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The 2015 season drawing to a close, a season that has seen a big down turn in numbers which logically suggests the format this season hasn’t been popular as players that were regulars down the years have stayed away this term. Maybe lessons will be learned from this years experience and the old adage of ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’ might be heeded in future before big decisions are made. Today’s total of just 48 players in the main draw and 10 in the Ladies bearing out the sorry stats that has been a feature this year and 2016 with the old format can’t come soon enough to be honest.


Giffy Khasoi   3-1 Alice Read



No ties


Brendan Marren    3-0 Paul Hampton
Les Delderfield   3-1 Danny Nomnik
Craig Fisher      3-0 Tom Vessey
Terry Temple      3-1 Andy Ward
Dave Smith        3-0 Andy Cox
Lewis Pride       3-0 Paul Galligan
Stewart Ireland   3-1 Craig Rawnsley
Neil Ward         3-2 Dave Peasgood
David Lammie      3-2 Paul Carre
Tommy Walsh       3-2 Rick Waite
Willie Kershaw    3-1 Steve Hudson
Ronnie Roberts    3-0 Michael Townend
Lee Wright        3-2 Peter Baker
Jordan Smith      3-0 Andy Mc'Govern
Alex Pride        3-2 Mick Wiltshire
Jaron Esteve      3-2 Neil Sidebottom

Not a full quota of Last 64 games so some players getting a bye through to Round 3 as it would be under normal circumstances. Most of the top players in action mainly in the top section of the draw and all coming through. Casualties in this round included Barnsley pair Neil Sidebottom who reached the Final here a few months ago and Dave Peasgood who had a fine run to the Quarters last time out but both losing out to E/W Ardsley SL players in Jaz Esteve and Neil Ward. A win also on his return to BDP for David Lammie but having to work hard to get past Paul Carre 3-2.


Jonathan Hewitt   3-1 Wayne Woodhouse
Brendan Marren    3-0 Mark Hanslip
Les Delderfield   3-0 Jordan Fisher
Craig Fisher      3-2 Lance Milburn
Terry Temple      3-0 Ian Holmes
Dave Smith        3-0 Lewis Pride
Stewart Ireland   3-1 Steve Hattersley
Neil Ward         3-0 Ray Heppinstall
Daz Johnson       3-0 David Lammie
Derek Lumley      3-0 Ray Long
Rick Hudson       3-2 Steve Blower
Tommy Walsh       3-2 Willie Kershaw
Ronnie Roberts    3-0 Jack Kirtland
Lee Wright        3-0 Steve Booth
Jordan Smith      3-0 Mike Campbell
Jaron Esteve      3-1 Alex Pride

Alex Pride must be sick of the sight of Jaron Esteve having drawn him in the last few tournaments, on each occasion the easy going Harrogate man coming off second best and this was no different as he went down 1-3. Victories for the top players at the top of the draw meant whoever got through to the Final would be doing it the hard way. Not quite so brutal in the bottom half but an almighty clash between Woodbottom SL team mates as Tommy Walsh edged out Willie Kershaw in a 3-2 thriller while Daz Johnson entered the fray with a 3-0 win over David Lammie. Elsewhere Rick Hudson who has looked useful in previous BDP Comps beat tall St Albans SL star Steve Blower 3-2 and Jordan Smith another player making a welcome return to competition darts going well after a 3-0 victory over Mike Campbell.


Jonathan Hewitt  4-2 Brendan Marren
Les Delderfield  4-2 Craig Fisher
Dave Smith       4-3 Terry Temple
Stewart Ireland  4-1 Neil Ward
Derek Lumley     4-3 Daz Johnson
Tommy Walsh      4-1 Rick Hudson
Ronnie Roberts   4-0 Lee Wright
Jaron Esteve     4-0 Jordan Smith

Huge clashes in the top half with 3 regular tournament Winners all going out, had the scores been reversed then the same would have applied as Brendan Marren, Craig Fisher and Terry Temple all lost out in fiercely fought games against equally esteemed opposition in Jonathan Hewitt, Les Delderfield and Dave Smith. Meanwhile on the back of his first BDP Title win last time out Derek Lumley produced another classy performance to beat Daz Johnson in a 4-3 thriller, many times a player has had a long wait to win a first BDP Title and soon after further ones follow in quick succession as this may be the case for the former Durham man. Lurking at the bottom is Jaz Esteve, consistently Last 8 or better over the past 2 to 3 years and there again after dishing out a 4-0 beating to Jordan Smith who could possibly be signing to play SL darts for The Wheatsheaf in Sherburn in Elmet.


Jonathan Hewitt  4-3 Les Delderfield
Dave Smith       4-2 Stewart Ireland
Derek Lumley     4-3 Tommy Walsh
Ronnie Roberts   4-2 Jaron Esteve

Big checkouts a feature of Jonathan Hewitt’s game, after a 152 in his opening game against dangerous opponent Wayne Woodhouse he fired in a 110 finish to help him get the better of Brendan Marren in a 4-2 victory in the last round and to beat such a formidable player as Les Delderfield in the Last 8 he would need to produce more fireworks and he did just that with 100 and 116 crackerjack finishes to see of the ‘Old Master’ 4-3. Yorkshire Youth ace Ronnie Roberts from Huddersfield another youngster with huge potential but still very much the dark horse in a strong Last 8 line up full of class and experience, however the Lockwood SL star overcame a major hurdle with a 4-2 win over Jaz Esteve to reach his first BDP Semi Final. Another titanic battle for Derek Lumley to get past Tommy Walsh but the Bradford based star throwing the darts of his life at the moment to win another 4-3 thriller, meanwhile Dave Smith looking to make up for a poor Final showing last time out by his standards and a possible rematch with Derek Lumley on the cards after beating of a game effort from Stewart Ireland with a 4-2 victory.


