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Jacob Gwynne ( 15.67 ) 4-3 ( 14.84 ) Andrew Booth

A marathon Final which went all the way, a real endurance test as neither player able to find any real consistency in their game. The only real patch of quality coming from  Jacob with a 100, 100, 140 salvo in leg 3 which he eventually won in 24 darts which was easily the best leg of the match. Only isolated good scores apart from that as both players struggled a little under the pressure of trying to win. Eventually Jacob hit the winning dart into Double 3 and a win is a win as they say but both players will come back stronger in future.


Louise Simmonds ( 21.42 ) 4-1 ( 16.80 ) Michelle Binns

A dominant performance from Yorkshire County ace Lou Simmonds to run out a 4-1 winner over Bradford’s Michelle Binns. The highlights for Lou a fine opening leg of 19 darts and an even better final leg of 16 darts to clinch a win that never really looked in any doubt. In between the Shipley player did enough to win another couple of legs in 25 and 26 darts with Michelle notching a consolation leg in 29 darts. A 140 and 5 straight Tons from Lou backed up with plenty of scores in the 60 to 85 range, scores which Michelle found hard to match for the most part with just a solitary Ton the only 3 figure score coming from her.


Down to the Last 16 with some top class players going out before this stage but no massive shocks to speak off. Derek Lumley managing to beat bogey player Jaz Esteve this time while Bryan Harrison accounted for fellow Kippaxer Dave Calvert early on. A clash of 2 UK Open TV players saw Stuart Monaghan beat Daz Weaver 3-2 before going down in the next game 3-0 to Mark Daley. Top contenders Tony Darlow and Craig Fisher both going out to Jonathan Hewitt before the Last 16 stage in a tough Group 6 draw.


Gary Thompson    4-0 Lyndon Baxter
Bryan Harrison   4-1 Tom Vessey
Derek Lumley     4-2 Eddie Simpson
Chris Cooper     4-2 David Lammie
Steve Blower     4-3 Pete Neary
Jonathan Hewitt  4-2 Pete Allsop
Mark Daley       4-3 Neil Sidebottom
Daz Hale         4-3 Adam Fryer


Gary Thompson    4-1 Bryan Harrison
Derek Lumley     4-1 Chris Cooper
Jonathan Hewitt  4-1 Steve Blower
Daz Hale         4-1 Mark Daley


Derek Lumley ( 26.42 ) 5-4 ( 27.33 ) Garry Thompson

A tremendous victory for Derek Lumley battling back from 1-3 and then 3-4 down to topple Garry Thompson 5-4 in a thriller. England International Garry looked to have the upper hand throughout the game as he took the throw off Derek with a 17 darter in the opening leg and then consolidated it with a less than convincing 23 darter after Derek had missed 3 darts at 20 to break back. Garry turned the screw in the next leg with big opening scores of 134 and 177 but couldn’t put away Double 18 with 3 darts for a decisive double break and Dekker seized the opportunity to pull a leg back and effectively stay in the game with an 18 darter. A 180 for Garry to open up the next leg and this time no mistake on the double as he won the leg comfortably in 18 darts to lead 3-1 at this stage. Former Durham man Derek put himself under pressure in leg 5 with opening scores of 36 and 45 but recovered the situation superbly with a couple of 140’s and a nice 80 finish for another 80 darter to hang in there and he was back on level terms in the following leg forcing the break back with a 17 darter with Garry sat on 36 but not getting the shot. Once again Garry looked to be in the ascendency as mid leg scores of 100 and 177 paved the way for a fine 16 darter. The laid back Silsden ace doing enough it seemed to clinch victory with solid scores of 99,99,97 and 100 to leave 106 after 12 darts to keep ahead of Derek but with another 9 darts at his disposal he couldn’t put the game to bed and Derek took his chance again to level with Double 6 for a 19 darter and for the first time in the match he held the advantage at 4-4 and throwing for the match. A rock solid leg from Derek to leave 40 after just 15 darts meant Garry had to produce something special to snatch the game and he very nearly did with an audacious attempt at 99 just missing and Dekker like he had been throughout the game so assured on the doubles to put the Double Top away with his second dart to clinch a gutsy battling win. A total of 15 x 100 pluses and 6 scores in the 90’s for Derek with very few mistakes on the doubles the key to victory. The heavier scoring came from Garry as he fired in a 180, a couple of 177’s, 14 other Ton pluses and 7 shots in the 90’s, stats he will feel should have won him the game but at this level can’t afford to give your opponent chances and that is what Garry did and it cost him the game in the end.


