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A return to York St, Bingley for the start of the second series of comps leading up to another Finals day after 7 more competitions. Another change to the format as Youths and Ladies are now withdrawn from the Main competitions in favour of running their own individual tournaments, always more beneficial in terms of game time than playing in the main comp especially for the young youth players who can become demoralised by this. So much better for the development of their game to play in a more even playing field.


Kai Haddock ( 18.78 ) 3-0 ( 14.11 ) Maison Wilson


Laura Tye ( 22.26 ) 3-0 ( 19.19 ) Louise Simmonds



Lee Bugden        3-0 Ray Long
Scott Waites      3-0 Pat Blakely
Sam Loader        3-0 Mark Leonard
Steve O'Donnell   3-1 Simon Hopkins
Mark Hanslip      3-1 Craig Maddox
Tom Sykes         3-0 Richard Fox
Eddie Simpson     3-0 Matt Poulter
Ryan Hoggarth     3-0 Adam Hill
Josh Clough       3-1 Phil Wrigglesworth
Garry Thompson    3-0 Ian Falkingham
Daz Baimbridge    3-0 Alex Pride
Rick Hudson       3-1 Colin Burkett
Johnny Gardner    3-0 Ronnie Roberts
Trevor Tye        3-0 Josh Loader
Steve Blower      3-0 Mick Hayward
Jamie Branton     3-0 Rob Ramsden
Derek Lumley      3-0 Richard Yates
Mark Featherstone 3-0 Peter Baker
Neil Sidebottom   3-2 Jack Kirtland
Robin Towler      3-0 Jonathan Troy
Richard Turner    3-0 Ian Holmes
Willie Kershaw    3-1 Sean Mahoney
Pete Riley        3-1 Steve Booth
Tony Darlow       3-0 Michael Townend
Steve Hattersley  3-0 Rick Waite
Pete Neary        3-2 Dale Everett

England Internationals Scott Waites and Garry Thompson in action early on and both comfortably through with 3-0 wins over seasoned campaigners Pat Blakely and Ian Falkingham. Not too many shocks elsewhere either as most of the fancied players came through, although Bradford’s form man Dale Everett will be kicking himself after missing 9 darts at Doubles to beat Woodlesford’s Pete Neary who hasn’t as yet managed to bring his excellent Wednesday night East Leeds form to the BDP ranks but getting a slice of good fortune to come through that one. Another older player but not a familiar face at BDP is Bingley man Eddie Simpson who looked sharp in seeing off Rugby player Matt Poulter 3-0. An eyecatching tie between two fast throwing young guns went the way of Johnny Gardner 3-0 over Ronnie Roberts while Daz Baimbridge a player no one wants to draw early on did for Alex Pride 3-0, as yet the big Huddersfield ace not able to really challenge at the business end of comps but has the ability if he can keep his early round form going right through.


Brendan Marren    3-0 Danny Nommik
Dave Calvert      3-1 Lee Bugden
Scott Waites      3-0 Steve Kelly
Luke Cathcart     3-2 Sam Loader
Steve O'Donnell   3-1 Andy Ward
Mark Hanslip      3-0 Jay Sambuka
Wayne Butterworth 3-1 Adam Scott
Joe Osgothorpe    3-1 Lee Smith
Dave Wilson       3-1 Tom Lishman
Craig Fisher      3-1 Tom Sykes
Eddie Simpson     3-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Graham Hoggarth   3-0 Daz Holdsworth
Josh Clough       3-0 Dale Evans
Garry Thompson    3-1 Daz Baimbridge
Trevor Holtby     3-1 Lance Milburn
Mark Calvert      3-1 Rick Hudson
Tony Clarke       3-1 Johnny Gardner
Steve Blower      3-0 Trevor Tye
Jamie Branton     3-0 Derek Lumley
David Lammie      3-2 Mark Featherstone
Lewis Pride       3-0 Adam Binns
Chris Hackney     3-0 Tom Vessey
Rich Winpenny     3-2 Mally Welsh
Neil Sidebottom   3-0 Matthew Hagyard
Tom Neal          3-1 Robin Towler
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Richard Turner
Tony Darlow       3-0 Pete Riley
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 John Clifford
Mick Wiltshire    3-2 Steve Hattersley
Jack Infield      3-2 Mick Tyler
Garry Cathcart    3-1 Rob Sharp
Pete Neary        3-2 Arron Poole

Another fine win for Drighlington’s Tom Neal another one of the dangerous older players as he beat Robin Towler who has looked mighty impressive this year so far. A fine season for Tom who could well be playing Prem SL darts next year if Ackroyd Club from Morley, South Leeds keep their results going till the end of the season. On the other end of the scale 17 year old Jamie Branton looks another fine prospect, after impressing in YDP Comps he displayed the same form here with a 3-0 win over highly rated Derek Lumley. Tough draws for Tom Sykes and John Clifford at this stage as they went down to Craig Fisher and Jonathan Hewitt, while an all Hoggarth clash in the next round was scuppered with Eddie Simpson doing the damage to take out younger brother Ryan 3-0 and looking a real danger on this form. The danger though from Johnny Gardner over for today as he came unstuck against Burnley’s Tony Clarke, yet another player with the game to win a BDP at some point.


