Rowland Road


Adam Rennison ( 16.41 ) 4-2 ( 16.47) Brandon Stockings

A real battle of attrition in this one with Adam coming out on top but very little in the contest as the averages would suggest. In the end the better finishing from Adam won the day particularly in legs 4 and 5 where Brandon missed with 6 darts from 28 and then 6 darts from 66 which allowed Adam to step in with neat checkouts of 64 and 54 which turned the game in his favour after trailing 1-2. All the legs by both players won between 26 and 33 darts, nothing too spectacular with a couple of Tons from Adam plus 4 x 90’s shots, while Brandon hit 3 x Ton plus and 2 x 90’s shots.


Louise Simmonds ( 20.01 ) 4-3 ( 18.76 ) Laura Tye

A topsy turvey game where momentum swung one way then another throughout the game. Firstly Louise took the initiative by opening up a 2-0 lead with winning legs in 22 and 21 darts, then Laura stormed back to take the next 3 legs in 24, 27 and 28 darts as Louise paid the price for missed doubles but then fought back to level up with a 23 darter so anyone’s game going into the last leg. Looked for all the world like Laura’s game as she produced her best scoring leg by far with 121 and 140 efforts in particular helping to leave her 80 after 15 darts with Louise well in arrears, however after her next visit Laura was left with a tricky 5 score left and she just couldn’t manage any combination to get the finish with 3 more visits to the board as Louise nipped in for an unlikely win at the end with a 25 darter, not the only time today defeat has been snatched from the jaws of victory or vice versa depending on which way you look at it. A 140 and 4 straight Tons from Lou backed up by 4 other scores in the 90’s. As for Laura a total of 7 x Ton pluses and 4 x 90’s shots but feeling like she threw this one away at the end.


No doubt that Wakefield’s Rick Waite pulled off the biggest shock of the opening rounds with a terrific 3-1 win to take out one of the pre tournament favourites Jonathan Hewitt, while Craig Fisher also came a cropper at the last 32 stage as he went down 2-3 to dangerous Skipton player Robin Towler.


Jaron Esteve   3-2 Derek Lumley
Chris Cooper   3-0 Pete Riley
Josh Scales    3-1 Callum Hall
Tony Darlow    3-0 Neil Ward
Danny Denny    3-1 Mick Wiltshire
Robin Towler   3-2 Rick Waite
Steve Blower   3-1 Tommy Walsh
Willie Kershaw 3-2 Dave Peasgood


Jaron Esteve   4-2 Chris Cooper
Tony Darlow    4-1 Josh Scales
Danny Denny    4-1 Robin Towler
Willie Kershaw 4-1 Steve Blower


Jaron Esteve ( 26.60 ) 5-4 ( 27.93 ) Tony Darlow

A hard fought win in the end for Jaron Esteve having seen leads of 3-0 and 4-2 begged back by Tony Darlow who forced the match into a decider and will probably feel he should have won it with 3 darts in hand going for Tops, however it wasn’t to be and Jaz very rarely gives players a second chance and he didn’t this time either as he went straight for Double 19 and hit it first dart to go into the Final. The former Wakefield man now resident in nearby Ossett bossed the opening exchanges with very tidy legs of 15, 17 and 19 darts to lead 3-0 but then just dropped off the pace in the next 2 legs enough to allow Tony to fight back with 17 and 18 darters and both finished off with decent checkouts of 80 and 105. In leg 6 Jaz regained the initiative again with a solid 18 darter to go a leg away from the match but once again Sheffield Tiger Tony reeled him back in with dominant legs of 18 and 15 darts, the latter of those again finished off with a 3 figure check out, this time on 103 to send the match into a decider. After working so hard to stay in the game Tony now had the advantage of throw and he was first to the double and in these type of situations he usually shows nerves of steel to see off the double but not this time as Jaz gratefully accepted to gift to seize victory at the death. An entertaining game as Jaz hit 17 x 100 pluses with 2 other scores in the 90’s, while Tony will feel a bit hard done by having lost as he was in contention in all the legs he lost and dominated the ones he won but that will be of little consolation as he watches the Final from the sidelines having hit 16 x 100 pluses including a 180 plus another 10 back up scores in the 90’s, if that wasn’t enough then a couple of Ton plus checkouts to boot but still not quite enough.


