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A better attendance this time around as 80 players entered the Main Event while the Ladies and Youths joined forces again for a combined competition with 17 entries with the Last 4 then splitting into a separate Youth and Ladies Final which seems utterly baffling and seems to make a mockery of the whole thing as it appears to be a make it up as we go along type of thing. The format for Youths and Ladies seems to change on a monthly basis it seems and maybe the decision needs to be made to pick a formula and stick with it rather than chopping and changing which makes following tables hard to follow. In general though the numbers have been well down this season and we have to wonder whether the whole format this season of splitting up the season into 4 has been a good move or not or whether players preferred the old format of one Table and one big Grand Final at the end of the year.


Tom Gurran ( 17.47 ) 3-0 ( 14.96 ) Kai Haddock


Louise Simmonds ( 19.21 ) 3-1 ( 18.03 ) Laura Tye



Jordan Rennison     3-2 Ian Holmes
Tommy Walsh         3-1 Dave Calvert
Cam Hinchcliffe     3-0 Arron Wike
Pete Neary          3-2 Danny Hall
Mark Leonard        3-2 Jordan Fisher
Josh Scales         3-0 Craig Maddox
Charlie Beaumont    3-0 Robert Turpin
Josh Clough         3-1 Mark Kirkwood
Wayne Butterworth   3-2 Jonathan Troy
Rob Sharp           3-1 Lance Milburn
Chris Cooper        3-2 Jaron Esteve
Brendan Marren      3-0 Colin Hendry
Mick Tyler          3-1 Matthew Hagyard
Tom Sykes           3-2 Pat Blakely
Danny Denny         3-1 Cameron West
Willie Kershaw      3-0 Lewis Pride

A disappointing way for Colin Hendry to bow out as he prepares to fly out to Spain for a new life with his partner Andi but no surprise losing 0-3 to a player of Brendan Marren’s calibre. The Castleford ace has been a fairly regular player at BDP down the years and also made his mark in SL for The Rock Inn and in various other competitions over a long career and his dry humour and banter will be missed by everyone as BDP wishes him well in his new adventure. A couple of big names biting the dust early this week as Nottinghamshire star Chris Cooper returned to BDP action and promptly beat top match player Jaz Esteve 3-2, while his E/W team mate Dave Calvert also went down 1-3 to Tommy Walsh who looks in red hot form at the moment after reaching the Final last time out. Elsewhere a morale boosting win for Huddersfield player Mark Leonard who has had lean time of it at BDP but edging past ever improving Dewsbury player Jordan Fisher 3-2 who is taking up an administrator/player role at E/W Ardsley for the new season which gets underway later this month.


Tony Darlow         3-0 Eddie Simpson
John Clifford       3-0 Craig Gwynne
Steve Ward          3-1 Jason Szamakowicz
Ryan Hoggarth       3-2 Craig Fisher
Trevor Tye          3-1 Andy Ward
Daz Johnson         3-0 Terry Temple
Mark Daley          3-1 Danny Dutson
Robin Towler        3-0 Peter Baker
Calum Hall          3-2 Mark Pigott
Steve Blower        3-0 Jordan Rennison
Tommy Walsh         3-1 Mark Hanslip
Steve Booth         3-0 Andy Cox
Cam Hinchcliffe     3-0 Mally Welsh
Pete Neary          3-0 John Van Leiber
Ian Ward            3-1 Mark Leonard
Martin Hazeldene    3-0 Gary Cathcart
Tom Lishman         3-0 Mark Featherstone
Josh Scales         3-2 Mark Commons
Macauley Naylor     3-0 Ray Long
Charlie Beaumont    3-1 Tom Neal
Tony Ainsley        3-1 Michael Townend
Josh Clough         3-1 Sean Mahoney
Jonathan Hewitt     3-0 Graham Hoggarth
Jamie Branton       3-2 Wayne Butterworth
Rob Sharp           3-2 Tony Pearce
Chris Cooper        3-1 Russ Johnson
Brendan Marren      3-0 Andy Scott
Andy Cheesebrough   3-0 Mick Tyler
Les Delderfield     3-0 Tom Sykes
Trevor Holtby       3-2 Danny Denny
Willie Kershaw      3-0 Barry Dennison
Neil Sidebottom     3-1 Jack Bassinder

A rare visit to BDP for Gipton’s Steve Ward as he got off to a successful start with a 3-1 win over Jason Szamarkowicz, the slow throwing St Albans SL star a real danger with his methodical style and consistency. Macauley Naylor another St Albans Fri night comp regular making a winning start too as he beat veteran Ray Long 3-0, the East Leeds youngster still learning the game and making steady progress playing alongside the likes of Mally Welsh and Co down at the club. A huge game early on as Terry Temple now signed up by Pete Senior for all conquering SL side The Castle after his move to Conisbrough went down 0-3 to one of his new team mates as Daz Johnson beat him in a crunch match up. Terry not the only top name to fall though as Craig Fisher lost out 2-3 to Carlisle Utd fanatic Ryan Hoggarth whose passion and enthusiasm for his team can be routinely followed on Facebook but his team overshadowed there by a tremendous performance of his own. A fine season so far for John Clifford continued as he disposed of Morley’s Craig Gwynne 3-0 with a 14 and a couple of 17 darters. Another rare visitor today was Middleton’s Barry Dennison, the former Station, Railway and Leeds Ind SL Captain and now a Wheatsheaf SL player over in Sherburn in Elmet going down though 3-0 to Willie Kershaw. Tommy Lishman still in red hot form following his Semi Final appearance last time out as he took just 46 darts to knock out Mark Featherstone in double quick time and posting intent right from the off today


