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A trip back to Keighley for the 107 entries today as the race for the Top 48 hots up and places in the first of 4 Grand Finals throughout the season. No one dominating in the early season stages with 5 different winners so far and only Brendan Marren involved in 2 Finals. So many contenders these days capable of winning the tournament which makes it all very intriguing as nothing can be predicted at BDP darts.


Adam Scott        3-1 Rick Hudson
Mick Hayward      3-1 Ian Falkingham
Mick Wiltshire    3-0 Owen Brierley
Lee Bugden        3-1 Kris Namnieks
Johnny Gardner    3-0 Andy Cox
David Lammie      3-0 Claire Muldoon
Lyndon Baxter     3-0 James Storey
James Ashcroft    3-2 Kate Livermore
Josh Scales       3-1 Daz Holdsworth
Sam Loader        3-0 Keaton Haddock
Jason Szamokowicz 3-0 Peter Edwards
Alex Pride        3-2 Darrel Bainbridge
Adam Dixon        3-0 Michelle Binns
Karl Nixon        3-0 Kevin Cardiss
Brendan Marren    3-0 Steve Hudson
Gary Cathcart     3-0 Richard Scott
Derek Lumley      3-1 Curtis Turner
Arron Holdstock   3-2 Tom Gurran
Lynne Horne       3-1 Matthew Hoyle
Mark Reynoldson   3-0 Tommy Walsh
Jordan Fisher     3-2 Mark Leonard
Garry Thompson    3-0 Craig Maddox
Ronnie Roberts    3-1 Jack Infield
Pete Neary        3-1 Mick Billington
Frank Kirkwood    3-0 Kai Haddock
Kevin Grainger    3-0 Chris Wood
Jaron Esteve      3-0 Danny Wilkes
Mark Marshall     3-2 Michael Townend
Richard Yates     3-2 Wayne Butterworth
Pete Rebanks      3-0 Naomi Haddock
Steve Hattersley  3-2 Dennis Timmins
Colin Burkett     3-0 Raymond Long
Mally Welsh       3-0 Ian Holmes
Steve Booth       3-0 Josh Loader
Chris O'Connell   3-0 Dave Peasgood
Steve Blower      3-1 Reece Cox
Michael Tyler     3-2 Robin Towler
Tom Neal          3-0 James Neil
John Clifford     3-0 Trevor Tye
Ian Ward          3-0 Andy Ellis
Matt Poulter      3-2 Lewis Pride
Joe Osgothorpe    3-1 Laura Tye
Brendan Dawson    3-1 Billy Carter

A blast from the past as the 1990 News of the World Runner Up Steve Hudson lined up to play. Back in the day the NOTW was probably the biggest and most prestigious tournament to win with the final stages played out in front of huge boisterous crowds down in London on prime time TV on a Saturday afternoon and the short format made for an exciting spectacle, as all the big names fell by the wayside that year Steve lost out in the Final to Swindon’s Paul Cook but his achievement put Keighley darts on the map and inspired the likes of Brendan Marren and Garry Thompson to continue flying the flag for the area, ironically it was Brendan that put paid to Steve’s challenge as early as the opening round but hopefully it won’t be the last time we see him gracing BDP darts. An early this week for Skipton’s Robin Towler but no real surprise when looking at Michael Tyler’s record in the Lancashire SL, the Burnley player high in the averages table and a match for anyone on his day. A kinder draw for Colin Burkett as he won his first BDP game with victory over Ray Long, one of BDP’s elder statesmen and a real character. Elsewhere no major surprises but contenders Curtis Turner and Dennis Timmins both going out early.


