Rowland Road

Rowland Road now firmly established as one of BDP’s premier venues with its fine set up of boards along the back wall and excellent stage set up too although the Main Semi’s and Final would be played on the floor today, maybe because the stage boards were used solely for the Mixed Event all day so the players would prefer to stick with the surroundings that were more familiar and comfortable with. The topic of conversation around the hall before start of play had little do do with darts and more to do with Vernon Walsh’s hairstyle which was its usual short crop at the sides but unbelievably long on top and with a fair degree of stubble growth he resembled a typical 1930’s boxer usually seen on old grainy film clips, as the Doncaster player said himself the result wasn’t exactly what he was hoping for when he walked out of the hairdressers shop and maybe a revisit was in order sooner rather than later. On the playing front a little more respectable this week with 91 in the main draw and 17 in the mixed with a heavy contingent of quality players coming over from East Yorkshire to compete with the usual array of players closer to home.



Beau Greaves      3-0 Katie Hoggarth


Beau Greaves      3-2 Keaton Haddock
Mandy McKenzie    3-0 Ethan Scully
Louise Simmonds   3-0 Ginny Whittaker
Kai Haddock       3-1 Anita Hoggarth
Laura Tye         3-0 Sharon Whitfield
Lynne Horne       3-0 Kate Livermore
Michelle Binns    3-0 Naomi Haddock
Tracey Gledhill   3-0 Tom Gurran


Beau Greaves      3-1 Mandy McKenzie
Louise Simmonds   3-1 Kai Haddock
Laura Tye         3-1 Lynne Horne
Tracey Gledhill   3-1 Michelle Binns


Beau Greaves      3-2 Louise Simmonds
Laura Tye         3-0 Tracey Gledhill


Beau Greaves ( 17.44 ) 3-2 ( 16.59 ) Laura Tye

An amazing day in the Mixed event as we witnessed the rise of a new young star to light up the Ladies and Youth game. Beau Greaves has been a threatening to break through all season with some fine performances to run much more senior players close but no one could have expected her to do what she did here today. She was in action right from the start as she was drawn out in the only Prelim game against Skipton’s Katie Hoggarth and a strong favourite to progress given her strong pedigree, however 10 year old Beau was having other ideas and served notice of what was to come with a 3-0 victory. Her route to the Final could hardly have been any tougher as she had a hard battle to beat Keaton Haddock 3-2 and then face vastly experienced Yorkshire County ace Mandy McKenzie who won at Glasshoughton last time out, once again she turned the tables and beat Mandy 3-1 to set up a Semi Final clash against another esteemed player in Louise Simmonds who like Mandy has played County and top competition darts for years and is chiefly responsible for nurturing the next generation of talent in her role of Yorkshire Youth Manager. Once again Beau showed nerves of steel and maturity beyond her years to win a lest leg decider and become the youngest player ever to contest a BDP Final. In the other half of the draw Laura Tye who had swept past Sharon Whitfield, Lynne Horne and Tracey Gledhill to claim her place in the Final. Surely the Final would be a step too far for the youngster from Spotborough in Doncaster against yet another top level experienced player like Laura who is only in mid twenties herself but been around the scene since her junior days. Hard to believe someone so small in stature could throw so straight and accurately as Beau comfortably took the opening leg in 25 darts but then Laura fought back to level up in 34 darts after missing a stack of efforts at Double 5 before clinching it as Beau closed in. Regular practice with big brother Taylor obviously paying off for Beau as she fired in some impressive scores of 95, 140 and 100 in leg 3 and only a dozen or so wasted darts at doubles bringing her average down before she nailed it with a 30 darter. A couple of 85’s from Laura in leg 4 helped her to a 27 dart leg and levelled the score at 2-2 with the match hinging on a decider. The Chesterfield girl looked to be gaining the ascendancy with 85 and 100 scores and had set herself up on Tops with Beau stepping up for 94, a huge ask under pressure but the Treble 18 landed sweet as a nut as the crowd held its breath, the Double 20 went inside the wire but the Double 10 went straight in the middle of the target for a fitting end to a fairy tale story and a dramatic day of darts. Mr Greaves on the sidelines overcome with pride as he made calls to the family while Beau received a hug from her big brother and explained that she would like to study to be a Doctor in the future. An old head on young shoulders indeed and maybe just the start of a fantastic darts career too.