Jonathan Hewitt ( 26.59 ) 5-3 ( 25.48 ) Daz Hale

Another hard fought game with little in it. The match locked at 3-3 and very much in the balance before Jonathan struck the decisive blow with a fine 16 dart breaker to go 4-3 up, before that he had held a 3-1 lead with winning legs, a 16 darter and pair of 21 darters but pegged back by Daz as the Huddersfield man levelled up with 18, 21 and an excellent 15 darter after a fine scoring leg of 3 heavy Ton pluses. Leg 7 though the key as Daz dropped off the scoring with 3 poor visits and Jonathan stepped up to take full advantage with a mid leg salvo of 135, 100 and 140 before completing the job with a first dart Double 8. The man from Harehills in Central Leeds not quite as prolific in leg 8 but still did enough with a 20 darter to get over the line although Daz had the chance on 50 to take it to a decider but missed crucially with darts at Double 16 and then Double 8 and the game was up. Another solid performance from Jonathan who rarely drops below a 26 ave these days as he fired in 15 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90’s shots. A very decent effort from Daz too as he hit a 180, 10 x 100 pluses and 5 x 90’s efforts but just falling short in the end.


Jonathan Hewitt ( 28.45 ) 5-2 ( 25.67 ) Derek Lumley

A brilliant performance particularly in the second half of the match from Jonathan ‘Joby’ Hewitt took the game away from Derek Lumley. The Leeds man stepping on the gas with some massive scoring which makes him such an exciting player to watch as he can blow anyone out of the water when the mood takes him. A valiant effort from Derek who was never far behind in the face of such firepower which included 3 Maximums in each of the last 3 legs from his opponent. No real sign of the fireworks to follow as the first half of the game was played to a decent standard but not explosive as Derek won legs 1 and 3 in 21 and 22 darts with Jonathan replying with 16 and 21 darters and the game poised at 2-2 at that stage. In the second half Derek upped his scoring game but just to emphasise the task facing him he hit scores of 140, 100 and 180 in leg 6 and still wasn’t first to the double, as it was he did get 3 darts at Tops in that leg after Jonathan had missed 3 at Double 16, a rare blip in a whirlwind 3 legs, however if Derek was to hang on to his coat tails he had to take that chance, he didn’t and the writing was on the wall with the way Jonathan was playing. Still the man now based in Bradford never gave up the fight and fired in 3 more 3 figure scores in the last leg but it made no difference as Jonathan blasted in bigger scores and a 68 finish and taking the last 3 legs in 14, 18 and 14 darts, could have been 14 ,13 and 14 but no doubt he will settle for that and pick up more prize money to go towards the wedding fund in August. Not the first time Jonathan has hit a spate of maximums in a BDP Final as he managed a total of 4 this time besides 8 other Ton pluses, most of those including 2 Trebles in the visit, still room for 5 more scores in the 90’s in an all round superb performance. The usual solid show we come to expect from Derek these days as he hit a Maximum of his own plus 12 x Ton pluses and 2 x 90’s shots but nothing he could do to stop Jonathan once he got into the groove.


Very few BDP wins will have been harder earned than this as Jonathan Hewitt came through the toughest of groups to reach the Last 8 stage. Victories over a resurgent Ray Heppinstall 3-1, then multiple Winners Tony Darlow and Craig Fisher 3-0 and 3-1 respectively before seeing off Notts veteran Pete Allsop 4-2. All that work just to reach the Last 8 with 3 more tough matches to play before winning the competition. The way Jonathan plays his darts makes him box office, plays the game with controlled emotion and capable of these amazing bursts of scoring which very few players can live with, all of these attributes makes him great to watch, a TV appearance somewhere along the line would enable the public to see what we are fortunate enough to see on a weekly basis.

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