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Into the home stretch of competitions now and another lowly turn out which has become the norm for this season with 53 players in the Main Comp and 10 in the Ladies Comp. Hopefully the numbers will return next year when the format returns back to its original single Grand Final at the end of the year status.


Giffy Khaosoi 3-0 Lynne Horne


No Ties


Josh Clough      3-0 Neil Sidebottom
Danny Dutson     3-0 Trevor Tye
Jaron Esteve     3-1 Alex Pride
Tommy Walsh      3-0 Pete Armitage
Lance Milburn    3-1 Daz Baimbridge
Neil Ward        3-1 Tom Neal
Pete Neary       3-0 Kieron Cresser
Jonathan Hewitt  3-1 Steve Silver
Dave Smith       3-1 Richard Yates
Mally Welsh      3-0 Ray Heppinstall
Craig Fisher     3-0 Andy Ward
Charlie Beaumont 3-0 Tom Vessey
Mick Wiltshire   3-0 Dan Gettings
Derek Lumley     3-0 Michael Townend
John Clifford    3-2 Sean Moyles
Tony Darlow      3-1 Paul Carre
Brendan Marren   3-0 Tony Hewson
Josh Scales      3-1 Jacob Gwynne
Jonathan Daniels 3-0 Cam Hinchcliffe
Steve Hattersley 3-2 Mark Kirkwood
Ian Balsdon      3-0 Ray Long

Very few surprises from Round 2 which was effectively the opening round as top players Marren, Smith, Hewitt, Darlow ,Fisher, Beaumont, Walsh and Esteve all came through unscathed. Another early BDP defeat though for young starlet Cam Hinchcliffe who has done really well to secure substantial backing from a host of sponsors as he looks to make an impression in the PDC Youth but finding the experience and quality of Johnny Daniels too much today in a 0-3 defeat. Previous BDP Winners Pete Armitage and Alex Pride also bowing out early but no real surprise coming up against form players Tommy Walsh and Jaz Esteve. Up and coming Yorkshire Youth star Jacob Gwynne looks in time like emulating his dad Craig and becoming a fine player and he gave Josh Scales something to think about with a 74 checkout to take the opening leg before the much more experienced Wakefield man battled back to take the next 3 legs for victory.


Josh Clough      3-0 Sam Loader
Jaron Esteve     3-2 Danny Dutson
Tommy Walsh      3-0 Steve Blower
Lance Milburn    3-2 Neil Ward
Jonathan Hewitt  3-0 Pete Neary
Dave Smith       3-0 Lewis Pride
Craig Fisher     3-0 Mally Welsh
Dave Peasgood    3-2 Lee Driver
Paul Hampton     3-1 Jordan Fisher
Mark Marshall    3-0 Rich Winpenny
Charlie Beaumont 3-0 Mick Wiltshire
Derek Lumley     3-1 John Clifford
Tony Darlow      3-2 Brendan Marren
Josh Scales      3-2 Jonathan Daniels
Steve Hattersley 3-1 Ian Balsdon
Stewart Ireland  3-0 Ian Holmes

A real barnstormer at the top end of the draw as Jaz Esteve and Danny Dutson fought out a high quality game which had pretty much everything, a 12 dart opening leg from Danny with a couple of 180’s to follow in the game, while Jaz fired in a 130 finish plus 4 x 180’s and a 177 as he edged through 3-2 having had to throw some unbelievable darts just to make it past the second game stage. Local player Lee Driver who plays SL in nearby Gawthorpe at the Boot & Shoe where the team is struggling at the foot of Div 3 but putting in a decent individual performance today to push highly experienced Dave Peasgood close in a 2-3 defeat. The clash of the round saw Sheffield Steeler Tony Darlow take out Brendan Marren 3-2 and knock out one of the favourites to win this afternoon. Meanwhile Josh Scales came back from the brink against Johnny Daniels at 0-2 down and faced 6 match darts for a 0-3 defeat only to get a reprieve which enabled him to turn the match around and win 3-2 which is a massive boost for the winner in such circumstances but such a sickener for the loser. A good win for Middlesbrough man Paul Hampton who has a fair trek down from Teeside but always with a smile on his face especially after beating Dewsbury’s Jordan Fisher 3-1 to reach the Last 16 stage.


