Townville WMC

Another good attendance as it traditionally is at the start of the season with 143 players in the draw, interesting to see if the new format this year keeps the interest going throughout the year, only time will tell. A number of Humberside players making the trip over today with Jamie Ellam, Danny Lidgett and Darren Diesel all from the Barton SL team all in attendance alongside heavy hitters James Wilson and Scott Waites besides all the other top class competitors in the line up.


Jonathan Hewitt    3-0 Adam Hill
Arron Wike         3-2 Gary Bright
Giffy Khaosoi      3-1 Simon Hopkins
Josh Clough        3-1 Kate Livermore
Johnny Gardner     3-0 Malcolm Stockings
Toni Lee Bowstead  3-1 Ethan Scully
Steve Moon         3-1 Lee Mallows
Steve Richardson   3-0 Mark Daley
Scott Waites       3-0 Jordan Fisher
John Humble        3-2 Sam Loader
Lynne Horne        3-1 Joe Harrison
Steve Blower       3-2 Ian Brown
Owen Brierley      3-0 Danny Wadsworth
Jamie Ellam        3-2 Bryan Harrison
Pete Neary         3-0 Jack Bassinder

Early action for former Yorkshire County Steve Moon after a long spell of inactivity from competition darts and the big T Rex music fan was soon getting it on as he produced a timely 105 check out to nick a tense opening leg before going on to beat Pontefract’s Lee Mallows 3-1. No slip ups from the big players in action this round as Scott Waites, Jonathan Hewitt and Johnny Gardner all swept through without dropping a leg, defeat though for Bryan Harrison as he became the biggest name to fall but hardly a slip up losing 2-3 to top player Jamie Ellam in a tough opening draw as a bad round for Kippax players concluded with defeats for Danny Wadsworth, Joe Harrison and Ian Brown who lost out to a 120 finish from Gipton’s Steve Blower. A fairly successful round for the Ladies in action as 3 out 4 won their games with only Kate Livermore losing out but always up against it against former Youth star and Rock SL ace Josh Clough.


Jamie Ellam        3-1 Stuart Ireland
Vernon Walsh       3-2 Arron Poole
Josh Clough        3-2 Shaun Mahoney
Craig Nelmes       3-0 Robert Turpin
Rick Waite         3-0 Ryan Smith
Lewis Pride        3-0 John Humble
Giffy Khaosoi      3-0 Danny Dutson
Daz Hale           3-1 James Wilson
Arron Wike         3-0 Lance Dickinson
Dean Hatton        3-2 Rick Hudson
Jordan Clayton     3-1 Antony Moss
Dave Peasgood      3-2 Ian Falkingham
Paul Hampton       3-1 Wayne Woodhouse
Brendan Marren     3-0 Paul Bellinger
Cam Hinchcliffe    3-0 James Storey
Tom Sykes          3-1 Lance Milburn
Darrel Baimbridge  3-2 David Lammie
Garry Thompson     3-1 Pete Riley
Graham Hoggarth    3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Rob Holroyd        3-0 Dave Calvert
Jaron Esteve       3-0 Steve Moon
Johnny Gardner     3-0 Steve Hattersley
Alex Pride         3-0 Jason Stockings
Stuart Palethorpe  3-1 Trevor Tye
Daz Johnson        3-1 Robin Towler
Toni Lee Bowstead  3-1 Michelle Binns
Andy Cheesebrough  3-1 Craig Fisher
Ash Thorpe         3-0 Luke Platts
Steve Jones        3-0 Lynne Horne
Ronnie Roberts     3-0 David Firth
Les Delderfield    3-0 Raymond Long
Brian Dawson       3-0 Peter Baker
Karl Nixon         3-1 Mandy Mc'Kenzie
Dale Everett       3-0 Danny Wilkes
Tom Neale          3-1 Ginny Whittaker
Louise Simmonds    3-2 Ben Fletcher
Kris Namnieks      3-2 Rich Winpenny
Dave Wilson        3-2 Rob Sharp
Steve Kelly        3-2 Josh Scales
Pete Neary         3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Tony Hewson        3-1 Carl Heptinstall
Tony Clarke        3-2 Steve O'Donnell
Tom Gurran         3-0 Maison Wilson
Dean Connolly      3-2 Jack Kirtland
John Clifford      3-0 Simon Stockings
Steve Richardson   3-0 Dave Machell
Matt Padgett       3-0 Mark Featherstone
Andy Ward          3-0 Rob Richardson
Neil Sidebottom    3-1 Mark Leonard
Scott Waites       3-0 Mick Wiltshire
James Neil         3-2 Matt Poulter
Derek Lumley       3-0 Tom Vessey
Mike Ramskill      3-2 Steve Blower
Mally Welsh        3-1 Kenny Brierley
Adam Fryer         3-0 Owen Brierley
Danny Quail        3-0 Josh Loader
Darren Diesel      3-0 Kieron Evans
Roy Lilyman        3-0 Colin Burkett
Laura Tye          3-1 Dave Sidebottom
Danny Lidgett      3-1 Kelvin Pease
Dave Midgely       3-1 Ian Holmes
James Weldon       3-2 Mark Hanslip
Jonathan Hewitt    3-2 Joe Osgothorpe
Curtis Turner      3-0 Richard Yates

