Rowland Road WMC

A slightly disappointing total of 80 players in the Main event with 6 entries in the Youths and 9 in the Ladies. Perhaps the lure of Summer BBQ’s and seaside trips enticing a few players away as well as other tournaments.


Kai Haddock ( 19.77 ) 3-0 ( 15.72 ) Tom Gurran


Mandy McKenzie ( 19.69 ) 3-1 ( 16.37 ) Tracey Gledhill



Terry Temple     3-1 Pat Blakely
Tony Darlow      3-0 Rick Waite
Mick Wiltshire   3-1 Pete Riley
Danny Dutson     3-1 Mick Tyler
Tony Hewson      3-1 Pete Neary
Neil Sidebottom  3-2 Steve Blower
Arron Wyke       3-0 Ian Falkingham
Joe Osgothorpe   3-1 Martin Hazeldene
Dennis Timmins   3-1 Mark Featherstone
Derek Lumley     3-1 Ryan Hoggarth
Dave Peasgood    3-0 Mark Leonard
Lance Milburn    3-0 Sam Loader
Craig Fisher     3-1 Tony Ainsley
Graham Hoggarth  3-0 Lee Barber
Arron Poole      3-2 Wayne Butterworth
Eddie Simpson    3-0 Peter Baker

A low attendance today meaning half the field had byes through to Round 2 but still some notable casualties from the games that were played as recent York St Semi Finalist Pete Neary went down to Morley ace Tony Hewson in a tough early draw, same also for Ryan Hoggarth who has been highly successful in local leagues around the Skipton area but running into inform Derek Lumley early doors and going down 3-1. Another Midway SL player Mark Featherstone celebrating promotion to the Premier division with the crack Yeadon side after a fine season but also losing out to tough Dewsbury match player Dennis Timmins also by 3 legs to 1.


Rob Sharp        3-2 Bobby Burdess
Willie Kershaw   3-1 Curtis Turner
Terry Temple     3-0 Mark Miller
Tony Darlow      3-2 David Lammie
Jonathan Hewitt  3-0 Cam Hinchcliffe
Mick Wiltshire   3-0 Ray Swallow
Danny Dutson     3-0 John Clifford
Trevor Holtby    3-1 John Gard
Tommy Walsh      3-1 Trevor Tye
Steve Hattersley 3-2 Steve Booth
Allan Crowhurst  3-1 Mally Welsh
Danny Hall       3-1 Jordan Fisher
Neil Sidebottom  3-0 Tony Hewson
Dave Calvert     3-0 Josh Loader
Arron Wyke       3-0 Callum Hall
Joe Osgothorpe   3-0 Andrew Seward
Andy Ward        3-0 Matthew Hagyard
Dennis Timmins   3-0 Josh Scales
Derek Lumley     3-0 Dave Peasgood
Brendan Marren   3-0 Lance Milburn
Robin Towler     3-2 Josh Clough
Jamie Branton    3-0 Craig Fisher
Sean Mahoney     3-1 Mark Piggott
Adam Scott       3-0 Dion Evans
Mark Commons     3-0 Mark Calvert
Jaron Esteve     3-2 Graham Hoggarth
Michael Townend  3-0 Ray Long
Charlie Beaumont 3-0 Craig Maddox
Tom Neal         3-1 Liam Young
Arron Poole      3-2 Ian Holmes
Chris Cooper     3-1 Eddie Simpson
Les Delderfield  3-2 Danny Denny

No doubt the eye catching result of the round a 3-0 victory for 16 year old Hull youth star Jamie Branton over top player Craig Fisher, the city of Hull producing a number of highly promising stars hoping to follow in the footsteps of trail blazer Reece Robinson and Jamie is definitely one of them having already made his mark at YDP Promotions and on the PDC Circuit and now doing the same at BDP. Diminutive youngster Danny Denny almost produced another surprise before going down 3-2 in the end to legend Les Delderfield. The South Leeds Ind SL star showed why he has a fine future in the game and currently topping the Div 2 Averages Table this year with some superb performances. A brilliant 152 checkout from Jonathan Hewitt proved to be the game breaker against Cam Hinchcliffe who has been unlucky enough to draw the Grand Final 2-14 Champ twice in the early rounds recently. Notts player Chris Cooper always a danger man when he enters BDP Comps and safely through to Round 3 after a 3-1 win over Bingley’s Eddie Simpson.