Jaron Esteve     4-1 Josh Clough
Tommy Walsh      4-1 Lance Milburn
Dave Smith       4-0 Jonathan Hewitt
Dave Peasgood    4-2 Craig Fisher
Mark Marshall    4-2 Paul Hampton
Derek Lumley     4-2 Charlie Beaumont
Tony Darlow      4-3 Josh Scales
Stewart Ireland  4-3 Steve Hattersley

Bradford ace Derek Lumley going under the radar so far but into the Last 8 after a superb 4-2 victory over red hot youngster Charlie Beaumont who has been the man to beat up at East Leeds in the Wed night Round Robin Comps even with a star studded field competing, however the cool unflappable former Durham man had the measure of him to reach his second White Rose Semi Final after over turning a 0-2 deficit with a couple of 13 darters and a 15 to clich victory in fine style. A good day too so far for Midway SL star Mark Marshall as he saw off a game Paul Hampton effort to win 4-2 and be the least familiar BDP name to make up the Last 8. A comprehensive win for Dave Smith beating Joby Hewitt 4-0 to post real intent today, while Jaz Esteve and Tommy Walsh both progressed with 4-1 wins over Rock Inn SL pair Josh Clough and Lance Milburn. At the bottom of the draw a real see saw battle with Josh Scales now playing with heavier darts after losing his originals at Townville after a BDP Comp there a few weeks previously almost pulling off another comeback victory after trailing 1-3 to Tony Darlow but agonisingly his 3 darts to win the match on Double Top all landing just above the top wire and the Sheffield ace survived to take the match 4-3 and breath a huge sigh of relief. A while since Durham man Stewart Ireland reached this stage of a BDP Comp as his visits are alot fewer and far between these days, in the early days he was regularly in the latter stages of comps so good to see him back there after another 4-3 battle to see off Steve Hattersley. Finally a superb victory as Dave Peasgood probably pulled off the surprise result of the round to beat highly fancied fellow Barnsley player Craig Fisher 4-2, a victory that ranks amongst his best so far at BDP.


Jaron Esteve     4-1 Tommy Walsh
Dave Smith       4-2 Dave Peasgood
Derek Lumley     4-0 Mark Marshall
Tony Darlow      4-1 Stewart Ireland

Jaz Esteve now firmly established in the Yorkshire County side after a string of MOM performances and one of BDP’s most consistent performers over the last 2 to 3 years into yet another Semi after a 4-1 success over this years revelation Tommy Walsh. Former PDC TV star Dave Smith given plenty of resistance by Dave Peasgood before coming through 4-2, while Derek Lumley crushed the hopes of Mark Marshall with a 4-0 victory and looking in fine form on his quest to land a first BDP Title, to do so he would have to see off battle hardened Tony Darlow in the Semi though as he ended Stewart Ireland’s fine run this afternoon with a 4-1 victory.


Dave Smith ( 24.27 ) 5-2 ( 24.13 ) Jaz Esteve

A cagey kind of game between Dave Smith and Jaz Esteve, two players who know each other so well down the years and as a result probably showed each other too much respect as neither played anywhere near their top games in this one. It seemed no one wanted to win the opening leg as both players missed Doubles with at least half a dozen darts before Dave finally took it with an unflattering 25 darter, quite the opposite in leg 2 though as Jaz burst into life with a 116 finish to level up in 18 darts, however the match didn’t continue in that vain as both players struggled to find their scoring games as Dave took the next 3 legs in 23, 19 and 22 darts without having to do anything special. At this stage Jaz was in danger of going down fairly tamely at 1-4 down but going down tamely is not really his style and he suddenly found form in the sixth leg with 3 straight Tons to help him pull a leg back with a 17 darter and fuel hopes of a dramatic comeback and he put the pressure on Dave by leaving 32 after 15 darts but the big Leeds Rhino’s Rugby League fan was first to the Double and made no mistake to kill out 60 in 3 darts, closing it out with a 18 darter. It usually takes a top performance to beat Jaz these days but not this time as Dave hit 11 x 100 pluses and 4 shots in the 90’s which proved to be enough to get the job done for him. Unusually for Jaz a real struggle for the first 5 legs apart from an isolated couple of Tons and a 140 score along with the 116 finish in leg 2 and ultimately had too much to do at 1-4 down before he picked up his scoring game but by then it was too late to save it as he ended with 8 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90’s shots.


