Townville WMC


Keaton Haddock ( 17.68 ) 4-3 ( 16.37 ) Brandon Stockings

A long grueling Final which could have gone either way but in the end it was Keaton Haddock just getting over the line first. Only 7 players in the field with 3 of them coming from the same family as Keaton edged out his brother and hot favourite Kai in the first round so probably on that basis deserved to win today. The highlights of the match a 22 darter for Brandon where he hit 140 and 120 scores and a 23 darter from Keaton. Overall not much in it as Keaton hit a total of 5 straight Tons and Brandon replied with 6 x Ton pluses but just couldn’t check out on Double 19 at the end to clinch victory.


Lyn Horne ( 17.58 ) 4-0 ( 15.74 ) Mandy Mc'Kenzie

A runaway victory for Lyn Horne despite being nowhere near her best in this game but still a comfortable winner over Mandy Mc’Kenzie who just had a game to forget in the Final. The final leg was the only one where East Leeds lass Mandy threw anything like she can with a couple of Tons and a 120 to be in control but then missed doubles with her next 9 darts to hand victory to Lyn who made no mistake on 57. The first 3 legs all went comfortably Lyn’s way with leg 2 the highlight as she hit 140 and 125 scores and took out a fine 102 to finish in 18 darts with less impressive legs of 34 and 32 darts either side and a 30 darter in the last leg. Just 3 Ton pluses from Lyn with 91 and 92 scores coming in leg 4 too. As for Mandy little to cheer apart from the 3 high scores in leg 3, and 3 other scores in the 90’s but on the whole her scoring game not there for the most part in this game.


A few crunch draws in the early rounds saw a number of top players go out before the Last 16 stage, amongst them Charlie Beaumont and Jaron Esteve both going down to Peter Jacques who then had to beat Garry Thompson just to make the Last 8. Elsewhere Tony Darlow and Craig Fisher also out early as they lost to Tom Sykes and Lee Bugden respectively.


Terry Temple    4-3 Curtis Turner
Derek Lumley    4-2 Steve Blower
Tom Sykes       4-1 Scott Jackson
Mark Daley      4-1 Jonathan Hewitt
Sean Matthews   4-1 John Clifford
Daz Johnson     4-3 Dave Smith
Peter Jacques   4-3 Garry Thompson
Richard Yates   4-2 Josh Scales


Derek Lumley    4-3 Terry Temple
Tom Sykes       4-3 Mark Daley
Daz Johnson     4-3 Sean Matthews
Peter Jacques   4-2 Richard Yates


Derek Lumley ( 24.84 ) 5-1 ( 23.73 ) Tom Sykes

Very much a story of contrasting fortunes on the Doubles in this game as Derek Lumley took more of his opportunities than opponent Tom Sykes, especially so in the last 3 legs where Castleford star Tom had ample opportunities to win all 3 of them but just couldn’t buy a double. A chance in the opening leg of the game for Tom in fact but he couldn’t put away 54 and ice cool former Durham man Derek held on with a 19 darter, a comfortable hold of throw in the next 2 legs for both players as Tom leveled in 19 and Derek went 2-1 up with a 18 darter. From this point on nothing short of a disaster on doubles for Tom as he squandered a 6, 3 and then 7 darts in those last 3 legs to hand victory on a plate to Derek who doesn’t miss many chances such is the consistency in his game these days. A steady rather than spectacular overall performance from Derek as he took the last 3 legs in 19,23 and 19 darts and scored with 11 x 100 pluses and 3 x 90’s efforts. As for Tom not much wrong with his scoring game as he hit a 180, 7 x 100 pluses and 4 x 90’s shots but the doubles let him down badly in this one with only 1 out of 19 attempts successful and that sort of ratio won’t win many games at this level of competition.


Daz Johnson ( 29.80 ) 5-4 ( 28.15 ) Peter Jacques

A high quality second Semi going the distance between 2 players in tip top form going at it hammer and tongs from start to finish. It was Huddersfield star Peter Jacques that came flying out of the traps in the opener with a barrage of big scores including a 177 which set him up for a 14 dart break, the high scoring continued for him in leg 2 but the leg slipped through his fingers at the end as he couldn’t finish a tricky 5 left with 6 darts in hand and Daz Johnson sneaked it with a 20 darter. After that early reprieve though the Doncaster ace really kicked into gear with 13 and 14 dart legs to turn the game around and lead 3-1, the situation could have got worse for Peter but this time it was Daz missing on the doubles as he missed with 3 at Tens to let Peter in with a 16 darter after both had hit 180’s in the leg. The scoring from Daz at this stage was awesome with a blaze of 140’s in the next leg as Pete struggled to match it despite throwing well himself and he would need to rely on missed doubles again from Daz just to hold throw in 18 darts. A rare dodgy start in leg 7 from Daz but he managed to salvage it with another 180 to go 4-3 up with a 20 darter but he was finding it hard to shake Yorkshire Terrier Peter off and even 3 big Ton pluses in the next leg to leave 40 after 15 darts wasn’t enough as the Honley SL and Yorkshire County ace levelled up again with 16 darter. All the experience gained from top competition darts comes to the fore in tight games like this and Daz played a rock solid leg with 100, 85, 100, 134 and 62 scores on throw and then just needing a single dart at Double 16 to get the job done with a 16 darter with Peter back on 157. A high powered scoring game from Daz as he hit a colossal 21 x 100 plus with 2 of those Maximums plus 7 other scores in the 90’s. A great effort from Peter to push Daz all the way with 18 x 100 pluses which included a 180 and a 177 score besides another 6 x 90’s scores which would probably be good enough to win 90% of games but unfortunately for him today Daz in is the other 10% bracket.


Daz Johnson ( 26.38 ) 5-0 ( 23.37 ) Derek Lumley

A rare below par performance from Derek Lumley meant that the Final turned out to be a fairly one sided affair with Daz Johnson cruising to a 5-0 victory without having to produce his very best darts apart from the finale of the last leg where he saved the best till last with a fine 13 darter to round things off. Maybe Derek might have been wary of Daz’s power scoring game and as such wasn’t able to find to produce the darts in the Final that we have seen from in recent times, however despite not firing for the most part he still had chances to win 2 if not 3 of the legs and the failure to close out leg 3 which was far and away his best in terms of scoring as he had left 62 after only 12 darts but couldn’t make the next 6 darts count and that was pretty much game over after that as he threw a poor leg 4 on the back of that disappointment. As for Daz mainly just steady darts from him throughout with winning legs coming in 21,18,16, and 25 legs before he showed everyone another glimpse of his quality in leg 5 with a copybook leg of 13 darts to close out the match in fine style. A total of 11 x 100 pluses and a 90 score from Daz with Derek hitting 8 x 100 pluses and a 95 score but his usual consistency wasn’t there in this one.


A comfortably final game for Daz Johnson but that was far from the case earlier on as he had to come through last leg deciders to get past Dave Calvert from 0-2 down in the opening round then Dave Smith, Sean Matthews and Peter Jacques. A serial Winner of local competitions the only thing missing from Daz Johnson’s CV is a featured TV game either in the World Matchplay or World Championships in the PDC ranks having been a regular tour player over the years but not quite managing to get the breakthrough his talent deserves which goes to show how difficult it is on the PDC tour to get up the rankings.

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