Bradford Dart Promotions Rules

The BDP is a non profit making darts body relying on sponsorship from participating venues. All money raised is carried forward to the Grand Final each year.

  • Tournaments are open to all dart players, male or female regardless of past or present affiliations to any other darts body.
  • There is no age limit for entry to tournaments, providing the venue is in agreement and all legal requirements are met.
  • Both players and officials are expected to conduct themselves in a proper and courteous manner at all times. Improper or violent conduct will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
  • An annual general meeting will be held each year on a date to be determined.
  • The BDP committee will meet to discuss rule changes or problems that may arise. Their decision on all matters will be final.
  • Any assets of the BDP belong to the organisation and not to any individual. If the organisation were to discontinue for any reason, no individual is to profit from the sale of these assets.

Tournament rules

  • Entry fee remains at £6.00 per competition
  • The BDP will run a minimum of 24 tournaments per year plus end of year Grand Final. These will normally be held on a Saturday afternoon but some Sundays may be included. Wherever possible county/super league matches and bank holidays will be avoided.
  • Ladies will have their own competition with the top 8 progressing to the Grand Final.
  • Youth competitions will now be open to those who are 21 or under on the 1st January 2016, to decide at the start of season whether to play in the youth or mens competitions. The top 8 progressing to the Grand Final. The youth competition will continue to run providing B.D.P. continues to get enough entries
  • Scoring will be as follows:- Round one 64+ – 5 points Round two 33/64 – 7 points Round three 17/32 – 8 points Round four 9/16 – 9 points
    Q/F 5/8 – 10 points S/F 11 points R/UP 12 points Winner 14 points
    Depending on entries there will be a two point difference between 1st and 2nd Round
  • Ranking and attendance points will be awarded which will count towards qualification for the Grand Final as follows :- Attendance (subject to entry) = 5 points , Winner + 9 points, Runner up + 7 points, Semi finalists + 6 points, Quarter finalists + 5 points, 9 to 16 + 4 points, 17 to 32 + 3 points, 33 to 64 +2 points, 63-128 +1 point, 129 and above attendance points.
  • Players must register and be in attendance between 11.30am and 12.30pm, when the first round will commence. It is at the discretion of the tournament organizer to allow late entries.
  • The organiser will undertake to complete the tournament no later than 7.30pm, time permitting there will be a blind pairs or 1st and 2nd round losers knock out. Format to be decided on the day.
  • First player called out will throw 1st for the Bull to decide who has the throw in all odd legs. In the event of a tie the players will alternate going first until a winner is found. Only darts in the 25 or bull will count. Darts to be removed after each throw.
  • All games will be straight start and finish on a double. Early rounds will be best of 5 legs, last 16 and 8 best of 7 legs, semi finals best of 9 legs, and finals best of 9 legs. The full “bust” rule will apply.
  • Winner to report to control as soon as each game is over (to enable smooth flow and continuity of the tournament). Losers are requested to mark the following game. If for any reason they are unable to do so it is up to them to find a replacement marker. If a player leaves without marking or a replacement marker they face a penalty. The penalty is they will not receive any points for that day and they will not receive any bonus points for getting through the rounds.
  • Any grievance should in the first instance be brought to the attention of a BDP official. If the matter is not resolved it will be carried forward to the next committee meeting for discussion.

Grand Finals

  • The top 48 players will be invited to the Grand Final, the top 16 will be seeded into the second round.
  • The top 8 Youths will progress to the Grand Final.
  • The top 8 Ladies will progress to the Grand Final.
  • All prize money subject to entries.
  • In the case of non attendance no substitutes will be allowed. Their opponent will receive a bye and the prize money will be carried forward to next year’s funds. In exceptional circumstances the committee may decide to allow payment of prize money for non-attendance. The committee’s decision is final.

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