After James Wilson’s runaway victory at Pilky’s last week most pundits were expecting a similar outcome today but never a foregone conclusion against a tough match player like Daz Hale especially so in the opening round, the mild mannered Huddersfield Lorry Driver has always been a class act but has sometimes chocked when it comes to getting over the line against the very top players but not this time as he had James on the rack from the start and when the former BDO No 1 had to replace a broken dart at 1-2 down the writing was on the wall and ‘The Sniper’ fired a deadly dart into the double for a notable victory. Deadly darts too from Jaz Esteve showing no sentiment towards his former E/W Ardsley SL captain Steve Moon with 15,15 and 14 dart legs to win 3-0. Rich Winpenny rifled in shots of 180 and 171 in leg 4 to level up at 2-2 with a 14 darter but Halifax’s Kris Namnieks had the last word taking out 89 for the match after the Woodlesford man had missed a dart at Tops to win. A much more straight forward victory for Danny Quail as the former Barrow in Furness man now resident in Bradford beat Josh Loader 3-0 in the next game on Board 9. Young Barnsley star Joe Osgothorpe had Jonathan Hewitt on the ropes at 2-1 up and well in front at the start of leg 4 but let the GF Champ off the hook and paid the price as the Harehills star bit back to win 3-2. On the advert the arrows land fast and hard when someone takes a drink of Strongbow Cider but it didn’t work for Craig Fisher as he gulped a fresh pint midway through his game with Andy Cheesebrough, instead it was the Wakefield man that was cool and sharp winning 3-1. Rob Holroyd has been off the BDP darts scene for a while but was bang with a bang today and blasted out Dave Calvert 3-0 in one of the stand out results of the round. An early set back this week for in form Kieron Evans as Humberside’s Darren Diesel revved up the engine and motored past him with a 3-0 win, while local stars Steve O’Donnell, Wayne Woodhouse, Kelvin Pease and Lance Milburn all went down in a miserable round for most of the Castleford players.


