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Another lowish turn out with 67 players in the main draw and 11 in the mixed Youth and Ladies draw. What the draw lacked in numbers it more than made up for in quality with a very strong looking field boasting BDO and PDC Tour players such as Dawson, Johnson and Temple plus a host of County stars and other top players. With a low attendance there is always the scope to run an Early Round Losers Comp which at least gives the players knocked out early another chance to play and win some minimal prize money.


Giffy Khasoi ( 25.91 ) 3-0 ( 21.66 ) Tom Gurran

A high class performance from Giffy Khasoi known as ‘Gifter the Shifter’ and she didn’t hang around here with a whirlwind 3 legs in 20,21 and 17 darts that any of the guys in the main event would be happy with, a total of 7 x 100 pluses from her and an average that is by some distance the highest recorded in the Mixed Event. Unlucky for young Tom Gurran to be on the receiving end after not playing badly himself but unable to match Giffy on the scoring as he hit 2 x Tons but having to settle for Runner Up spot today.



Lee Blakey       3-1 Steve Kelly
Greg Beard       3-0 Kieran Evans
Brendan Marren   3-0 Tom Lishman

Only 3 games in the opening round and a crunch opener to start with as Brendan Marren took out form player Tom Lishman while former England Shotputter Greg Beard equally effective with darts in his hand these days beat Kieran Evans 3-0 to silence the man known as ‘The Mouth’ as it says on his colourful dart shirt which is amongst the best of them and will be on show at the British Open in a few weeks time.


Steve Blower     3-2 Rick Waite
Paul Bellinger   3-2 Tom Neal
John Clifford    3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Carl Wilkinson   3-0 Mark Leonard
James Weldon     3-1 Lewis Pride
Mark Hanslip     3-1 Gary Bright
Daz Johnson      3-0 Robert Turpin
Peter Jacques    3-0 Jordan Fisher
Derek Lumley     3-2 Craig Fisher
Neil Sidebottom  3-1 Daniel Winterburn
Charlie Beaumont 3-0 Curtis Turner
Brian Dawson     3-1 Rich Winpenny
Josh Scales      3-0 Adam Binns
Gary Instrall    3-2 Mark Kirkwood
Richard Yates    3-0 Michael Townend
Dave Blyth       3-1 Trevor Tye
Alex Pride       3-1 Andy Ward
Pete Neary       3-0 Trevor Holtby
Dennis Timmins   3-0 Jaron Esteve
Josh Clough      3-2 Steve Silver
Steve Booth      3-0 Ian Holmes
Lee Blakey       3-1 Mark Daley
Stuart Ireland   3-1 Kieran Cresser
Willie Kershaw   3-1 Steve Richardson
Eric Lishman     3-0 Ray Long
Tony Darlow      3-0 Dave Peasgood
Tom Flint        3-0 Lance Milburn
Mick York        3-1 Dave Calvert
Terry Temple     3-1 Brian Hallas
Cam Hinchcliffe  3-1 Jamie Branton
Les Delderfield  3-0 Greg Beard
Brendan Marren   3-1 Wayne Butterworth

A 109 checkout for Tom Neal but going off the boil after that as Halifax ace Paul Bellinger fought back from 0-2 down to win 3-2 in that game. Rich Winpenny hit 5 Treble 20’s and just missed with the 6th at the start of leg 4 before missing doubles and losing out 1-3 to Brian Dawson. Dennis Timmins proving to be a bit of a bogey player for Jaz Esteve of late with the Dewsbury player winning most of their recent battles and an impressive 3-0 winner today. Another ‘beard to be feared’ as Scunthorpe’s Mick York despatched Dave Calvert 3-1, the Humberside County star sporting a distinctive long beard and throwing superbly in that game. High quality match up’s all the way through the draw which saw top contenders Brian Hallas, Craig Fisher, Curtis Turner and Trevor Holtby all bow out to top quality opponents.