Tony Darlow       3-2 Bryan Harrison
Curtis Turner     3-0 Raymond Long
Tom Neil          3-2 Ian Falkingham
Lance Milburn     3-2 Brendan Dawson
Taylor Greaves    3-1 James Janney
Robbie Lickiss    3-1 Rob Sharp
Arthur Sweeting   3-1 Paul Priestland
Stuart Monaghan   3-0 Trevor Tye
Rich Winpenny     3-1 Mally Welsh
Tony Hewson       3-0 Kris Namnieks
Simon Hopkins     3-2 Steve Booth
Ben Oldroyd       3-1 Robert Turpin
Vernon Walsh      3-1 Arron Wike
Nigel Smith       3-0 Peter Baker
Cam Hinchcliffe   3-0 Michael Townend
Mark Featherstone 3-0 Danny Wilkes
Ian Ward          3-1 Dave Blyth
Arron Holdstock   3-0 Josh Scales
Mark Daley        3-1 Mark Alder
Ian Brown         3-2 Steve Silver
Steve Kelly       3-0 Mark Leonard
Jimmy Chojnowski  3-2 Daz Mawer
Steve Hattersley  3-1 James Storey
David Lammie      3-0 Jack Bassinger
Derek Lumley      3-0 Kieran Evans
Andy Ward         3-0 Mick Blower
Matt Green        3-2 Steve Richardson

No doubt the biggest draw of the Round involved the first 2 players that were called out to play, 20 minutes later Bryan Harrison was stood at the bar unable to believe how he managed to lose having missed 18 darts to beat Tony Darlow who on the other hand could hardly believe his luck. All the top and inform players including Arron Holdstock, Ian Ward, Cam Hinchcliffe and David Lammie all came through comfortably enough as did Huddersfield danger man and coolest looking player Ben Oldroyd with a 3-1 win over Rothwell’s Robert Turpin while very handy players Brendan Dawson, Steve Richardson, Steve Silver and Daz Mawer all went down in deciding legs.


Reece Robinson    3-0 Paul Hampton
Ian Holmes        3-0 Mike Storey
Rick Waite        3-1 Sam Loader
Steve O'Donnell   3-2 Sam Lindsay
Neil Sidebottom   3-0 Mark Calvert
Tony Darlow       3-1 Jon Crossland
Daz Hale          3-0 Steve Jones
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 Daryl Bainbridge
Willie Kershaw    3-2 Wayne Woodhouse
Curtis Turner     3-2 Tom Lishman
Steve Blower      3-0 Adam Kay
Stuart Ireland    3-1 Tom Neil
Lance Milburn     3-2 Josh Clough
Dave Peasgood     3-1 Luke Cathcart
Taylor Greaves    3-0 Richard Butcher
Danny Hall        3-1 Robbie Lickiss
Callum Hall       3-0 Arthur Sweeting
Jaron Esteve      3-1 Stuart Monaghan
Terry Temple      3-0 Rich Winpenny
Tony Hewson       3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Mick Yorke        3-1 Simon Hopkins
Ben Oldroyd       3-2 Vernon Walsh
Cam Hinchcliffe   3-1 Nigel Smith
Mark Featherstone 3-2 Ian Ward
Brendan Marren    3-0 Arron Holdstock
Mark Daley        3-2 Danny Wilson
Darren Johnson    3-1 Ian Brown
Steve Kelly       3-0 Danny Dutson
Gary Cathcart     3-1 Jimmy Chojnowski
Steve Hattersley  3-0 Pat Blakely
David Lammie      3-2 Derek Lumley
Matt Green        3-0 Andy Ward

After such a reprieve in the opening game the chances were that Tony Darlow would go from strength to strength in the next few rounds and be a major contender once again as he overcame Glasshoughton Semi Finalist Jon Crossland 3-1. More tough ties as Brendan Marren beat Arron Holdstock 3-0 and Terry Temple did likewise just beating Rich Winpenny to the punch every leg as he looked to celebrate his birthday in style today. A tremendous 102 shot out featuring Bull and Double 16 with the last 2 darts from Mark Featherstone clinched his match against 2 time recent Finalist Ian Ward, surely just a matter of time before Mark gets the breaks like Ian did and starts making Semi’s and Finals with his ability. Hard games for Willie Kershaw and Curtis Turner to see off Wayne Woodhouse and Tom Lishman both with a 3-2 scoreline. Meanwhile Mark Daley blasted in a 12 darter to help overcome Huddersfield muscleman Danny Wilson who is always a fun character on the SL scene and great to see him at a BDP event.