Adam Scott        3-2 Mick Hayward
Craig Fisher      3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Pete Riley        3-2 Martin Copperwaite
Lee Bugden        3-0 Mark Featherstone
David Lammie      3-1 Johnny Gardner
Lyndon Baxter     3-0 James Ashcroft
Josh Scales       3-1 Rich Winpenny
Sam Loader        3-0 Leah Wiltshire
Gary Driscoll     3-1 Simon Hopkins
Alex Pride        3-0 Jason Szamokowicz
Danny Roberts     3-0 James Andrews
Adam Dixon        3-2 Toni Lee Bowstead
Jack Kirtland     3-0 Karl Nixon
Brendan Marren    3-0 Simon Hall
Gary Cathcart     3-1 Rick Waite
Derek Lumley      3-1 Arron Holdstock
Mark Reynoldson   3-0 Lynne Horne
Garry Thompson    3-0 Jordan Fisher
Ronnie Roberts    3-2 Pete Neary
Frank Kirkwood    3-0 Dale Everett
Jaron Esteve      3-0 Kevin Grainger
Mark Marshall     3-1 Richard Yates
Pete Rebanks      3-0 Steve Hattersley
Mandy Mc'Kenzie   3-2 Colin Burkett
Mally Welsh       3-1 Steve Booth
Chris O'Conner    3-0 Steve Blower
Tom Neal          3-2 Michael Tyler
John Clifford     3-0 Tracey Gledhill
Ian Ward          3-1 Cam Hinchcliffe
Rob Sharp         3-2 Matt Poulter
Joe Osgothorpe    3-1 Andy Ward
Brendan Dawson    3-1 Louise Simmonds

St Albans SL star Steve Blower threw the darts of his life last week to finish Runner Up at York Darts. The 21 year old from Gipton on the East side of Leeds took out a string of top players including Dave Copley and Rich Corner in the QF and SF before losing 5-2 to Johnny Gardner in a cracking Final, much more of a struggle for him today though as he went down 3-0 to Lancashire County player Chris O’Conner who plays his SL darts for Royton. Ironically Johnny Gardner also went down in this round to David Lammie which just shows the quality of players in the field today. Frank Kirkwood always a danger on home ground at Pilky’s where he does well most of the time and notching up an impressive 3-0 win over inform Dale Everett who reached the Semi last time out. With the match evenly poised at 1-1 Wakefield’s Josh Scales pulled off what looked like an impossible shot to help see off Rich Winpenny, with 2 darts totally blocking the bed of Double 16 the former Yorks Youth star had to move a few feet to the left to fire over the pool table and find enough of a gap for the dart to squeeze through to leave his opponent looking in disbelief, a shot right out of the top draw, up there with the famous Taylor and Winstanley Bullshots of recent times and worthy of winning any game. Again no shocks as such but Cam Hinchcliffe, Arron Holdstock and Mark Featherstone all falling at the second round hurdle.


Craig Fisher      3-2 Adam Scott
Lee Bugden        3-1 Pete Riley
David Lammie      3-1 Lyndon Baxter
Josh Scales       3-2 Sam Loader
Alex Pride        3-0 Gary Driscoll
Danny Roberts     3-1 Adam Dixon
Brendan Marren    3-0 Jack Kirkland
Derek Lumley      3-1 Gary Cathcart
Garry Thompson    3-1 Mark Reynoldson
Ronnie Roberts    3-2 Frank Kirkwood
Jaron Esteve      3-2 Mark Marshall
Pete Rebanks      3-0 Mandy Mc'Kenzie
Mally Welsh       3-0 Chris O'Conner
John Clifford     3-0 Tom Neal
Ian Ward          3-2 Rob Sharp
Brendan Dawson    3-1 Joe Osgothorpe

A superb performance from Mally Welsh, scoring and finishing well to blitz Chris O’Conner 3-0, the bespectacled St Albans SL ace looking a real threat today as is Pudsey’s John Clifford after a 3-0 win over Tom Neal, the 147 Club SL ace one of the best players at BDP yet to reach a Semi Final but could be knocking on the door after his performances so far and yet to drop a leg. Another Pudsey player and 147 player Ian Ward has yet to discover the explosive form he showed last season in reaching 2 Finals but also going well after a closely fought game with Rob Sharp who looks more like the player we know after a terrible 2013/14 season. A stern test for Jaron Esteve against Midway SL player Mark Marshall, nothing in it apart from the key dart at the end from Jaron, one of the best around around when it comes to closing out last dart pressure finishes. The competition hotting up with big guns Thompson, Marren, Fisher still in the mix but open enough for the other players left to make a real name for themselves today.


