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On to York St, Bingley today and a low turn out as the
overall number fell just short of 3 figures with 77 in the Main event, 10 in the Ladies and 8 in the Youth. The quality still high though as Dave Smith returned to BDP action alongside a rare appearance from former Aussie resident Craig Gwynne.


Kai Haddock ( 20.87 ) 3-0 ( 18.23 ) Tom Gurran


Lynne Horne ( 15.99 ) 3-0 ( 15.73 ) Louise Simmonds



Gary Cathcart     3-0 Rob Sharp
Tom Neal          3-0 Richard Osgoby
Derek Lumley      3-1 Mark Daley
Matt Green        3-1 Andy Ellis
Eddie Simpson     3-0 Mark Hanslip
Adam Dixon        3-0 Matthew Hagyard
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 Chris Wood
Mick Wiltshire    3-0 Richard Scott
Jason Szamakowicz 3-2 Lee Bugden
Josh Clough       3-1 Michael Townend
Tom Lishman       3-0 Danny Nomnik
Wayne Butterworth 3-0 Phil Wigglesworth
Adam Scott        3-1 Mark Calvert

Not too many games in Round 1 as most of the field got byes into Round 2. No doubt the eyecatching result a fine victory for local player Jason Szamakowicz over hot Hull star Lee Bugden, the Bingley man highly influential on the darts scene especially in the local area as he promotes exhibitions and tournaments as well as planning to set up a new SL team from York St, on the playing front generally he hasn’t been able to bring his practice to game to the match game and as a result struggled to make a real impact so far at BDP, however a win like this can only boost his confidence for the rest of the day and future tournaments. No joy though for another Bingley player as Michael Townend lost out 1-3 to Sharlston’s Josh Clough who besides being a fine player is also making a name for himself as a superb darts referee and MC and may well be in demand for exhibition work in the future.


Craig Gwynne      3-1 Tom Sykes
Craig Fisher      3-0 Jordan Colyaite
Les Delderfield   3-0 Gary Cathcart
Gareth Beck       3-1 Ian Holmes
Tom Neal          3-1 Trevor Tye
Derek Lumley      3-2 Mick Tyler
Matt Green        3-0 Andy Ellis
Arron Holdstock   3-0 Jonathan Troy
Lance Milburn     3-0 Steve Booth
Mark Featherstone 3-2 Eddie Simpson
Dave Smith        3-0 Cameron West
Jordan Smith      3-0 Darrel Baimbridge
Graham Hoggarth   3-0 John Clifford
Ryan Hoggarth     3-0 Chris Maddox
Adam Dixon        3-0 Ray Long
Ronnie Roberts    3-0 Pat Blakely
Mark Reynoldson   3-0 Mick Hayward
Jonathan Hewitt   3-1 Joe Osgothorpe
Mick Wiltshire    3-1 Mark Scott
Willie Kershaw    3-0 Richard Fox
Sean Mahoney      3-2 Jason Szamakowicz
Andy Cox          3-2 Ian Falkingham
Jamie Branton     3-2 Josh Clough
Robin Towler      3-1 Mark Leonard
Brendan Marren    3-0 Dave Peasgood
Tom Lishman       3-1 Kevin Mc'Quire
Danny Dutson      3-1 Curtis Turner
Andy Ward         3-0 Cam Hinchcliffe
David Lammie      3-0 Wayne Butterworth
Adam Scott        3-0 Lewis Pride
Barry Nelson      3-1 Gary Driscoll
Kevin Ward        3-1 Rick Waite

A superb SL season for former Aussie resident Craig Gwynne as he helped South Leeds side Ackroyd St team gain promotion to the Premier Division as he finished high in the Averages Table for Div 1 with an 80 plus which is some going over a long course, his presence today meant he would be a real danger for the rest of the field as fellow Yorkshire County ace Tom Sykes found out with a 1-3 defeat. Other young Yorkshire County stars also suffered as Curtis Turner went down 1-3 to Danny Dutson, another member of the crack Ackroyd St squad who famously appeared on TV in the UK Open against the one and only Ted Hankey a few years ago. Cam Hinchcliffe completed the trio of former Yorks Youth stars now graduated to to the senior team to bow out in this round as he fell to a crushing 0-3 defeat at the hands of Andy Ward. Another Ward but no relation was Kevin, the Huddersfield man back in BDP action after a long absence and beating Wakefield’s Rick Waite 3-1 to progress.


