Townville WMC

A glorious day at Townville in Castleford for the next instalment of BDP darts as players chase a place in the 2nd Grand Final of the year further down the line. A total of 94 players in the Men’s event, 10 in the Ladies and 5 in the Youths, maybe those numbers in the Ladies and Youths will increase now they have their own stand alone comps again which ultimately gives them more game time and also decent prize money for their efforts. Although having said that a joint Ladies and Youth comp like it was previously would seem to make more sense to give both evenly matched groups more competition and variety of player.


Kai Haddock ( 16.88 ) 3-0 ( 15.25 ) Andrew Booth


Tracey Gledhill ( 15.39 ) 3-1 ( 15.39 ) Lynne Horne


Graham Hoggarth   3-2 Jake Dickenson
Tony Ainsley      3-0 Danny Lidgett
Wayne Woodhouse   3-1 Steve Hattersley
Ray Long          3-2 James Storey
Neil Ward         3-2 Mark Daley
Tony Darlow       3-2 John Clifford
David Lammie      3-2 Johnny Scott
Craig Fisher      3-0 Bryan Harrison
Steve Silver      3-2 Ian Watson
Daz Baimbridge    3-1 Eddie Simpson
Jordan Fisher     3-0 Lance Milburn
Andy Cheesebrough 3-0 Dave Wilson
Joe Osgothorpe    3-0 Michael Townend
Mick Wiltshire    3-2 Danny Hall
Alex Pride        3-1 Danny Nomik
Johnny Lester     3-0 Mark Hanslip
Derek Lumley      3-1 Dave Calvert
Pete Neary        3-0 Rick Waite
Pete Riley        3-1 Barry Nicholson
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 Wayne Butterworth
Steve Richardson  3-2 Craig Maddox
Steve O'Donnell   3-1 Matthew Hagyard
Tom Sykes         3-0 Pat Blakely
Lewis Pride       3-0 Jason Szamacowicz
Les Delderfield   3-1 Jack Kirtland
Tom Neal          3-2 Matt Green
Curtis Turner     3-2 Willie Kershaw
Eddie Mordica     3-0 Mark Calvert
James Weldon      3-0 Josh Loader
Mark Featherstone 3-2 Garry Thompson

Veteran Bradford player Ray Long in his mid 60’s is one of the elder statesman at BDP, turning up week in week out to play all over West Yorkshire with minimal success but always optimistic every time he chats about his chances of victory
which over the years have been as rare as a David Batty goal when he played football for Leeds United back in the 90’s, so just like the few and far between Batty goals back in the day that were celebrated royally amongst fans then so is the case with a Ray Long victory at BDP as he edged out James Storey 3-2 for a popular win. Not the only surprise in the opening round as former England International Garry Thompson lost out 3-2 to Midway SL team mate Mark Featherstone who is always a dangerous player on his day but few pundits would have fancied him to turn Garry over. More high profile players fell at the first hurdle as Willie Kershaw, Dave Calvert and Bryan Harrison all went down in tough draws. The best result at BDP events so far for Dewsbury’s Jordan Fisher as he beat former Semi Finalist Lance Milburn 3-0.


Jamie Branton     3-1 Graham Hoggarth
Andy Ward         3-0 Mark Leonard
Josh Clough       3-0 Sam Loader
Tony Ainsley      3-0 Wayne Woodhouse
Dave Peasgood     3-0 Ray Long
Neil Ward         3-1 Jason Barker
Dave Blyth        3-0 Peter Baker
Tony Darlow       3-1 David Lammie
Craig Fisher      3-2 Steve Silver
Neil Sidebottom   3-2 Daz Baimbridge
Mally Welsh       3-1 Josh Scales
Sean Mahoney      3-0 Jordan Fisher
Steve Blower      3-1 Andy Scott
Jamie Ellam       3-1 Mick Tyler
Mark Miller       3-1 Neil Jackson
Andy Cheesebrough 3-0 Lee Wright
Joe Osgothorpe    3-1 Andrew Seward
Eric Lishman      3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Jaron Esteve      3-0 Trevor Tye
Alex Pride        3-1 Johnny Lester
Derek Lumley      3-0 Pete Neary
Pete Riley        3-2 Steve Booth
Jonathan Hewitt   3-1 Rob Sharp
Cam Hinchcliffe   3-2 Martin Hazeldene
Steve Richardson  3-0 Ian Holmes
Steve O'Donnell   3-2 Tom Sykes
Lewis Pride       3-1 Danny Wadsworth
Les Delderfield   3-1 Callum Hall
Tom Neal          3-1 Trevor Holtby
Charlie Beaumont  3-1 Curtis Turner
Eddie Mordica     3-0 James Weldon
Mark Featherstone 3-0 Ian Falkingham