Craig Fisher      4-2 Lee Bugden
David Lammie      4-1 Josh Scales
Danny Roberts     4-1 Alex Pride
Derek Lumley      4-3 Brendan Marren
Garry Thompson    4-2 Ronnie Roberts
Jaron Esteve      4-1 Pete Rebanks
John Clifford     4-1 Mally Welsh
Brendan Dawson    4-2 Ian Ward

Red Lion SL ace Derek Lumley had probably the toughest draw of anyone and had to get past Curtis Turner, Arron Holdstock and Gary Cathcart to get to this stage and now faced another major test against Brendan Marren. The former Durham man known as ‘Dekker’ was equal too it though in a see saw game where he led 3-1 and looking like his chance had gone after missing match darts as Brendan levelled and looked favourite in the last leg until Dekker pulled out a great 81 finish on the Bull to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at the end. Josh Scales more than matched David Lammie in their game but the Shipley man took his chances the better to win 4-1, same score for Huddersfield youngster Danny Roberts who hails from Essex originally before moving North at the age of 6, he beat Alex Pride and now one step away from a first BDP Semi. Namesake Ronnie Roberts put in another good showing and gave top star Garry Thompson plenty to think about before experience won the day 4-2 but the Lockwood SL youngsters reputation grows with every tournament. At the bottom of the draw Sowerby Bridge’s Brendan Dawson also having a great tournament, his best for a long time as he moves into the Last 8 with a 4-2 win over Ian Ward. Fisher, Clifford and Esteve the other players making up the QF places after good wins.


David Lammie      4-2 Craig Fisher
Danny Roberts     4-2 Derek Lumley
Jaron Esteve      4-3 Garry Thompson
Brendan Dawson    4-0 John Clifford

Jaron Esteve producing another top draw performance as his run of victories over Garry Thompson continues with an epic 4-3 success after having won their last 4 or 5 competitive competition games, not too many other players able to boast such a record against the England International. John Clifford aiming to reach his first BDP Semi just came up short again as inspired Brendan Dawson finished the match in style with a 120 checkout to reach a BDP Semi for the first time in 3 years. More personal milestones as Danny Roberts reached his first Semi after a fine 4-2 win over Derek Lumley who had been brilliant all day to see off a string of potential winners but just running out of steam after the 4-3 win over Brendan Marren in the previous round. Former Ayrshire man David Lammie in fine form too having taken out the highly dangerous Johnny Gardner earlier in the day and now dismissing another top class player in Craig Fisher as the Quarter Final results probably not what most pundits would have predicted beforehand.


David Lammie ( 28.69 ) 5-1 ( 26.11 ) Danny Roberts

A terrific all round performance from David Lammie to see off a very spirited effort from Danny Roberts in his first BDP Semi and a 5-1 scoreline harsh on the Huddersfield youngster who was in contention in all but 1 of the legs played. In the final analysis the match hinged on a few key doubles and Danny will look back in particular at legs 4 and 6 where he had good opportunities but couldn’t take them and was made to pay by the tall Scotsman. Both players were quick out of the blocks as David opened up on throw with 100, 180 and 140 scores but still had to survive a 120 effort from Danny at the end of the leg before taking it in 17 darts. Another 17 darter in leg 2 this time from Danny as the Yorks Youth star levelled up at 1-1. No let up as the fast pace continued with Danny forcing David into producing darts out of the top draw to hold throw again, this time the Woodbottom SL ace finishing the leg with 140, 140 and a 78 checkout in 15 darts with his opponent sat on 80 after 12 darts. The big scores kept on coming in leg 4 as David fired in a 180, 140, 100 salvo but almost let the leg slip with 6 missed darts at doubles before clinching a 19 darter on Double 2, a crucial moment in the match after Danny had missed 3 at Tops to stay with him. The way the Shipley man was playing meant that Danny was going to have to hit 12 darters to break back and this proved to be too big an ask as David went 4-1 up with another 15 darter and a 116 finish this time. As well as Danny was playing the sheer scoring power of David meant he was down to the double first again but another 6 missed darts at Doubles gave the Essex born star nicknamed ‘Pinhead’ a chance to save the game on Double 10 but it wasn’t to be and David nailed a tricky Double 2 once again to clinch a very entertaining game where both players emerged with great credit. The big 140 and 180 shots from David did most of the damage as he fired in 2 x 180’s, 6 x 140’s besides 4 x 100’s and 2 x 90’s with very few loose darts all the way through and had he not missed so many doubles in a couple of legs then his average would have been close to the 100 mark. A really game effort from Danny who matched David most of the way, especially the first 4 legs as he hit 4 x 140’s, 7 x 100 pluses and a 96 score and probably deserved more than the 1 leg he took but darts can be unforgiving at times especially against the top players.