Jamie Ellam        3-0 Vernon Walsh
Craig Nelmes       3-0 Josh Clough
Rick Waite         3-1 Lewis Pride
Daz Hale           3-2 Giffy Khaosoi
Arron Wike         3-0 Dean Hatton
Dave Peasgood      3-1 Jordan Clayton
Brendan Marren     3-0 Paul Hampton
Tom Sykes          3-0 Cam Hinchcliffe
Garry Thompson     3-0 Darrel Baimbridge
Rob Holroyd        3-2 Graham Hoggarth
Jaron Esteve       3-1 Johnny Gardner
Alex Pride         3-0 Stuart Palethorpe
Daz Johnson        3-0 Toni Lee Bowstead
Andy Cheesebrough  3-0 Ash Thorpe
Ronnie Roberts     3-0 Steve Jones
Les Delderfield    3-1 Brian Dawson
Dale Everett       3-1 Karl Nixon
Tom Neale          3-0 Louise Simmonds
Dave Wilson        3-2 Kris Namnieks
Pete Neary         3-2 Steve Kelly
Tony Hewson        3-1 Tony Clarke
Tom Gurran         3-0 Dean Connolly
John Clifford      3-0 Steve Richardson
Matt Padgett       3-1 Andy Ward
Scott Waites       3-0 Neil Sidebottom
Derek Lumley       3-0 James Neil
Mally Welsh        3-1 Mike Ramskill
Adam Fryer         3-2 Danny Quail
Darren Diesel      3-1 Roy Lilyman
Danny Lidgett      3-1 Laura Tye
Dave Midgely       3-1 James Weldon
Jonathan Hewitt    3-2 Curtis Turner

West Leeds ace John Clifford showed some fine form the previous week at Pilky’s taking out a number of Ton plus finishes including a best of the day 158 on the way to a Last 16 and the 147 Club SL player looking good again this week after a 3-0 win over Ossett’s Steve Richardson. After seeing off James Wilson in the last round Daz Hale could have been forgiven for thinking he might have an easier time of it against lady player Giffy Khaosoi in this round, it was anything but as the Thailander threw amazing darts to draw level at 2-2 and took the initiative in the decider, spurred on by a large gathering crowd she stepped up for 78 to take the match, landing the Treble 18 first she then just missed the Double 12 with 2 darts for the match as the former Lancashire County stars heart was in his mouth but managing to keep his composure under massive pressure to take out the double for victory and avoid a shock defeat. Ladies interest ended towards the end of the round when Toni Lee Bowstead lost to Daz Johnson but another admirable display as she matched the South Yorkshire star most of the way on the scoring and only a couple of missed doubles let her down but no wonder she is been coveted to play in the Ladies league in Yorkshire on that showing. Mally Welsh had to see off a spirited effort from Mike Ramskill who took out a 138 finish in their match but eventually lost out 3-1 to the experienced St Albans SL man. A couple of massive ties saw Jaz Esteve show all his quality to see off the considerable threat of Johnny Gardner with a 3-1 win and Les Delderfield likewise to beat Brian Dawson who became a national star after his performances at Lakeside both on and off the board as he featured in some hilarious clips alongside Scott Mitchell before their QF clash.


Jamie Ellam        3-0 Craig Nelmes
Daz Hale           3-2 Rick Waite
Dave Peasgood      3-1 Arron Wike
Brendan Marren     3-0 Tom Sykes
Garry Thompson     3-0 Rob Holroyd
Jaron Esteve       3-2 Alex Pride
Daz Johnson        3-1 Andy Cheesebrough
Les Delderfield    3-0 Ronnie Roberts
Dale Everett       3-1 Tom Neale
Dave Wilson        3-1 Pete Neary
Tony Hewson        3-0 Tom Gurran
Matt Padgett       3-2 John Clifford
Scott Waites       3-1 Derek Lumley
Mally Welsh        3-0 Adam Fryer
Danny Lidgett      3-0 Darren Diesel 
Dave Midgely       3-1 Jonathan Hewitt

Jonathan Hewitt had sailed close to the wind with narrow wins in the last two rounds over Joe Osgothorpe and Curtis Turner but Bradford’s Dave Midgely was in no mood to give him any chances in their match as he finished clinically to win 3-1. Before start of play Barnsley’s Dave Peasgood was lamenting his poor form in competitions of late and contemplating his future but he was turning form on its head today and putting together his best run for 6 months at BDP as he beat the dangerous Arron Wike 3-1 to move into the Last 16. Dan Lidgett won the battle of Barton SL players in Humberside as he beat Darren Diesel 3-0 and join fellow Barton star Jamie Ellam after he beat Craig Nelmes 3-0. Tony Hewson going very well so far, the Ackroyd SL sharpshooter with impressive wins over Carl Heptinstall, Tony Clarke and Tom Gurran, while Scott Waites produced an 11 darter to see off Derek Lumley 3-1, while other top players Brendan Marren and Garry Thompson both fairly untroubled so far in their victories.


