom Sykes (27.48) who was looking very dangerous after an impressive 3-1 win over Tony Wort (22.70) with brisk winning legs of 17, 18 and 16 darts. As always in the Grand Finals Ian Brown gave a good account of himself by making Dave Smith work hard for a tight 3-2 victory, while Willie Kershaw at 6/1 became the biggest casualty so far after losing out 3-2 to Bob Pinder in a crunch early draw for both players. Harrogate’s Alex Pride (23.98) got off to a flyer against Les Delderfield (26.51) to lead 2-0 with rapid 16 and 18 dart legs but couldn’t keep up the momentum as Les battled back to win the last 3 legs in 21, 21 and 17 darts.


Bob Pinder        3-2 Simon Wintle
Les Delderfield   3-0 Mark Hanslip
Bryan Harrison    3-1 Tony Darlow
Terry Temple      3-0 Tom Sykes
Steve Hattersley  3-1 Nigel Atkinson
Brendan Marren    3-0 Paul Toulmin
Jonathan Daniels  3-2 Lyndon Baxter
Dave Smith        3-1 Ian Ward

Fast throwing Simon Wintle had Bob Pinder on the rack leading 2-1 and on a 2 dart finish for the match only to make a complete hash of it and let the tall Sheffield player of the hook to level up and then complete the turnaround to win 3-2. Former Grand Finalist Bryan Harrison (24.72) just had the edge over current Title holder Tony Darlow (24.05) to take the match 3-1 with a 16 dart finisher. The all Shipley clash resulted in a fairly one sided 3-0 victory for Les Delderfield (26.37) over Mark Hanslip (21.83), a 15 dart break for Les doing most of the damage in that game. The most impressive darts of The Finals not surprisingly coming from Terry Temple (31.98) as he ruthlessly dismissed the challenge of Tom Sykes (25.38) with some devastating scoring and finishing especially so against the throw in leg 2 where he took out 100 with Single 20 and 2 Double Tops with his opponent sat on Tops himself for a real body blow similar to the one which ended Ricky Hatton’s career recently, this time though it was Tom left wincing in agony. Just for good measure the York star finished the match with a 14 darter following a 177 shot to leave 32 and Tom was well beaten this time. Jonathan Daniels just shaded an even contest against Lyndon Baxter to set up a Quarter Final tie with Dave Smith who beat a gallant Ian Ward 3-1. Steve Hattersley a long shot with the bookies at 50/1 after a fairly dismal season making up the Last 8 after a 3-1 victory over Nigel Atkinson.


Les Delderfield   3-1 Bob Pinder
Terry Temple      3-0 Bryan Harrison
Brendan Marren    3-0 Steve Hattersley
Dave Smith        3-0 Jonathan Daniels

The 3 short priced Favourites at the start of play all swept through fairly untroubled to the Last 4 without dropping a leg. Dave Smith (30.67)the most impressive blasting in a 134 finish in the opening leg to help see off Jonathan Daniels (24.69), while Brendan Marren (25.91) cruised past Steve Hattersley (21.48) once the Huddersfield man had missed a dart at Tops in the opening leg. Bryan Harrison didn’t really get going until into the last leg of his match with Terry Temple by which time it was much too late as Terry closed out the match in his usual clinical manner. Sir Les Delderfield making up the Semi Final quartet with victory over Bob Pinder to make it 4 of the most recognisable, successful and distinguished figures at BDP this season battling it out for the top prize.


Brendan Marren (29.67) 3-1 (26.14) Dave Smith

These 2 top players have clashed several times during the year at the later stages of competitions with Dave having the upper hand in the majority of them, however this round in the biggest match of any at BDP it was Brendan who turned the tables and took the victory. A flying start for Brendan as he fired in a 180 on the way to a 14 dart opener. Dave held off a determined challenge from his opponent to square the match with a 17 darter as the match looked like being a nip and tuck affair, however the match didn’t pan out that way as Dave just went marginally off the boil on his scoring which gave Brendan just enough leeway to exploit it and win the game with 21 dart hold and the key 17 dart break in the final leg. Solid and reliable as always for Brendan with 5 x 100 pluses and 4 scores in the high 90’s, Dave responding with 5 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90 odd scores.


Terry Temple (28.90) 3-0 (24.72) Les Delderfield

Les won the Bull and had advantage of throw in 2 of the legs but still couldn’t prevent Terry sweeping to a 3-0 win although he really should have pulled one back in leg 3 but uncharacteristically for him missed 9 darts from Double 8 right down to Double 1, hard enough to beat Terry as it is without giving him those kind of gifts and Les paid for it as you would expect from a player of Terry’s class. The real highlight in this game came in leg 2 as Terry pounded the Trebles to hit 180, 140 and 145 to set up a possible 10 darter but unfortunately missed the Double 18 but winning the leg the most important thing as he took it in 13 darts to go 2 up after an earlier 17 dart break. A strong finish to the end of the season for Les but not to be for him in this one, a total of 7 x 100 pluses and a 95 with the 9 darts at doubles sending his average plummeting, as for Terry the usual all round strong game with 2 x 180’s, 3 x 100 pluses and 3 other scores in the 90’s to cement the victory.


Terry Temple (25.55) 4-1 (24.34) Brendan Marren

A disappointing Final in all truth as both players were well below par, especially Brendan who after an impressive opening 15 dart leg really struggled for the remainder of the match as his darts were not landing in their usual straight manner but on a tilt as if they were unbalanced, hard to say whether the extra long points affected his throw or not but as the match wore on the confidence seemed to drain out of him, meanwhile Terry was probably expecting Brendan to catch fire at some point and would have responded in kind had he done so, as it was the charge from Brendan never came and Terry eased through the game without really having to up the ante to eventually win in legs of 22, 21, 18 and 17 darts, the final leg flourish being the highlight of the game as after a poor start Terry hit 140, 100, 132 to finish 24 after Brendan had a last gasp do or die effort at 96 to save the match. A great year for Brendan but will be disappointed to have played one of his poorest games of the season in the Final itself and will maybe need to tinker again with his equipment to have his throw in full working order for the start of next season, a tally of 7 x 100 pluses including a 180 with a 96 score, while Terry hit 8 x 100 pluses but had more 80 plus scores which made the difference.


The Final may have been a bit of an anti climax but no doubt that Terry Temple’s victory was well deserved, he has been statistically the best player at BDP this season and that fact was borne out here on Finals day. The main event overall pretty much went to form with the 3 outstanding players and heavy favourites all reaching the later stages despite a couple of valiant efforts to stop them from Rob Richardson and Ian Brown in particular. The venue at Harold Club as always been a little tight but coped well on the day with the numbers and the bar and kitchen staff did a great job to keep the refreshments flowing all afternoon, all the events ran like clockwork thanks to the skill of our beloved organisers Harry Firth and Mick Dodds and the willingness of players to mark games. All in all a very satisfactory end to a great years darts and hopefully more of the same in 2013.

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