Derek Lumley ( 25.28 ) 5-3 ( 22.90 ) Tony Darlow

Former Durham man Derek Lumley has been knocking on the door so to speak at BDP events for the past couple of years and now has a shot at winning his first Title after overcoming a huge obstacle in Tony Darlow in the second Semi. Sheffield star Tony usually a model of grinding consistency which usually wears opponents down most of the time wasn’t quite on his game in this one which allowed Derek to gain the upper hand later in the game. The match was evenly poised at 3-3 with Derek taking legs in 20, 22 and 16 dart legs and lead 3-1 at one stage before Tony pulled it back with 17, 18 and 24 dart legs with the highlight a fine 143 finish in leg 5. The match in general was steady rather than spectacular and Derek’s standard kept on a level all the way through but crucially Tony’s dropped off in the last couple of legs as he could only muster a couple of Tons which allowed the Woodbottom SL ace in to dominate both legs with further 21 and 20 dart legs, a disappointing end for the Yorkshire County star as he is so often the stronger player down the stretch but not on this occasion as Derek makes his first BDP Final with 1 x 180, 13 x 100 pluses and 6 x 90’s efforts. As for Tony just a bit off colour in this one as he replied with 9 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90’s scores but way too many shots between 40 and 60 for his liking.


Derek Lumley ( 23.13 ) 5-3 ( 22.54 ) Dave Smith

Both Finalists Derek Lumley and Dave Smith would have gone to the oche thinking that they would both need to up their games a notch or two to come away victorious but as it turned out neither could match their Semi Final standard in a low key Final that ended up being a real battle with few real highlights. Only legs 6 and 8 were taken in under 20 darts with the best by far the final leg taken by Derek in 16 darts as he managed to put a bit of gloss on what in truth was a pretty dull game on the whole. Some heavy scores hit by both players in the opening legs as Derek hit a big 174 shot while Dave fired in 3 x 140’s but in both legs the finishing left a lot to be desired as Derek took the opener in 22 darts with Dave replying in 26. The match became generally scrappy as both players struggled to find the big Trebles with Derek winning further legs in 23, 20 and 25 darts to lead 4-3 as Dave replied with 19 and 21 darters. A Maximum from Derek at the start of leg 8 followed by a 96 and 120 score was the best sequence of scoring in the game and helped get Derek over the line to claim his first Title. Scoring from Derek included a 180. 174 and 13 x 100 pluses with a couple of 90’s shots. As for Dave probably a long time since he played so poorly especially in a big Final, he just couldn’t find the high powered big scoring consistency that he is normally associated with as he hit 11 x 100 pluses and 5 x 90 plus shots, over this sort of distance he would normally be expecting to hit 16 to 18 Ton pluses but just a poor game from him by his high standards.


A well deserved first BDP win for Derek Lumley who is a popular figure on the darting scene having based himself in Bradford after moving down from Durham. The Goods Manager who plays Premier League SL darts for crack side Woodbottom after moving from Division 1 side Red Lion for a new challenge and no doubt playing with the likes of Delderfield and Kershaw amongst others down there in Shipley can only improve your game, he is also known for his smart attire and always looks immaculate on the oche with trousers or tailored shorts matched up with smart Polo tee shirts. On his win today he produced most of his best darts in the earlier rounds to see off Tom Vessey, Charlie Beaumont and Mark Marshall but showed he can battle out a win too if needed as he showed in the Semi and Final.

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