Jamie Ellam        4-1 Daz Hale
Brendan Marren     4-0 Dave Peasgood
Jaron Esteve       4-2 Garry Thompson
Daz Johnson        4-1 Les Delderfield
Dale Everett       4-3 Dave Wilson
Matt Padgett       4-0 Tony Hewson
Scott Waites       4-0 Mally Welsh
Dave Midgely       4-3 Danny Lidgett

Garry Thompson along with former Belgium player Eric Clarys is the king of unconventional finishes but no one could have predicted a Single 18, Double 1 finish on an outshot of 20 which is exactly what he did to go 2-1 up on a disbelieving Jaz Esteve, the following leg even more special as the match caught fire with Garry hitting scores of 180, 97 and 140 to leave 84 after 9 darts but not getting a shot as ‘The Spaniard’ plundered a 12 darter with 140, 180, 85 and a 96 finish and went on to win the next 2 legs for a very entertaining 4-2 win. A 158 checkout for Daz Johnson helped him beat ‘Old Campaigner’ Les Delderfield 4-1 which was the same score in Jamie Ellam’s favour as he beat Daz Hale convincingly with a 15 darter on route. Big wins for Marren, Waites and Padgett as they all stormed to 4-0 wins while the final couple of games went to the wire as Bradford pair Dave Midgely and Dale Everett made it through after thrilling 4-3 wins over Danny Lidgett and Dave Wilson.


Brendan Marren     4-3 Jamie Ellam
Daz Johnson        4-0 Jaron Esteve
Matt Padgett       4-2 Dale Everett
Scott Waites       4-1 Dave Midgely

A missed opportunity for Jamie Ellam as he fought back from 1-3 down to level up and have Brendan Marren rocking but with the throw in the decider he just couldn’t press home the advantage and made a hash of 67 in the end to let Brendan off with 22 dart clincher. Daz Johnson surprisingly blitzed Jaz Esteve 4-0 in quick time but 3 x QF’s on the spin at the start of the season for the popular Electrician shows his fine consistency this season. Dale Everett and Dave Midgely both put in commendable efforts in defeat after superb showings from both of them to reach the QF’s today but found Matt Padgett and Scott Waites too strong at this stage.


Daz Johnson ( 30.32 ) 5-2 ( 27.50 ) Brendan Marren

A commanding display from South Yorkshire star Daz Johnson as he powered into his first BDP Final, the result never really in doubt once he had raced into a 3-0 lead with winning legs in 16, 15 and 17 dart legs which included a stunning 150 finish to break the throw in leg 2. Keighley star Brendan Marren not getting a look in at this stage despite throwing steady darts, he did get on the scoresheet in leg 4 though with a 21 dart leg but was soon 3 legs adrift again as Daz notched a 180 on the way to a 14 dart leg as he went 4-1 up. All credit to Brendan who always looks a picture of calm assurance whatever the score as he fought back with a fine 15 darter to reduce the arrears but The Castle SL star pressed home the advantage with throw to fire in 3 x 100 plus scores and close out the match with a 16 dart leg. A faultless performance from Daz as he scored well with 1 x 180, 9 x 100 pluses and 7 x 90’s shots which never gave Brendan any room for manoeuvre despite hitting 12 x 100 plus scores and 4 x 90’s scores himself but just out gunned today by an opponent in fine form.


