Rowland Road WMC

The trend of low attendances this season carried on as 65 players entered the Main Event and 14 in the Mixed which included only 2 male youth players. Still no shortage of quality with British Open Semi Finalist Brian Dawson in BDP action amongst a field of class players with a few making the trip over from East Yorks and Lincs to compete.



Lynne Horne ( 17.37 ) 3-2 ( 15.80 ) Paula Burgess

A hard fought victory for Lynne Horne over newcomer Paula Burgess. The best leg of the game a 20 darter from Lynne in leg 2 with only a poor leg on finishing in leg 4 bringing the averages down for both players. In the final leg Paula had the match in her grasp but couldn’t finish with 9 darts from 64 and Lynne nipped in with a fine 62 checkout to pinch it at the death.


Tony Darlow       3-0 Adam Kay

Just the one solitary game in the first round this week and resulting in a straight forward 3-0 win for Tony Darlow to ease him nicely into the competition.


Lee Blakey        3-1 Adam Tooley
Steve Silver      3-0 Richard Yates
Pete Neary        3-0 Trevor Tye
Joe Osgothorpe    3-1 Steve Hattersley
Dave Peasgood     3-0 Kieran Evans
Jelger Tunstra    3-2 Steve Blower
Dean Connolly     3-1 Michael Townend
Jaron Esteve      3-2 John Clifford
Rob Scholes       3-0 Ray Long
Jamie Branton     3-0 Josh Scales
Ian Ward          3-1 Jordan Fisher
Eddie Simpson     3-2 Lance Milburn
Sean Mahoney      3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Jonathan Hewitt   3-0 Ray Heppinstall
Derek Lumley      3-1 Lewis Pride
Craig Fisher      3-2 Sam Fordham
Garry Thompson    3-2 Brian Dawson
Danny Roberts     3-0 Bobby Burdess
Tony Darlow       3-0 Tom Ward
Josh Clough       3-0 Steve Booth
Alex Pride        3-1 Tom Neal
Danny Golden      3-2 Lee Driver
Mark Gale         3-2 Mick York
James Weldon      3-1 Rick Waite
Mark Leonard      3-1 Kevin Gray
Tom Lishman       3-0 Ian Holmes
Mark Daley        3-0 James Wood
Brendan Marren    3-2 Daz Baimbridge
Ryan Patterson    3-0 David Bailey
Matt Green        3-0 Peter Baker
Danny Dutson      3-1 Dave Broxup
Les Delderfield   3-0 Mally Welsh

One or two old familiar faces returning to the fray this week but little joy for most of them with Woodlesford Lorry Driver Adam Tooley going down to impressive Lee Blakey who did well last time out. Lofthouse player Dave Broxup a regular at East Leeds in the Wed night Round Robin format where he has plenty of success but bowing out early in the BDP format of straight knockout as he lost out to Morley’s Danny Dutson who is now a Prem SL player with Morley side Ackroyd Club.Big Mark Gale also back in action, the former Surrey man now a resident of Pudsey beating highly talented Humberside County player Mick York 3-2 A very rare appearance from Ray Heppinstall who has been a fantastic servant to Yorkshire County down the years and does so much work behind the scenes that allows the top players to perform on the day and also a very handy player in his own right but only in action briefly as he lost out 0-3 to top player Jonathan Hewitt. A couple of shrewd SL signing for Bradford Div 1 side Red Lion as they snapped up Kev Gray and Eddie Simpson for the new season and their performances will be crucial to their sides chances this year having lost top players Derek Lumley and Joe Cullen, a hard fought win for Eddie over Lance Milburn but defeat for Kev against Huddersfield Terrier Mark Leonard on his BDP comeback. A fine win for Wheatsheaf SL ace Steve Silver as the Selby man beat last comp Quarter Finalist Rowdy Yates 3-0 but the tie of the round a mammoth game between Garry Thompson and Brian Dawson who had a great run to the Semi Final of the British Open the previous week in Bridlington before losing 5-3 to Scott Waites. An early exit for Doggy this week although he will be kicking himself after missing 9 darts at doubles to win the match in the deciding leg.


Lee Blakey        3-2 Steve Silver
Pete Neary        3-1 Joe Osgothorpe
Jelger Tunstra    3-2 Dave Peasgood
Jaron Esteve      3-1 Dean Connolly
Jamie Branton     3-2 Rob Scholes
Ian Ward          3-2 Eddie Simpson
Sean Mahoney      3-2 Jonathan Hewitt
Derek Lumley      3-2 Craig Fisher
Garry Thompson    3-1 Danny Roberts
Tony Darlow       3-0 Josh Clough
Danny Golden      3-0 Alex Pride
James Weldon      3-2 Mark Gale
Tom Lishman       3-0 Mark Leonard
Brendan Marren    3-1 Mark Daley
Matt Green        3-0 Ryan Patterson
Les Delderfield   3-2 Danny Dutson

An excellent 3-0 win for Swillington’s Danny Golden, the E/W Ardsley SL player recording one of his best wins at BDP with a convincing victory over top Harrogate man Alex Pride. Pudsey ace Ian Ward has shown signs of late that he is recapturing the form of last season where he reached a couple of Finals, a QF last time out and on the march again after a hard fought win over Eddie Simpson. Goole star Sean Mahoney has had some cracking results at BDP since he started coming across the M62 to compete and he produced one of his finest with an explosive 11 darter in the decider to beat Jonathan Hewitt, tremendous darts that left him shaking afterwards with the adrenaline rush from it. Another potential Winner also out at this stage as Craig Fisher lost out to Bradford’s former Durham man Derek Lumley, while former Morley Rugby Union player Danny Dutson went close to taking out Les Delderfield by taking that game into a deciding leg before ‘The Old Master’ prevailed.