Tony Darlow         3-1 John Clifford
Ryan Hoggarth       3-0 Steve Ward
Daz Johnson         3-0 Trevor Tye
Mark Daley          3-1 Robin Towler
Steve Blower        3-1 Calum Hall
Tommy Walsh         3-0 Steve Booth
Pete Neary          3-1 Cam Hinchcliffe
Ian Ward            3-0 Martin Hazeldene
Tom Lishman         3-0 Josh Scales
Charlie Beaumont    3-0 Macauley Naylor
Josh Clough         3-1 Tony Ainsley
Jonathan Hewitt     3-1 Jamie Branton
Chris Cooper        3-0 Rob Sharp
Brendan Marren      3-1 Andy Cheesebrough
Les Delderfield     3-0 Trevor Holtby
Willie Kershaw      3-1 Neil Sidebottom

Josh Clough producing more good results on the back of a great victory over top player Peter Jacques last time out and beating more good players after seeing off Goole pair Sean Mahoney and now Tony Ainsley with some timely 177 and 180 scores to swing the games his way. The inform players at BDP of late, Delderfield, Neary, Hewitt, Lishman and Walsh all going well again and into last 16 spots after good wins. A host of SL clubs were after the signature of Charlie Beaumont for the coming season as Honley won the race for one of the hottest young stars in Yorkshire if not the country, the fast throwing left hander such an exciting talent and is featuring heavily in various competitions this season especially so at East Leeds where he is taking the Wed night comps by storm and looking to do more damage after sweeping aside Macauley Naylor 3-0.


Ryan Hoggarth       4-1 Tony Darlow
Daz Johnson         4-2 Mark Daley
Tommy Walsh         4-2 Steve Blower
Pete Neary          4-2 Ian Ward
Charlie Beaumont    4-2 Tom Lishman
Jonathan Hewitt     4-2 Josh Clough
Brendan Marren      4-0 Chris Cooper
Les Delderfield     4-0 Willie Kershaw

Sir Les Delderfield looking good at this stage to make it 4 Finals in a row after a crushing 4-0 victory over old foe Willie Kershaw, a tremendous feat given the standard of players and the high level of competition at these events. No doubt the performance of the round though coming from young Ryan Hoggarth who seems to have been around for years but still in his teens, superb finishing mainly the key in a 4-1 victory over Tony Darlow and arguably his best senior BDP event so far. More stunning darts from Charlie Beaumont as the Wakefield youngster took out a 141 finish with opponent Tom Lishman waiting on Tops, a decisive moment in the match which killed off the Hull stars challenge. A brave effort in defeat from another East Yorkshire player as Mark Daley managed to take a couple of legs off Daz Johnson who is really dedicated this year in an attempt to break into the PDC Pro ranks.


Daz Johnson         4-1 Ryan Hoggarth
Tommy Walsh         4-2 Pete Neary
Jonathan Hewitt     4-1 Charlie Beaumont
Les Delderfield     4-3 Brendan Marren

Sir Les marches relentlessly on after a narrow victory over another old adversary in Brendan Marren, a particularly hard draw right from the start for him today having already taken out Yorks County ace Tom Sykes, Hull’s Trevor Holtby and Willie Kershaw so far. More guaranteed prize money for Jonathan Hewitt’s wedding fund for next year as he marries the lovely Carla who can often be seen in the crowd following his progress and minding young kids Tyrone and Brooke Alice at the same time, plenty to cheer for family Hewitt so far as he takes out ultra dangerous Charlie Beaumont 4-1 to move into another Semi Final. After beating Pete Neary in the Semi last time out at Pilky’s Tommy Walsh repeated the dose again this week with a 4-2 win at the QF stage, another excellent tournament though for both players who have emerged as a real force this season with Tommy now looking to go one better than last time and win the comp. Daz Johnson making up the Semi spots beating off a brave Ryan Hoggarth effort to win 4-1.