Reece Robinson    3-1 Ian Holmes
Steve O'Donnell   3-2 Rick Waite
Tony Darlow       3-0 Neil Sidebottom
Daz Hale          3-0 Jonathan Hewitt
Curtis Turner     3-2 Willie Kershaw
Stuart Ireland    3-2 Steve Blower
Lance Milburn     3-2 Dave Peasgood
Taylor Greaves    3-1 Danny Hall
Jaron Esteve      3-1 Callum Hall
Terry Temple      3-0 Tony Hewson
Mick Yorke        3-0 Ben Oldroyd
Mark Featherstone 3-1 Cam Hinchcliffe
Brendan Marren    3-2 Mark Daley
Darren Johnson    3-0 Steve Kelly
Gary Cathcart     3-1 Steve Hattersley
Matt Green        3-1 David Lammie

Always good too to see Steve O’Donnell back in action although playing in a lot of discomfort these days with feet ailments but can still produce on the dart board even with little or no practice as he edged out Wakefield’s Rick Waite who looks another solid player but as yet not quite had the rub of the green at BDP events. Humberside County player Matt Green from Goole making inroads and impressing with a 3-1 win over David Lammie, while Brendan Marren somehow survived 9 match darts against him from Mark Daley as a great chance to eliminate one of the favourites went begging. Old friend of BDP darts Stuart Ireland coming all the way down from Durham once again and still showing he has plenty to offer with a 3-2 success over Steve Blower. Daz Hale always with a smile on his face and very popular amongst his peers looking in dangerous form too after a 3-0 win over Jonathan Hewitt.


Reece Robinson    3-2 Steve O'Donnell
Daz Hale          3-2 Tony Darlow
Curtis Turner     3-1 Stuart Ireland
Lance Milburn     3-2 Taylor Greaves
Terry Temple      3-2 Jaron Esteve
Mick Yorke        3-1 Mark Featherstone
Brendan Marren    3-1 Darren Johnson
Matt Green        3-1 Gary Cathcart

At the top of the draw Hull’s Reece Robinson progressing nicely but having to work hard to beat such a determined player as Steve O’Donnell 3-2. A tremendous battle on Board 2 with Terry Temple producing top darts in the decider to just edge out Jaz Esteve in a ding dong affair. Tony Darlow’s luck for the day finally ran out at the hands of Daz Hale but Brendan Marren was determined to make the most of his luck in the last game as he beat Castle Club SL and PDC star Daz Johnson 3-1. Tadcaster star Curtis Turner having his best run at BDP for a while after some tough battles today and into the Last 8 with victory over Stuart Ireland.


Reece Robinson    3-0 Daz Hale
Lance Milburn     3-2 Curtis Turner
Terry Temple      3-0 Mick Yorke
Brendan Marren    3-1 Matt Green

An incredible day so far for Castleford’s Lance Milburn in reaching his first BDP Individual Semi Final having never really got anywhere near in the past despite always being a more than useful player but maybe not having the overall consistency to challenge before. He has had to work hardest out of anyone to get this far today with all 5 of his games against Brendan Dawson, Josh Clough, Dave Peasgood, Taylor Greaves and now Curtis Turner all going the distance, a tremendous effort from the Rock SL player which still has mileage in it yet. Newcomer Mick Yorke had played superbly all day but just found Terry Temple a bridge too far going down 3-0. A fine showing from Matt Green yet another quality player from the east end of the M62 but losing out at this stage to Brendan Marren who was now in with a good chance of claiming back to back tournament wins. Reece Robinson such a tremendous talent but the expected BDP Title victory has so far eluded him up until now where he now has a great chance of breaking the hoodoo with just 2 more games to win after an impressive win over Daz Hale.