Lee Blakey        4-2 Pete Neary
Jaron Esteve      4-2 Jelger Tunstra
Ian Ward          4-3 Jamie Branton
Sean Mahoney      4-2 Derek Lumley
Garry Thompson    4-2 Tony Darlow
James Weldon      4-3 Danny Golden
Brendan Marren    4-3 Tom Lishman
Les Delderfield   4-1 Matt Green

Humberside County A star Lee Blakey making an impression again after a good showing last time out. This time the man from Epworth in Lincolnshire beat a similar style of slower paced player as Pete Neary went the way of Steve Silver and Adam Tooley before him. Brendan Marren made hard work of it to beat Tommy Lishman with a string of missed doubles to let the Hull man in at 3-3 but found the resolve to fire in a 15 dart to clinch the win in the end. Close games throughout the round as James Weldon threw a good last leg to see off Danny Golden and Ian Ward edged out Cottingham youngster Jamie Branton also in a last leg shoot out. Meanwhile favourites Garry Thompson, Les Delderfield and Jaron Esteve were still making progress as was former Humberside County player Sean Mahoney still flying after the win over Jonathan Hewitt and following it up with another superb win this time over Derek Lumley.


Jaron Esteve       4-2 Lee Blakey
Sean Mahoney       4-2 Ian Ward
Garry Thompson     4-1 James Weldon
Les Delderfield    4-0 Brendan Marren

Fine efforts today by Lee Blakey and James Weldon to reach the QF stage but they couldn’t halt the march of Jaron Esteve and Garry Thompson towards a possible Final showdown, however old stager Les Delderfield will be a mighty obstacle after a 4-0 drubbing of Brendan Marren. A new face in the Semi as Sean Mahoney finally made it after a few QF’s over the past year or so, a 4-2 win over Ian Ward for the man who has expressed a desire to play in the Yorkshire SL, preferably not too far West across the M62 from Goole, offers could well be forthcoming after this showing.


Jaron Esteve ( 24.68 ) 5-3 ( 22.90 ) Sean Mahoney

Yet another Semi Final for Jaron Esteve as he needs all the prize money he can muster to feed an ever growing army of pets at the animal sanctuary that is his home in Ossett. A total of 9 various size Dogs, a couple of Cats, a pair of lively Indian Runner Ducks and new addition Wilbur the Pig all taking residence in the Esteve household along with glamorous Girlfriend Donna Wilks. A guaranteed £50 should cover tea though while a tournament victory could see the family half way through the following week. In his way stood tall Goole ace Sean Mahoney who had looked as impressive as anyone today with a string of victories over top players. A bit of a shaky start though for Sean with a couple of 26’s in the opening 2 legs which let Jaron in to take them in 20 and 16 darts as he looked as happy as a Pig in a Kitchen at this stage with a 2-0 lead. More crackling darts from him in leg 3 as he fired in a mid leg salvo of 125, 100 and 100 to pile the pressure on, however a fine 79 checkout saved Sean’s bacon as he pulled a leg back with an 18 darter. An instant response though from Jaz in leg 4 as he trottered out another 18 darter to break straight back but then made a bit of a Pigs Ear of it in the next leg with a few low scores to let Sean back into the game with a 19 darter and the man who works at Drax Power Station lit up the crowd with another 19 darter to draw level at 3-3. However in tight situations Jaz tends to produce his best darts and he did so in leg 7 with a 180 followed by a 137 although he made it a bit tricky at the end requiring just 3 which can be every players nightmare but not for him as he took the leg in 18 darts again. Sean now facing the chop at 3-4 down but throwing first although with 2 breaks conceded by him already the advantage didn’t look too favourable and he was soon up against it as Jaz just missed a 120 for the match, after that it was the leg no one wanted to win with both players scratching around desperately on doubles with Jaz giving Sean 3 clear turns to save the game but he ended up chasing it down to Madhouse before Jaz finally had his head in the trough with a Double 10 in 28 darts which was nothing to snout about and brought both players average tumbling down right at the death. A steady enough game up until that point with Jaz hitting a 180, 14 x Ton pluses and 4 x 90’s scores. A good effort from Sean although Double 8 and Double 4 especially will haunt him for a while but scored well with a 180 and 14 x Ton pluses and an excellent Semi Final showing today.