Craig Gwynne      3-0 Craig Fisher
Les Delderfield   3-0 Gareth Beck
Derek Lumley      3-1 Tom Neal
Arron Holdstock   3-1 Matt Green
Lance Milburn     3-2 Mark Featherstone
Dave Smith        3-1 Jordan Smith
Graham Hoggarth   3-1 Ryan Hoggarth
Ronnie Roberts    3-1 Adam Dixon
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 Mark Reynoldson
Mick Wiltshire    3-2 Willie Kershaw
Sean Mahoney      3-0 Andy Cox
Jamie Branton     3-2 Robin Towler
Brendan Marren    3-2 Tom Lishman
Danny Dutson      3-2 Andy Ward
David Lammie      3-0 Adam Scott
Barry Nelson      3-2 Kevin Ward

Family clashes in Round 3 as Graham Hoggarth beat younger brother Ryan 3-1 on this occasion but both players playing their part in their SL side The Midway clinching second spot in Div 1 resulting in promotion to the Premier Division next season. Young star Jordan Smith couldn’t manage to put one over his dad as experience won the day with a 3-1 win. Another member of The Midway side is Otley’s Mick Wiltshire, the Yorkshire County Youth team Manager one of BDP’s more unpredictable players, so often disappointing for long spells of the season but also occasionally brilliant and capable of beating anyone on his day as he showed with a magnificent 126 finish on the Bull to edge out top player Willie Kershaw 3-2. Craig Gwynne looking ominous at this stage as he swept aside GF 1 Winner Craig Fisher 3-0 as more top stars tumbled out in a round of surprises. Another Morley resident formerly from Castleford Lance Milburn having his best run since making the Semi’s at Rowland Road a while ago as he edged out Mark Featherstone 3-2.


Les Delderfield   4-2 Craig Gwynne
Derek Lumley      4-3 Arron Holdstock
Dave Smith        4-0 Lance Milburn
Graham Hoggarth   4-3 Ronnie Roberts
Jonathan Hewitt   4-1 Mick Wiltshire
Sean Mahoney      4-1 Jamie Branton
Brendan Marren    4-2 Danny Dutson
David Lammie      4-0 Barry Nelson

Always looked like it would take a top performance from a top player to beat Craig Gwynne in fine form and old hand Les Delderfield produced it in typical fashion like he has done countless times down the years with a 4-2 win as the really big name players held sway in the Last 16 with the likes of Dave Smith, Jonathan Hewitt and David Lammie all coming through fairly comfortably for the loss of only 1 leg between them, also through Brendan Marren but much less comfortable for him as Danny Dutson gave him a run for his money before losing 2-4. Goole’s Sean Mahoney a familiar face in the Last 16 and Last 8 stages since he started playing BDP but as yet not quite managed to convert those efforts into Semi’s and Finals but surely just a matter of time as he beat rising 16 year old Hull star Jamie Branton 4-1 to go another step closer.


Les Delderfield   4-1 Derek Lumley
Dave Smith        4-3 Graham Hoggarth
Jonathan Hewitt   4-0 Sean Mahoney
David Lammie      4-2 Brendan Marren

Tall Scot David Lammie now firmly entrenched in the elite list of players at BDP having backed up a number of Semi and Final appearances with Tournament victories and beaten pretty much all the major players along the way as Brendan Marren fell to him 4-2 at the Last 8 stage. No doubt that playing regularly at Woodbottom SL with all the top Shipley stars has improved his all round game and made him such a fine match player and so hard to beat. Dave Smith firmly back on the BDO circuit and looking to quality for Lakeside in January back in the Semi’s once again but made to work extremely hard by fast throwing Skipton ace Graham Hoggarth such an exciting player to watch when in full flow and unlucky not make a first BDP Semi appearance before losing out 3-4. Jonathan Hewitt also established at the top of the tree after numerous tournament wins dashed Sean Mahoney’s hopes with a thumping 4-0 win while Les Delderfield still up there as the man to beat as he beat Red Lion SL star Derek Lumley although it looks on the cards that the former Durham man will join Les at Woodbottom for a crack at the Prem Div next season.