Les Delderfield ( 28.75 ) 5-3 ( 27.44 ) Jonathan Hewitt

A real test of skill and character for Les Delderfield as he turned around a 0-2 deficit to get the better of top star Jonathan Hewitt. Shipley’s finest came out of the traps fast and fired in some huge scores to dominate the scoring in the opening couple of legs but somehow found himself 2 legs adrift due to the brilliance of Jonathan with a showstopping 152 checkout to take the opening leg in 18 darts from under Les’s nose and then losing leg 2 on throw when on course for an 11 darter only to miss with a further 10 darts at doubles as he chased them around the board and ending up in the madhouse with Jonathan accepting the gift with a 21 darter. Things could have got even worse for Les had Jonathan not missed with 2 darts at Double 16 to go 3 up but as it was the Shipley man was able to get back into the game with a 17 darter which seemed to be the turning point as he went on to take the next 3 legs in 17, 19 and 20 darts to lead 4-2, he then pushed hard to finish the game in the next leg with a couple of 140’s and a Ton but Jonathan held him off with the best leg of the match with a 13 darter to stay in the contest and despite a good scoring effort from him in leg 8 to leave 93 after 12 darts the door was closed on him as Les finished 82 for a 15 dart clincher. A strong scoring performance from Les as he hit 1 x 180, 19 x 100 pluses with most of those between 134 and 140 besides 4 other 90’s scores to keep Jonathan under pressure and had it not been for all those missed doubles in leg 2 then his average would have been in the 90’s. A decent effort from 2 time Comp Winner this year Jonathan but he couldn’t quite match Les on the scoring as he hit 13 x 100 pluses and 9 x 90’s efforts plus a great 152 checkout and had he took his chance to go 3-0 up then the outcome could have been different.


Daz Johnson ( 31.26 ) 5-2 ( 28.04) Tommy Walsh

A high quality second Semi with Daz Johnson having to produce some fantastic legs of darts in order to see off a magnificent Tommy Walsh whose stock rises considerably even in defeat. A dream start for Tommy as he hit 4 x Tons in the opening leg to take it against the throw in 18 darts, however this only provoked a furious response from the Doncaster man as he threw a string of blistering darts which included a couple of 180’s to storm into a 4-1 lead in legs of 13,15,18 and 14 darts, very difficult for any player in the world even to live with that kind of power darts at an average touching 100 over those 4 legs and there was nothing Tommy could do to stop him despite his best efforts. Many players would have wilted completely under that sort of assault but Tommy showed tremendous character and put together a brilliant leg that even Daz this time had no answer to as the Shipley man blasted back with scores of 180,125,100 and 84 and a first dart success at Double 6 for a superb 13 darter just to hold throw and stay in the game, he would need a sub 15 darter though to extend the game even further and with Daz piling in again with 3 big Ton plus scores the task was just too big an ask this time for Tommy as Dazzling Daz finished the match with a 16 darter. Massive scoring throughout from Daz as he hit 2 x 180’s, 6 x 140’s, 4 other Ton pluses and 3 x 90’s shots with very few stray darts and a final average just under 94 per visit. A brave and resilient effort from Tommy as he tried to stem the tied with 1 x 180, 12 x 100 pluses and 2 shots in the 90’s, the quality of darts there that might have brought victory against anyone else but Daz.


Daz Johnson ( 33.40 ) 5-0 ( 29.52 ) Les Delderfield

A virtuoso performance in the Final from Daz Johnson as he swept Les Delderfield aside with ruthless efficiency to win 5-0 with an average topping 100. Very rarely does Les get beaten by such a margin but not like he played at all badly himself with a mere 88 plus average. The power play throughout from Daz meant that Les was restricted to just two real chances during the match and had he taken them then he would have only trailed 2-3 with a whole different perspective on the game and he will be a bit disappointed not to have taken at least one of the legs as he had a couple of darts at doubles in both leg 2 and leg 5 but on the whole no real complaints as he was just out powered by a man on the top of his game. The signs were ominous from the get go as Les was blown away in the opening leg back on 251 when Daz casually checked out 142 for a 12 darter to get the ball rolling, a 17 darter followed on throw before another top draw leg of 14 darts including a 180 put him 3-0 up with two breaks already in the bank. Hard to count Les out of any game no matter what the score is as he can always battle back and he did so in leg 4 with a real effort to get back in the game with scores of 140,100,140 and 76 to leave 45 after 12 darts but even that salvo wasn’t enough to ruffle Daz’s feathers as he fired in another 180 to take the leg in 14 darts, not even a consolation leg for the Shipley great as he was denied again by a third 180 from Daz as he wrapped up a chilling victory with an 18 darter having actually missed 5 darts at the double for once to give Les a glimmer of a chance at the end, however as unflappable as Les appears on the outside even he must have been shell shocked on the inside by the darts being thrown against him and he couldn’t take the chance to save the game. The best performance by anyone so far this season as Daz rifled in 3 x 180’s, 5 x 140’s, 4 x Ton pluses, a 99 shot and a 142 finish to boot, hard to see anyone in the field being able to stop him today and Les probably played well enough to beat anyone else too with 9 x 100 pluses and 3 x 95 scores but may need a stiff drink after this game.


Daz Johnson is now concentrating on darts full time in a bid to get up there with the elite PDC players and on this showing he isn’t very far away with all the dedication and practice paying off. Having played the PDC Tour previously he was always there or thereabouts without quite managing to make the big TV breakthrough that his talent and dedications deserves, hopefully this time around he will make it right to the top of the PDC ladder and we will have the pleasure of watching him throw on TV.

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