Brendan Marren    3-2 Dave Calvert
Scott Waites      3-0 Luke Cathcart
Steve O'Donnell   3-2 Mark Hanslip
Wayne Butterworth 3-1 Joe Osgothorpe
Craig Fisher      3-0 Dave Wilson
Graham Hoggarth   3-1 Eddie Simpson
Garry Thompson    3-0 Josh Clough
Trevor Holtby     3-0 Mark Calvert
Tony Clarke       3-0 Steve Blower
David Lammie      3-1 Jamie Branton
Lewis Pride       3-1 Chris Hackney
Neil Sidebottom   3-2 Rich Winpenny
Willie Kershaw    3-1 Tom Neal
Tony Darlow       3-2 Jonathan Hewitt
Mick Wiltshire    3-2 Jack Infield
Pete Neary        3-2 Garry Cathcart

No doubt the tie of the round at the top of the draw as Dave Calvert looked to have the beating of Brendan Marren at 2-0 up and scoring the heavier of the two players but he couldn’t put the Keighley star away and paid the ultimate price and no disguising the disappointment as he wondered afterwards how he managed to lose after player so well for the most part. Not the only player to play superbly and lose though as Jonathan Hewitt did little wrong in a 3-2 defeat to Tony Darlow who showed all his experience to close out the finish under pressure. Yorkshire Youth team coach Mick Wiltshire having one of his better days and into Round 4 after closely fought 3-2 wins over Steve Hattersley and Jack Infield as the format moves up to best of 7 at the next stage.


Scott Waites      4-2 Brendan Marren
Steve O'Donnell   4-0 Wayne Butterworth
Craig Fisher      4-3 Graham Hoggarth
Garry Thompson    4-1 Trevor Holtby
Tony Clarke       4-2 David Lammie
Neil Sidebottom   4-3 Lewis Pride
Willie Kershaw    4-2 Tony Darlow
Pete Neary        4-1 Mick Wiltshire

At the top of the draw 4 Yorkshire County stars all through to the last 8 with Craig Fisher forced to work extremely hard to overcome the rapid fire machine gun fire of Graham Hoggarth with a 4-3 victory. At the bottom of the draw Mick Wiltshire got no change out of former Shopkeeper Pete Neary who stormed into the Quarters with a 4-1 victory and something to spare this time after being taken to the wire in his previous 3 games. The bottom half of the draw really opening up as recent winner David Lammie went down 4-2 to Tony Clarke and Tony Darlow also losing by the same score to wily Willie Kershaw who was now hot favourite to progress to the Final from that half.


Scott Waites      4-0 Steve O'Donnell
Garry Thompson    4-2 Craig Fisher
Neil Sidebottom   4-3 Tony Clarke
Pete Neary        4-3 Willie Kershaw

A total contrast in both halves of the draw as the 2 favourites to come through the top half before the start both did as Scott Waites crushed the challenge of Steve O’Donnell 4-0, the Castleford ace a bit disappointed after not to have pushed Scott a lot closer. While the maverick ability of Garry Thompson overcame the precision of Craig Fisher to run out a 4-2 winner. Incredible games in the bottom half with Barnsley’s Neil Sidebottom throwing the darts of his life to reach his first BDP Semi having had to come through epic battles against against Jack Kirtland, Rich Winpenny and Lewis Pride and for the third match in a row surviving match darts as Tony Clarke roared back from 0-3 down to just miss a 100 plus checkout at the death for the victory but still looked the favourite only for the ice cool Tyke to take out a brilliant 96 to end a real humdinger of a game. The final game looked to be going to script as Willie Kershaw led 3-1 and maybe thinking the job was done but Pete Neary was having none of it as he fought back to 3-3 and then hit a magnificent 180 to leave Double 8 when he looked out of it with Willie sat on a Double, the Shipley ace suddenly felt a wave of pressure on his shoulders and missed his target to let the E/W Ardsley SL player in with a nerveless first dart to claim his finest victory and performance so far at BDP darts.