Scott Waites ( 29.69 ) 5-1 ( 29.04 ) Matt Padgett

A bit of drama before a dart had been thrown as Matt Padgett wasn’t happy with the board and requested alterations to the set up which he’s entitled to do but clearly agitating opponent Scott Waites who remained seated in his chair and this resulted in a tentative start to the match as both players took the opening leg to settle into the game with Scott taking it on throw in 22 darts, the next 2 legs were shared on throw with Matt levelling up in 18 darts then Scott edging in front again with a 19 darter, a cagey game at this stage suddenly exploded into life as both players followed each other with an electric burst of scoring, 140, 100, 118 and 105 in leg 4 for Matt but not given a shot at 38 as Scott fired back against the throw with 118, 100, 174 and a superb 109 finish to take a leg of pure quality. The former Grand Slam, Winmau and BDO Champ was now in top gear and throwing majestically as he followed up his 12 dart leg with a 13 darter to go 4-1 up. Another power packed leg from the Huddersfield star as he went for the throat with another 3 x 100 plus scores in leg 6 to leave 101 for the match which seemed harsh on the Ilkeston man who had thrown superbly himself in those last couple of legs but had nothing to show for it but at the death one last act of defiance to fire in a brilliant 177 shot to leave 20 but again to no avail as Scott killed out the 101 for a flattering 5-1 win which din’t do justice to the effort that Matt put in but showed the sheer class of Yorkshire’s finest ever player alongside Dennis Priestley. Almost a game of 2 halves with Scott averaging just under 70 for the first 3 legs and then 112.72 for the next 3 and firing in a total of 13 x 100 pluses and a 96 score, while a similar pattern for Matt but not given a chance on the outshots as he scored with 12 x 100 pluses and contributed to an excellent match in the end.


Scott Waites ( 30.35 ) 5-4 ( 30.21 ) Daz Johnson

A thrilling Final as Scott Waites came from 1-3 down to win 5-4 against gutsy opponent Daz Johnson who controlled the first half of the game and may look back at leg 3 where he missed 3 darts at Tops, one of the few times he had missed a double all afternoon and allowed Scott a foothold in the game with a shaky 19 dart hold. The Doncaster PDC Tour star won the next leg convincingly to lead 3-1 but could easily have been 4-0 up and in an unassailable lead given his dominance of the game at this stage. Then just like the Semi Final it was almost as if someone flicked a switch and suddenly a sleeping giant awoke to devastating effect and started smashing the board with huge scores in a purple patch of legs taken in 14,13 and 13 darts to turn the game on its head and lead 4-3, just like Matt Padgett before him Daz did little wrong during this high octane spell but just not given a chance by his opponent until a 180 from him in leg 8 stopped the avalanche as he managed to hold with a fine 15 dart leg and take the match into a decider. With advantage of throw Scott in full flow was always favourite and he scored well again to leave 40 after 15 darts as Daz approached the board requiring 147 which proved too big an ask but he did apply maximum pressure by scoring 131 to leave 16 as the tension mounted, especially so after Scott missed the target with his first 2 darts and then let out a huge roar as the last dart hit the Double 10 bed for victory in a rare show of emotion which was a measure of how hard he had to work in order to win the match. A total of 2 x 180’s, 15 x 100 pluses and 7 x 90’s shots for Scott, with Daz equally prolific with 1 x 180, 17 x 100 pluses and 10 x 90’s efforts, incredible stats for a player to end up on the losing side but surely not long before this top darter wins a BDP if he keeps on attending on the evidence of his performances today.


Spells of Scott Waites at his brilliant best today and brilliant to watch when he fires on all cylinders. After the disappointment of a 2nd Round exit at Lakeside to an unbelievable Ross Montgomery performance he bounced back with a bang today just like James Wilson did the previous week. All this too while hampered with a long standing shoulder injury which requires surgery in the near future but success for him today as he goes off to celebrate the win with a few drinks and a few spins of the Bandit with darting mates around the hotspots of Kippax this evening.

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