Willie Kershaw   3-0 Rob Sharp
Tony Darlow      3-0 Terry Temple
Jonathan Hewitt  3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Trevor Holtby    3-2 Danny Dutson
Tommy Walsh      3-2 Steve Hattersley
Allan Crowhurst  3-2 Danny Hall
Dave Calvert     3-2 Neil Sidebottom
Arron Wyke       3-1 Joe Osgothorpe
Andy Ward        3-2 Dennis Timmins
Brendan Marren   3-0 Derek Lumley
Robin Towler     3-2 Jamie Branton
Adam Scott       3-1 Sean Mahoney
Jaron Esteve     3-1 Mark Commons
Charlie Beaumont 3-0 Michael Townend
Tom Neal         3-1 Arron Poole
Les Delderfield  3-0 Chris Cooper

At the top end of the draw a titans clash between Tony Darlow and Terry Temple, both players now into their 50’s but right at the peak of their powers with Terry on the fringes of qualifying for major PDC events over the last few years while Tony always wins his fair share of more local events and he prevailed in this encounter with a 3-0 victory. A fine win too for Keighley player Adam Scott, the former Army man gunning down in form Sean Mahoney 3-1. Elsewhere fancied players Marren, Kershaw, Esteve and Hewitt all going well as is Dave Calvert who had a tough job to get past Neil Sidebottom who is having a fine season so far.


Willie Kershaw   4-1 Tony Darlow
Jonathan Hewitt  4-3 Trevor Holtby
Tommy Walsh      4-0 Allan Crowhurst
Dave Calvert     4-0 Joe Osgothorpe
Brendan Marren   4-1 Andy Ward
Robin Towler     4-0 Adam Scott
Charlie Beaumont 4-0 Jaron Esteve
Les Delderfield  4-0 Tom Neal

An eyebrow raising result in more or less every round and thiss one was no exception as youngster Charlie Beaumont from Crigglestone, South Wakefield stunned experienced match player Jaz Esteve with a 4-0 victory that few pundits would have foreseen beforehand. Sheffield’s Tony Darlow had the toughest route imaginable having to get past David Lammie and Terry Temple before succumbing to Willie Kershaw at this stage, the Shipley ace winning 4-1. Meanwhile another less esteemed player from Shipley was going under the radar and into the Last 8 as Tommy Walsh joined Willie and Les Delderfield in the next round as he saw of little known Allan Crowhurst.


Jonathan Hewitt  4-3 Willie Kershaw
Dave Calvert     4-2 Tommy Walsh
Brendan Marren   4-0 Robin Towler
Les Delderfield  4-1 Charlie Beaumont

Extremely close calls for Jonathan Hewitt as he was taken to a decider in the previous round by Hull’s Trevor Holtby and surviving 3 match darts against him in this round as Willie Kershaw missed the chance to take the last comp Winner at Townville out. Big guns Brendan Marren and Les Delderfield both powered through their games but fine efforts today from their opponents Robin Towler and Charlie Beaumont to come through the field and reach the Quarter Finals. They were joined by another high profile player as Dave Calvert’s extra big game experience saw him overcome Tommy Walsh who had his best run for a couple of years at BDP.


Jonathan Hewitt ( 27.90 ) 5-2 ( 28.64 ) Dave Calvert

A game that was too close to call at 2 legs all suddenly went Jonathan Hewitt’s way as he took the last 3 legs to post a flattering looking 5-2 victory that was much closer than the scoreline suggests. In fact Dave scored slightly the heavier of the two players but it was Jonathan at the business end of legs who was more clinical and that was the difference in the game. The opening 4 legs all went with throw with Jonathan taking legs 1 and 3 in 17 and 21 darts while Dave looked hugely impressive on his own throw with 16 and 13 darters in legs 2 and 4. The Bingley Business man looked to be in a strong position in leg 5 too with a tremendous first 9 darts of 100, 180, 100 to leave 121 against the throw but Jonathan came from nowhere it seemed with shots of 134 and 128 to set up a first dart Double 16 to almost pinch the leg from under Dave’s nose in 16 darts. The final couple of legs were both nip and tuck but Dave just faltering slightly when in sight of a finish and that was enough for Jonathan to capitalize and win the game with 18 and 20 darters. Another fine example of match play from Jonathan, doing the right things at the right times in games to win them as he hit 10 x 100 pluses backed up with an equal number in the 90’s as his cover shooting on 19’s impeccable again. A good showing in defeat from E/W Ardsley SL team mate Dave as he fired in a 180 plus 11 x 100 pluses and 7 shots in the 90’s but just didn’t quite do enough with the last 3 darts in the final 3 legs which cost him the game.