Scott Waites ( 29.95 ) 5-2 ( 28.52 ) Garry Thompson

Most spectator eyes were firmly fixed on this more high profile Semi which was played on one of the opposite boards to Semi 2 which was being played out at the same time possibly due to time constraints. The match didn’t disappoint as both players fired in 180’s in the opening leg but it was former Lakeside Champion Scott Waites who followed it up with better scores to take the leg against the throw in 14 darts only for Garry Thompson to hit back straight away with 106 finish to level up in 18 darts and then take the lead with another excellent 14 dart leg as the match was bringing the best out of both players. The big scores and big finishes kept coming as Scott fired in a 15 darter with a 126 finish to keep Garry at bay as the Silsden ace waited on 101 after 12 darts. Another 15 darter from the Huddersfield star in the next leg proved to be the turning point as he broke the throw with an 80 finish and went on to take the last 2 legs in 20 and 18 darts as Garry’s challenge faded despite a final 123 effort to leave 32 but to no avail with Scott not missing any of his finishes. High scoring from both players as Scott hit 1 x 180, 11 x 100 pluses and 6 x 90’s scores allied with sharp finishing making him very difficult to beat as Garry tried hard with a 180 with his first 3 darts plus 12 x 100 pluses and 5 other scores in the 90’s but dropping off the pace slightly in the last 2 legs which was enough to give Scott the edge.


Neil Sidebottom ( 21.97 ) 5-1 ( 22.80 ) Pete Neary

Few pundits would have predicted these 2 players to come through a tough bottom half to contest the Semi, especially as neither player had been anywhere near this far at BDP previously but today both had shown they have the game and the character and thoroughly deserving of their places.

A dream start for Pete Neary, a strong contender for nicest guy in darts as he picked up where he left off against Willie Kershaw to blow Neil Sidebottom out of the water in the opening leg with scores of 125, 41, 180 and just missing with a 155 attempt at Double 19 for a 12 darter, however he mopped up the leftovers in 15 darts and showing the blistering darts that players up at East Leeds have been seeing from him for some time. No doubt that the influence of Dave Calvert and Jaz Esteve in particular have inspired him to play and practice hard and he is reaping the rewards. Darts as we know can be unpredictable as the Woodlesford ace continued to be the dominant force on the scoring but instead of leading 4-0 he found himself 1-3 down as the finishing let him down with Neil seizing the chances that came his way like he had done all day long to pick pocket legs in 23, 19 and 24 darts. At this stage Neil wasn’t throwing the darts he had in previous rounds but was still steady with a number of 80’s scores and he just kept it going for the rest of the game as the belief drained away from Pete over the last 2 legs and Neil was able to win with a pair of unspectacular 24 darters to clinch victory. With a Final place at stake neither player able to produce their best and not the easiest of conditions to play in with both Semi’s played simultaneously with more noise than normal making it harder to concentrate at times. A total of 9 x 100 pluses and a 97 score for Neil to win this one but you fancy he will need much more than that to contest the Final. As for Pete a 1-5 scoreline doesn’t really do him justice with a 180 and 11 x 100 pluses but not ruthless enough on the finishing over the first 4 legs which effectively cost him the game.


Scott Waites ( 25.72 ) 5-1 ( 23.10 ) Neil Sidebottom

The Final a little bit of an anti climax and played out with an air of inevitability about it as Scott Waites cantered to victory without really having to produce many fireworks. The occasion maybe getting to Neil Sidebottom along with a fairly raucous atmosphere making concentrating for the players difficult at times. The Barnsley man who plays his SL darts in Derbyshire needed a good start to give him any chance against such a daunting opponent and he had golden chances to win a dreadful opening leg but squandered 4 darts at Doubles as Scott had missed with 7 attempts before finally clinching the leg in 26 darts. The writing looked to be on the wall for Neil as he lost his throw in the next leg in 20 darts as he struggled to find his scoring game and most pundits feared a heavy beating for him at this point. However from almost nowhere he produced a couple of great visits in the nest leg with a 137 followed by a 180 and was suddenly back in the game with a 16 dart break back. The come back though was short lived as Scott regained control with a couple of 140’s in leg 4 as he won it in 16 darts. No way back from here for Neil as Scott gave a glimpse of his true class with the most impressive leg of the game to fire in a 101 finish for a 15 dart leg and the job was completed in the next leg with a less impressive 20 darter as Neil’s challenge petered out with a poor final leg for him. A fairly mediocre average by Scott’s standards but always the feeling that he could step up a few gears if needed as he hit 12 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90 scores. As for Neil a fine days work to reach his first BDP Final and he showed particularly in the earlier games what a fine player he is with a text book smooth action making his style very easy on the eye and he will be stronger for this experience next time around, in the Final he only threatened sporadically with a 180 and 5 x 100 pluses with far too many 41’s and 45’s to seriously challenge a top player like Scott Waites.


Another BDP victory for Scotty 2 Hotty, his title success rate probably somewhere between 30 and 50% down the years and along with all his other major titles ranks him alongside Dennis Priestley as the greatest Yorkshire player ever. All though he doesn’t look it he is in fact still in his 30’s with at least another 20 years top level darts in front of him so chances are he will eclipse the great man from Mexborough and go on to be one of the all time greats of the game if he isn’t already. Despite being a legend in the game he still has a down to earth nature and his always at his happiest when mixing with his mates and fans and is always approachable which makes him an all round top bloke.

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