Paul Bellinger   3-1 Steve Blower
Carl Wilkinson   3-1 John Clifford
James Weldon     3-2 Mark Hanslip
Daz Johnson      3-1 Peter Jacques
Derek Lumley     3-0 Neil Sidebottom
Brian Dawson     3-0 Charlie Beaumont
Gary Instrall    3-1 Josh Scales
Richard Yates    3-2 Dave Blyth
Alex Pride       3-1 Pete Neary
Dennis Timmins   3-0 Josh Clough
Lee Blakey       3-2 Steve Booth
Willie Kershaw   3-0 Stuart Ireland
Tony Darlow      3-1 Eric Lishman
Tom Flint        3-0 Mick York
Terry Temple     3-1 Cam Hinchcliffe
Les Delderfield  3-1 Brendan Marren

A meteoric rise to prominence this year for Charlie Beaumont which resulted in a Yorkshire County A team debut recently at Warwickshire, very few players go straight into the A team but the selectors had no qualms about putting him straight in such is his prodigious talent. A number of Super League teams tried to poach Charlie known as ‘The Chuckie Egg’ at the start of the season but he chose Honley in the end to scramble the hopes of the other teams, however he was soon in hot water as Lakeside bound Brian Dawson boiled him 3-0 to put him back in his shell today. A 170 finish for Daz Johnson as he looked in ominous form in a 3-1 victory over Peter Jacques another top player in a very strong looking Honley SL side this year in Div 1. More crunch clashes saw Cam Hinchcliffe, Brendan Marren and Pete Neary all depart at this stage as there was no let up in quality on all boards.


Carl Wilkinson   4-3 Paul Bellinger
Daz Johnson      4-0 James Weldon
Brian Dawson     4-3 Derek Lumley
Richard Yates    4-1 Gary Instrall
Alex Pride       4-3 Dennis Timmins
Willie Kershaw   4-1 Lee Blakey
Tom Flint        4-0 Tony Darlow
Terry Temple     4-3 Les Delderfield

Not for the first time Durham’s Stuart Ireland brings a fresh player down from the North East to cause a real stir in the competition, this time it was young Tom Flint from Darlington stunning the crowd with a sensational performance to whitewash a shellshocked Tony Darlow, very rarely does Tony lose 4-0 but he had no answer on this occasion as the youngster fired in a 160 checkout on the way to victory. Some real thrillers elsewhere as Carl Wilkinson, Brian Dawson, Alex Pride and Terry Temple all won last leg deciders to make it in the Last 8 alongside Willie Kershaw who beat newcomer Lee Blakey 4-1 and Richard Yates who beat local player Gary Instrall by the same score.


Daz Johnson      4-0 Carl Wilkinson
Brian Dawson     4-0 Richard Yates
Willie Kershaw   4-2 Alex Pride
Terry Temple     4-3 Tom Flint

Since his return from Brazil Richard ‘Rowdy’ Yates has been steadily improving throughout the competitions culminating in his best showing at BDP with a Quarter Final spot today, the Harrogate ace has distinguished film star looks in a similar way to George Clooney or Bake off judge Paul Hollywood with greying hair and strong features, his ‘Rowdy’ nickname due to an outgoing personality and character which makes him great fun to be around with his off the cuff jokes and mickey takes but it was Brian Dawson with the last laugh today as he won their clash although a 4-0 scoreline not reflecting how well Rowdy played in that game. Terry Temple having to work unbelievably hard just to stay in the competition with the toughest of routes through having to overcome Yorkshire County players Brian Hallas and Cam Hinchcliffe and then last leg wins over Les Delderfield and now Tom Flint who looks like the next star to come from the same area which produced the likes of Paul Knighton and Phill Nixon. By contrast Daz Johnson was storming through the field having dropped only 1 leg to Peter Jacques so far with Carl Wilkinson the latest player to feel the blast from ‘Dynamite’. Willie Kershaw made up the last 4 with a hard fought 4-2 win over Alex Pride.


Daz Johnson ( 29.36 ) 5-1 ( 26.54 ) Brian Dawson

Another powerful performance from Daz Johnson as he blew away the challenge of Brian Dawson in the same way that he had brushed aside all other challengers this afternoon. An all South Yorkshire battle between two Castle SL team mates but Daz took control of the match early on and never looked like relinquishing his grip on the game. A 14 darter from him to start proceedings which included a 180 with Brian struggling after that to find his true form and a couple of poor visits cost him the second leg on his throw as Daz took it with a 21 darter, a leg really that Brian couldn’t afford to lose with the rare luxury of 21 darts at his disposal against a man in such good form as Daz. No more chances like that were to come his way as the PDC ace raced into a 4-0 lead with 17 and 18 dart legs and surely no way back despite all Brian’s battling qualities although he did manage to avoid the whitewash in leg 5 with a 17 darter after Daz had missed a dart at Tops, however he made no mistake in the next leg against the throw with some more heavy weight scores of 135,140 and 134 followed by a first dart effort in the Double 16 to round of victory with a 13 darter with Brian left on 56. An unexpected comfortable victory in the end for Daz as he hit 2 x 180’s, 12 x 100 pluses and 2 x 95’s one of which was a killer finish to take the fourth leg and put the match out of site. Disappointment for Brian as he was never really in the game despite hitting 11 x 100 pluses but overall well below his best by his standards in this game but a good day in general with a Semi Final spot.