Jonathan Hewitt ( 29.56 ) 5-2 ( 28.54 ) Dave Smith

A much better effort this week at this stage from Dave Smith throwing the sort of darts and average you would expect from a player of such pedigree and class, however on this occasion it wasn’t enough to beat Jonathan Hewitt. The man based in Harehills in inner city Leeds got off to a flier with his first 3 darts a Maximum score and he never really looked back despite a mid game fightback from Dave who trailed 0-3 at one stage to 17, 15 and 17 darters from Jonathan and was being out played despite not throwing at all badly himself. A slight lull if you could call it that from Jonathan in leg 4 gave Dave enough breathing space to pull one back in 17 darts and he threw a superb 5th leg to break with back to back 140’s helping him to a 14 dart leg and the match very much back in the balance and back on throw, however it didn’t stay that way for very long as Jonathan fought fire with fire to return the compliment with another 14 dart leg, cleaning up a 68 finish nicely with Dave waiting on 86 to level up. A telling blow in the end although Dave did threaten once more in the last leg with a 168 score but the challenge faded with his last 2 scores of 41 and 35 as Jonathan finished on tops for a 21 dart clincher and an all round solid performance with 2 x 180’s, 11 x 100 pluses and 8 shots in the 90’s which included a 90 finish in leg 2 to break the throw, very few loose darts which on this showing makes him hard to beat in the Final. A decent effort from Dave playing well this week and losing as opposed to playing mediocre last time at the Semi stage and winning which sums the game of darts up to a tee. A total of 14 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90’s efforts from him there.


Derek Lumley ( 26.79 ) 5-1 ( 24.53 ) Ronnie Roberts

Back to back Finals now for Derek Lumley after being a contender for the past 2 to 3 seasons but not quite making it which shows that patience and dedication pays off in the end along with a good degree of skill and temperament to start with. The likeable man from the North East has all these attributes and will now have the belief also that he can win Titles and compete with the best players at BDP after his maiden success at White Rose last week. He took early control of this contest against young starlet Ronnie Roberts in his first BDP Semi although the Huddersfield player used to playing big games in other competitions and at County Youth level. A steady enough start from Ronnie to leave 48 after 15 darts but not quite enough to force the break as Derek took out 76 to hold throw in 18 darts, a big shot in the early stages and seemed to rock the younger man as he lost his way a little in the next 2 legs as Derek built up a 3-0 lead with further 21 and 17 dart legs. A much needed hold of throw as Ronnie recovered his composure with some solid scoring which allowed him to reply with a 19 darter and gain a foothold in the game, however Derek answered back with huge scores of 100,180 and 130 in the next leg to win it in 17 darts and put the game beyond his opponent who hadn’t really looked like breaking throw and would now need to do so twice to win the game. Maybe the match was out of reach but he should have pulled another one back on throw but missed with 3 darts at Double 4 and Derek stepped in the wrap up 42 and take the match fairly comfortably in the end. Very steady from Derek as he scored with 1 x 180, 12 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90’s efforts but also knowing that very steady might not be good enough in the Final against an opponent with the firepower of Jonathan Hewitt and he may have to find another gear to prevail. As for Ronnie certainly no disgrace in his first Semi but just went missing for a couple of legs early on which you can’t afford at this level but no doubt with his talent he will be stronger next time around as he hit 7 x 100 pluses and 7 x 90’s shots.


Jonathan Hewitt ( 27.94 ) 5-2 ( 26.73 ) Derek Lumley

A fantastic achievement from Jonathan Hewitt to come through the toughest of draws to reach another BDP Final, his list of vanquished opponents reading like a who’s who of great BDP Champions. A tricky opener against Wayne Woodhouse followed up with wins over Marren, Delderfield and Smith, an illustrious trio with over 50 BDP Titles between them. To beat a player in tip top form like this Derek Lumley would probably have to take his steady, solid, reliable game up to another level in order to prevail. Early on in the contest the Bradford man held his own and led 2-1 with winning legs in 18 and 22 darts with Jonathan taking the middle leg in 20 darts. Always the feeling though that Jonathan had the ability to suddenly go through the gears and few can live with him when he is at full throttle, with his foot on the accelerator he raced away from Derek, firstly blasting in a nice 14 darter to level up and then firing in 18, 17 and 18 darters to close out a 5-2 victory. Former Durham man Derek never dropped his level throughout and was never far behind but Jonathan’s scoring power made sure he was first to the double in those last 3 legs and he made no mistake taking out standard finishes of 24,40 and 68. Probably amongst the most satisfying of all Jonathan’s BDP Titles because of the players he had to beat along the way and another top performance in the Final as he scored well with 12 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90’s shots, while Derek performed well again and matched his opponent on the main stats with 13 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90 pluses but the biggest stat of all is final result and he just came out the wrong side this time around.


With a big wedding planned for 2016 the winning prize money coming in very handy for Jonathan although he may not see too much of it once Carla gets her hands on the envelope. He is also throwing superb darts and has been for some time now whether it be in competitions or in SL for Div 1 side E/W Ardsley. He is an explosive kind of player, really exciting to watch because he can just turn it on in an instant to blow players away with either big scores or stunning ton plus finishing. He has achieved pretty much everything locally so it would be very interesting to see how he fared on a wider scale against top players from around the country or abroad, having a young family and a busy home and work life meant he couldn’t commit to County darts but something like the PDC Challenge Tour may not be beyond his means should he choose to go down that road, nothing to say either that he wouldn’t qualify for the main PDC Tour from the Qualifying School such is his talent.

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