Reece Robinson ( 23.35 ) 4-3 ( 22.69 ) Lance Milburn

Surprise Semi Finalist Lance Milburn almost pulled off an unexpected victory over darting superstar and enigma Reece Robinson who sailed close to the wind before putting in a decisive last leg to clinch the match with a 17 darter. A brave effort from Lance and at 2-1 up and requiring 80 he was in with a great chance of making his first BDP singles Final, however after his first dart landed in Single 20, the second dart landed outside the board and so denied him at shot at Tops with the last one, a costly mistake and a key turning point as Reece showed his quality and class to take out a 100 finish after a 134 set up. The match level at 2-2 with Reece showing just glimpses of his true class as he struggled to find any real consistency with a number of low scores that were giving Lance every encouragement and although the Castleford player himself threw a few loose darts he was also hitting enough big scores to give Reece a real problem as he showed with 16 and 22 dart winning legs at this stage. A scrappy 26 dart leg put Reece 3-2 up to follow earlier 19 and 18 darters in legs 1 and 4 and he kicked for home with 3 straight Tons at the start of leg 6 but he couldn’t quite shake Lance off and he hung in superbly with a 97 shot followed by a crisp 78 finish to square this unpredictable match up at 3-3 with a 21 darter. With the match in real danger of slipping away from him Reece got his act together when it really mattered to snuff out the danger with some fine scoring in the decider before clinching the leg in relative comfort compared to most of his others with Lance back on 211. The Hull star still in his early 20’s but achieved so much already in darts having appeared on TV a few times at The UK Open and generally mixing it with the best players in both codes but maybe a little lack lustre in this one but got away with it in the end with 12 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90’s scores. As for Lance a tremendous effort not just in this game but the previous 5 where he had shown real bottle and class to prevail in all those games, not since he was brilliant in winning the Pairs Final with Wayne Woodhouse a few years ago has he played so well at a BDP event as he hit 9 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90’s shots and with just a little more consistency would have been contesting the Final today.


Brendan Marren ( 29.07 ) 4-2 ( 28.93 ) Terry Temple

Brendan Marren coming out on top in a typically high scoring battle with Terry Temple as two of BDP’s finest locked horns. Brendan drew first blood with a 17 dart early break but Terry replied immediately in the next with a 16 dart riposte. The York PDC Pro then threw a fine 14 darter to go 2-1 up on throw and was sat on 50 in the next leg when Brendan checked out 58 with his last dart to level up. The match would probably hinge on the odd mistake and when Terry could only hit 40 and 47 scores in leg 5 the Keighley man seized his chance to engineer another crucial break in 17 darts and with the advantage Brendan is one of the best in the game at closing a match out with the opponent usually having to go out in 15 darts or less to save it which Terry is more than capable of but couldn’t do it this time as BJ wrapped it up in 16 darts. The usual procession of straight Ton scores from Brendan as he hit 9 of them but also a crucial 6 x 140’s which were instrumental in the victory with 3 x 90’s scores besides. Not quite the fitting end to an early 50’s birthday for Terry but always great to see him in BDP action as he fired in 12 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90’s shots but will probably remember the 2 x 40’s shots in leg 5 which effectively cost him the game in the end.


Brendan Marren ( 25.94 ) 5-3 ( 25.02 ) Reece Robinson

The Final looked to be going only one way as Brendan Marren stormed into a 4-0 lead without ever really hitting top gear. Reece Robinson probably knew he would have to play much more consistently than he did in the Semi to beat someone with the military precision of Brendan but despite scoring better he was soon staring down the barrel of a whitewash defeat with the Keighley man really twisting the knife in leg 4 with a 80 finish with the last dart as Reece sat waiting for his chance on Double 4 after 15 darts and coupled with 3 darts missed at Double 9 in the previous leg it looked inevitable that Brendan would end the contest in the next leg with all the momentum as the Hull youngsters body language suggested the game was almost up. However a game of darts can turn in an instant and when Reece cashed in on a weak start to leg 5 by Brendan to pull one back in 21 darts and there was suddenly a spark to his game as he lashed in a volley if big scores to take the next 2 legs in 14 and 18 darts to pull the deficit back to 3-4 with Brendan rocking a touch from the onslaught. The Final had gone from a one sided game to a close contest in the blink of an eye almost but Reece just couldn’t keep it going in leg 8 and had his poorest scoring leg just when he needed to keep the pressure on but instead ‘The Afterburner’ was able to get over the line in 19 darts to follow up earlier winning legs in 17, 20, 24 and 18 darts. In the end Reece just gave himself too much to do but all credit to him for making a real fight of it as he hit 13 x 100 pluses and 7 x 90 pluses. As for Brendan, happy to win another Trophy without being quite at his relentless best in the Final as he hit 18 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90’s scores which is up to his usual high number but just a few uncharacteristic low ones in amongst it all but not costing him this time.


Back to back wins for Brendan but for once he was upstaged as the performance of Beau Greaves took centre stage. Amazing again that a 10 year old girl who has only being playing the game for a matter of months could win a BDP darts event in the manner that she did. Unlikely that we will ever see anything like this again from someone so young and inexperienced.

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