Willie Kershaw ( 28.41 ) 5-4 ( 28.94 ) Terry Temple

The second Semi proving to be a much close affair as this one went the full distance with Terry Temple leading the way throughout, the only time Willie Kershaw managed to get in front in the game was at the decisive moment at the end of the final leg. A move from North Yorkshire to South for Terry as he left the outskirts of York to reside in Conisborough and another boost for the all conquering Castle Sl team in the town as Terry joined their massed rank of top players which reads like who’s who of great Yorkshire stars. It was Terry who made the running right from the start with a brilliant 11 darter to break the throw at the earliest opportunity. A 180 from him in the next leg as he took that one in 21 darts after making heavy weather of it towards the end with 6 or 7 missed darts at doubles but not proving costly with Willie too far in arrears. More impressive scoring from Terry gave him the chance to break throw again but this time he didn’t take it as he missed darts at Double 8 and 4 on a 76 attempt which allowed Willie to hang in there with a 16 darter after hitting a 180,140 salvo in that leg. The 180 count rose again for both players in the next leg but Terry was at the double first to take out 84 for a 15 darter and move ahead 3-1. An excellent leg 5 though from Willie saw him take it comfortably in 17 darts and he drew level in the following leg with a fine 101 finish in 15 darts this time with the match now swinging back in Willie’s favour with the advantage of throw in 2 out of the last 3 legs but the advantage was soon lost as Terry looked to have made the decisive break with a 96 checkout to take the leg in 20 darts. Nip and tuck in leg 8 with both players on 80 plus finishers after 15 darts but Terry couldn’t convert his 84 finish and Willie punished him with a clean as a whistle 86 checkout in 2 darts to level the game once more. The Shipley ace has never lacked bottle at critical stages of games and he consolidated the leg with a couple of 140’s to give himself a clear shot at 36 which he never looked likely to miss and he didn’t by wrapping it up with the second dart to clinch an extremely hard fought match. Willie showed all his battling qualities there to dig in and a refusal to buckle as he hit 2 x 180’s, 17 x 100 pluses and a 97 score while for Terry having come through 2 similar tight games in previous rounds just came up short in this one as he replied with 2 x 180’s and 12 x 100 pluses with 7 shots in the 90’s too.


Daz Johnson ( 30.40 ) 5-2 ( 28.96 ) Willie Kershaw

Daz Johnson had looked like the player everyone had to beat right from the start and his form never let up throughout the afternoon. With his high powered scoring it was a case of whether or not Willie could hang on to his coat tails long enough to stay in the game which he did manage to do to start with at 2-2 courtesy of 2 fine finishes of 95 and 86 both taken under pressure with Daz waiting to step in on 70 and 62. The Doncaster PDC star had already showed his power play in leg 3 with a 13 darter and he followed that with another one in leg 6 for the all important break of throw, scores of 140,121,97 and a 107 to set up 36 and nothing Willie could do about it, perfect timing and game management from Daz knowing that would be probably be the killer punch in the match and so it proved although he was far from convincing in the last leg before taking it in 22 darts with Willie unable to capitalize after a couple of Tons at the start of the leg had given him hope but the leg slipped away from him after that with no big treble in the next 5 turns where 1 or 2 might have made the difference. Overall though a deserved victory for the best player throughout the day, identical stats though for both players in the Final as they hit 1 x 180 and 14 x 100 pluses apiece but one key break made the difference to result in a 5-2line score that looks more clear cut than it actually was in reality.


Another BDP win for Daz Johnson coming on the back of his success at Rowland Road a few weeks earlier. In a similar way to Terry Temple he seems to be improving with age as he closes in on the half century mark but still plenty of time for him to make a big impact on the PDC scene if he can keep this high standard going and get one or two breaks along the way. Underneath his game face there is a lighter side to Daz as his Facebook posts and send ups are hilarious. The dubbed Hitler sketch an all time classic as well as the sinking Darfield ship are the ones that spring to mind besides others with hopefully many more Johnson comedy classics to come in the future along with his great darting performances.

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