After taking out Willie Kershaw in the opening round Yorkshire County star Curtis Turner probably fancied his chances of a good run today but his hopes were dashed by rising star Charlie Beaumont from Crigglestone, South Wakefield who looks set to follow his Dads footsteps and be a top player for years to come. Steve O’Donnell alongside Brian Bird are the 2 most notable players from Castleford over the years but look set to be joined by in time by ‘Ginja Ninja’ Tom Sykes already a Yorkshire County star and BDP Comp Winner amongst other successes in his fledgling career but experience won the day in their clash as Steve edged it 3-2. Ray Long’s fine run came to shuddering end as Barnsley’s Dave Peasgood played the pantomime villain with a 3-0 win while Tom Neal’s fine form continues with another excellent win, this time over Hull danger man Trevor Holtby and surely not too long before the Ackroyd Club SL ace contests a Semi at least.


Andy Ward         3-1 Jamie Branton
Tony Ainsley      3-1 Josh Clough
Dave Peasgood     3-1 Neil Ward
Tony Darlow       3-0 Dave Blyth
Neil Sidebottom   3-2 Craig Fisher
Sean Mahoney      3-1 Mally Welsh
Jamie Ellam       3-0 Steve Blower
Andy Cheesebrough 3-1 Mark Miller
Joe Osgothorpe    3-1 Eric Lishman
Jaron Esteve      3-2 Alex Pride
Derek Lumley      3-0 Pete Riley
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 Cam Hinchcliffe
Steve O'Donnell   3-0 Steve Richardson
Les Delderfield   3-0 Lewis Pride
Tom Neal          3-2 Charlie Beaumont
Eddie Mordica     3-2 Mark Featherstone

The trials, tribulations and darting exploits of Cam Hinchcliffe all well documented as Cam is one of Facebooks most regular posters and his ups and downs can be closely followed by readers, to his credit he doesn’t lack confidence in his ability and has managed to secure numerous sponsorships which help him play the local and national circuits although not too much for him to post this time though as he was soundly beaten by red hot Jonathan Hewitt who has finally been invited to play for Yorkshire County at long last after a brilliant season in SL for E/W Ardsley. Neil Sidebottom made plenty of people sit up and take note after a fine run to the Final last time out and showing that that was no fluke by dispatching top drawer player Craig Fisher this time round as he looks to go one better today. Lincoln’s Jamie Ellam always a player to watch out for whenever he plays a BDP Comp and in the mix again after a 3-0 win over Leeds young gun Steve Blower.


Tony Ainsley      4-1 Andy Ward
Tony Darlow       4-1 Dave Peasgood
Sean Mahoney      4-3 Neil Sidebottom
Andy Cheesebrough 4-3 Jamie Ellam
Jaron Esteve      4-0 Joe Osgothorpe
Jonathan Hewitt   4-3 Derek Lumley
Steve O'Donnell   4-2 Les Delderfield
Eddie Mordica     4-2 Tom Neal

Former Yorkshire County star of many years ago Andy Cheesebrough has lost none of his class down the years and is always consistently good with that trusty steady reliable throw as he shaded a thriller to beat Jamie Ellam 4-3. More thrillers in this best of 7 round as Jonathan Hewitt and Goole’s Sean Mahoney came through in deciding legs against Derek Lumley and Neil Sidebottom. Meanwhile at the bottom of the draw unheard of Eddie Mordica was making a real splash after beating inform Tom Neal to reach the last 8 and a showdown with Steve O’Donnell who can still mix it with the best despite suffering with crippling knee injuries as he beat the great Les Delderfield 4-2.


Tony Darlow       4-2 Tony Ainsley
Andy Cheesebrough 4-2 Sean Mahoney
Jonathan Hewitt   4-2 Jaron Esteve
Eric Mordica      4-2 Steve O'Donnell

Surprise packet Eddie Mordica through to the Semi Final after taking out local legend Steve O’Donnell 4-2 on what could well be his debut BDP event. Always nice to see Durham players travel down to play and the likes of Paul Knighton, Stuart Ireland and Keith Gowland have all had success in previous years as Eddie joins the list and with a real chance of winning the competition. A rerun of the 2014 Grand Final and a similar result as Jonathan Hewitt got the better of E/W Ardsley SL team mate Jaz Esteve 4-2 as all 4 ties ended with the same scoreline with ever reliable Tony Darlow beating Goole’s Tony Ainsley and Andy Cheesebrough overcoming another Goole effort by defeating Sean Mahoney.