Les Delderfield ( 30.83 ) 5-4 ( 29.89 ) Dave Smith

An epic battle between two of BDP’s most successful and distinguished players down the years with Les approaching 70 years of age in the not too distant future but showing no signs whatsoever of his remarkable powers diminishing while Dave could yet appear on our TV screens again soon should he qualify for The Lakeside World Championships. They produced a real cracker that would have graced any TV screen as Les pulled the match out of the fire with 2 unbelievable legs at the end to turn around a 3-4 deficit into 5-4 victory. All the way through the standard was sky high as Dave set off like an express train in the opening leg to hit scores of 100, 121, 140 and topping it off with a 140 checkout for a 12 dart breaker to get the ball rolling. Shipley ace Les missed 3 darts at Double 8 for an immediate break back which looked like being costly as Dave held on with a 20 darter to go 2-0 up, however Les was playing well enough not be too deterred at this stage and 3 legs later he was in front with superb throwing to win legs in 18, 13 and 17 darts. Former Crossgates man Dave now resident in Ferrybridge was now on the back foot and after an indifferent start to leg 6 looked like going further behind until a timely 140 set up to leave Tops applied just enough pressure to force Les to miss 2 darts at Doubles as Dave rescued the situation with a 19 darter and then took the ascendancy again in leg 7 with a Maximum score on the way to a 16 dart breaker to lead 4-3 and now favourite on his own throw to clinch the match, the fact that he didn’t manage to achieve this was through no fault of his own as he played a near perfect leg with scores of 121, 100, 180 and 60 to leave Tops after 12 darts but amazingly Les matched it and more as he hit 97, 137, 180 and then a super 87 finish to stay alive in a leg of sheer brilliance. Suddenly it was Les’s turn to have the advantage but with numerous breaks of throw the match was still in the balance as once again Dave did little wrong in leaving 91 after 12 darts but more sublime brilliance from Les meant he wouldn’t even get a shot at it as the Woodbottom SL star fired in back to back scores of 180 and 177 before finishing with a 14 darter to close out a memorable win even by his standards. A match that had everything, twists, turns, drama, excitement, 12 darters, 180,s, big finishes, the lot. The stats for Les read 3 x 180’s, 1 x 177, 14 x 100 pluses and 6 x 90’s scores, not too shabby from Dave either as he did everything possible to win the game with 2 x 180’s, 17 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90’s scores as well as a showstopping 140 checkout but just had to bow to some amazing darts from Les at the end to deny him victory.


David Lammie ( 28.22 ) 5-3 ( 26.48 ) Jonathan Hewitt

A bizarre second Semi in which the darts were completely overshadowed by an incident which disrupted the game and possibly changed the course of it too. At the time Jonathan Hewitt was 2-0 up and going well, after the incident which involved the players and observers in a spat about perceived comments during the game the scoreline read 2-4 as Jonathan’s darts noticeably dipped during those legs before managing to regain some composure later in the match. David Lammie at the heart of the dispute but somehow managing to throw remarkably well under the circumstances with winning legs in 21, 14, 15 and 15 darters which included a Maximum and fine mid range finishes of 92, 80 and 81 and should really have wrapped up the match in the next leg after some blistering scoring of 134, 180 and 134 to leave just 53 after 9 darts, however all that good work was undone by not being able to convert with 9 darts from that tally and Jonathan stayed in the game with a 16 darter after some fine scoring himself which included a 180 at the start of the leg. The scoring from David had been top drawer for the main part and leg 8 was no exception as he fired in 100, 140, 100 and 137 before closing out the match in 16 darts. Hard to say whether he could have actually played much better without the uproar or maybe this just galvanized him even more, no doubt though that it definitely affected the play of Jonathan but whether the result would have been different under normal conditions is open to debate. The scoring stats though read impressively for David as he hit 2 x 180’s, 20 x 100 pluses and a 96 score. As for Jonathan still very respectable despite an understandable blip mid game as he hit 2 x 180’s, 14 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90’s scores.


David Lammie ( 25.96 ) 5-3 ( 25.43 ) Les Delderfield

With the fall out from the Semi Final still ongoing there were real doubts that the Final would even be played. Eventually the game got underway albeit in a tense atmosphere to say the least. As a result both players blew hot and cold with both struggling to match earlier performances which was hardly surprising with all the commotion going on in the background. Ironically David started off quite well and raced into a 3-1 lead with excellent winning legs in 15, 14 and 16 darts with Les looking a bit out of sorts on his scoring compared to his earlier games. Leg 5 was totally bizarre as Les hit a couple of 133’s and looked in total control as Dave seemed to fall apart with a run of poor scores as it looked like he had given the leg up only for Les also to lose concentration with 14 missed darts at doubles before finally closing a nightmare leg out in 27 darts, the struggle continued in leg 6 with neither player hitting a 3 figure score until David found a 180 from nowhere at the end and followed up with a 41 finish in 3 darts to post an unlikely looking 21 darter. At 2-4 down Les got his game together in leg 7 to pull back the deficit in 16 darts and threw well enough to be in contention in leg 8 needing 64 after 12 darts, however Dave was on one of his hot spells and fired in 125, 140, 100 and 85 scores before nailing 51 for a solid 15 darter to close out the match. Enough hot spells for David in the game to come out the Winner as he hit 2 x 180’s and 13 x 100 pluses. As for Les, struggled for the most part but made a game of it with 14 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90’s scores.


A shame that the later stages were marred by unsavoury scenes. These things happen in darts form time to time especially in the heat of battle, fortunately though at BDP this sort of thing is a very rare occurrence as 99% of the time games are played in the right spirit and sportsmanship. Hopefully when the dust settles any differences can be sorted out with a handshake with no repercussions and we can all concentrate on playing great darts which is what the players do best. At the end of it all David Lammie comes away with the win having being able to summon up huge mental strength which has to be admired from a darting perspective as well as his ability to have really purple patches in games in which his scoring in particular is hard to match and is the key to many of his victories.

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