Jaron Esteve ( 27.53 ) 5-1 ( 23.30 ) Brendan Dawson

A clinical and highly efficient performance from Jaz Esteve as he never really gave Brendan Dawson a sniff in the second Semi. The Sowerby Bridge man started the match well with a couple of Tons and was sat on 83 after 15 darts but his hopes of a break were dashed as Jaron took out a pressure 94 finish to hold in 18 darts. That set the tone for the rest of the match as Jaron was always a good 3 darts in front most of the time and took legs 2 and 3 both in 17 darts to race into a 3-0 lead. The Pony Tailed Gardener with his distinctive throwing style of head tilting to one side which looks a bit ungainly to the casual observer but serves him really well fought back in leg 4 with the best leg of the game, a 16 darter which included a couple of 140’s to negate the 180 response from Jaz. However the easy going Moorside SL player couldn’t sustain those darts and was too inconsistent in the last 2 legs to really threaten Jaron who closed the match out with 19 and 21 darters with a 114 finish to end the match. A second win this season at Pilky’s for Jaron over Brendan and with a little bit more in hand than last times 4-2 win. The cover shots a feature of Jaz’s game with the scores in the 90’s always keeping the pressure on Brendan, a total of 7 shots ranging from 91 to 99 for Jaz with a 180, 3 x 140’s and 3 x 100’s besides. A great run for Brendan his best for a long time but not quite finding his best darts in the Semi but still respectable with 2 x 140’s, 5 x 100’s and 2 x 90’s shots.


David Lammie ( 29.21 ) 5-1 ( 28.52 ) Jaron Esteve

A first BDP Title at long last for David Lammie after going close a number of times previously and richly deserved after a brilliant display to beat one of the most consistent performers on the circuit in Jaron Esteve. A near faultless effort from David as he probably knew it would have to be against a player of Jaron’s class and ability. The cornerstone of Jaron’s success over the past few years has been his ability to take out key shots under pressure, ironically usually the strongest part of his game proved to be his downfall in the Final as he missed 4 and then 5 darts at Doubles in legs 4 and 5, chances you would back him to take 9 times out of 10 and those misses proved to be the game breaker as it meant David lead 4-1 instead of being 2-3 down. The scoring power of David meant that Jaron would have to turn the 90’s scores he hit so well in the Semi into big 100’s to match his opponent and he did step up the scoring superbly to slam in 3 x 180’s although they all counted for nothing as he lost all 3 legs in which he hit a Maximum. His opponent the man originally from the scenic Ayrshire coast around Ardrossan and a regular practiser against the likes of Robert Thornton, Andy Boulton and Alan Brown amongst others in that area scored in the same vain as he had all afternoon but also finished superbly as well and was typified with the match winning 112 checkout for yet another 15 dart leg with Jaz waiting on 91 after 12 darts but not given the chance to save the game. Winning legs of 15,18,21,20 and 15 darts for David with Jaz taking his leg also in 15 darts with 100 checkout. Big scoring again from David as he hit 1 x 180, 6 x 140’s, 8 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90’s efforts. Deja vu for Jaz as he also hit 3 x 180’s in a recent SL fixture and lost the game like he did here as he also fired in 11 x 100 pluses and 2 x 95 shots but in a game of such quality those uncharacteristic doubles misses in legs 4 and 5 cost him the game.


A well-deserved first BDP win for David Lammie. Almost seems sometimes that a player has to suffer the pain of a few near misses before experiencing the joy of winning. He now loses the tag of being one of the best players not to win a BDP in a similar way to the likes of Jaron Esteve, Bryan Harrison and Dave Calvert before him. Not been an easy ride by any means for David and at times he has been visibly frustrated with his performances at competitions but he gone back to the practice board and put the work in to improve his game and it has paid dividends today as all that effort becomes worthwhile with a coveted BDP win.

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