Tony Darlow ( 27.79 ) 5-1 ( 25.93 ) Andy Cheesebrough

A typical Tony Darlow performance that we have become so used to seeing at BDP down the years. The Sheffield star wearing an opponent down with his grinding consistency. Most of the real damage was done early in the game as the Yorkshire County ace opened up with a steady 17 darter and then crucially broke Andy Cheesebrough’s throw with a fine 14 darter which included a 180 and a nerveless 80 finish. A real blow to Andy’s hopes to be 0-2 down having done little wrong having hit 6 Ton pluses at this point, the Wakefield man not out of the game by any means but couldn’t score well enough in the next 2 legs and was soon staring down the barrel at 0-4 down as Tony took the legs in 19 and 21 darts. To his credit Andy fought back and found his range again in leg 5 to avoid the whitewash with an excellent 17 darter to keep the game alive and really should have extended the match in the next leg but missed with 3 darts at an awkward Double 17 target to allow Tony in to close the match out with a first dart Double 10 in 19 darts as he fired in a total of 1 x 180 and 12 x 100 pluses and another solid showing. As for Andy, little to show for his tally of 14 Ton pluses but not enough when he really needed them mid game to give himself a chance.


Jonathan Hewitt ( 24.88 ) 5-1 ( 23.28 ) Eric Mordica

Semi Final 2 produced another 5-1 result but should have been much closer in reality as Durham’s Eddie Mordica missed crucial doubles in legs 3,4 and 5 which could have resulted in a 4-1 lead rather than a 1-4 deficit, however there was no room for sentiment from Jonathan Hewitt who wasn’t firing on all cylinders by his standards this year but took the chances that came his way like top players do to win games. All started well for Eddie as he took the opening leg in 20 darts but then saw the match slip away from him as Jonathan levelled in 20 darts and followed that up with 19,24 and 22 darters. The man from Harehills in inner city Leeds then closed out the match as the game ended in spectacular style as Jonathan hit a great set up 180 shot to leave Tops and Eddie going down fighting to instantly reply with a brilliant 174 to leave 81 after 15 darts but all to no avail as Jonathan took out Tops first dart to win with the most impressive leg of the match in 16 darts. A flattering scoreline in the end but always the feeling that Jonathan had a couple more gears to find if he needed to as it was he did enough with 2 x 180’s, 8 x Ton pluses and a couple of 90’s scores to get the job done, as for Eddie he may wonder what might have been had he managed to hit doubles especially in legs 4 and 5 but nevertheless a great day for him as he hit a 174, 7 x 100 pluses and a 90 score.


Jonathan Hewitt ( 27.56 ) 5-3 ( 25.83 ) Tony Darlow

A fine victory for Leeds based star Jonathan Hewitt who managed to hold off a spirited fightback from Sheffield’s Tony Darlow to claim a 5-3 win, solid finishing the key for Jonathan as he wasted very few darts at the doubles when the opportunities came to build up an unassailable 4-1 lead which meant Tony would probably need some sub 15 dart legs to have any chance with the way Jonathan was finishing. The match started well for Tony who took the opening leg on throw in 19 darts after Jonathan had just missed a 116 outshot attempt but the 26 year old family man made no mistake the very next leg to take out a 108 finish in 15 darts to level up and then took control of the match with further winning legs in 20, 20 and 18 darts as Tony’s consistency on the scoring for once deserted him during those 3 legs, however the Steelers SL ace rallied with a 180 in leg 6 on the way to a 17 darter and then fired in a great 156 check out for a 15 darter in the next to raise hopes of comeback victory although the 15 darter would have been much more significant had it come against the throw, as it was he would need another 15 darter in the next leg to draw level which he couldn’t manage this time and Jonathan was never going to miss the chance to finish the game when presented with 3 clean darts at Tops which he duly took in 2 for a 17 dart clincher. A solid all round game from Jonathan whose average rarely drops below 27 these days as he scored well with a 180, 9 x 100 pluses and also hit some great cover shots on 18’s 19’s to record 11 shots in the 90’s which kept the pressure on all the way through. As for Tony the match got away from him during the middle legs where his form just dipped from its usual standard but still showed his never say die attitude to fight his way back with a 180, 13 x 100 pluses and 2 scores in the 90’s but not quite enough for victory this time.


A fine win for Jonathan Hewitt in his most impressive all round season yet. He has always been an exciting player to watch with the ability to blow opponents away with his power scoring game which almost inevitably produces 180’s in every game he plays but he can now keep a lid on his emotions during a game and not get frustrated which used to cost him games previously but not anymore as he has matured and allied with a great calculator brain makes him the all round complete dart player, no wonder Yorkshire County manager Pete Senior is desperate to have him on board in his endless squad of talented players, just remains to be seen if Jonathan takes up the offer or has a crack at the lucrative PDC market should the right sponsorship deal come his way.

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