Garry Thompson ( 29.41 ) 5-4 ( 30.93 ) Les Delderfield

An epic showdown between 2 of Yorkshire’s finest which went right to the wire although Les will be scratching his head for a while as to how he didn’t manage to win the game as he had Garry on the rack in the second half of it after trailing 0-2 early on to a pair of 17 darters from the Silsden ace. The match really hotted up with a sustained spell of top class darts from both players, firstly Les reduced the deficit with a 123 checkout for a 15 dart leg which also included a 180 from him, then in the very next leg Gaz repaid the compliment by firing in a 117 finish for another 15 darter to lead 3-1. The Shipley legend then went into overdrive with some tremendous darts to leave Garry for dead in the next 3 legs, another 15 darter with a 64 finish, then another 180 in the next leg as he levelled the game with a 14 darter and taking the lead for the first time in leg 7 with a 115 checkout this time in 18 darts with Garry requiring Ton plus finishes in all 3 legs but not getting a chance. All going Les’s way now and there looked to be only one winner as he started leg 8 with 140,100,140 scores, few would have given Garry much hope at that point but just lately players haven’t been taking their chances against him as we saw with Scott Mitchell looking in disbelief at his darts at the British Classic when he missed doubles to win and earlier today when Brian Dawson missed a stack to take him out so he knew the game was far from over and kept himself in the leg with some steady scoring and reaped the benefits when Les missed with 6 darts from 64 and Garry cashed in to level up in 20 darts. An exciting match boiling down to the last leg and once again Midway SL star Gary found himself under the cosh as Les kicked off with a 180 followed up later by a 137 to leave just 32 after 12 darts and surely no way back for ‘The Recliner’ back on 182. Still the game is never over till the last dart hits the double and for all his brilliant darts in the game all counting for nothing as he missed with 6 crucial ones at the death and Garry rode his luck again but credit it to him for hanging in there with a 105 set up and a first dart finish on Double 18 for a none too shabby 16 dart leg to squeeze through to the Final. A total of 16 x 100 pluses and 7 shots in the 90’s from Yorkshire and England International Garry, while a barrage of high scoring from Les which included 4 x 180’s, 17 x 100 pluses, 2 x 90’s shots besides 2 x 100 plus finishes and still came out on losing side and not for the first time losing a Semi with a 30 plus average.


Garry Thompson ( 29.56 ) 5-2 ( 26.00 ) Jaron Esteve

A Final of 2 Yorkshire County stars, with Garry Thompson a long time established player with years of experience on the big stages against Jaron Esteve a newcomer to the County scene but already making a statement with 2 MOM performances in his first 2 games in the B squad, both players featured on the internet stream in Bridlington last weekend with Garry knocking out World Champ Scott Mitchell in the British Classic on Saturday and Jaron coming away with much credit and many new fans after playing superbly with a 30 average in a 1-4 defeat to legendary England Captain Martin Adams who played awesome darts to beat him at the 4th Round stage. No doubt Garry had rode his luck today to make it through to the Final but needed no more good fortune to go his way as he ran out a convincing Winner with a 5-2 victory. Honours even over the first couple of legs as both players held throw with 18 darters but it was Garry who upped the anti in the next leg to throw a fine 13 darter and then broke the throw in the next with a 92 checkout, the lead further extended in leg 5 as he held throw in 20 darts with Jaz for once just struggling to find his usual consistency and now in deep trouble at 1-4 down, a much better effort from him in leg 6 though as he produced a couple of 140’s to pull it back to 2-4 with a 17 darter, however any chance of a comeback was snuffed out as Garry finished the match in fine style with a 126 checkout for a 15 dart leg with Jaz back on 177. The last few meetings between these 2 have tended to go Jaron’s way in most of them but he was always struggling to stay with Garry in this one with a few too many low scores giving him too much to do even with the big scores that he hit. Another solid 29 plus ave from Gaz which makes him a hard player to beat as he hit 13 x 100 pluses and 5 x 90’s shots and the 126 finish just put the icing on the cake for him at the end. As for Jaz consistently in Semi’s and Finals over the past 2 to 3 years and his stock in the game rising all the time on the back of his County performances and recent Internet TV exposure but having to settle for Runner Up spot this time with a match total of 1 x 180, 11 x 100 pluses and a 93 score but goes back to Ossett with £100 so Wilbur will be happy with that.


Garry Thompson back on the winning trail and still one of Yorkshire’s top players despite slipping down the BDO rankings during the past couple of years which means he will have to fight through the tough qualifiers in order to make the Lakeside World Championships again after previously been a permanent fixture there for 4 or 5 years and reaching 2 Quarter Finals. His finest hour though surely the British Open Triumph with a thrilling 6-5 over fellow Yorkshireman James Wilson a couple of years ago. Always a great player to watch with his unpredictable maverick style he has never been a robotic or military player, more off the cuff and laid back hence his ‘The Recliner’ nickname which makes him such an exciting player to watch as he can be doing nothing in a leg and then suddenly produce amazing darts from seemingly nowhere to win legs along with finishes that other players would never dream of. Off the oche he is very approachable and hugely entertaining when discussing stories from the darting world and always great to see him playing in BDP competitions.

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