Bradford Dart Promotions Match Reports

By our very own encyclopedia of darts, Rich Winpenny

York Street


Kai Haddock ( 17.12 ) 4-0 ( 16.78 ) Brandon Stockings

Another BDP Youth success for Barnsley’s Kai Haddock who has been the dominant force at this level for a while now. A 4-0 win flattered him in this Final as opponent Brandon Stockings had darts at doubles in every leg but couldn’t convert any of them and Kai was able to take the victory without being anywhere near his best and only really showed his true quality in the last leg with 3 x 100 plus shots to round of the match with a 19 darter which was easily the best leg of the match as Brandon had also scored well but missed 2 darts at D16 which was the story of the match for him on doubles. Only 4 x Ton pluses in total for Kai plus a 97 score as he struggled on the scoring as did Brandon who scored his 2 x Ton scores at the start of a decent final leg.


Laura Tye ( 16.98 ) 4-2 ( 15.25 ) Tracey Gledhill

Not the greatest of Finals in all truth with both players probably playing their best games in the Semi’s to get fast formidable opponents Louise Simmonds and Giffi Khasoi. By and large the Final a struggle with Laura’s opening leg of 24 darts being the best of the game and 3 figure scores in short supply with Laura managing to hit 4 and Tracey hitting 3 but 2 of those a 140 and 138 coming in her best winning leg of 26 darts.


Down to the Last 16 and 1 or 2 notable early casualties as Les Delderfield went down 1-3 in the opening game to Stewart Ireland and resurgent Ray Heppinstall losing out to dangerous Midway SL star Mark Marshall 1-3 at the Last 32 stage. A fine result for another Midway player as Micky Wiltshire defused the explosive power of Honley SL and Yorks County ace Charlie Beaumont in the Last 16.


Jaron Esteve    4-2 Pete Riley
Mick Wiltshire  4-2 Charlie Beaumont
Derek Lumley    4-0 Robin Towler
Willie Kershaw  4-2 David Lammie
Paul Gilling    4-3 Stewart Ireland
Garry Thompson  4-0 Alex Pride
Ryan Hoggarth   4-2 Mark Marshall
Mark Reynoldson 4-0 Andy Ward


Jaron Esteve    4-1 Mick Wiltshire
Willie Kershaw  4-0 Derek Lumley
Garry Thompson  4-0 Paul Gilling
Mark Reynoldson 4-3 Ryan Hoggarth


Jaron Esteve ( 25.38 ) 5-4 ( 25.66 ) Willie Kershaw

A real battle of a game swinging one way, then another and back again in a tense finish that could have gone either way. Neither player really hit top form as both played well in patches but also inconsistent by their standards. The first half of the game went the way of Jaron Esteve with a 3-1 lead with winning legs in 21, 19 and 20 darts, usually to win legs against Willie Kershaw a couple at least would have to be sub 18 darters but the Shipley not firing on all cylinders at this stage and Jaz getting a head start in the match. The comeback started to gather momentum with a 15 darter from Willie which would prove to be the best leg of the match as he followed that up with 19 and 17 darters to lead 4-3 and now looking the clear favourite from this position, however Jaz seems to have a way of knowing how to win games as he has done it time and again during the SL and County season, often coming from behind in games and losing only a single game for Yorkshire County B side in a great debut season for him, few players could have made the sort of impact at County level in their first season that he has. All that experience has made him such a tough competitor and he fought back again in this one to level up with a 21 darter although he should have wrapped the leg up much sooner than that, however Willie had the throw in the decider and was still favourite but blew the chance at Double Top with 3 darts in hand while Jaz only needed 1 to clinch a really tight game with a 19 darter. As we said before not Jaz’s best performance by a long chalk but still manages to grind out the win with 16 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90’s scores. Same could be said for Willie far from his best but coming out on the losing side when 9 times out of 10 he would have put that double away at the end but not to be as he hit 16 x 100 pluses also plus 7 shots in the 90’s.


Garry Thompson ( 25.17 ) 5-2 ( 23.77 ) Mark Reynoldson

A result that never really looked in any doubt once Garry Thompson had swept into a 3-0 lead with a 20 and a pair of 17 darters without being put under any real pressure by Mark Reynoldson who was struggling to find his range at this stage, however with the game running away from him he managed to put together a good leg 4 and took out a 106 finish to pull a leg back but was soon up against it again as Garry went 4-1 up with a 19 darter and had a shot at 64 to clinch the win in the next leg but missed the chance as the game was extended as Mark took out a great do or die 80 to save the match. Still despite the good finishes his scoring in general not strong enough in the match to really worry a man of Garry’s ability and experience and a 177 from him in leg 7 proved to be the decisive blow despite not doing much else in the leg but getting home in 23 darts. In the end a comfortable victory for Garry playing well within himself as he hit 8 x 100 pluses with the lowest score of those being a 134, a further 7 shots in the 90’s backed up the big scores. As for Skipton man Mark not really able to get his power scoring going in this one as he hit 8 x 100 pluses and 2 x 90’s efforts but too many scores under 60 meant he was always struggling to match his opponent.


Garry Thompson ( 26.27 ) 5-2 ( 24.10 ) Jaron Esteve

A fairly comfortable Final win for Garry Thompson as he didn’t get the challenge from Jaron Esteve that his was possibly expecting and was soon 4-0 to the good without producing anything special, winning legs in 20,15,24 and 17 darts, the 15 darter finished off with a 106 finish. The score at this stage could have been level had Jaz took in his chances at Tops on his throw but with those misses went his chances of winning the game from such a deficit despite his reputation for comeback victories and he did give himself some hope by pulling back legs in 19 and a 22 darter which he made hard work of after missing 8 darts at doubles before finally nailing Double 2. Suddenly Jaz had some belief and he was hitting some big scores as he left 32 in the next leg after 15 darts to put the pressure on but Garry had also responded with his best scoring leg of the match as he hit back to back 137’s and took out 66 in 2 darts for a fine 14 dart clincher just as Jaz was threatening another famous fightback. In truth though he didn’t get his game going until too late as he hit 11 x ton pluses which included a Max in leg 5, a couple of 90’s for him also but a case of too little too late this time for him. As for Garry he is a kind of player that just seems to do enough to win and when he needs to step up the pace he often does like he did in the last leg when put under some pressure. A total of 13 x 100 Ton pluses and 3 x 90’s efforts got the job done for him.


Another BDP success for Garry Thompson who is always amongst the favourites every time he appears at a BDP Comp and he won this one with something in hand today as he swept past Rick Waite, Steve Jones, Alex Pride and Paul Gilling in the QF for the loss of only 1 leg and then neither Mark Reynoldson in the Semi and Jaz Esteve in the Final were able to bring their ‘A’ game which meant Garry wasn’t unduly extended in order to pick up the prize money today.

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