Brendan Marren ( 30.19 ) 5-2 ( 30.35 ) Les Delderfield

A high quality shoot out between 2 old adversaries who have met many times over the years, so little to choose between the players the stats would probably show an even number of victories for both players. Not for the first time at BDP Les Delderfield turns in a stellar display with a 90 plus average and loses the game as opponent Brendan Marren nails the key darts to take a hard fought win. The more eyecatching finishes were taken out by Les with a 111 in leg 1 and a 116 in leg 5 as both were taken in 15 darts but were his only reward as Brendan took the 5 other legs in 21, 15, 17, 16 and 17 darts as his procession of 100 and 140’s during the game just proving slightly too much for Les although there was very little in it with the telling mistake coming in leg 7 as Les failed to convert 56 to bring the match back to 3-4 which enabled Brendan to clinically put away 84 in 2 darts for the match and just like the first Semi a slightly flattering scoreline. Robotic type accuracy on the 20’s from Brendan as he hit 6 x 140’s and 12 other Ton plus scores with 4 scores in the 90’s thrown in for good measure. Virtually matched by Les as he hit 5 x 140’s, 10 x 100 pluses and 6 x 90’s shots with very few slack scores form either player but just chance missed more or less making all the difference.


Jonathan Hewitt ( 29.63 ) 5-2 ( 29.09 ) Brendan Marren

An incredible Final due to the dramatic turn around in fortunes and the amazing scoring from Jonathan Hewitt that enabled him to reel off 5 consecutive legs against a player whose standard never dropped all the way through but shell shocked Brendan Marren just had no answer to the barrage of 180’s that came his way that ultimately made all the difference. The tall Keighley star came out of the traps flying with 3 x 100 plus scores as he eventually held throw in 20 darts and then even better in leg 2 with 4 x Ton pluses to set up Double 12 for a 13 dart early break with no hint at this stage of what was to come despite a 180 from Jonathan in that leg. More power scoring from Brendan to leave just 76 after 12 darts but a second 180 from Jonathan at the start of the leg and a brilliant 124 checkout at the end of it ensured he had the break back in a fantastic leg of darts. Yet another 3 x 100 pluses in the next leg from Brendan but it still wasn’t enough as Glass Firm Assistant Manager Jonathan smashed in yet another 180 on the way to a 17 darter to draw level. The amazing sequence of Hewitt 180’s continued with 4 in 4 legs as he sensationally took the lead with a 19 darter after both players had missed with 5 darts at the doubles as the pressure began to show on Brendan who could scarcely believe what was happening to him. Hard to recall such a flurry of 180’s from any player at BDP especially so in a Final but the sequence was broken in leg 6 but a 134 to set up 62 for the Harehills ace proved just as effective as any of his 180’s as he took out the 62 with the last dart to break Brendan’s heart as he waited on 32 after 15 darts, even so Brendan is a player who shows little emotion compared to most other players and he just gets on with the game in the same manner whether winning or losing so he was never going to give up the fight and maintained his impressive scoring with 3 more straight Tons and a 95 but yet again a 180 in return negated all his work with Jonathan clinching a dramatic victory in 18 darts as rarely have we witnessed a game quite like this one. A total of 5 x 180’s in just 7 legs of darts probably a BDP record for Jonathan but another 8 big 100 pluses also contributing heavily along with 4 shots in the 90’s and that shattering 124 finish which got the Leeds man back in it. As for Brendan he will probably feel like he’s just ran into one of Jonathan’s giant glass windows similar to the that often seen on You Tube clips where the victim gets up dazed and confused, especially after a fairly faultless performance in which he hit a massive 19 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90’s scores but Jonathan just proving a real pane for him today.


Jonathan Hewitt has around half a dozen BDP Titles to his name including last years Grand Final but this one surely the most satisfying of the lot by the manner in which he did it. He confirmed his status as one of if not the most exciting player to watch on the BDP circuit capable of producing incredible darts as he showed today. The only mystery that remains is why there aren’t a queue of sponsors lining up outside his door that could give him the backing to take him to an even higher level. Maybe it’s because he’s a modest guy who just lets his darts do the talking and doesn’t take to social media to self promote in the way that others players do who seem to have more joy in that respect.

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