Willie Kershaw ( 26.79 ) 5-1 ( 20.26 ) Danny Denny

A first Semi Final appearance at a BDP Comp for local lad Danny Denny who plays his Super League darts for Leeds Ind Club in Div 2. Having got past Adam Scott, Pete Neary, Mick Wiltshire and Robin Towler the challenge of Willie Kershaw in the Semi just proved to be a game to far for the diminutive Beeston youngster as Willie dominated the contest to run out a comfortable winner after taking all 5 of his legs largely unchallenged in 20,18,15,14 and 23 darts, a couple of excellent legs from Shipley ace Willie with the 15 and 14 darters giving Danny no chance of getting back in the game even though he did manage to register a consolation with a good scoring leg of 20 darts to pull it back to 1-3 but that was as good as it got for him but he will take away a great learning experience from today and if he gets in this position again in the future no doubt will be stronger for it. A workmanlike performance from Willie with 13 x Ton pluses and 4 x 90’s shots to get the job done. As for Danny may just have been overawed a touch by the occasion and the position he was in and couldn’t produce his best darts like in earlier games as he hit a 180 score, 5 other Ton pluses and 2 cores in the 90’s but had far too many low scores to be a threat to a player like Willie.


Jaron Esteve ( 28.34 ) 5-4 ( 29.22 ) Willie Kershaw

An amazing comeback win from Jaron Esteve even by his standards as few would have given much chance of overturning a 1-4 deficit to an inform Willie Kershaw. All started well enough for Jaz as he held throw with a 20 darter but he was steamrollered over the next 4 legs by the power scoring of Willie who stormed into a 4-1 lead with legs coming in 14, 19, 18 and 13 darts. The 13 darter in particular looked to have broken the back of the match for him as it broke the throw of Jaz who had thrown a fine leg himself to leave just 16 after 15 darts thrown. At this stage with Willie in such commanding form it looked just a matter of time before the Woodbottom SL ace would put the seal on the victory, however Jaz has proved time and again that he is never beaten until that final double goes in and when players give him chances in games he usually takes them. The way Willie was playing Jaz probably knew he would have to rely on Willie missing doubles at some stage or another and this is exactly how it panned out as Willie missed in the very next leg with 3 darts at Double 10 to close out a 5-1 win and Jaz was able to pull one back with a Double 8 shot for a 16 darter after a brilliant 140 set up shot to put the pressure on. Alarm bells must have been ringing for Willie as Jaz fired in a 17 darter to trail 3-4 and the ringing must have turned into an all out siren next as the E/W Ardsley SL Captain blasted in a 140, 180 combo at the start of leg 8 to really rattle the joint and he went on to level up the game with a magic 13 darter and all of a sudden he was throwing for the match but there was to be more twists and turns as Willie shrugged off the disappointment of not being half way back to Shipley with the Winners cheque in his hand already by bouncing back with more good scoring to leave 32 after 15 darts and once Jaz had missed Bull on an 85 finish then surely Willie wouldn’t miss again but the final double proved elusive again and like we said before if Jaz gets a chance then he takes it and he made no mistake to pull of the most unlikeliest of Final wins. A total of 16 x 100 pluses including a 180 plus and 6 x 90’s shots for Jaz while Willie must still be bamboozled after hitting 15 x Ton pluses and a massive 11 x 90’s efforts but all those brilliant darts counting for nothing in the end as he would have love to have traded one of those trebles for just a single one of his 6 match darts to have hit the target.


Another BDP win for Jaron Esteve, a player now regarded as one of the finest in the county after 3 or 4 years now of constant success, numerous BDP and local comp victories, a fairly successful spell on the PDC Challenge Tour and a fantastic debut season for Yorkshire County, all that is missing from his CV now is a big BDO Open win, he did appear on our internet screens last year at the British Open in a memorable clash with Martin Adams where he averaged over 90 in a 1-4 defeat to the England Captain but it would be great to see him have even more exposure on a TV channel in the future.

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